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I am afraid that I am a news addict. I watch the evening new daily both locally and national, but I watch it with discerning eye realizing that what I am seeing is carefully choosen material to misdirect the undiscerning viewer. Most frequently I find myself laughing and chuckling at what I see as the physical entropy of society, economy, govenment and people in general, all signs of our inevitable progress toward the Great Shift. It is almost like watching a race were everyone is running toward a mirage that gets more and more vague as they approach it.

Once in a while, something is presented that is very close to truth and probably would not have made it to the small screen had TPTB intervened. Such was the case last night. First, I saw a video last week about the detention centers which have been built in the Denver area, for the purpose of detaining those individuals who may speak or "think" something anti-government. Protesters, like in China, are becoming less and less tolerated by the authorities and with the new laws agains "though-crimes" (whatever that is) one may be incarcerated for the simple intention of speaking up against any government supported activity.

Last night on the evening new, there were video clips of the "crowd control" preparations surrounding the Democrat National Convention. These were not your common everyday policemen, with baracades and yellow tapes to deter the crowds.  These were black uniformed militia with automatic weapons, helmets and shields, tasers and stun guns. What appeared as goon squads in the hundreds were arrayed in an area covering many square blocks surrounding the convention center. The very sight of these Vermacht caused fear in those spectators whose only crime may have been curiosity to maybe see an important political figure.  One middle aged, middle class lady was interviewed and her comment was, "What is happening to our country?"

For well over two years now, the NSA and Homeland Security have been preparing for just such a display.  Local policemen have been being sent to special militia schools to learn how to do just this. Special segments of the military are being imbedded into the local police forces to encourage and guide toward this type of activities. From the reports of increased police brutalities in the last couple of years it would make a person believe that many police units have been "mentally programmed" to take a less, may I say, compassionate view of the public. Our local police forces are being conscripted by the NSA and Homeland Security to be extentions of the Federal Authority into the local communities, removing the power of the local governments to determine their own policing activities.

It seems that a national police state, has already got its roots established and is awaiting another false flag operation to flex its muscles and display its supposed might. The near future is indeed veiling some very interesting and perhap stressful events.  Like something Chris said in one of his posts last night I am very glad that this period of time approaching the Shift is short.  I don't know how much of this fun stuff one could enjoy! Meanwhile I intend to keep my balance and maintain love and gratitude in my inner self.


In love and light of the one Infinite Creator,




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I used the word Vermacht in my blog above.  I found this intrigueing article in following up on the word for my own information. After reading it I thought it is also revealing of how Americans, especially the American Military is viewed by foreign individuals and perhaps governments.

Open Quote:


Original Content at

December 24, 2004

The Amermacht and Pindoses.

By Mark Sashine

Americans are the most convenient people in the world. Not only do they not read foreign books, watch foreign movies or study foreign languages (the first- order communication packages they teach in high schools are not counted), but also they do not watch foreign TV or even scan foreign media. Our media, here, practically isolates the information domain the same way as Dunkin Donuts puts a lock on the taste of coffee. Otherwise, the whole US population would know that even the cheapest diner in New Orleans serves better coffee than the abovementioned coffee-killer. So, we pay higher price for the bad coffee, even higher for the death donut and go back to our pills to fight obesity. Go figure. Not everyone can go to New Orleans.


