St.Germain: Support For The White Knights Received by Susan Leland

St.Germain: Support For The White Knights
Received by Susan Leland
Ashtar Teleconference of October 6, 2009 (Part 2)
Ashtar has asked that we release the second part of Tuesday's teleconferece first because we are asked to repeat this exercise and empower it further with our energy to support those who are about to do what we have been waiting for.  This is an empowered statement of support led by St. Germain for all White Knights, past and present.  This is followed by Sekhmet's call to rest up for the coming activities. 
St. Germain:
I AM St. Germain and I stand before you hand-in-hand with Mother Sekhmet and beloved Sananda and all of this company who comes to you from what you call the stars and beyond, the higher realms or dimensions beyond 3D.  And we ask that you join us in these higher realms for we have an exercise for all of us to do tonight which will be  grand indeed and mighty in it’s effect for all of Planet Earth.  And we are focusing most particularly upon the United States of America, and it’s most like-minded neighbors - Canada, Australia and what you call the United Kingdom, because it is here that these changes will be starting.  It is here that they will as you say roll out to the rest of the world, and we are not talking just about the distribution of wealth, that is wealth in the sense of money.  We are talking about the distribution of total ab undance for all, we are talking again about the distribution of truth, real truth, reality.  We are talking about rising into higher states of being. We are talking about reaching out worldwide and beyond, seeing all as you look into the mirror, your brothers and sisters in Oneness. 
And there is one who has been chosen because he volunteered and has been prepared to be a leader in this, and his name is Obama.   And there are those who are like-minded who have joined hearts with him, some you know, and some you don’t know yet.  And these ones stand tall no matter what their size, and they stand together in courage.  There is one who is with us still and he wrote a book called Profiles in Courage.  He is writing a masterpiece to include Obama, his twin, and all of these others who now stand ready, ready to bring forth the truth and justice and compassion, and yes, Love to the entire world, starting in these countries we have named.  And so we are asking that we join together in Family, and send a great message to them, to let them know that we stand with them.  Oh yes, we have communicated.  I, St. Germain, have been in almost constant communication with these ones as has Sananda, and others among us. 
Now this, Beloved Ones, is to be an exponentially powerful empowering exercise because we are all together, doing it all together.  And so we ask that you take a moment to gather into your hearts all of the visions that you have for the truly brave new world.  All that you have envisioned it to be, full of Love, full of grace, full of compassion.   Only Love, only grace, only compassion, only truth, abundance for all, every man, every woman, every child, every animal, every plant, every mineral, every gem, every grain of sand.  All of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia together in Love and Compassion knowing the sacredness of all, living the sacred truth.   Let that vision swell your hearts with joy and lift you up into the highest of vibrations.   Now we ask that you approach your crystal elevators.  You know the ones &ndash ; there is one for each of you.  And we join you, each and every one of you in your own crystalline elevator, and see the bright lights, and feel the warmth, perhaps a little bit of a cooling breeze even.   Hear the music of the angel choirs, perhaps there are roses that you love the scent of, or some other flower.   Your elevator is yours personally, so step into it and let the door close behind you softly and gently and let us travel together. 
We are going to a great, great amphitheatre. And see that the audience is already gathered.  And there are representatives from all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia, from the Kingdom of the fairies and the elementals, and there are all of your Starseed brothers and sisters coming from home to be here, and there are the angels and all of the Ascended Masters and the dwellers of the higher realms.  And the White Light of the Christ shines everywhere.  And now you see Beloved Ones, that your elevator has let you off in the center of this circle.  Here you are, here we are all gathered together.  And let the circle open and from a doorway comes these beloved ones to be so honored here.  Here is Obama and his beloved, his beloved wife and soul mate, and here are the others who have stood forth so courageously, and stood up to those who were so power- driven, who caused such havoc and destruction on the Planet. 
And here they are coming out shining bright.  Let them come into the middle of the circle and now, giving them plenty of room, you shine your love lights toward them.  And notice that the audience, everyone in that audience, everyone in that grand circle in this amphitheatre is shining as well.  And feel the warmth of all of this love light shining upon this great circle in the middle.  Accept it into your heart Beloveds, there is plenty for you and everyone else there.   And plenty for those who are to be honored.  And your own love lights shine upon them and shine out to this wondrous audience and to each other.  Stand in this outer circle beaming your message of love light to those so honored in the middle.  And now Beloved Ones if you feel so inclined, if you are ready to add to this beaming message that you are sending out so beautifully, please to repeat after me:
I AM One with You
And I honor You
And I express my gratitude to You
For your Courage
To stand tall
Seemingly against impossible odds
And to bring us forward together
Into this Great light
Of Love and Oneness for All
We Are One
And we are with You
And we support You
And assist You
In every way possible
To Empower
That which you are about to do
In the name of all of Planet Earth
Bring forth the Truth
And know that you are Protected
The White Light of the Christ is with You
Our Love Light shines Upon You
And we Are One in Mission United
Ever more
As we have always been
And we thank you for allowing
Us to be with You
And You to be with Us
In the greatest endeavor
And Upliftment
To Ascension
That this Planet has ever known
It has not been done before
But it is done Now!
And we are bringing it
Into it’s manifestation
As the only real Truth
Upon this entire Planet and the Universe beyond
Together we Stand
And we shall be successful! We already Are!
And so it Is.
Well done! The great affirmation and a great outpouring of energy that has been received and is thanked.   And you are invited to be One with this company whenever you choose.  You may repeat this affirmation of support, or you may make your own.  Or you may simply be silent witness to the fact that it is done.  High realms, so it is.  So hugs everyone, hugs heart-to-heart and feel the applause of everyone, all beings in this theatre participated in this.  Bring it on if you wish and feel the joy of it and the success.  Of course when you are ready, your elevator awaits.  Stay as long as you wish and return any time that you wish to do so.  Every time that you return you can lift higher and higher and perhaps you will recognize more and more of the company there in that circle. 
It is a joy to be with you always and it is an honor to be with you to participate in these moments.   It is your energy, it is your Love, your Courage which provide the momentum which give the permission, which issue the invitations for us to come and be in facilitation of this momentous Ascension and all of the events that must flow in order to effect its ultimate manifestation.  When you put your energies into an exercise such as this, it matters not how brief it is, where there is no such thing as time, what you have done is made permanent the energies that you put forth like an engraving of sorts.  You have added to the momentum of all the visions, of the joys, of this new era in Earth’s history/herstory.  We are proud and honored to have you stand with us, we love you beyond words, and We are One always in spirit, in mind, and in heart.   So thank you Beloved Ones for coming this evening, for your participation, for your generous giving of your own energies of love and courage.  When you are ready, please return to your elevators and let them bring you gently back to the place from which you started, knowing that you have changed that place a bit, that is elevated it a bit more, because of your actions, your participation here in this moment.

