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Hi all, I wanted to share with you a video of a most remarkable person whose ideas about land reclamation are literally bringing back 'dead' land back to life.  In the moment of writing this post I can't remember his name Peter? but the link will take you there.  What comes through from this video for me is that there are people who can do 'impossible' things in restoring decimated land.  I have been hopeful of ET technology cleaning up after ourselves after 'first contact' but I realise that the knowledge/wisdom/technology is already here.  It is only a matter of listening and acting.  As one, Rob.

Good Greetings Rob:

Is there a method of legislative change in your country of Australia... how do laws get changed and repealed there?  Who do you petition to stop the slash and burn practices and the destruction of native plants?  How does this happen?  Who do you talk to?

 I am praying for Australia and Peter Andrews and his land reclaimation movement of planting native plants to keep water in place and to enrich the land. 



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Hi Fairy, yes there is a democratic system that allows for change and the repealing of laws.  I know of no particular petition to stop bad agricultural practicies.  However, the very positive thing in this case is that the media attention that Peter Andrews and his ideas have received are now strongly supported by two of the most influential men in the country who do have access to our Prime Minister and the various parlimentarians.  Wether particular laws are repealed in one sense in becomming less of a problem insofar as farmers are beginning to do practise these ideas illegally because in re-storing their farms to a prisitine state of health (particularly after 12 years of drought) farms are becomming more profitable.  It is tangible that mass farming practices are destroying the country and now farmers are awakening to native wisdom (increasingly supported by science) that will restore the country to both beauty and abundance.  I had not consiously thought before of the extent to which I feel farmers have essentially denied their intuition about sustainable farming practice and been pressurised to participate the grand illusions of agri-business.  Organic farms were the first resistance to the lie and now solutions are emerging to regenerate waste land.  I feel quietly optimistic.  Thanks, as one, Rob.

PS Minister for Environment is Peter Garrett.  I'll see if I can find his contact details.  He is rather beseiged at the moment as he has just yesterday announced a new uranium mine that is headed by an arms manufacturer.


I am here in the States... I was wondering because in the video it said that hundreds of farmers and even Peter Andrews had been locked up and their land taken by the government for planting native species that are healing the land.  So the most expedient way to change this is to change the laws...Through collective action and petition.  It seems the organic and restoration movements and green movements are gaining grassroots (pardon the pun) momentum:  the time is now to start changing these laws to be congruent with preserving nature and co-existing with nature. 

On the show they said blackberries, willow trees, broom, and all other natural Austrialian plants were illegal to plant.  How absurd!  Even the Saudis said that they were being absurd!

Bless your Heart!



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