Of course, not everyone can read Russian either. But there are translations. After some brief Internet search, we can find how the Russians call our armed forces. They call them the Amermacht. Funny word, you need to know the German language to understand it. I am sure that Rummy gets it. He is from German origin. The word comes from the American Vermacht and Vermacht is the name of the Nazi army. The current German army is called Bundesver, and the Weimar Republic army before Hitler was called the Reichsver. That means the Russians associate our armed forces with the Nazis; they don’t want to insult the German nation. They call our troops that way because Vermacht was proclaimed a criminal organization at the Trial of Nuremberg; thus they think our troops are the same.
Now, the Russians are not Moslems and they seem not to have any specific reason to hate us. So, why the Hell would they call us that?
They call us that way because we behave the way the Vermacht behaved. We ‘liberate’ other countries by bombing and occupying them. We tell to the whole world that we can do what we want. We maim, mutilate and torture people because they refuse to like us. We destroy the cultural inheritance; we behave like barbarians on the territories of people who were civilized even before our ancestors started talking properly. Our troops become a gang of rogues, despised, hated and feared by the whole world. And we support them at home the same way Vermacht was supported by the sentimental, tidy and orderly Germans, who sang ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ and then fertilized their fields with free ashes from Auschwitz. Gitmo doesn’t provide ashes yet, but it surely provides entertainment, same as Abu-Ghreib and Santa Claus. All in one package. We are on the spiral of doom. Soon every Amermachtian will return from Iraq with the cradle. That cradle will be for a child. As in Nazi Germany every German woman was supposed to be honored to bear a soldiers’ child, so will our women. No abortions for the cannon’s meat. From the cannon we come and to the cannon we return, so Help us God and Gott Mitt Unst. We support our troops.
That brings us to another word. The one Russians use to define us, Americans as a whole. They call us Pindoses. That’s a jargon word, a sort of Russian Ebonics. It means many demeaning things, but mainly it means a despised, up-to-no-good, mentally challenged individual, who at the same time has an unusually high self-esteem. A pompous, self-destructing fool. Look into the mirror; do we deserve this?

Authors Bio: A writer is a rogue goose. All other gees fly in a flock formation; every goose knows his place and time for honking. The rogue goose is undisciplined. He leaves the formation indiscriminately to have a look at it from aside. He roams back and forth, takes a peep at the leader, honks a little bit from behind, distracts everyone and writes on what he sees. Time passes and as he wants to return back to his place he discovers someone else there. Thus he either has to wait until they land for rest or join another flock in emigration. Those other birds could be cranes, storks or even crows. If he makes it he will become a rogue again. Whenever he goes and whatever he writes he never reaches a destination or enjoys a landing. There's only Kipling's God of Fair Beginnings and skies above and beyond. And the only way for a writer to make peace with the Deity is through the language of Poetry

End Quote


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Yes, it is called the U.S. Northern Command established April 17th, 2002 as part of the changes in the Unified Command Plan. "NORTHCOM's area of operations includes the United States, Canada,
Mexico, parts of the Caribbean and the contiguous waters in the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans"

It is actually unconstitutional/illegal what they are doing, establishing a working relationship between state and local law enforcement and the military. Everything is "joint" this and "joint" that these days. We have a new facility just outside of Spokane right now that recently opened up that is a cooperative joint operation of FBI, DEA, CIA, and Northcom. Homeland Security is developing one hell of a police state apparatus.

And then I remember what I have been reading in the Law of One material about the unassailable nature of Unity, how unity cannot even see what we are describing here, sees the creator in the faces of all those duped individuals holding bataans and guns, and invites us to see unity and the creator in ourselves, others, and all those we would normally call "the enemy". Our mission, if we should choose to accept it, is not to overcome the despotic nature of these times, but to see past all of it to the inviolate nature of the Law of One, and unity and Love/Light Light/Love.

Will not be easy to not hate and be very angry at all of this despotic and oh so tired bullshit, but I just don't see that we have much of a choice when we study previously adopted options like revolution that get us right back to where we are right now, again and again. It is no surprise that we would see the last throes of despotism rising up at a very amazing time when we stand at the threshold of a new dawn. Why in the world would we think that everything would be hunky dorey during transition from an old entrenched paradigm to a new, more loving and harmonious one that leaves the monopoly men/women out in the cold until they're ready to come in and play nice???

It is possible to see all of this as a beautiful writing on the wall (please teach me how to peacefully sit and smile and ponder the majesty of the lotus while bombs are falling all around me, Buddha), events that are merely the gatekeeper of that new dawn we are looking forward too. The question remains - do we believe in the police state that is forming or the new dawn that the police state precedes. Many would say we are utter fools for depending on such romantic notions in apparant denial of what is allegedly happening right in front of us right here and now.

Are we ready to bear the consequences of our perceived foolish notions of peace, harmony and unity as per the Law of One. Will we abandon our professed understanding when the shit hits the fan? Will we find it very hard to believe all of this is really just one big holographic 3D spectacle of an illusion that shall certainly pass?

Would not surprise me in the least that we (and our proposed understanding) may very well be thoroughly tested.

