Apocalyptic Squattersville for Recession Refugees



Sunday, Oct 9, 2011 10:00 AM 21:23:35 GMT-0300

Apocalyptic squattersville for recession refugees

They come to Slab City, out of work and low on hope, to endure heat, sandstorms and life on the edge SLIDE SHOW

Apocalyptic squattersville for recession refugees

 (Credit: Misha Erwitt)

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View the slide show

How George Carranco wound up in Slab City, a squattersville at the end of the earth, is a story for these hard times.

Carranco, an ex-Marine and jack-of-all-trades, lost his job at a factory in San Diego when it shut down, lost his apartment when he couldn’t pay the rent, lost his temporary home when the city towed his van, and lost the van for good when the parking fees climbed to unattainable heights. More than a thousand dollars — might as well have been a million.


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