The Soft Megamachine

Lewis Mumford wrote The Myth of the Machine, looking at past cultures to see how we got to where we are today in what he calls The Megamachine.  Really interesting to follow the development of centralized patriarchal-based cultural development, towns, cities, states, etc.

This reminded me of that paper that was circulating back in circa 2008 called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, how computers made it possible for the elite in the Megamachine mindset to mathematically fine tune and adjust said machine.

I am posting as a complimentary addition to Noa's post about the Kogi.  As in where humanity was (and still is in most Indigenous cultures) and where modern humanity has migrated to over time.  I'd call this a major case of mission creep with a definite agenda of centralized power and control.

I don't know if peaceful non-compliance is the way out of this ancient agenda, but I do know that we have the power that they manipulate.  Otherwise there would be no motive for manipulation without something valuable to manipulate and direct.

And then there is the very frightening possibility to seriously consider - that this is what we get when we do not individually and collectively take responsibility for ourselves, take it upon ourselves to create enduring self-sustaining and sustainable human community in harmony with the surrounding biodiversity-sphere - we relegate with submissive silence and then boldly complain & criticize later.

Microsoft Word - MUMFORD-Technics-VolI.docx - MUMFORD-Myth-Volume_1.pdf

Microsoft Word - Mumford-Pentagon of Power.docx - MUMFORD-Myth-Volume_2.pdf


The Myth of the Machine by Lewis Mumford.pdf

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1

and this interview very well relates to the posted subject:

Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ Guy McPherson - May 29, 2016 - YouTube

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