Powerful Healing & Help for all life issues -- Online Today through Jan 10, 2013 (and beyond)

Hello Folks,

There's a healing and help (with any life issues) opportunity with a Croatian man named Braco (pronounced Brot-so), who has helped thousands of people and induced healings of all kinds of conditions.  I don't know if this fits into your belief system, but if it does it might well be of benefit.  If my wife and I didn't have direct experience of the validity of spiritual healing and life help, I wouldn't be wasting my time and yours telling you about it.  In this realm of mind-created phenomena where on one level everything is "energy", anything is possible.  And what this is about is that Braco is able to tap into Something which then can heal and help through his gaze (and voice); healing energy (love energy, whatever you wish to call it) comes through his eyes, whether in person or over the Internet.  We personally know several people who have received "impossible" helps and healings.

From Saturday January 5 through 10 there are on the hour sessions from 10:00 am or noon until 6:00 or 10:00 pm.  EST (USA).  (More sessions are scheduled for later.)  These are online gazing sessions.  If you'd like to do this for yourself and anyone else, you can go online and register for one or as many as you like.  First there's an introduction and then at about quarter past there's the actual gazing, which lasts 5 or 10 minutes.  All that's required is laying aside our judgments and fears.  It's just a matter of gazing back with an open mind and heart (sound familiar?).  But it helps to have the introduction -- and to put aside judgments.  At first I had some trouble with this particular presentation, but then I accepted that bodhisattvic helpers appear in all forms and styles.  And finally, the proof is in the pudding, as they say. 

Although there can never be any guarantees, there is something real about this.  Here's the website for information about him: www.bracoamerica.com, and here's the website where you actually register for sessions: www.braco-tv.com .   There's a $3 charge to pay expenses.  Any number of people can participate (as many as can be in front of a computer).

Happy pudding.

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