As our fearless dumbshit leader once said, "bring it on!"!!!!!!!

There is nothing more powerful than a world full of Gandhi's not willing to bow to the fear and hate that is sorely tempting them. We lose the moment we bow to that hate and fear. I will be over in the library reading Law of One and Keys of Enoch, etc. with all my delusional friends. I refuse to succumb any longer to the pure hate that had me wanting to kill Bush and Cheney and squash them like roaches, although I would settle for seeing them in orange jumpsuits picking up trash on the highway! Haaaaahahahaha

Love/Light Light/Love, Chris

take a look at the UCP worldmap attached below and it will remove all sense of surprise at what we see at the Democratic Convention in Denver..... picture's worth a thousand.......

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If I were not at this point aware of the Law of One, and the information which Ra has provided, information which I have a great deal of confidence in, I would be a very worried and concerned, indeed, panicked individual. The fact is that we still have a few years during which we must survive the turmoil of this "Tribulation" .  I am not however fearful of what is about to transpire because in each event I will see the culmination of this cycle of evolution coming ever closer to its inevitable conclusion.

I was just this morning reading in the LoO study guide where in 1981 Ra said that the Harvest and the transformation to 4th density (for humans) would be approximately 30 years. 1981+30=2011 or 2012 for appx.!  This was before anyone was saying anything about the 2012 event prophecied by the Mayan Calendar. 


I want to quote an excerpt from Section Three of the guide which I think is quite interesting and enlightening.



QUESTION: As this transition continues into 4th density activation, in order to inhabit this 4th density earth it will be necessary for all 3rd density physical bodies to go through the process which we refer to as death. Is this correct? (B3, S63, 92)

RA: This is correct.

[NOTE: This is the most widely misunderstood quote in the Law of One series. Context reveals that Ra is referring to a transmutation, not any type of death as we would normally think of it. This is an ecstatic feeling — the most incredible moment of any lifetime you’ve ever had as a human being. 

Elsewhere Ra says you CAN reconstitute your third-density body after this happens if you so choose — you simply have to focus on a "more difficult configuration" to get it back.  

Through Wilcock, Ra further revealed that there will be an ET-assisted transition off of the Earth plane prior to the 20-degree polar realignment. This highly joyful and even ecstatic transition will not seem like death at all, even though the time of 3rd density incarnation will come to a natural and unseen end along the way.]"

The bolding is my emphasis.  This notation above is provided by Wilcock himself.  In reference to another discussion that was on the Galactic Confederation thread, I wanted to point out the statement above as well, re:ET-assisted transition off of the Earth "Plane".  We had mentioned ET envolvement in this process and here Ra through David Wilcock affirms that it will happen but not as so often described in other channeled transmissions.

In any case, I can see, as you Chris so cleanly put it above, the negative oriented power elite are doing all they can to retain power in what they already know are their last days. It is the death rattle of those who have held power for so very long a time. Hmmm. Just had a rather gruesome memory. Please, those who are sensitive to farmyard wisdom please read no further.  When I was a wee lad, my grandmother who raise her own fried or stewed chickens, used to go out and catch a chicken by the leg with a wire coat hanger.  With a very quick and adept twist of the neck she would dispatch the fowl, tossing it into the farm yard where, headless, it would uselessly bounce around, jumping and running for a short period of time until it finally released its life energy. I get the impression that the Negative Powers That Be are very much like that chicken. I had compassion on that chicken as a youngster.  I, as Chris said above must view these entities as part of the Creator, and hold love for them without judgment or condemnation. They seek the Creator in the negative service to self path as we seek in the service to others. As you continue the studies in the LoO this paradox will become more clear.

Love and light to all,


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When you said that it made me think of what Yoda said to Luke when Luke said something similar concerning DV,

"You will be!" "You will be..."

I can very easily seeing myself getting scared, but welcome the moment if that is what it comes down to. What better way to accelerate integration of information than trial by fire?

If I understand Ra's comment correctly, there is such a varied myriad of distortion (world views) on this planet right now because it has been, for some time now, the destination of choice for those wishing to continue the 3D journey, and it is now, like the clockwork analogy Ra used to explain the 75,000 year cycle (3 - 25,000 year cycles), this planet is screaming "last call" for this cosmic compulsory moment in time of the life of this planet. It is also interesting that much of this can, once again, be somewhat reduced to a mathematical equation(s).

