Chris and I were not sure where to post this information. I thought about putting it under Political activism forum but since the source is directly from the Wingmakers website I decided to put it here.  When I initially read this information, I brought it to Chris' attention and we both feel it should be here on the Gathering Spot for those of you who want to be aware of whats going on.  I am inserting the entire email conversation which Chris and I shared about this in order not to re-write the important views. 


Berry  wrote:

> Brother Chris.
>  I know that you have been buried with The Nine material in recent days but have you read any of the Neruda Interviews from the Wingmakers site?  I was very surprised in interview #4, at the end, that after discussing the Incunabula with Sarah, that he request the reader to "suspend their prior notions about the motivations of these various groups" which comprise the Incunabula, the Illuminati, NWO, etc.  He goes on to say and I quote from the interview:
>  /"These are not evil-minded organizations regardless of how some portray them. Their members have children and families just like you, and they take pleasure and disgust in the very same things as you do. They are humans with all the same weaknesses for vice and greed, but they also have a strong energy to improve the world, it is simply that their definition of what a better world is may differ from yours. /
> // //
> /"If your interest is to conjure an antagonist for your amusement, that's your prerogative. But the issues I've related tonight are too serious to be amusing. They are deserving of your attention and discernment. Do your own investigation into the energy supplies of our world. You may come up with different numbers than what I mentioned, but only because the technology of the ACIO is more advanced than the petroleum industry. Nonetheless, you'll see confirmation of this general condition. /
> // //
> /"Look at the current events of your time whenever you read this interview. You'll see how this plan is progressing. It may seem to take detours, but the general course is what I've described. It is moving in this direction not out of accident or because of the whims of the world's leaders, you can be sure. It is all part of the orchestration of events that are played out according to the well-designed blueprints of the Incunabula planners. /
> // //
> /"You may feel a certain anguish that you're being led to a future not of your choosing, but if you want to have influence, then you need to be educated and aware of the real forces that are defining your future. This is a free-will universe. There is no hierarchy of angelic beings guiding the destiny of earth. There is no ascended master who dictates the pathway to enlightenment for humanity or the individual./
> // /"If you truly want to express and apply your freewill, make it a personal religion to know the facts. Learn how to look behind the stories that are being sold by the media and politicians, and form your own conclusions. Keep your doubt intact about everything you're told from the political stage, especially when you're induced to be patriotic. It is one of the clearest signals to be suspicious of what you're being told. /
> // //
> /"When enemies are created - especially new ones, be wary of the motivations of those who claim them to be enemies. Investigate the facts. Look under all the rocks and verify your evidence. Each of you must become investigators and learn the art of research and analytical study if you want to feel more a part of the movement to globalization. /
> //
> /"Your insights and understandings may not change humanity's course one millimeter, but it will change your ability to feel a part of this migration and have a sense of where humanity is moving and why. /
> // //
> /"And to those who prefer to strike out on their own path and believe that globalism is pure folly, I can only explain to you that it must happen. It is the outward expression of who we are and it is the natural progression of our species to unify around the inner essence of our identity, instead of the outer façade of our particular nation or religious belief. /
> // //
> /"I believe everyone understands this to varying degrees, but it is the methods of this unification that concern people. And I share this concern. If we're collectively informed about the plan and understand the end-goal is something that holds a great promise for humanity, we can pursue this goal with greater velocity and with added confidence that the methods will be in everyone's best interest. This must be our goal. /
> // //
> /"And finally, many of you may feel that globalization is a concept of the New World Order and therefore dismiss it as a movement borne out of greed and the lust for power. Yes, there are always those who will take advantage of this movement to achieve personal gain, but the reason to become a unified people on this earth is far greater than the personal gains of a few. Remember this as you read your conspiracy stories."/
> // After reading this, I sat with my jaw sagging and wondered what it is he is trying to say.  I know that a Unified Global Society is the eventual outcome of the great shift, ascencion, The Harvest, but I can't see it coming about through these negatively polarized, STS individuals and societies which would have the human race enslaved to their agendas. I have not as yet seen anything directly from James to support this attitude and purpose.  I am curious what your take on this above comment is.
>  In the love and light of our one Infinite Creator,
> Berry



Chris said:

Thanks for the lead.  I have read some of that, but must go back to it soon, as so much of this is coming together to paint a very clear picture.  I do not know where one might post this at the Gathering Spot, but I totally agree with you that it should be read by as many as are willing to consider alternative viewpoints to formerly held understandings.  This is interesting because as I was re-editing chapter six last night I came across a passage where Tom is instructing the 3 (while over in the middle east) to meditate for Henry Kissinger who was in danger of being assassinated while on assignment.  Tom made him sound like an atruistic alter boy that was being betrayed by the geopolitical scene and govs at that time (in the 70's).  I had always believed that Kissinger was a bit nefarious and should probably be brought up on war crime charges, but there was Tom coming to assist the alleged good humanitarian work of one Henry Kissinger!

There is another possible and very easy rationale for conspiracy lovers to go with.  These sources we have wholeheartedly adopted and accepted as valid are actually a methodology of the ruling class elite to keep the dis and misinformation churning to keep earnest seekers off the trail of what is really going on.  I can see some going down that rationale road to stay with their attachment to dark NWO police state conspiracy, but I cannot join them at this point.  I am staying with the thread you and I have come to know and resonate with so strongly, and if we are wrong, so be it.  There is much in the channelings of the Nine that challenge previously held views (like mine) of certain individuals in government, Israel, U.S. government officials, making Tom sound a bit naive at times, but I am sticking with the Nine and James and the Lyricus Teaching Order, etc., as I have seen nothing else that stands up and out like this to date in such a synchronistically profound and illuminating way.  But I do clearly get that this could be one hell of an elaborate scheme orchestrated by ancient money house families that have been known to orchestrate some pretty evil shit in former human history.  At the very least, I had already heard from good sources from the inside that there are wonderful people inside the illuminati framework of families working very earnestly to do the right thing in a "bloom where you are planted" fashion that applies to all of us, wherever we may find ourselves in this incarnation....  I strongly anticipate a mass landing relatively soon, and cling to the well-developed notion that the Nine, Tom, RA, Lord Sananda, Leah, the Hathors, James, the Lyricus Teaching Order, and so many others are exactly who they say they are, and are benevolently and faithfully working in concert to fulfill the ancient mission of this planet and help it stop being the spiritual bottleneck of the Universe and become all it was originally meant and designed to Be, a paradise extraordinaire for all life forms to come visit and cherish, and live on at one time or another....  Holding both of us in the Love and Light of the One as we continue to allow this story to unfold before our eyes and understanding....

End of quote.


For those who would like to read the entirety of this interview with Dr. Jamesson Neruda who was the primary researcher on the Ancient Arrow Project with the ACIO and who eventually defected from the organization, here is a link to the interview:

In the Love and Light of our One Infinite Creator,




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