Sacred Feminine Art

 What they fail to say is that at this period of time, figurines of the Earth Mother were common in Eurasia.  Instead they make this object into some article of erotica.  NOT!  The early peoples recognized the divine feminine as expressed by the very ripe and fertile Earth and represented her in the voluptious female figure, usually without a head as in the figure in the photos.

Obsession with Naked Women Dates Back 35,000 Years

 If human culture seems obsessed with sex lately, it's nothing new. Archaeologists have discovered the oldest known artistic representation of a woman - a carved ivory statue of a naked female, dating from 35,000 years ago.

The figurine, unearthed in September 2008 in Hohle Fels Cave in southwestern Germany, may be the oldest known example of figurative art, meaning art that is supposed to represent and resemble a real person, animal or object. The discovery could help scientists understand the origins of art and the advent of symbolic thinking, including complicated language.

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Looks like the international symbol for the American fast food diet, LOL

Very interesting....

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