A new course of discussion was started on the Eckhart Tolle & Opray thread which Chris and i got involved in another whole new line of thought.  We agreed it was worth following up on so I am starting a new thread and copying over the posts from the previous thread.  The following are the comments and replys I am copying.


"Berry said:

I have read again recently an interesting article which at first glance seems not relative to this thread, but with deeper reading has some very applicable thoughts to the subject of A New Earth, particularly regarding awareness. It is also interesting if anybody is interested in Earth grids, Ascention and Sacred Geometry.



It's somewhat lengthy but well worth the read.






ChrisBowers </users/chrisbowers>



Thank you Berry for providing that link at spirit of maat! Below are just a few of the beautifully instructive passages I couldn't resist posting:

"The Dodecahedron represents total surrender to Unconditional Love. This seems to be a challenge point, as many people stop here and lose their way in bliss, feeling as though there is no reason for continuing to evolve."

"If individuals do not commit themselves to impeccability in their behavior, they fall prey to the ego agendas of themselves or others. Openheartedness without conscious mindfulness is an expression of Dodeca consciousness. The Stellated Dodeca is the consciousness of a self-realized being, and that is why it is referred to as the Christ Consciousness Grid."

Christ, or any other Master of this level, exhibits this self-aware consciousness: an exceptionally high level of personal refinement that is practical and attainable for all humans who sincerely discipline themselves to attain it. It is so much more than chasing bliss. This is what is truly expressed in Christ’s teachings. He didn’t want anyone to follow him. He wanted us to become as he became, a self-aware, enlightened being. The Christ Consciousness Grid exists as a reminder of our true nature and encourages us to attain it."

The Christ Grid also helps us integrate and harmonize a true group unity. The Christ Grid is a unified collective consciousness. This means that we are also preparing our internal templates to integrate and harmonize all of the lifetimes we spent within each culture on this planet, setting the stage to help us feel the oneness of all cultures simultaneously, without bias or prejudice.

In the past, a form of surface tension between colors, frequencies, and intentions separated us. This surface tension is diminishing as we become self-aware and self-responsible for all our actions. As we claim our personal integrity, we no longer project our lessons upon others. This reduces the surface tensions

"At this time, the separation in frequencies creating the seven Christ sub-grids is aligning to become one rainbow-colored Grid. Eventually, as we become truly One, it will become a single, golden color that will eventually evolve to the diamond or crystal-clear level. The crystal or diamond children are already being born on this planet to help accomplish this."

And thank you Penny for bringing this subject up. I just received my order of several of Tolle's books and his retreat CD.



 Berry said:

You did indeed zone in on exactly the passage which caused me to post it here. This information is so germain to what Eckhart Tolle is teaching and also focuses on a primary goal of the Transformation Team. Thank you for excerpting it for us.

I have an idea that the concept of dodecagons and stellated dodecagons could cause people to fade out but sacred geometry is a fascinating subject. Might consider starting a thread on the concept. Hmmmm!





2008 ChrisBowers </users/chrisbowers> says:

Sounds good to me, but we will have to make sure we get a real good feel for translating this "Sacred Physics" before proceeding. Love the idea though. We could spend the rest of our 3D lives talking about this - that would be just fine with me. One of the definitions for "Sacred" is "unassailable, inviolable". Doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

In Love, Light and Sacred Geometry,




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Dear Ones,  I Love it here!  My eyes are glassing over, there is steam coming out of my ears!

(this is GOOD)  Love,Mary

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So far in my reading of the Ra Material, I can't recall Ra designating exactly (or otherwise) what frequency corresponds with each of the densities and or colors. (David Wilcock may have made reference to this.) They simply emphasize that there is a fundamental correspondance. The work done by some physicists ( don't have the names at hand) noting patterns created on a vibrating metal plate when certain "notes" , sound frequencies, are produced, may have possibly established a correspondance by recognizing the pattern of the Platonic Solid in the shapes created on the plates and then relating them to the octave position on the scale that I represented above.  I'll see what I can discover. 

Interesting comment though Rob.  Perhaps someone on the Portal uses toning for a healing method.  They might have some insight into this discussion, ie. knowing which pitch to use to balance a particular energy center/chakra which would then give us an idea of the inter-relationship.

