A Hathor Planetary Message: Haiti and the Chaotic Node Through Tom Kenyon

A Hathor Planetary Message: Haiti and the Chaotic Node
Through Tom Kenyon
January 13, 2010
The recent seismic event in Haiti heralds the beginning of the Chaotic Node we referred to in our last communication.
We are, quite frankly, surprised that this event occurred slightly outside the timeline we had projected. This tells us that new levels of "novelty" (meaning an increase in unpredictability) are escalating faster than we anticipated. Thus, it is, and will be, increasingly difficult to pinpoint such future occurrences.
However, the general thrust of your planetary state is one of extreme volatility. Your magnetic North Pole is shifting its position in erratic and unpredictable ways. The photosphere is also showing signs of unusual activity, as yet undetected by your scientists. All of this is to be expected for a planet undergoing a movement into Ascension, and we liken all of this to the birthing pangs of Earth’s birth into higher dimensions.
Our purpose in this communication is not to give predictions as to the unfolding of this chaotic node, for we must admit, in all humility, that our technology is no longer able to precisely predict the chaotic events unfolding before you.
What we wish to address, as always, are practical applications of multi-dimensional awareness.
It is the state of your vibratory field that determines your experience of any event. In its most simple form, the cultivation of appreciation for the smallest things in your life will give you the greatest results.
The various inner technologies we have given before will also help you navigate through this transition as well, but we realize that not everyone is capable of entering into multi-dimensional awareness. If you are one of these persons, do not concern yourself with it. The simple act of appreciation for what is in your life will shift your vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred geometry.
The task, then, is one of attaining a higher level of vibration. We do not mean physical vibration--the vibratory rate of your physical body--but rather we refer to the vibratory rate of your subtle energy body (your KA, your etheric double).
As your planet moves into its energetic process more deeply, you can expect more volatility in weather patterns, as well as an increase in unpredictable earth changes. But in some ways the external events are easier to deal with than the internal changes you will be facing.
Those of you who are more sensitive to the subtleties of energetics may find yourself "hard hit" by the dimensional and physical shifts that will occur. To a greater or lesser degree, depending upon their vibratory levels, more and more individuals will experience sleep disturbances, and strange dreams--some of them prophetic in nature. There will also most likely be an increase in strange physical ailments that have no logical explanation. These will often arise early in the morning hours as your energy body shifts from its inner journeys back to orientation to your physical form.
These types of physical discomforts are a reaction from the organs within your body and the various bodily systems to the accelerating changes taking place. In other words, your physical bodies are challenged by the rapid escalation of planetary change.
You may experience sudden and unexpected periods of extreme fatigue, weakness, and even the very odd state of being both awake and asleep at the same time. Again, all of these challenges are a result of the rapid changes taking place upon your earth. If you have the luxury of time, and you feel one of these energetic drops, the sudden onset of fatigue, it is best to rest if you are able--to literally lie down. If you are unable to do so we urge you to be vigilant if you are driving or making critical decisions or choices, especially when engaged with technology. There may be--and we expect this to be true--a general increase in irritability throughout the population; small negative encounters can easily amplify into something much larger.
In our previous communication we offered the Dimensional Attunement for the Pineal Gland. This is still a very effective sound tool to assist you as you move through this period. Listening to this Attunement a few minutes a day can help your system "fine tune" itself so that the changes that are upon you will be less stressful.
Again, the key component in all of this is your vibratory rate, and the Dimensional Attunement assists your nervous system by tuning the pineal gland to the higher realms of light. Think of it as an "acoustic life raft."
You may also experience a greater number of individuals choosing to exit the Earth plane. These exits will take place through unexpected accidents, unforeseen illnesses, and of course, earth changes and weather anomalies. What we wish to say to you in this regard is that as the dimensionality of Earth shifts, the veils between the dimensions will become thinner, and it will be true for many that they sense friends and loved ones on the other side of the veil more clearly than ever before.
In some ways the veils between life and death are being lifted, and the veils between dimensions are being parted. Thus some of you may have unusual and extraordinary encounters with animal spirits, devic beings of the Earth, and other nature spirits that have been obscured for the last several thousand years.
Although this is a difficult and challenging period, it is an extraordinary opportunity to be embodied at this time. Regardless of what unfolds before you in your life, or in the lives of those around you, we suggest you cultivate appreciation for the smallest things in your life. Share your love and affection for those to whom you feel close.
In the great miasma you call Western Civilization, it shall be individual relationships that survive the coming storm.
As you let go of the distortions created by your culture and wake up to the simple truth of your existence as an embodied being in time and space, you will see that the great adventure has just begun.
The Hathors January 13, 2010
Tom’s Observations
In their last message, the Hathors predicted a ninety-day timeline for the emergence of the first Chaotic Node. This puts the earthquake in Haiti six days past their time line. When the Hathors predicted this Chaotic Node, something they have rarely done by the way, they did say that it could occur either before or after the ninety-day period.
But when the timeline came and passed, they were rubbing their proverbial heads. They were honestly quite surprised that the event didn’t occur before this.
In my first contact with them they told me that there are stages of chaos that all systems (including Earth) go through as they move to higher levels of order. And the emergence of novelty, meaning unusual situations that could not possibly be anticipated, is part of the chaotic process.
The Hathors are of the opinion that the emergence of this catastrophic event marks the beginning phase of ever-increasing unpredictability and novelty. Please do note that not all of this is negative. Unpredictable generosity from one human to another, or one culture to another can also be part of this. It is just that all bets are off when it comes to predicting probabilities.
