Imagine Gathering

I am spreading the Word.  Get involved!  --fairyfarmgirl
World Peace, Unity, Love, Compassion
by Raising Consciousness

“You may call me a dreamer but I am not the only one – I hope someday you will join us and the world will be as one.” John Lennon, from the song, ‘Imagine’

A few us have come together to organize what we see as a ‘Divinely Guided’ Historical Event.
Scientists like Gregg Braden, Lynn McTaggert, Bruce Lipton and so many others now tell us that it is an undeniable proven fact that an energy field exists that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED TO. Not only are we connected to this “energy field” but the scientists above have also stated that our thoughts, beliefs, words, feelings, ALL have an impact on this field. From ten years of extensive scientific research scientists now tell us that the collective consciousness of the entire world can be significantly impacted by a group gathered, ‘together,’ equal to the square root of one percent of the total population. Based on a world population of 7 billion people that number is less than 10,000

In honor of John Lennon’s dream we are putting together a ‘team’ to organize a gathering, not of 10,000, but of at least 25,000 ‘conscious’ dreamers in November of this year (2010), right here in Phoenix Az. We are seeking ‘team players’ for organization and support from those who understand that the presence of Spirit becomes exponential in group consciousness.

Our Vision is that this ‘Imagine Gathering’ will start a ‘wave’ resulting in others throughout the world putting aside their differences and coming together, in the words of John Lennon, “in peace and harmony,” in similar gatherings. Not just one nation under God, but one world under God.

If you would like to be a part of this growing community and help in the formation of this gathering event please become a fan. The only requirement is that you come from your heart, a place of love.
Those being ‘inspired’ to be a part of organizing this historical event please contact [email protected]

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I am not the only one – Maybe someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

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Dear Heart Fairyfarmgirl

I Love that you hear what these amazing scientists are conveying at this wonderful point of our Human unfolding. A question Dear One, What is Mother Earth saying through your Heart. 

When I look out I see One world With a diversity that is so wonderfully vast. That all I can do is stand in rapturous awe. A garden where  animal, vegetable, mineral, and Man/Woman (all) blossom and express the glories,  wonders and Light of the One but in its own season through its own Nature.

Dear One I am not sure whether I am talking to you or me as I write these words, Is it just a dream? But it is so real in My Heart. When I look into my garden and see an orange tree, or an apple tree, a rose or weed, I recognise that these things come from the One Earth to give me pleasure with each of her seasons.

It is my Trusting that when I come together with others, It is not to celebrate our oneness for that is already as it is. But to Celebrate, rejoice and share  our differences In Peace, Harmony, and Love. How Dreary if everything were just Black or White?

Viva la difference

Peace Love and lots of Laughter.


This is a beginning of the New Earth becoming anchored here on Earth.  They are seeking to create unity.  This is what is meant by coming together and putting aside our differences.  Seeking to create unity in the ways that we are alike and demonstrating oneness: Love.


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I so love what is happening in revived Consciousness today on Gaia.  Its as if there's a party that folks a be headin' to anticipating wonderful awakenings en mass.  I also love how much today's study of physics is becoming so affirming of this Universal Reality that never stopped being true just because we came here and fell asleep for what must be eons upon eons now.

My very intimate and personal experience of last few days is this vivid awakening of sensing what only my intellectual mind was contemplating about One-ness.  I highly suspected it was true and felt so close to understanding so clearly at times, but then fall back into behaving like there is separation (thus reinforcing the dense illusion of separation or separate consciousness).  Lately I have been getting it on a level that is nothing short of amazing, and I so look forward to the unfolding and enfolding of all of this awakening happening spontaneously right now.

I was very fortunate to stumble upon a very amazing read (found at while looking for something else) called "The Children of the Law of One & The Lost Teachings of Atlantis" (long title, but very appropriate).  This book is alleged (to remain objective) to be written by Jon Peniel.  It was and is written by Jon Peniel, but the alleged part is that he is the fulfillment of a very interesting and "specific" well-documented prophecy by Edgar Cayce (READING 3976-15).  I actually have a copy of that prophecy, but will not exhaust this post with it right now.

I actually was a bit suspicious and wary at first because some of the language at the very end seemed a bit childish and defensive at times (while giving the document a quick lookover), but then I went ahead and began reading it, and it is a very good read for assisting the awakening process, no matter where we are in that awakening process.  Or I should say, it has been doing that for me in such an amazing way during the read.  Oh, and the Children of the Law of One reference is quite interesting, and has absolutely nothing to do "initially" with the Law of One Ra sessions documented by Elkins and Rueckert in circa '81.

