Americans Have Less Access to Justice than...

This news may not come as a surprise, but the stats certainly put things into perspective.  Despite popular belief that the U.S. is the Land of the "Free", in reality it looks as though "we're not in Kansas anymore." ~ Noa

How do they trick us?

 So how do they trick us into accepting this warped, minimized, dehumanized, dis empowered world we've been handed to chew on? I mean the powers that be-power elite psychopaths. I have been thinking they were exceptionally clever (sometimes they are) but how have they gotten us into this ridiculous situation? Eating GMO's, worshiping a 'God' portioned out by "priests", education that produces dutiful soldiers, workers. People here all have a rounded idea of the truly insane world we are being fed, so what am I going on about?

A New Wave of Truth-Telling

Dr. Cornell West, Princeton University professor, begins speaking about the Attica Rebellion 40 years ago on September 9, 1971, but soon shifts the topic to what he calls the "niggerization" of Americans since 9/11.  He is a powerful speaker, and I sense we'll be seeing more of him or those of similar influence.

A Scary Scenario & An Intelligent, Compassionate Response

This is fairly ominous and can feel hopeless but if you can persevere through to the end, there are some very good suggestions about what we can do (I believe) and an optimistic conclusion. I send this out because regardless of whether the forecast is accurate, the conclusions are relevant and, I believe, essential for all of us


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