How are you experiencing the merging 4th Dimension?

Hi All,

With the fun of seeing how people responded to communicating with trees, and seeing the variety of ways people connect with trees, visually, auditorily, vibrationally...  I thought it would be fun to see how we are experiencing the shift to 4D at this time... what are your experiences, your insights?  What do you feel, find yourself thinking about, seeing or hearing?  How is it becoming more and more real for you?  Any insights about moving through the process to completion and perhaps on through to 5D?

Breathing Love with you All,


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The Mayan Calendar suggests that since 1999 every year gives us 20 times as much "information" as came in for a year between 1765 and 1999 (think I got the years right--close enough for government work Laughing).  According to that system, we are now in the 5th night and were at the midpoint of the 5th night sometime in May (I had the date at one time but have forgotten). 


I had a surge of some kind on May 5. Since then I have been experiencing an acceleration of information.  "Light" seems to be coming in faster.

This week I have been reading Seth Lloyd, Programming the Universe, which reminds me that computers are doubling their capability every eighteen months.  They don't do this by sudden leaps at the end of each 18 month period.  So it seems that even though the 6th day does not begin until November (after the election) change is surging in already.


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I thought it would be fun to see how we are experiencing the shift to 4D at this time...

How about: intermittently. In some moments I suspect the whole thing of being a collective delusion, borne on wings of despair - or maybe the latest manifestation of alternative religion - and way too much Hollywood. But then that would mean I'm mad, because I've had some extraordinary experiences, especially the last few years.

Trees: yes! I wrote about communing with them, of actually seeing their living auras and even "hearing" them. And beginning two years ago, I began to feel energies in certain spots that were not just intense but alerted me to new dimensions of perception. Somehow, these things have come as no surprise to me, at the same time my "rational" mind is always picking at the riddle of just what this energy or vibe is, that religion condemns and science can neither prove nor explain away. It's even occurred to me that the whole thing is an Illuminati/reptilian (take your pick) psy-op. I'm not a particularly paranoid person, but I'm always asking myself who the case of the end of an age it's far too early to tell.

I've been having many experiences that grow from the visceral attachment I've always had to the land in the American Southwest. I've discovered evidence of a very ancient presence in the form of a huge complex of standing stones that streches for miles, not far from San Diego. Incredibly, no one ever seems to have noticed this rather obvious feature...the few academic types I've talked to have looked at me like I'm crazy. I'm positive about this though, and have mapped one alignment so far. I know there are others. Also, some of the photographs I've taken in these locations have turned out later to also record strange clouds of mist or balls of light that I didn't see when taking them. There have been other manifestations, too, such as the very real discovery of my animal guide. I saw my first white crow (actually black-and-white) within a week of moving to California in 2000, and I have seen them at intervals - nodes in time, perhaps - ever since.

(The Greeks had two words for time, chronos which means time in hours or candles or whatever, and cairos which means roughly, The Right Time or maybe God's time. When I talk about time-nodes, essentially what I mean is the points where the two intersect. These are of course not physical locations but cymatic representations of interference patterns, which may or may not manifest in the physical realm. The sport or pied crows are very real - it's a relatively common mutation - but for me, this is the place they seem to inhabit.)

I've always felt a stranger in a strange land anyway, so it's no surprise that none of these experiences have enriched me or endeared me to people who're held in place by their own dogmas. But they have strongly illuminated my experience of this reality. The main things I've gotten from the Transformation Course have been the technique of breathing sacred love, and ho'oponopono. These have been good companions for the technique of activating the amygdala that I've described here in one post or another. Also they infuse my meditation times with richer substance, when I indulge the illusion that I have so chosen.

I guess most of all I've learned to listen, really listen, to my inner voice. There are so many individuals out there, so many sovereign integrals, many of whom have furtive agendas. I've also learned - or re-learned - amazement, joy and wonder. Yes, there is great evil afoot and yes, this new consciousness or whatever it is, is worldwide. If some epic battle is taking shape, whether between ideas or between armies, many are ready to see it as the final war of good and evil. They're wrong, of course. 'Tis but the turning of a very ancient wheel.

How is it becoming more and more real for you? Any insights about
moving through the process to completion and perhaps on through to 5D?