It has to do with, basically, the "2nd wave" of initial incarnations to Gaia to this very dense experiential 3rd density existence (from much higher vibratory Light form), specifically to rescue the "1st wave" who had become completely immersed in this dense illusory dream world magical place we call home.  This rescue operation has never ceased, and we are obviously seeing the fruit of the labor blossoming in very amazing ways right now.  Jon Peniel claims to be that "reference" of "John Peniel" in Cayce's prediction that there would be one of these from The Children of the Law of One 2nd wave monastic sect that have been incarnating back in, time after time (when they could have moved on back into the rarer frequencies of Unity Consciousness they had come to remember, time after time during every incarnation, but instead choose to be part of this "team" of divine memory joggers) until the job of awakening is finished.

This book also covered what we know as STS vs. STO, or service to (illusory) self vs. service to others.  In this alleged case, The Children of the Law of One vs. The Sons of Belial.  The simplicity of the dualistic struggle mentioned in these terms really resonated with me, for I truly believe that Creation is profoundly simple, while being so profoundly diverse in its expressions coming from this One amazing thing that all of this is, and never stops Being.  So my experience of late is such a profound experiencing of this One-ness that never stops Being One and One-ness, regardless of how dynamic and convincing is my imaginative take on the very illusory self image of separation.  Really, all along, it has only been constant contemplation of theory of separation.  Take it for granted for long enough and ya start thinkin' that separation is not only possible, but real.

We appear to be awakening en mass and that is such an exciting thing to be awakening with.  I also totally get what you are getting at Viveka.  All I could think amusingly think of is "semantics", LOL...  Part of my newfound more deep experience of late is the magic of seeing the All is One thing simultaneous with the profound amazing infinite variety of expressions coming from this fundamental and essential One-ness that this is, that we are hopelessly and eternally part of....

Makes me think of the Borgs, "resistance is futile". LOL  Anyway, I just had to share that wonderful experience of late, and I have that book in PDF form in my computer library, and anyone wanting a copy can email me at [email protected] and I will attach a PDF copy to return email...  Like Jon says so emphatically in the book he wrote to fulfill is alleged obligation to this very elusive and ancient sect, "It is not important that you believe me, or the story I tell in this book"  "What really matters is kindness and harmlessness and giving and such"  "These are the things we do that everyone good understands from all over the world, and are the things that will ultimately help us awaken and remember our Origin"  That is a bit of a paraphrase, but it is essentially what Jon is conveying clearly and constantly in the book while telling his story of this present incarnation, back to this sect of the Children of the Law of One, to a very tucked away and ancient Tibetan monastery.

In some ways it reminded me of the WingMakers mythological construct.  Not that I think Jon is making all of this up, but that reading it makes me not care in the least whether it be fact or fiction because the beneficial result is the same, regardless, apparently...

Holding us all in that Love and Light, Chris

Oh, the other thing that hit me Elizabeth is that I can be so much a part of this right where I am if I cannot make it to a specific function in another place...  I so love the liberating feeling of that truth...

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 It seems like that would be the ultimate goal, wouldn’t it?  Coming together as One… knowing that we are One.   But as Viveka very eloquently pointed at  – what about our diversity?  It seems to get in the way of this attempt at “Oneness” in my humble opinion.   It seems to me that we (humanity) haven’t quite stepped over that hurtle.   I have every hope that we will….. and I hope we find the way soon.    We are asked to put aside our differences…. Yet each of us have embodied these differences and have learned important things because of  (and in spite of) our differences.   My ideas and expectations of peace, unity and love….. might be.. or rather are somewhat different from another’s.   Even in this group of “like-minded” people, gathered here in this forum….. it seems that perhaps there is not quite the “like-mindedness” that one would hope for.    I see great diversity and am challenged and inspired by it.  I am challenged by my rigid belief systems at times and struggle to open my mind up enough to see another’s point of view.    I am inspired because this diversity brings new information to me, from places I would not have thought to look. 


I apologize if this post sounds as if it is opposition to the Oneness theme.  It is not.  It is just a stream of my consciousness that I allowed to be typed out in my attempt to join in and be a part of the Oneness that I am in the process of becoming.   I feel that our differences and diversity somehow have to be incorporated…. (Yes - Even celebrated!)  … Not put aside or ignored anymore.  One of my differences is that I am very uncomfortable in large gatherings of people.  But I am very glad that many others are not like me, and that they can come together with intentions of love and peace.   I, too,  am excited to be here during these grand times. 


With Love and Respect,


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What I am getting from this evolutionary shift in human consciousness is that we have even more capacity for and appreciation of the celebration of diversity when we are waking up in heart and mind to the realization that all of it is fundamentally and essentially One, springing from One initial primordial coherent intention and lasting, well, forever is most likely a somewhat distorted understanding, but close enough for now, LOL.  I so look forward to further ongoing experiences and realizations that there simply are no words for, nor should there be.