L&L Berry


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Thanks Berry I thought you might be intersted in these frquencies and their relationship to equal temp.

Chakra Frequency (Hertz) musical note Rel to =temp

Guanine 550 C# -13.686286
Adenine 546.6 C# -24.421677
Thymine 543.4 C# -34.586750
Cytosine 537.8 C 47.479478
Violet-Red 493.3 B -2.045884
Adrenals 492.8 B -3.801521
Spleen 492 B -6.614000
Crown 480 B -49.362941
Phosphorus 480 B -49.362941
Zinc 480 B -49.362941
Violet 466.2 Bb 0.134577
Copper 464 Bb -8.054462
Third-Eye 448 A 31.194520
Unknown Chakra 1 445 A 19.562175
Blue-Violet 440 A 0.000000
Iodine 424 Ab 35.872889
Bone 418.3 Ab 12.441369
Psychic Center 416 Ab 2.896006
Iron 416 Ab 2.896006
Blue 415 Ab -1.270625
Unknown Chakra 2 410 Ab -22.255537
Manganese 400 G 34.995772
Green-Blue 392 G 0.020157
Throat 384 G -35.676655
Chromium 384 G -35.676655
Unknown Chakra 3 372 F# 9.358917
Green 370 F# 0.026096
Thymus 352 F 13.686286
Bladder 352 F 13.686286
Yellow-Green 349.2 F -0.139958
Heart 341 F -40.263053
Molybdenum 336 E 34.179441
Yellow 329.6 E -0.144737
Muscles 324 E -29.811653
Blood 321.9 E -41.069136
Solar Plexus 320 Eb 48.682058
Calcium 320 Eb 48.682058
Kidney 319.88 Eb 48.032723
liver 317.83 Eb 36.902140
Brain 315.8 Eb 25.809177
Diaphragm 315 Eb 21.417966
Orange-Yellow 311.1 Eb -0.150155
Potassium 304 Eb -40.118640
Fat Cells 295.8 D 12.542234
Orange 293.7 D 0.207690
Unknown Chakra 4 293 D -3.923431
Polarity 288 D -33.721654
Intestines 281.6 C# 27.372572
Red-Orange 277.2 C# 0.108480
Transpersonal 273 C# -26.323087
Selenium 272 C# -32.676247
Red 261.6 C -0.169179
Root 256 C -37.631656
Lungs 220 A 0.000000
Colon 176 F 13.686286
Gall Bladder 164.3 E -5.405252
Pancreas 117.3 A# 11.239388
Stomach 110 A 0.000000
Schumann Resonance 7.8
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That's fantatic Rob. What a thorough compilation of relationships.  You are indeed a fount of esoteric information. I'm going to have to take a close look at this information.  BTW, could you explain the temperature relationship a little more?   How is that temp you listed related to the rest of the data?  Thankyou.


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One could get a digital tuner and some resonating bowls, some water and do some good work?
Is that fundamentally true in your experience or reference?
As One 2,

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Hi all, There is a lot of freeware on the net that does exactly that.  A really good piece of software (free) is 'Pitchfork' with two oscillators.  I have built a program in Max DSP that will run 10 oscillators and use it for listening to the freauencies of the planets 'very soothing.  You may remember a little while ago I posted a MP3 of the DNA frequencies (very stimulating!)  Its amazing what sine waves do when they intereact.   Actually, I wonder if Berry has some oscillaotes hanging areound in has shed from his Sonar days.  Most of the electronic music revolution came about  with people being able to pick up cheap ex army/Navy gear after the war but nothing beats the purity of a sine wave generated insid a computer.  One good book on planetary frequencies etc is Coustou's 'Cosmic Ocatave'.  I've got a pice of music I created based on the frequencies of a 12 Chakra system.  Its a big file so I'll convert it to MP3, see what you guys think.  It's a little disturbing for people who are not used to untemepered scales but it really takes you deep into a space, the last ten minutes of the track is also based on aa Chinese Sheng scale but in Earth tuning also quite refreshing.  Sorry I could bang on about this all day its sort of part of the PhD I did in all this stuff. It gets me really excited.  I did a piece using violet frequency and brain resonance frequency and you would swear Angels are singing!  I'll post some pieces whan I get some time, as one, grateful for the discussion, Rob.