Awareness that it's worldwide makes it more real. The fact that reflections on unusual experiences and synchronicities in my life so nearly always wind up in the same place whichever path is taken, gives it personal substance. I don't know where the process ends or what constitutes completion. And I don't know that 5D is the non plus ultra. Already the world I inhabit has rolled outward in dizzying ways, full of exultation, pitfalls, and ancient secrets. I couldn't tell you how many D's there are, but surely five is minimal. If we had them all, we'd "see" colors and "hear" sounds none of us can even imagine, and what knowledge might that bring? We'd have no need for GPS for we'd "see" the magnetic field of the earth. Perhaps we'd swim the cosmic ocean of electromagnetic waves, slipping in and out of dense matter at will. Perhaps that is actually where we're headed. I do not know.

When I think about what I do know, I find that body of knowledge is mortifyingly small. If I am honest, I am rather sure that the vast majority of things I think I know are actually things that I believe. I'm pretty stubborn about some of them. But where is the demarcation between belief and knowledge? I'm not sure it exists. Many folks seem to establish an uneasy no-man's-land between their inner territories. I think I prefer to let the grass grow across the border, mark its approximate location with some standing stones, and wander freely about.

I find I trust myself more and second-guess myself less. Some folks might be surprised to find they had an inner shaman waiting to get out, but I've been more inclined to say, "Ah, so there you are."

Welcome to the portal, by the way.


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the demarcation between knowing and being is what came to mind when you said,

"the demarcation between belief and knowledge".

made me think again on Eckhart Tolle's words in The Power of Now.

I would imagine that experiencial knowledge is much more like a tasty treat rather than some kind of required course, much like Baskin and Robbins 31 Flavors. Now if I can just get myself to agree with my Self to approach everything in this life that way......

My most obvious (I suspect anyway) 4D experience is pretty mundane. I seem to not care if I remember stuff any more - I feel like I am in the process of letting go, but that might just be typical old age setting in, but then again, what's the difference???

Love, Chris

P.S. Oh, and like Linda mentioned, I also have been experiencing a hyper acceleration of info for several years now...

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was that we were going through a period when the fifth dimension was being merged into our 3-d realm and the fourth was being smushed in as part of the process. As I understand the dimensional map, 4th is astral, archtypal duality and at its higher levels archetypal unity, and 5th is non-dual, unity consciousness.

That being said, my actual experience is that the polarizations of astral/dream-like and archetypal duality seem to be manifesting daily in the world around me and simultaneously, within my own consciousness, for the most part, I am peaceful, clear, open, spacious, happy, witnessing and amazed at what I am seeing. Also, I am often incredulous, dismayed and saddened.

Today, Wednesday, July 9, 2008, my wife, Lynn Marie, and I meditated as participants in the ConsciousPlanet global meditation and we both sensed/imagined a profound interconnectedness and quickening awakening among us humans, everywhere on the planet. (That would be nice!)

I should also say that I have had to do a lot of work and, may still have to do a lot of work, with a spectrum of nasties in my shadow in order to be able to bea as present as I am currently capable of be continued.

blessings all,


  I sense this idea of different dimensions as each nested within the more inclusive, and the movement of all of this as spiraling outward. My direct experience is a stepping out of time and watching the dreamlike quality of what we call knowledge and belief.


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I love the nesting concept of understanding the process Tricia, and when you said "spiraling outward" I immediately heard "and inward at the same time" in my mind.  When I learned that we now know for a mathematical fact that there is enough potential mass energy in just one centimeter of vacuum space (what classical science used to refer to as "empty space") to produce another big bang expanding universe just like the one we find ourselves in right now, well that blew my mind and forced me to reconsider the notion, "bigger is better" so to speak.  The infinite realms that exist as we move toward bigger and/or smaller are equally amazing, and the smaller we go, the more energy is available.  Try to make sense of that fact!!!!  All this newly discovered science has got to be an awesome reflection of all the potential realms of Being.