There are a few points in this most recent message I wish to explore. The first has to do with "strange physical ailments that have no logical explanation."
Personally, I have experienced some of this, as have many of my friends, but I would like to insert a caution here. If you are experiencing physical ailments and are concerned about them, especially if they persist, I would suggest that you see your health practitioner to rule out any medical reasons. Don’t assume that sudden physical ailments or loss of wakefulness are just energetic.
Having said that, let me share a personal experience I had with this type of phenomenon. I was caught off guard several mornings around 3AM by particularly strong and strange physical sensations. I asked the Hathors what the hell was going on, thinking that I might be dealing with something quite serious. They said that the atomic and molecular levels of our bodies are being affected by the massive energetic changes that are taking place within the Earth, the sun, our solar system, and our galaxy. They said this was the biological equivalent to "holding on" to old ways of organizing third-dimensional reality and not letting go into the unknown (meaning higher dimensional realities).
They had no real solid solution for this other than to say that as I continued to work with the inner technologies they had given, I would eventually reach a place where I was more familiar with higher dimensional realities and could let go of my attachments to the third dimensional world more easily. For the record, they were not talking about death, per se. They believe that the shifting of dimensionality (Ascension) ultimately means that those of us who are embodied will be aware of both the third-dimensional world we live in and other realms, simultaneously. But in the process of moving to this expanded state of awareness, most of us tend to hold onto the known.
I also find it interesting that they addressed the issue of sleep by mentioning "the very odd state of being both awake and asleep at the same time." I am experiencing this on a regular basis, as are many others. In this odd state of body and mind, my body is asleep, as evidenced by the same type of breathing patterns I experience when I am asleep, and my body feels heavy as it does when I am asleep. But in these peculiar bodily sleep-states my mind is quite awake.
I am personally finding that sleep is becoming more and more of an art form. For those of us experiencing the simultaneity of sleep and wakefulness during the night, it is sometimes challenging to enter into the restorative state of deep REM sleep. If you are one of these persons, may the farce be with you. Perhaps think more in terms of catnaps than long comfortable sleep. Take what you can get, and be thankful for it.
The Hathors also mentioned the Pineal Dimensional Attunement in this message. When they originally gave me this sound code, they indicated that they would give other Attunements in the future. By the way, all of these Attunements will be offered free of charge to the world community through this website as they become available. For now, the Hathors are of the opinion that listening to the Dimensional Attunement for the Pineal Gland (on a regular basis) will continue to assist those of us choosing the path of Ascension.
Personally, I sometimes think of the Hathor inner-technologies and the Attunements as energetic surfboards that allow us to keep ahead of the evolutionary waves.
This brings me to one of their statements that I found both illuminating and quite amusing: "The simple act of appreciation for what is in your life will shift your vibratory field faster and more effectively than any sacred geometry."
Mind you this is coming from a group of intelligences that have given me volumes of information regarding geometry. And I have no doubt that sacred geometry shapes the flow of subtle energy. But when it comes down to it, the most important thing here is to raise the vibratory rate of your own subtle energy body (your KA) despite what may be happening around you. If the use of sacred geometry assists you in this, then so be it. It certainly does for me. But if you are unable to engage such pyrotechnics of the mind, the Hathors are saying don’t worry, be happy. Just appreciate the smallest things in your life and your vibratory rate will rise by itself. I applaud them for this simple statement for I, too, have found appreciation to be the express elevator to the upper floors of my own consciousness.
There is a tendency for many of us to get attached to our little devices, whether physical or mental, thinking that they will shift us into whatever version of paradise we imagine. But this is, I think, just another type of dogmatitis (an inflammatory condition of the soul). Dogmatitis appears whenever there is a limiting idea or belief. The most common form of this is the belief that you cannot move upward in consciousness on your own, unless you use some type of device and/or follow a certain path. The Hathors are reminding us that we possess one of the greatest tools for self-evolution within our emotional nature, the simple act of appreciation.
This brings me to another one of their statements that occurs toward the end of this message. "In the great miasma you call Western Civilization, it shall be individual relationships that survive the coming storm."
Whatever comes down for humanity in terms of 3D realities, I suspect that truthful and co-operative relationships with our fellow humans may turn out to be our most reliable currency.
May you find both the small things and the big things that bring you joy.
Tom Kenyon
Who Are the Hathors? The Hathors say that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures. Read more at: http://tomkenyon.com/who-are-the-hathors  *   
For more information about the Pineal Attunement:  http://tomkenyon.com/sound-gifts  *  To listen to or download the Attunement: 
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Thank you, FFG for posting this.  I feel I am resonating with the truth of this message at the moment.  I was out walking tonight observing some small 'scrubby' bushes as I looked more and more deeply into them I was amazed with the subtlty and complexity of their color.  The beauty became overwhelming.  It made me aware of the extent to which the density of 3d existence seems to make only big grand gestures of beauty (such as a suset, a spectacular landform etc) stand out, yet, as the veil lifts, the seemingly unspectacular natural environment is revealed in the most beautiful intensity.  My body and mind are feeling the shifts, more rarely does the right word come when I am speaking to someone, I seem to be experiencing some mental confusion.  I hope this is part of ascention and not dimentia.  At any rate I am feeling a shift and an increasing desire to just 'be with' the oneness of all, quietly.  Less and less do I feel the need to try and 'stand out' amongst my peers.  Reading channels such as the Hathors puts a very welcome perspective on what I am experiencing.  Breathing sacred breath with you, as one, Rob.