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Awesome!. I am blown away and  I await with bated breath to experience this wonderful thing.

L&L Berry

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check out the star tetrahedron on this baby!

wanna go for a ride????

this is the George Kavassilas video that got me researching Merkabah

here is a short video featuring a description of the Vesica Pisces. George Kavassilas aptly describes the Vesica Pisces as an ascension gateway when matter and anti-matter converge. From the outside it might appear as catastrophic, but from the perspective of the matter and anti-matter it is a birth canal to another realm/dimension. Just depends on one's perspective. This choice of perspective will definitely come into play for each of us and all of us sometime.....

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Here are two terrific links to more on this topic. Breathing sacred love.


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Hey Lance, thanks for digging this forum up and blowing off the dust,LOL!!!

Was/is a blast reading through it again!

As I was reading Bodhi's early 10 part post on page one something in part ten caught my eye that reminded me of what Ra (from the Law of One sessions) said black holes are!

Here is the passage from Bodhi's part ten:

"This creates extra mind, because the universal mind meets itself at every wave intersection, so the denser
the intersections, or nodes, the greater the self knowing, or sense of identity and place within the dream

This relates very specifically to what Ra said Black Holes are, metaphysically speaking.  We cannot see black holes, only the behavior of light and matter in the vicinity of a black hole.  Ra said that black holes are the signature and direct result of a great collective of intelligent life forms knowing Creator so well that there is this effect of unimaginable density.  The black holes are portals of return to the Central Sun of Unity in an indescribable timeless fashion, and then off to the next big adventure in the next octave of experience in an infinite number of experiences extending as part of one single moment and one single initial thought.

That is what I call daydreaming!!!!!

Love/Light, Chris

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Here is an excellent 4 part interview with Richard Hoagland (Coast to Coast) discussing the hexagon shape clouds photographed at the north pole of Saturn some time ago, the same basic shape that every snowflake has, a signature 2D shape that is actually a star tetrahedron, known also as Merkabah, that is always the signature result of torsion/spinning/motion....  Makes one want to rethink the origin of the so called Star of David.....

YouTube - Hyperdimensional Hexagon Pt.1

YouTube - Hyperdimensional Hexagon Pt.2

YouTube - Hyperdimensional Hexagon Pt.3

YouTube - Hyperdimensional Hexagon Pt.4

and then a discussion of the Grand Unified Field Theory by Nassim Haramein

YouTube - Grand Unified Field Theory: Nassim Haramein Pt.1

YouTube - Grand Unified Field Theory: Nassim Haramein Pt.2

YouTube - Grand Unified Field Theory: Nassim Haramein Pt.3

and Nassim Haramein's new website featuring a trailer for his movie called Crossing the Event Horizon

The Resonance Project

and here is a link to the movie itself

Nassim Haramein - Crossing the Event Horizon

and short discussion concerning free energy/overunity

YouTube - Nassim Haramein with New Energy Movement

and synchronicity

YouTube - Nassim Haramein on synchronicity

and one more very interesting clip

YouTube - Electromagnetic Energy, The Element Of Tachyon and The Star of David

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In bringing this thread forward, I wanted to offer a video of
Charles Gilchrist discussing Metatron's cube and the five Sacred Solids that are embedded in it.

Interestingly enough, the cube also forms the basis for the Cabalistic Sepheroth or the Decad.

Here is the link,



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CharlesG and Nassim Haramein should get together.  Wouldn't surprise me if they already have.  The links above (Nassim Haramein) reveal metatron's cube within the geometric structure discovered by Nassim called the 64 tetrahedron grid.  His 8 hour lecture called Crossing the Event Horizon is quite compelling, especially when he shows us the same 64 tetrahedron grid image imprinted somehow on rock at one of the ancient Egyptian sites.

All of this brings up the Vesica Piscis again, the overlapping portion of the circles in those geometric shapes, the shape of an eye, like the all seeing eye, and the shape of a lotus flower when there is an array of VP.  So much symbolism relating to this sacred geometry...

LLP, Chris

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