And John, I love what you said in your 2nd paragraph

"That being said, my actual experience is that the polarizations of
astral/dream-like and archetypal duality seem to be manifesting daily
in the world around me and simultaneously, within my own consciousness,
for the most part, I am peaceful, clear, open, spacious,
happy, witnessing and amazed at what I am seeing. Also, I am often
incredulous, dismayed and saddened

It made me think of my own equally happy and sad experiential knowledge of late, and also made me think about the wonderful spontaneous activity all around the globe right now of so many people doing so many wonderful things and so many peoples from grass roots levels spontaneously rising up to say "enough is enough!" like is so aptly covered in the inspirational documentary "The Fourth World War" (see it here

 My experience of the increasing synchronicity and psychic awareness and the feedback I get from others about the expansion of my perceived energy, I often meet with my own resistance. I wish I could say that I welcome these insights and changes with an open heart but the reality is intermittent. 

  I bump up against my inner resistance all along the way. I get stuck in my head, questioning and analyzing. Sometimes it is felt as a contraction in my body or my senses flip in and out of solid reality. There are times when I drop out of the here and now seeking answers, but somewhere along this spiraling path I developed the skills to be with the change and uncertainty and let it teach me.  When I distance the mental noise like a radio in the background, I allow the silence to blanket me and I return to the liberation of a self and welcome the expansion.

  These discussions have taught me to be alert to my inner dissonance rather that seek the path of agreement and for all of the voices here I am grateful...even when I want to argue. My arguments always circle back to some inner conflict and  I appreciate the freedom of that path too.

Thank you all,


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Echhart Tolle - ism LOL.

("isms" makes me think of F.B.'s Day Off)

You said,

"These discussions have taught me to be alert to my inner dissonance rather than (automatically) seek the path of agreement" (in honor of some bogus nonsensical dedication to PC-edness, LOL, way out loud!!!)

I would, for the sake of a more lucid continually upcoming exercise(s), consider inserting the words "dispassionate observer" between "alert" and "to", and "the" between "be" and "alert", as in:

"These discussions have taught me to be the alert dispassionate observer to my inner dissonance rather than seek the path of agreement"

How's that for lovingly peeing on your flower bed (love building stuff with lincoln logs with you....)

Love, Chris

  Anytime, Chris. 

I agree and I refer to that observer as the witness.   When I watch my dramas from the witness' equanimity it is quite comical and then I can see you with a red correction crayon marking my paper and that really cracks me up.

Love ya,


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Hi Everyone,

So many interesting replies. Intermittently is a great term for myself as well. Perhaps 3D is such a habit, I've spent so much of my daytime attention in 3D that when a sense of 'something more' swirls around the edges I may not let it fully in or pick up on it as much as I could. How to remedy this and let more in I wonder? More meditation... comes the answer. More time in nature.

When I'm out in nature, I've had experiences that I call a cosmic nano-second, feeling myself simultaneously walking the path in nature in 3D, while also being myself watching me in 3D walking the path from a no-time, no-space vantage point. This feeling sense has expanded to me feeling like there is a parallel me alongside my 3D self, registering with interest everything I'm learning in 3D, but time in 3D and time in this other parallel realm are very different. As I talk about it here, the analogy comes to mind of a laboratory, where lifeforms are created that grow to maturity very quickly are observed, interacted with to whatever extent possible before they pass on. With some of what we know about regressive ETs this might not be a comforting metaphor, but it also applies to the spiritually advanced ETs. There is a film that seemed to show this dimensional time-shift in some respect too, called 'Alien Visitor' which is an interaction between a woman from Epsilon, finding herself mistakenly on Earth, and an Earth man.

I just know that I get the strongest sense that the parallel me is not experiencing time at all the way I experience it here in 3D. So many of the trials and tribulations of my life here in 3D that I can get caught in and think are so important are observed with mild interest by the other me-- like I get caught in them here because I'm not yet seeing a more expanded picture of reality! I actually find this somewhat calming and comforting, and I reach for that expanded perspective in my consciousness, in my awareness.

