Dream Guidance Regarding The Elite and Our Awakening

Here is an interesting dream.

Dream Guidance : Uniting Within Our Hearts

At September 18, 2011


Intention for dreaming:

“What is the truth about the global elite, and what is our role in creating a future of peace.”

(Original dream recorded on July, 3rd 2011)

At first I am inside a building, like a vacation home or large cabin. There are modern amenities everywhere, lots of shiny metal electronics; televisions, sound systems, video games, kitchen appliances. These stand out to me. Everything is decorated in the same bright teal blue ikat pattern. I think it looks really cheap and distracting. I mention to someone that it looks like all of the decor came from the same department store.

Then I am on the phone with my husband, and we are having difficulty communicating. I get the feeling that our conversation is being interfered with. I hear a female voice ‘impersonating me’ on the line, saying things that are not true. I start to feel that something dubious is going on. Something is not ‘right’ or safe about this place. I feel protective over others, and I think to keep my younger sister and my son close to me.

I enter a crowd of people and start telling them what has been going on. Many people believe what I am telling them, having caught on to this fact themselves. People begin to rally together, and the truth spreads. People start getting worked up about this, and some are angry. I feel like I am ‘sneaking around’ to tell others, and I get the feeling that I am being watched. “They” are just outside the perimeter keeping an eye on us. It feels like we are gathered together like cattle in a large room. Things feel almost medieval, and manipulated.

Later I am sitting at dinner with my parents, and there are some people ‘in charge’ sitting several yards away against the wall, seated in what appear to be thrones. They are clearly ‘elite’ types; older than myself, of various ethnicities, and obviously rich. They creep me out. I am aware that they are watching and listening to me. Perhaps they can hear my conversation from across the room. I do not care. I am not afraid. I am telling my parents that we are being controlled, that they are interfering in our lives, about the phone conversation, etc. They try to hush me, obviously concerned. They seem afraid. But I am even more adamant now, because I want “them” to know that I KNOW the truth. Some of these people approach me, a blonde older woman adorned with jewels and a police officer. I rail at them, telling them I heard the voice on the phone impersonating me, I know what they are doing. I am then arrested.

Finally, I am moving through a large crowd of people. I see a pamphlet or flyer, with an image of crosses on them, and people’s names below them. I feel that we are being led to a crucifixion.

But I am not going quietly. As I pass through the crowd I am telling people to “unite within our hearts”. I say this repeatedly, and I tell others to pass it on. People start spreading the word to “unite within our hearts” and it begins to be chanted through the crowd. I get a flash of the scene from the Matrix, when Neo realizes that he cannot be harmed by Smith. I know that we cannot be harmed by these people. They cannot stop us. We are chanting as a crowd, and it is beautiful. Then the voices take on individual phrases, things that seem like mantras of personal empowerment. Their own individual stories of awakening. The energy is buzzing.

I tell people to LOVE these elite and those who seek to oppress us. That we can succeed and overcome them if we love them, and not to let them make us angry, fearful or upset. The clear message here is to LOVE. Behind me I see two of my young cousins, standing in something like a large rectangular white marble tomb, with high sides. It makes me think of the tomb in the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid. They seem excited, joyful. They are smiling, unafraid.

My interpretation of the dream was pretty clear. The first thing I noticed is the description of the tacky decor and the plethora of technology in the ‘vacation home’. Clearly indicative of materialism and the methods of distraction that are used to keep society oppressed.

The parts about being interfered with were pretty self explanatory. Catching on to this deceit and wanting to keep our earth family safe is a natural reaction for many of us.

I was surprised upon waking by how many people in the first crowd seemed to believe the truth. More people than I would have expected were open to hearing the truth and standing up for it.

The scene inside the dining hall was indicative that these elite groups of people span several generations, ethnicities and genders. They are not all old rich white men. It also indicates to me that there are groups of people genuinely frightened into submission, who rather not hear the truth, if it means ‘causing a scene’.

The final scene is fantastic, and one of the most amazing sequences I have ever experienced in dreaming. Upon waking I realized one thing very clearly about the crucifixion pamphlets, and the seeming danger that we were being threatened with. It was propaganda. Nothing actually happened to anyone that I saw.

What did happen, was another wonderful surprise. I was empowered to spread a message that came directly from source, and EVERYONE around me was waking up to this message. This was a big ‘wake up’ call for me consciously, because very often we think that the majority of people in the world ‘just don’t get it’. But in my dream, this was not the case. It seemed like everyone, in the most crucial moment… GOT IT! And we were all UNITING WITHIN OUR HEARTS. Spreading LOVE, instead of fighting back.

And the children watching from behind the crowd, they were already in on the truth of what was happening. They were standing inside what appeared to be the tomb from the King’s chamber of the Great Pyramid, which we now believe to have been a sacred initiation chamber, based on historical accounts from people like Napolean, and research from spiritual teachers like Drunvalo Melchizidek. The children were looking to the future with joy in their hearts, untouched by fear. It is also interesting that one of the two children in my dream has been having psychic experiences since he was a toddler, often communicating with family members who have crossed over, recalling ‘when he was in heaven’, and his recent past life. I got the sense that they were there to enjoy the show, in a good way. :)

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