Moon Rising ... Time sensitive videos

I wish that I had discovered this earlier as it is going to go away almost immediately. Perhaps someone has a way of capturing the videos for the archives here. But here is a list of videos of the Moon Rising documentary revealing what NASA and the government has been covering up for over 40 year regarding photos of the lunar surface.

Here are the nine parts of the documentary.


It is definitly a must watch, documentry that has been put online free from 07-04 through 07-06. It takes a little bit to get going, but it does indeed get going and I found it to be quite enlighting. It certianly has some surprises too, in its own way. So if you have the time, definitly catch it while it is free to watch."





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Great videos.  Thanks, Berry.



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Wonderful evidence!  Thanks for sharing!!!!

LLP, Chris

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This is a major coincidence day for I just watched this video this morning, it is still up and running with spanish subtitles.

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Hi Litha,

Are the links different from the ones Berry posted above?  When I click on them, except for the first one, all lead to a warning about "this video is private".

Are there any other?    Or am I just too late?    Frown



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It seems to have gone "pay per view."

Probably hedging his bets that he will make some money once disclosure happens.

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YouTube - Moon Rising Part 1

looks like only part one to whet the appetite.  Well, there's always John Lear and Bob Dean

YouTube - Bob Dean's presentation, European Exopolitics Summit, Barcelona, 25 July 2009

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