And so I, St. Germain, salute all of you.  Now stands forth Sananda and his Beloved Mother with the roses for all of you.  Please take as many as you wish into your hearts, savor their sweetness, and know that you have them now in your field of energy, permanently.  And the entire Universe looks upon you with thanks and gratitude for this mission that you have participated in.  And so I, St. Germain, shall stand aside with gratitude and promise that you have accelerated even more the flow of events.  You have created an even faster timeline.  Congratulations and Namaste."
Mother Sekhmet: 
Well I just had to show up.  I have been in silent admiration. I added my own energies of course to this grand exercise that you just give your hearts and your spirits into.  Into, yes, because you put yourself into it with great gusto.  I can assure you that it was felt in all directions and in all places so rejoice.   Purrrrrr  a little if you like and know that another giant step has been taken on the path.  And how many steps are left?  Not many.  Time as you measure it is short indeed.  Get your missions clearly defined.  If there is anything more to add to what you have already heard this evening.  Beloved Ones, we are going to be taking off like so many rockets. 
So rest up tonight, unless of course you choose to come to the ships and find out a little bit more.  And prepare to be busier than any time in this lifetime you have ever been, for that matter in any lifetimes.  Refresh,  restore, nurture and heal yourselves, and if you’ve got any house-cleaning to do, get it done.  Fast.  Fast track everything.  Clear your decks as they say and prepare because the times are going to be very interesting and full of action.  And we are there with you, never doubt that for a moment.  And if you need a little time out, just pull up a chair and let’s chat.  Or you can have a conference with your guides if things seem to be just hurling out of control.   If you are feeling as though you are just being swept along like a tornado or something, stop and chat, it will do you good.& nbsp; It will help a lot.  Keep you on track because you’re leaders, you’re beamers and you’re Love, and Loved infinitely always.
And so it is.  Namaste.
I'm Susan Leland, and I have the honor of serving as a voice for Ashtar and others from the Lighted Realms.  I've had several careers, beginning in a family-owned retail business, then as a wife, mother and community volunteer.  In 1985 I became a real estate agent and was blessed with many clients who came to my community to attend an ancient wisdom school.  Through my association with them, I "woke up" and started upon my own spiritual quest.
I learned from these wonderful students and from other teachers, and I connected with my own guides in 1996.  Then came an intensive period of attending healing classes and workshops and almost daily practice, while quitting real estate along the way in 1999.  I have earned 6 Reiki degrees along with other certifications in energy healing and spiritual ministry.
Today my "work" is joyfully fulfilling as a facilitator for the loving messages of Ashtar and those who accompany him at our Ashtar on the Road gatherings.  Thank you for taking this time to get acquainted with me and with my mission as a voice for Ashtar!
© Susan Leland 2009.  All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.  *  

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