Channeling For Heart in the Gap

This was done for me by my dearest friend Uma Rose, but it is for all "hearts in the gap". Enjoy!


Mother and Father God: Heartlessness is everywhere presenting as if it’s loving.
Don’t be fooled into believing your own rage at this or your disdain and killing
desires are wrong or unloving. Quite the contrary. It is because of your outrage at
heartlessness in the world that you are by nature, loving.
Being selfish has been given a bad rap. It isn’t unloving to be selfish or to make
space for yourself. It is unloving to listen to guilt or Lucifer telling you that
you are insane, that you should never have existed and that you deserve everything
“bad” that happens to you. Or that you deserve it because of the “wrong” that you
did in the past. What else could you have done, being mind-controlled and used?
Raised with lies in a system that misguided little you.
Not only by a system that you live in on Earth, but in the set up and misguided
ness(having no guide)that you emerged with and into--so many things were beyond your
control. This happened to All of Us to varying degrees. But now We have experience.
Your experience has been raw and painful without end. Lost in the drama of your life
with others. It is no wonder some of you have spent so long alone in the woods, in
the cave, in the monastery close to God, or who you believed to be God in that time.

Your rage has acted out in the past, killing billions of people because of your
hatred at how heartlessness in the World and Creation has harmed you. But when you
acted out your outrage you were and are then blamed for being the very heartless
thing that your outrage is against.
And then there is overwhelm. Overwhelm at fragmentation. Overwhelm because of the
innocence of a newborn child, exposed and raw to the World, easily molded against
it’s own nature.
But what is the nature of what is already there in the child? Why do beings
magnetize to them these unloving experiences? Are these experiences really unloving
or is it our wills trying to learn who We really are? What is Love really? How far
can Love expand?
There is overwhelm because you cannot save it all anymore than you can save yourself
trying to save the world.
It is not selfish to take one’s space. It is selfish NOT to take space for
ourselves. When we don’t have self-love and acceptance, it is impossible to heal
others, or the world. The overwhelm is that there are so many broken people and in
that overwhelm you have wanted to destroy them. What is loving is to push those
people back from you without killing them like Hitler, like Charles Manson, like
Gangis Kahn; like all the parts who have been denied and dumped into; who hold so
much pain, they must destroy it somehow.
Heart in the gap, be it male or female, be it from Spirit-Body God, or Mother, is
suffering deeply and needs help. But Heart in the Gap needs to open to Love in order
to know what is Loving. To know that Heart in the Gap is not wrong for hating what
it knows does not feel good. Help is there for you. You are very needed. Find your
own point of view. Don’t allow yourself to be misguided. Be angry but do not act it
Your outrage is also your heartbreak singing---and it’s movement has the power to
heal the World in Creation.

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