Great expectation

It happened on the morning of the 17th, 3 days ago.

I am outdoors on the side of a hill with a girlfriend.  We are very exited, looking at the sky.  There are many other people around.  We are expecting to see a large display of parachutists to come out of sky.  There is a lot of excitement.  We see an airplane between the clouds.  We start running up the hill.  It's covered with snow and we follow a path.  When we get to the top we seen on a nearby hill a large group of people sitting on a platform like a large sled.  They are wearing parachute packs on their back and are sitting on this contraption.  Looks like they are getting ready to slide down the hill.  The parachute of one of the people at the back open and starts pulling him out of the sled.  Someone, the coordinator perhaps, shouts "Not yet, not yet!" to stop him.  They bring his parachute back into control and take their places on the sled.  It seems like the sled will be moving down and as it picks up speed they'll open their parachutes and that will make the sled fly into the air.

 My girlfriend points to a Navy gray ship, the size of a large yacht, circling in the harbor in the bay below, which is carrying more parachutists.  She's very exited.  Apparently she's seen it before and it must be very spectacular thing they do.  More people are gathering around us.  She moves away with her father.  Two guys, wearing parachute packs and laughing move into her place.  I look around and see we are in a similar contraption as on the neighboring hill.  Our sled begins to move forward, slowly. 

We are now moving through the streets of the city.  There are more vehicles around us, getting ready.  People clambering all over.  It reminds me of carnival time in Rio, before the parade.  We are moving toward the harbor.  I notice people on the sidewalks.  It is crowded to the max.  They are soldiers, warriors from something like the old classic Greek times.  They are holding their spears and shields at ease.  They are watching, excited, smiling.  It's a beautiful clear and warm day.

I wake up.

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