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I am going to enjoy following the Hathors, thank you for the intro FFG...

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I got this email from Tom the other day too, and loved it, especially his generous offering for the dimensional attunement of the Pineal gland at his website, specifically in "Sound Gifts" in the left hand column

tomkenyon.com » Sound Gifts

and his mention of "the simple act of appreciation" is always an appropriate reminder.

I have been getting this synchronistic flow of info concerning awakening kundalini and the pineal gland for a few weeks now, hmmmmmm ohhhhhh ahhhhhh eye eeeeeeemmmmm AUMmmmmmmm

Oh, and Barbara Marciniak (Bringers of the Dawn | Gathering Spot ) also mentioned "spinning" (along with any breathing exercise of your choice) as a very simple and profound/effective way to help us "activate" as we journey away from looking outward for answers, and back toward the within and the natural inherent development and re-activation of our DNA, from the somewhat suppressed 2 strand to the fully functioning 12 strand DNA (and 12 chakras) it was always intended to be, and may very well have been at one time prior to some despotic tampering of the humanoid species, but that's another story......

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I keep getting this since yesterday,

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Has anyone else seen this during posting or editing???

I noticed that "admin" and Andrey were on for a while yesterday.  If you see this Andrey, did you make some revisions to the functionality of the site Wednesday or Thursday that may be causing this to happen to present members of G-Spot???


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It appears to only be happening when attempting to edit a post.  Anyone from Admin know what is what concerning this glitch???  Chris

Hey Chris,

12 Chakras?.....did you make that up?...lol

What I found really interesting about the chakras was that they are in more than one place...not that they "exist" at all...lol....but did you know they are in your mouth as well?...when you chant the relevant mantra you use the corresponding parts of your mouth and toungue to make the sounds...it is tied into Sanskrit, the first and only "true" language....do you know or have you studied much Sanskrit?..



