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 I found this message this morning and felt it was worth sharing

Love U 


Woman Who Walks: Two Eagles
by Stephanie Pflumm

Woman Who Walks usually loves the snow, but there has been so much this year that it is becoming difficult not to complain. During this most recent melt, she walked to my house to share one of her new teas. And this story.

Shortly after our third blizzard had melted away, the air warmed up very nicely. Grandfather Sun shone bright, chasing the chill out of his Son. Father Sky wore his palest blue cloak and Mother was cozy and welcoming in its embrace. Woman Who Walks couldn't resist the brief retreat of Winter and made for the trail that leads into Swan Creek Valley.

Though the path was much livelier and noisier during the Spring and Summer, Woman Who Walks certainly was not alone on the trail. The Cedars all nodded a sleepy greeting.

A Robin from the far Northeast (I think she said it was Maine) perched along a barbed wire fence to twitter hello and comment on the beautiful Winter day. She was slowly making her way back home and reveling in the warmer weather and clear Sky. In a few more weeks, thousands of Robins would be making their way through this valley and the Ozarks as they migrated to their more Northern homes.

Bluebirds, Cardinals, Chickadees and Nuthatches always stayed to weather the Winter and they were dancing on Father's breezes, playing joyfully in the unseasonable warmth of the day. Woman Who Walks was delighted - she sensed the promise of an early Spring, despite her knowledge that Winter still had more up its sleeve.

Woman Who Walks ventured off the trail where it turned to cross the valley floor and headed down to the creek bed instead. She made a mental note to come back in mid Spring. With all the snow that Winter was bringing, there could be some new treasures in the creek when the snow melt runs off the small mountains.

Gorgeous Jaspers, Agates, and other Chalcedonies were the constant generous gifts of streams falling out of the Ozark Mountains. Further South, where the Ozark Mountains turn into the Ouachita Mountains, is the home of Mother Earth's most beautiful crystals.

Lost in thoughts of crystals and Agates, Woman Who Walks did not see the two Eagles resting on the creek bank until she almost walked into them. Awestruck and surprised a momentary fear froze her steps. She was terrified that she had frightened them and any second they would take flight leaving her with her mouth gaped open, looking just a little foolish.

For the last several Winters, Woman Who Walks had seen the Eagles that migrate here from the big mountains out West. Their dark wings and white heads were a dramatic, almost magical sight against the backdrop of Father Sky. As a small child, her elders had lamented that she would probably never have the joy or honor of seeing this great bird. The efforts of the two-leggeds to control Mother Earth had come close to totally destroying the legendary royal raptor.

And now, two of them were there right in front of her, not more then three feet away. They must be terrified to have this clunky, noisy two-legged woman come bursting into their territory. Except, the Eagles appeared unfluffed by her appearance. They seemed quite calm, almost as if they had known she would be there.

Woman Who Walks eventually noticed that she had not disturbed these feathered visitors in the least. Relaxing, she scanned the rocky creek beach for a smooth spot to sit. Right beneath her was a boulder that looked to be just the perfect size for her.

Slow as a tree grows, she lowered herself onto the stone. Her older muscles and bones aching in protest, screaming for her to sit down already. She wasn't taking any chances though, their acceptance of her presence could just be her illusion. Once seated, she paused, remembering to breathe and allow her muscles to untense.

A formal, almost ceremonial silence quietly connected the feathered and two-legged relations. Woman Who Walks felt a loving assurance emanating from the Eagles, a confident communication that this moment was exactly as it should be, and each of the participants had been invited and expected.

She stretched her arms out, away from her body, her palms held upward in a universal gesture of peace and welcome. At the correct moment, she gathered her words and opened her mouth to introduce herself.

"Greetings Woman Who Walks, dear daughter of the Humans, born of Feather Dancer and Wolf Singer into the Turtle Clan, speaker of the Sacred Language Of All", the slightly larger of the two Eagles spoke first. Woman Who Walks felt a blush as she wondered, what sacred language?

"I am Phoenix, Feathered son of Hope and Wind Chaser, born to the Wind Clan and new mate to Rainbow", he finished by turning his head towards his companion. Woman Who Walks was struck by how golden their beaks were, and how formal his words sounded.

The smaller Eagle looked like she curtsied slightly, then said, "I am Rainbow, Feathered daughter of Rain Cloud and Thunder Song, also born to the Wind Clan and new resident of this fine valley Mother has carved with her hills and streams".

"Welcome Woman Who Walks, please accept our gratitude for joining us on this gifted Winter day".

"I am honored to meet you Rainbow and Phoenix of the Wind Clan, and cannot begin to express my delight at accepting your generous invitation", Woman Who Walks replied, recognizing her cue. She was still distracted by the Sacred Language business. Then another word the female Eagle had spoken caught her attention. Resident, had she said resident? Did this mean they were going to be here, all the time?