Communication with my spirit guides is another 4D/5D experience. I recently had a hysterectomy back in May and I asked my guides if they could help with speedy healing, cause my back does not do well with laying around for long periods of time. They said it was already done. Swiftly I had the image/sense that a team of light-being healers had been sent forward in time (I made this request about 10 days before the surgery) to the time of my surgery and the team of healers was working in the operating room with and through the doctors and others working on me in there and then were with me running energy through my body to speed healing and repairing of tissues. When the day of my surgery actually arrived, I felt myself moving into a space already created for my optimal healing. While I did get pain meds at the hospital during my stay there, I did not need any once I came home and I healed quickly and I feel like a new woman.

So, once again, this feeling of time here and time 'there' being of a different quality altogether, and 'there' it seems far more malleable, though here I know many of us have a sense of things speeding up. I'll also mention here I envisioned and created a sculpture in my late 20s of 3 graceful ascending forms that would have been completed glazed in white with blue edges, but it exploded in the kiln due to negligent firing by the kiln person-- I was a long time recovering from that one! In the last few years I've realized with a sure knowing that I was creating an artistic representation of my spirit guides.

One of the reasons I asked this question, started this thread, is because I think it can help us all notice more of our 4D/5D experiences as they occur rather than have them slide under our habitual 3D awareness radar. Maybe it helps even more to collectively acknowledge that we are, and always have been as Earth humanity, far more than 3rd dimensional entities.

Alexander Collier, whom I've known personally as well as an educator about ETs and their presence and purpose here says that he was taught by his contacts that we are 11th dimensional beings of tremendous power, who were somehow caught in 3D illusory reality, indeed, our incredible spiritual power or energy weaving our own '3D matrix'. How we were caught or trapped here is now less important than recognizing it and expanding our consciousness to reach back out to those other realms that may be much more truly 'our home'. We as children were wounded by our parents interactions, by growing up, but once grown, we must take responsibility for our own healing, not continually be the victims of our parents or upbringing.

Alex also said that at some point in the last 20 to 40 years, all the black holes in the universe began to emit a light and sound energy. This has to do with the dimensional shift we are discussing here. He said that his contacts taught that we would move through the 4th dimension to the 5th, and reside there. So Lightwins' contribution is in alignment with that and with my own feelings.

Lastly, for myself here, I had an out of body experience in my early 20s, totally life-changing. I had no feeling of having a body at all, no electro-chemical tug of emotionality, could see 360 degrees in perfect vision (no correcting glasses or contacts) and if I wanted to look in a particular direction, such as back at my body sitting down 'there' on the couch, it was like all these little points of light collected themselves and send a beam of vision down to look at my body down there, and it was like looking at it through the wrong end of a telescope, tiny and crystalline. Recently as I've considered that experience with all the info coming out now about orbs, I realized that in the out of body experience I may well have been an orb!!

Thank you all so much for your sharings, and I hope we keep sharing our experiences of expanding consciousness to help each other anchor this feeling/sensation/knowing, growing more knowing and aware all the time. We aren't meant to do this journey alone, but collectively.

Breathing Love with all of you,


"Love is all there is."

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Hi again,

Yesterday, while driving home after a long talk with someone on ETs, Planet Niburu and much more, I had the feeling of the car and I enveloped in a kind of 4D bubble, both experiencing this 3D reality and somehow also connected to 4D.  It felt both protective and more malleable from a thought-as-creative-energy kind of space.

Once, years ago, as a member of Eckankar, the master teacher took me on a dreamtime journey through the astral plane, which I associate with 4D.  I learned that thought is creative on this plane, and I experienced it, as my undisciplined wandering thoughts brought up created situation after created situation that I found myself interacting in similar to dream sequences while sleeping.  In fact I was asleep while traveling with the master teacher, but in a more lucid sort of dreaming experience with him.  Each time the master would tap me on the shoulder to pull me out of my created situations.  Finally he said with a smile that we would try the journey to the higher planes at another time when I had learned more discipline over my thought.

