Strange Satellite Images – Evidence of HAARP in Action?

People who poo poo the idea that governments are controlling the weather haven't seen images like these.  Loads more information on the website, including several astounding videos... (Noa)


In 1996 the US Air Force commissioned a research report titled, Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather By 2025.  (Click the link to read it.)  Is weather control now operational?

Aerial lights [are] manifesting above Western Australia . . . (Source)

Strange Satellite Image Downloaded from Australian Weather Site
This rather extraordinary weather pattern picture was (supposedly) downloaded from publicly available Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology radar site. (Source):

Close up view:



Another strange weather radar pattern in the lower right:

Close up view:

HAARP–whistle blowers or lunatics?

Plasma-like colors seen in the sky just before earthquake in China:




Radar patterns over America here:

Busted: Wave Form Technology Creating Our Weather


Natural phenomenon?

The supposed explanation: these clouds are formed by “gravity waves”.

Do “gravity wave” clouds seem “natural”?

Take a look.


Are we supposed to believe this is natural?

Silly question.

Unusual aurora spiral in Finland


Norway spiral


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