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We have had a goldmine of opportunity with sound and natural connectivity to this amazing place we reside, and just now we are re-membering?  Yow bay bay!!!!!!  Let the games begin!!!  Look for time to feel like is compressing and events becoming catalyst for DNA adjust.  Wouldn't miss it for the world dear brotha/mate mon.....  Hold down the fort down unda, and we be doin' the balancing act with ya on this side of Gaia....  LLP, Chris

Oh, and that 12 chakra thing, first I had ever heard it defined so well, or so interesting anyway.  7 in direct vicinity of the physical body and 5 others stretching from 2 feet above the head to the other side of the universe.  Makes me think of Terence McKenna again, LOL!!!!  Take care brotha man, Chris

Hey Dude!


Hold down the fort?......what for?...it doesn't need me!....lol......things will be and are as they should be......I am here and will do as I will do.....maybe that counts as holding down the fort, ?...dunno....but don't be surprised if I blow the fort up instead...HA HA!....Lol.... I have no attachment to this world or anything else......hehehehe....I'm learning....slowly.......

Nada was a huge Terrence fan and used to have his podcasts going all the time....he was the coolest guy......do you listen to him at the Pshycedalic Salon?....or do you have other links for him?



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Mostly on youtube.  First I had heard of him is when I was in downtown Spokane at Riverfront Park and a friend in the Peace/9-11 Truth movement was passing out DVD's he had made copies of, and one was Terence McKenna's Dreaming Awake at the End of Time.

Ananda Bosman is also very good on same subject, even better in a scientific way at times.  He speaks of the prevalent nature of the 8hz frequency in context of this subject, and the new science of Hadronic Mechanics which is revealing what Quantum Mechanics/Physics could not.


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Jez, this is the 22 part interview that really gets into it - here is part one, and the rest are in the right column when watching it on youtube...  Sorry Elizabeth for getting a bit off subject in this Hathors forum...

I do not mind... all is in the learning of the All... LOL  The Hathors I think are laughing with joy for we have truly entered the Chaotic Node.


There are minor chakras in the body where ever thier is a pressure point in the body. Most dis-ease is usually due to a minor chakra being blocked, sluggish, tapped by a cord, or filled with debris.  The usual places are the elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, palms of the hands, and the feet... although the primal chakra located around the nose and mouth (think of it as a snout) can become hyperactivated and this leads to a lot of paronoid thoughts surrounding survival. There are also 3 chakras that exist above the head--- these chakras interface with the Soul and Cosmos directly and when inactivated due to tampering this is where seperation thinking really started to occur as well as de-evolution.  There are also 3 chakras that exist below the feet and are the interface between the body/Being and the Earth/Gaia/Terra.  These chakras have been blocked for about 3 Millenium and have only recently been opened and started to reactivate... thus many are reporting foot/leg/knee pain and having balance issues.

The Pleiadians have extensive info concerning the chakra system in the human body/Being.


Just got my internet back, went over by 450meg last month, 15 cents a meg, and couldn't watch vids for 3 weeks, but Avatar was worth it lol....so I haven't watched these vids yet but will and am looking forward to them, thanks Chris....

I have just been learning about the classic 7 Indian Tantra Chakra's, what, how and why they work. Lets see what I have learned after my first year....Lol...I'll share my teachings with you all, it sounds sort of "different" to what you and Fairy are speaking of Chris......

The definition of a Chakra I wrote on an assignment was..."A charka is both outside time and space, it is for all extensive purposes just imaginary but it symbolizes and allows for us to focus on “it”…it being a whirling vortex of energy that is located at the conjunction point of the mind and body."

A chakra is a traditional pschophysical entity that is represented by symbols and signs. The physical location of the Chakra is counterbalanced by the psycic location.

Each Chakra has 8 symbols, geometrical design, color, god, goddess or shakti, animal, hidden god or godess, stimulus input organ Gnana Indiriyas and response output organ karma indriyas...

Yoga/Tantra is simply about uniting mind and body. The ckakras all relate to parts of the body and include specific organs and functions and through focusing on these, taking the mind to the "same" place, we can unite mind and body and in what can take "up to" 14 years of study, activate kundalini...the ultimate goal allowing access to the "Self".....



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