I have looked over the Planet Niburu information quite a bit, because I no longer feel I can afford to look away from any material I find frightening-- no more giving my power away to fear.  So I look at it full on and move through the fear as best I can.  My feelings about the Niburu scenario is that it is one of several alternate futures that I can choose through my thought and energy.  So experiencing the 4D bubble yesterday afternoon was interesting as it seemed a confirmation that I can choose how my reality can unfold from here forward.  How my connection to the collective consciousness of humanity will play out along with that I'm not sure, but I think people are "sorting" themselves into different categories of different unfolding realities by thought, feeling and intention.  From my present consciousness, I choose a reality in which we enjoy full open contact with spiritually evolved ETs and embark on a great new human adventure, of expanding consciousness and perhaps space travel, and/or healing and restoring Earth's ecosystem through intention and directed energy.  A true explorer, I want to know what's possible beyond 3D limitations and I want to know what's out there!  And I imagine I will simultaneously be learning about what inner space is as well, realms of consciousness and expansion.  I often wonder if they are, inner/outer, expressions of the same.

And as collective human consciousness does expand and encompass more experience in other planes of reality, how might we experience it?  As bubbles that are created/formed and carry the creator/occupant to the place of their conscious intention?  Who knows?

Breathing Love with All of You,


"Love is all there is."

Thank you Niara,

I'm inspired to move into the resistence whatever form/illusion in which it presents itself.

Its that familiarity that I grasp even with the knowledge that it can be disempowering.  My life has been defined by grasping at some illusion of a life raft in the sea of the unknown or avoiding something that is new to my memory. 

In between these poles I free fall in uncertainty and experience the creative tension where all those thoughts and intentions are birthed into manifestation.  I can't take my outworn beliefs into the void where I am naked and...

movement of unbroken wholeness flows.



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Can you recommend some links for studying this topic?

Rotating shadow of a tesseract rotating on a single axis

time passes by so quickly.

yesterday i was a child.

the furture used to seem so distant. a time out of reach.

and tomorrow never touches my door

today pushes its shadow across my floor.

i am tired and i cannot sleep

undertrained, untapped, understanding

i grasp beyond my means

almost able to see.

weedy gardens, unwalked land

circling myslef

on rivers i write my plans

given up on glory

given up on gain

saddened by the silence

sick of all the pain.

learning love from living beings

standing still for centuries.

heal the mind that comes from lies.

fear of being true.

i aint afraid of you.

no more do i hide.

and sheild my eyes

i must give it all back.

i must give it all back.

i claim that I Am.

I Am.





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Me thinks me may have tinkled me panties 'gain.... LOL

my red crayon is really an exercise in using other fractal stimuli to remind myself of the process I want to continually learn to practice better and more frequently.  So good to have contact with fellow fractals who get it, so we can experience that sense of affirmation that is definitely one of my favorite illusions.

Love and Inspiration from a fellow fractal from the big broken mirror, Chris

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and this quote really resonated with me Niara,

"How we were caught or trapped here is now less important than
recognizing it and expanding our consciousness to reach back out to
those other realms that may be much more truly 'our home'. We as
children were wounded by our parents interactions, by growing up, but
once grown, we must take responsibility for our own healing, not
continually be the victims of our parents (or whoever for that matter) or upbringing (or any one 'thorn in side" circumstance)"

Thank you so much for all you share with us,

Love, Chris

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Niara, your mention of dreamlike sequences,

"I learned that thought is creative on this plane, and I experienced it,
as my undisciplined wandering thoughts brought up created situation
after created situation that I found myself interacting in similar to
dream sequences while sleeping"

made me think back on something David Adair said about how he (and Steven Hawking for that matter) gets his (their) mathematical equations, in dreams.  Reminded me of how many times I got an answer to an architectural "problem" (really are no problems, just solutions with fuses called problems) after a good night's sleep.  Also reminded me of the thought process discipline I adopted in architecture because their was/is so much to try to remember on any project - stop trying to remember and trust my mind to "autopilot" through the exhaustive process.  I found this turns out to be quite the universal rule to keep the repetitious tape loop thinking to a bare minimum, but then the best seems to come when all conscious thought activity is meditated to as complete a halt as possible and see what comes rolling through spontaneously and effortlessly.  Less is more is definitely playing in to how all this works the best.....

Love, Chris

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Misty dear,

You share your thoughts with such beautiful clarity and poetry!


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made me instantly resonate with the illusion of holding on.

not so much that I must give it all back, but that I must finally realize there is nothing that needs holding on to, and then I walk past the gatekeeper known as my shadow, and I run with glee and I fly

What the hell was I waiting for???

Love, Chris

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