"Many Winters the Wind Clan has traveled to these hills because we cannot fish the frozen streams and lakes of our homes during that cold season". Phoenix spoke again. "Some of us have come to love the streams, lakes and mountains of this land you call Ozark. Plus, many of the homes of the Wind Clans have become overcrowded. It has been suggested that perhaps the younger Sons and Daughters could begin new clans. Rainbow and I have chosen your valley for the home of our new clan".

"We chose this valley for another reason", Rainbow spoke with a voice that sounded a little like the Wind in Summer, brushing across tree tops. "Eagle has an important new message to bring to our two-legged relations. Tree, Coyote and many other four-legged and plant relations have spoken your name as one who knows the Sacred Language of All". Again the woman's thoughts stumbled over this Sacred Language. "Phoenix and I came to this valley to meet you. We knew that we could deliver our new message through you to other two-leggeds".

"Eagle represents the power of the two-legged's will to overcome", Phoenix continued. "There was a time when Eagle was gone from the Sky. Attempting to control their Mother, two-leggeds doused the land with poison that crept into every strand of life's web. Water, crops, everything we touched was infected with this poison. Soon our children stopped being born. We could bring forth our eggs, but just our efforts to warm the eggs would break them, aborting the life within".

"It was almost too late when the two-leggeds realized what they had done" Rainbow picked up the story. "Still, they took action to fix the problem. Humans came together to solve the problem they had created. They wrote laws and punished those two-leggeds that broke them. They found other ways to combat insect relations that interloped on their crops. They invested money in labs where eggs could be rescued from the wild and raised. They nurtured these Eagle babies as their own, then returned them to the homes of the ancient Eagle clans".

"Yet, despite this lesson, you two-leggeds are still repeating your destructive behavior, as if you are unaware of the delicate threads of life woven around you. You must be reminded, and this is the message we ask you to take with you Woman Who Walks. So much will be lost if you do not remember".

A fatal urgency had entered Rainbow's voice, and it made the woman shiver.

"I carry the name Phoenix to share the message of rebirth from destruction. Just as the hand of humans took Eagle to the brink of absolute death, love and determined intent brought us back. I am the child born of that destruction. My grandparents were both hatched in labs and nursed by the power of the human's love for life. My blood is the legacy of that power".

"Each of you carries the power to change the course of history. Collectively you can create peace out of the war intentions of your leaders. Collectively you can force the market and politics to behave in ways that do not harm your Mother or Father. Never doubt the power of your common will to alter destiny. You just have to want it with a pure and unwavering intent".

"I am named Rainbow for mine is a message of hope. I carry the promise of calm following the storm. That the devastation of rain, wind, thunder and lightening is actually the essence of creation. I bring you the belief that all is possible, even in the face of a great enemy, peril and uncertainty. It is in these trials that your strength is honed, your power and intent sharpened for the battle of light over dark".

"For my hopeful message is a fuel that fires your intent. You must be able to believe that on the darkest night, in the deepest pain, in the loneliest heart there will be a conclusion to your suffering that will reward all. Just as when the Eagle's plight appeared to be without hope, you did not become hopeless. Instead, you took up the light to bring back life to that which you had almost made barren."

Woman Who Walks had forgotten all about the Sacred Language as she listened to the Eagles' message. Of all the times she had watched the Eagles soaring, not once had these thoughts occurred to her. It was time for her to speak.

"I have watched you many times, your wings spread against Father Sky, playing on the Wind. Each time my heart has soared with you, filled with an unexpressed joy. Now I understand the message of your flight as I did not before. I also understand the importance of sharing your words. I will be honored to take them with me and send them out into the two-legged's world in any way that I can."

The three sat briefly on the creek's bank, their silence served as a seal on their agreement. Then Rainbow and Phoenix took flight. Woman Who Walks watched as they disappeared across the valley and up into the trees covering the hill's top.

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Ursula ~

Thanks so much for sharing this heartwarming story with us! We can learn so much from nature if only we listen.

Love & light,
Penny :-)

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Kinda put a lump in my throat, this one did. The Native Americans are no different that we are. They eat, drink, laugh, cry, and do all the same things we do. They have kept alive a wonderful knowledge of the connectedness of all things. If they can learn this and take it into their hearts, so can the white man. We can learn, and we are learning. We must make this consciousness our own, teach our children, and drown out the voice of our own heritage that says it's alright to mutilate earth for profit. And that is happening.

Earth is much stronger than we think. Right now she is sick and her life is out of balance - because of us. If it becomes a contest over who will survive, it will be her and not us. Nevertheless this is not the intent of the One. We are to learn, and we are. We must undo the damage we have done. It seems impossible, but I believe once mankind truly begins to try - when the tipping point is passed and the hundredth monkey is only one of millions - we will have assistance from sources that we can scarcely imagine today.

Hm. I typed that paragraph in a rush - it almost wrote itself.... perhaps it is time for us to meet our neighbors from the galaxy. I just know that if we ask for it and if we try, help will come.


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Dear Sister Ursula,
Thank you for sharing this inspiration, and your light with us.
In gratitude, joy, and love,

UrsulaD's picture

Love you too Bodhi!

