A Persian Rosary

A Persian Rosary
1. Love and serve humanity.
2. Praise every soul. If you cannot praise him, let him pass out of your life.
3. Dare, dare and then dare more.
4. Do not imitate. Be original. Be inventive. Be yourself. Know yourself. Stand on your own ground. Do not lean on the borrowed staffs of others. Think your own thoughts.
5. There is no saint without a past. There is no sinner without a future.
6. See God and good in every face. All the perfections and virtues of the Deity are hidden in you. Reveal them. The Savior is also is in you. Let his grace emancipate you.
7. Be cheerful. Be courteous. Be a dynamo of irrepressible happiness. Assist everyone. Let your life be like unto a rose. Though silent it speaks in the language of fragrance. You are a trinity of body, mind and soul. The food of the soul is Divine Love. Therefore, feed your soul on Divine Love - so that the body and the mind be invigorate.
8. Be deaf and dumb concerning the faults of others. Do not listen to gossip. Silence the talebearer with virtuous conversation.
9. Stop the circulation of the poisonous germs of religious fanaticism through your veins and arteries and those of your children. Never argue with any soul concerning his religious beliefs. Religious controversies lead to hatred and separation. Religion is Love and Fellowship not theological dogmas and creeds. When you have Love and Sympathy in your heart for your fellowmen, you have the highest type of religion, no matter by what name you may call yourself. Rest assured that the emancipation of the world is through the Nameless God of Love and in Nameless Religion of Love.
10. Develop the qualities of essential goodness. Every soul is endowed with the attributes of intrinsic beauty. Discover those attributes and hold them before the world.
11. Religion is a personal relation between mankind and his maker. For God's sake, do not interfere with it, do not organize it, neither try to reduce it to so many statements. Organization, in whatever form, is the death-knell of religion. Do not preach this. Practice and teach it. Let no one dictate to you regarding what you should or what you should not believe and do in your spiritual life. The ultimate authority is the Authority of the Spirit within you and not that of any man, dead or alive. The Unerring Witness is standing in the center of your being, all powerful mighty and supreme! His is the final testimony. His is the court of last appeal.
12. God's love is in you and for you. Share it with others through association. Do not court separation from the creatures, but unite with them in love. To know yourself through your fellowmen is to know God.
13. Have courage. Realize your divine origin. You are the ray of the Sun of Immortal Bliss. You and the Father/Mother are one. The deathless, radiant Self is in you. Reverence your Celestial station. No harm will ever come to you. God's perfect image and likeness you are abiding in the fort of his Protection. Association with all people will lead to spiritual enfoldment and not to the deterioration of the soul.
14. Live above the work of faith and infidelity, religion and atheism, orthodoxy and liberalism, truth and error, angel and devil, and you will be living with, and in God - the God of Absolute Good, the God of Absolute Beauty, the God of Absolute Perfection.
15. In relation there is no compulsion. The path to spiritual enfoldment is not by restriction and constraints not anathema and excommunication, but by constant progress from world to world, from star to star, from constellation to constellation, forever and without end.
16. The Light of Lights is in your heart. Uncover it, and let it shine for the illumination of mankind. Do not expect a favor from a friend or foe, and you shall never be disappointed.
17. Overcome malice, envy, personal spite and prejudice, and you are the master of Destiny.
18. Do not condemn a single soul. In condemning him, you are condemning yourself. Never for an instant forget that he is also the child of God. Upon the great sea of the spirit, there is room for every sail. In the limitless sky of Truth there is room for every wing.
19. Do not murder the character of a soul under the guise of religion, either by bitter blame or faint praise. Spiritual murder is worse than the taking of a man's life. Have a sin-covering eye. See only the beautiful, the lovely, the noble.
20. Be gentle. Be lenient. Be forgiving. Be generous. Be merciful. Be wakeful. Be thoughtful. Be frank. Be positive. Soar in the atmosphere of freedom. Walk in your chosen path and let no criticism disturb you in the least. This is the way to success, to happiness, to health, prosperity, to glory. Let me walk in it during the days of my life!
Printing this out and reading it from time to time might be a good idea...
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I appreciate all the gentle reminders herein of what we are focusing our attention to in this portal. This morning I was struck by No. 8. "Be deaf and dumb concerning the faults of others. Do not listen to gossip. Silence the talebearer with virtuous conversation." While this is possibly a minor point in this rosary, It is so prevalent and something that we can each be mindful of and gently change the subject when it turns in this direction. Thank you for these many thoughts.

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Ursula - This is so very beautiful and something we should all try and live, more every day. #8 jumps right out at me too, Joyanna. I don't gossip, but I will admit that graciously changing the subject isn't always easy for me to do. To be brutally honest here, I am more apt to excuse myself and go to the restroom. I am working on it though.

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#8 jumps right out at me too, Joyanna.


Oh, yeah.  And every time I smugly think I'm getting the best of that one, I find myself at it again, either listening or, worse, talking.  I really, really try never to backbite!



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I find that first of all I become aware of what I am doing that I consider should be changed. Then I attempt to change it and find myself backsliding, but now I actually watch myself doing it. As the awareness increases, so do my chances of making a permanent change.
We are all living this human experience and as we are all connected each small change any one of us makes helps us all to change.
Eventually we will get it right!
Love you all

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Thanks for sharing this with us, Ursula! Lovely reminders and suggestions for living a life full of love and light!

Love & light,
Penny :-)

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Dear Ursula,

This is the first time I have seen this Persian Rosary too.  What a wonderful meditation and spirit map. Thank you, and FFG, thank you for bringing back into the present so others may enjoy it as well.

Blessing of love and light,


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Thank you for reposting this, Ursula thank you for posting this! This I had not yet happened upon.......

True words,great intentions! Love,Mary

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This is good medicine for me right now. Thanks Ursh for posting this and thanks fairyfarmgirl for the resurrection!
In gratitude,

     ....how thin and meager my self-absorption feels in the immeasurable dynamic interpenetration of all, that this rosary points to.

    In humbleness,     Tricia

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Thank you fairfarmgirl for finding this and bringing it to the front page again.

It was great for me to be reminded of all that I believe in and wish to practise.

With love to my fellow travellers


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Dear Ursula,

Thank you for this! I just had to read it again,and thank you again so it would be up for all to see. I love your smile! Love,Mary

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