A Cautionary Tale

In a moment of synchronicity I stumbled upon a story about Trump, about his golf course project in Aberdeen, Scotland.  I say synchronicity because I have never watched Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel and have never had any inclination to, but when I turned on the TV Saturday morning it just happened to be on the channel that was showing Real Sports with BG, and just at the part in the show when the Trump segment was in progress.

BG titled the segment, "A Cautionary Tale".  The following segment gives a good insight toward what people can most likely expect IMO if Donald Trump should make it to the Oval Office...

Donald Trump’s Golf Resort Gone Awry: Real Sports (HBO) - YouTube

and this one's good for showcasing the phenomenon

The Mad World of Donald Trump (Full) | Documentary - YouTube

and one from the past that Trump file suit against

The Documentary Donald Trump Doesn't Want You To See Part 1 -Trump Documentary - YouTube

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