Shock Waves

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Nice little read there, Trish. Simple and easy. Hits the old nail on its proverbial head. Thanks for that reminder

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 Byron Katy is about bare knuckled truth. I heard a story about her that went something like this. She said she was walking in the desert with a friend who suddenly collapsed with a stroke. He had one side paralyzed and miles from anything or their car. She just sat with him knowing there was nothing she could do and he got pissed and wanted her to do something and said "Don't you even care??" And she said "No." He started laughing and got better and they walked on.

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Thanks Brian, that was funny. I catch myself so many times getting mad because other people aren't doing what I want them to, lol! The mind is an interesting tool, but so easy to get caught up with. 

Peace, Trish

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I had to go back and read through this post, as it seemed to just fizzle out, even after everyone was inspired to continue discussing some of the topics.

We'll just leave it at that, as it doesn't make sense to dredge up the emotional reaction in response to free expression. 

Good vs. Evil. Hmm.

I remember growing up in the 80s, watching shows and movies with mucho violence. Arnold, Sylvester, Jean-Claude and Steven. Beating some asses. The plot always made the bad guy out to be SO evil, that by the end of it you were on the edge of your seat, teeth clenched and heart racing, just waiting for him to be killed in the nastiest way possible. Grenade in the mouth, impaled on something... you name it. I grew up on this shit as my bread and butter. Definitely wasn't no Leave it to Beaver.

As life went on and I realized the world really wasn't all that (that way), I tried to adjust my perspective and addiction to action. Funny thing is, the wars kept going on and on, more and more.

That ISN'T the real world. That's the world "they" (we) have very carefully cultivated and grown to make everyone believe that's how things are. Doesn't have to be. 

These days, unless the action/violence has a campiness to it or is extremely stylized, I can't take it. I get too worked up and imbalanced. Same story, but I'm older now and my heart's not so young anymore. In a lot of ways.

I also can't hardly stand the never-ending drama for drama's sake ad-nauseum on the tv and big screen. Whether it's being called "truth" or "fiction". Doesn't make any difference. It is what it is. A lot of my favorite old stories and characters have been dragged through the dirt because writers and other creators involved no longer understand substance or depth of character. Just endless regurgitation. Capitalizing. Exploiting.

Anyway, that's it for this ramble. I get tired. But, then again, I'm just as ready to pop my claws and jump in the proverbial fray as the next poor conditioned sap. So... watch out! ;)

Love and Peace! Love and Peace! as Vash the Stampede (Trigun) would say...

I don't mind the action movies....I have had some good laughs to the grenade in mouth deaths. The ones that get me are the horror movies where they just try to create the most sadistic creature they can....chain someone up and torture them...I don't need to see favorite movies are b grade monster movies...they just crack me up....i loved zombeavers...zombie beavers that started eating everyone....

I guess two things I have learned allow me to enjoy these...and I always try to remember them...

Don't take anything personal


Don't ever lose your sense of humour,

Cause you can't take life to seriously if you ever want to find happiness...

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No mistaking, I love the action! Just saw some of those ultra-violent movies too much... Like I said, I enjoy the stylized or campy versions, as long as there's decent dialogue and SOME form of plot...

The Wachowskis? Still awesome. Jason Statham? Awesome to watch, although not all of his flics have been as quality as they used to. Guy Richie? Same. But LOVE the Sherlock movies. And Robert Downey Jr. gets to flaunt his martial arts skills. Robert Rodriguez starting to slip a little. Tarantino still awesome. Zack Snyder as well, although Man of Shteel drug on a bit... Chris Nolan too, but think Benny replacing Christian Bale is a HUGE mistake. Love the Kick-Ass movies too...

But I digress. 

It's the art or style that can still entertain and hold my attention. But the getting worked up sort of upsets me too much... Like when someone is too abused or put upon... We love the Walking Dead, but they introduce a lot of real scumbags and messed up "villains" that have me calling out loud for their demise like I was at a sporting event. So, I'm not sure how healthy that is. But I can't stop watching! Game of Thrones also a favorite! Lost and Heroes... That's really all we watch, because they have the substance to back up the time spent on their viewing. And reviewing. Way to much out there in the media world not worth investing time in. Better ways to use it...

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