I can just see Jesus saying, once again, to the delusional STS crowd, "Forgive them Father" "They know not what they do". What really blows me away about all of this is Unity/Creator does not see evil or dark or polarity of any kind, and is therefore in a unique vantage "point of view" to very naturally "love those that persecute you", and Ra simply asks/invites each of us to align ourselves with the nature of that inviolate and unchangeable reality so that we might have eyes to see what we have failed to see through the veil of our entrenched, polarizing judgments, to have that veil lifted by our conscious intent to practice and know this reality, in me first, than others, and then my perceived enemy until all I see is beauty and Love/Light Light/Love.

One can really discover how difficult it is to understand this concept by asking this question, "Is it wrong to murder someone?" And then just as difficult to own up to is our own very real capacity for murder (whether willing to admit it or not), not just physical murder, but the way we stick the knife in each other and twist it in clever and subtle ways that lie safely beneath the surface of honesty in the dark realms of plausible deniability and self-delusion, continuing to keep us unbalanced for not being honest with ourselves about all that we don't really want to talk about. Ultimately (in this scenario) we end up with a social memory complex in love with the concept of war and victory and "us v. them" based on varied delusional distortions of entrenched bogus concepts and dogma of the illusion of right and wrong and light and dark.... And Unity lovingly and patiently waits for us to come along, no matter how long we wish to take....

What was it the kid said in the movie American Beauty...

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By Jove, I think you have it! as the great Sherlock Holmes was reported to say. Chris and all who are following this discussion, The Creator is All That Is, no matter what or how we perceive it in our veiled condition of 3D.

Another excerpt from the Study Guide of the Law of One, if I may. It really does get to the heart of the matter of unconditional love and "seeing the Creator in All That Is."

From Section Four pg. 1



QUESTION: Is there anything of importance for spiritual growth on the service-to-others path other than knowledge of self, disciplines of personality and strengthening the will?

RA: This is technique. This is not the heart. Let us remember that we are all one. This is the great learning and teaching. In this unity lies love. In this unity lies light. This is the fundamental teaching of all planes of existence in materialization: unity, love, light and joy. The 2nd ranking lessons are in meditation and service. (B3, S52, 16)


















The foundation for these exercises is meditation, contemplation or prayer. With this attitude these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree mind, thus enabling and ennobling the body and touching the spirit. (B1, S10, 114)



Without further ado, I bid you all blessing of the Love and Light of our One Infinite Creator


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Simple as that, and I would add one other thing that I am sure Ra and the Law of One crowd would agree with,

simple recognition with the heart chakra, and then every chakra for that matter, for this is not a matter for the mind to come to by some perfect argument or some form of imperical evidence that forces our Being to get with it and come along. It is a choice of the heart that should not wait for the mind, but look to intuitive evidence of infinite intelligence by choosing to recognize it. It cannot be any more complex than this if we are truly already that which "they" are speaking of. If it is in us, if we are that, we shall simply recognize and "let it be" that simple, for the mind/ego would surely rather we turn all this into something very complex and exclusive rather than simple and extremely inclusive.

Another thing that came to mind as we prepare to love our enemies and all barbarians already inside the gates is this mentioned a while back that gets into the kind of technical side of the way things really work in Unity:

The Vesica Piscis is that part of any two of us that converge and overlap, when we communicate, when we hug, when we empathize or help a child with his/her homework, like two circles, each circumference touching the other's radius, the converged portion in the middle is where all the real action is! It is the gateway to ascension and the only thing that is really real about all of this illusion in flux. It is why JaiMe saw golden light shining from the messenger entity in his channeling visions! It is why Ra shines with that same golden light, the evidence of pure balance between positive and negative charges/forces, and it is the real magic/result when we cross matter with anti-matter! We would view it as catastrophic from the vantage point of our 3D bodies, but the Vesica Piscis is the real result and is where the real action is in all that is really real, Unity, Love/Light Light/Love, Perfect Golden Light Balance....

I will be practicing the remembering and recognition of these truths when and if the fit hits the shan, LOL!!!!

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