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Hi Ursula, and friends,

The story is lovely and carries such hope and inspiration. Eagles don't appear very often in the deserts of Arizona, but the first year I was here in Washington, I took a turn off the main highway and found myself near the North Fork Nooksack River. At one place, many cars were stopped, so I joined them and walked down to the river. Oh, My! what a sight! It was time for the salmon to run and dozens of the great birds were assemble to feast. While I felt sad for the salmon, it was the most magnificent site I had ever imagined, to see all those powerful birds gathered in one place. They weren't exactly polite or generous with each other, but I rejoiced to see them thriving after near extinction.

I was enchanted with the Findhorn story and it was a big part of my spiritual growth. It was Peter and Eileen Cady along with Dorothy Maclean who began that magical garden. I was enjoying my first real gardening adventure just as I found them and harbor some lovely memories of those nature spirits. David Spangler arrived there and became one of the Directors of the center as it grew. He channeled a being called John. I just discovered his current website the other day and am curious tosvee what is happening now.

I am so grateful to join with all of you on this beautiful Transformation Team.


UrsulaD's picture

Dave, you have spent time in the great outdoors and you may have seen how quickly the earth regenerates when left alone. Having lived on a 4 1/2 acre plot on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth for more than 30 years, I have observed this happening. My soil is very sandy and to grow vegetables and cultivated flowers is a bit of a problem but the natural vegetation (plus our invader stuff which was imported from Australia for various reasons and has no known enemies here to keep it in check) goes crazy. I have lived through two droughts, fires and even frost and the native stuff just takes over and thrives. I actually cannot keep up with it and my property is quite overgrown. So, yes, the minute man is taken out of the equation, our Earth Mother/Gaia will regenerate and it will be as if man had never been here. I believe we can make a difference and live with Nature and honour her and it will be to all our benefit. Have you ever read the writings about Findhorn (their names have just slipped my mind, it was Peter and I think E......something C...... - check it out it is amazing what they achieved working with the Devas and Nature Spirits). Yes, we are receiving help and we have tipped the scale. So many of us are aware and many more are just waiting in the wings to find people to connect with because they feel that, in their community they are considered to be crazy or eccentric. Lets keep spreading the word, we are on a roll . . . Penny, love you - you are such a bright shining light and your smile lights up the Portal! Love U

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That must have been an amazing sight to see all those eagles fishing for salmon! What a wonderful experience.

Eagles are very rare in the part of the country where I am, but there have been one or two sighted. I know a man who is a nature conservation officer and he particularly cares for the wild birds. I was at my Vet's one morning when he brought in an injured eagle in a huge cardboard box and I watched them take it out and carry it into the surgery!

I have seen some huge owls which are quite prevalent in this area and they are very special to see too.

Thank you for reminding me of the names of the originators of Findhorn. I have read the book which was fascinating, but that was years ago and I do seem to forget names!

Thanks JoyAnna - you are a Joy to have on the Portal!
Love U

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Thanks Andrey. I just found your post and it is just perfect to ease & inspire Lynn Marie's devastation upon learning about the cruelty perpetrated on innocents in the Mind-control programs, Lesson 14. Thank you.

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Dear Ursula

What a wonderful and heart warming vision this story is. My grandmother was Native American, Chactaw, (lived close to the Ouichita Mountains) and so I feel close to all things Native American and the Eagle is and was a symbol of their truth before it ever became the emblem of the US. I too thrill when I see them, which is not too often in North Texas. But I have seen them in Florida and Colorado and California and yes even Arizona. Thank you for this gift.

Joyanna, would you mind sharing the link to the David Spangler site? I would enjoy reading about what he has done and channeled. Thanks

Breathing love to you all.

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Hi Carl,

You can find David and the rest of the crew from Findhorn at I don't think he is channeling so much any more as he explains in one of his newsletters. He said that John had moved on to other tasks, etc.

Let me know what you think.


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Hi Aquene,
Did you see the post on 'more orbs' there is the link to the dolphins blowing air rings. Bodhi put the video on the site and it is just too beautiful
Love U

P.S. Just checked Bodhis post and found you have seen it, sorry, should have looked first.

Love U

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Thanks for posting this. I also have property in the country here in California. A small town named Nevada City in the Sierra Nevada foothills. I was on my front deck one day and saw 4 very large birds flying above me. I grabbed the binoculars and realized that they were bald eagles. Or at least 2 of them had the white heads and tail feathers and the other two were solid. That was the first time I'd seen any eagles and it was spectacular to see.

I learned later that the white head and tailfeathers come later so I'm guessing the solid ones were younger.

This story serves as a reminder for me that we can overcome the bad choices we've made. Thanks again for posting it.

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Welcome to the Portal. Glad you enjoyed the story. Eagles are such majestic amazing birds.
Love U

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How about giving us a separate post on Findhorn, i.e. start a new thread for discussion? That is such an amazing community. I had borrowed the book from a friend and don't remember all the details. Some of our younger members are very interested in learning more about plants and how our environment can be made to work at optimum for us all!

Love U

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