I look out and see all those divine sovereign diverse expressions of the ongoing interactive One-ness thing all of this is, and I just love realizing that I do not need to take some egoic unnecessary polarizing position when I realized that all of it is inviolate, indestructible, part of me in such a profoundly fundamental way.  It takes such a misplaced load off of my dramatic ego's self conscious shoulders, LOL...  Such a liberating feeling...

What I am also getting is how utterly sovereign all of it is, each expression, even when I am tempted to be at odds with "it", whatever I have temporarily determined "it" is at the time.  I change the world in fantastic ways the moment I change me.  There was never anything to "fix" or "correct", but me.  I save the world when I save me by remembering, re-cognizing Universal Consciousness while disregarding the very illusory melodrama of ego-driven self consciousness.

Whether lost in the illusory dream or awakened/awakening, the One thing all of this is has never been in any real danger from suffering real "harm", for there is essentially no such thing as "an other".  So when I practice "Love One an-other", I am loving me and experiencing true Love and awakening again to my true heritage, to Universal Consciousness that never went away just because I chose to close my eyes for a "spell" and willfully chose to seriously entertain illusory and baseless notions of separation and dualism.

It really does just boil down to simple yet revolutionary practice of the simple golden rule while taking a negative judgmental polarizing position on absolutely no-thing in favor of the unassailable nature of One.....  LLP, Chris

Being at odd with others due to percieved differences only seperates us from one another. 

I wish you all well. 

Yes, Chris.  This movement is where ever you are.  The physical gathering place for many will be where it will be.  But as always being involved can be on an energetic and/or physical level-- or if you wish not at all. 


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Here is a passage from the Q&A section of  Many of the answers are quite illuminating.  This one relates to the One-ness Universal Consciousness Unity and diversity thing we have been talking about in this thread...

"As far as future plans for sentient beings, the goal of the whole process is to step beyond the boundaries of the mind with its tyrannical tendencies to only replicate the past. This begins with something as basic as just seeing the deep and profound worth of every being, whether or not they see the world in the same light as you do. Then, a larger application of that basic appreciation is generated, and you share vaster ways of being in relationship with one another. The ultimate goal is to transcend suffering -- both the experience of suffering, as well as the need some feel to make others suffer."

"This transcendent way of seeing and being is rooted in the recognition that this planetary experience is ONE experience, not billions of experiences all going on at the same time. Of course, each must use the lens of his or her own experiencing to view the vaster process. Ultimately, the personal way of seeing dissolves into a "para-personal" way of seeing, and it is only then that true Oneness (Universal Consciousness) can be experienced. As this kind of consciousness dawns in the collective human process, individuals are truly able to begin seeing the Divine in each other. Eventually, they even come to recognize that the Divine they see in others is but a reflection of the Divine within themselves. Then they notice that there is no difference between self and other, that all are expressions of the same Divine Consciousness, and that the purpose of the physical realm is to discover the Divine hiding in all parts of it."

"The good news is that in the end, one discovers he/she was never separate from Divine Essence, even though at various times one could not feel or recognize Divine Essence within themselves and others. Given such, it would have been impossible to have created the life stream any differently than it was created. Looking back from the perfected point, one sees that everything all along the way was somehow perfect for the lesson it taught."

Democrats and Republicans could learn much from this, in that Creation is simultaneously and harmoniously liberal and conservative, LOL - Home Page for Master Djwhal Khul(D.K.)

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The way I see harmony outside myself is how I view it internally. When I look into a mirror I see One Body, Insight and science  shows me that I am made up of Cells (infinite) intercellular matrices, and body fluids (finite). The cells only possessing the charactaristics of growth, and reproduction.

In my understanding, in order to reproduce I have to divide. My Body Body developed from a single cell, (the fertilized ovum).  Repeated divisions of the ovum resulted in many types of cells differing from one another in composition and function. In other words I am made up of One Cell divided in order to multiply itself into a diversity of expressions/functions so that my One Body Can function in Balance and Harmony I have no problem with that in fact I think its amazing. (the particle/form)....  And even more amazing is the contemplation of the One formless consciousness within the individual cells that give them form, expression and direction.

My purpose here I feel is to awaken, to realize that I am You and You are Me. Its a bit like looking at a flower and seeing the whole Univese. I may look at you and recognize that your function with the greater Divine Body is different than mine But I love Respect and welcome your function, because without You there would be No Me

A bit Heady I know But see the difference Feel the Unity.

If all else fails come as a little child get up dust yourself off and find someone to play with.

Peace, Love and Laughter


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Hi fairyfarmgirl,
I follow Lynn McTaggerts work and also the Global Consciousness Project's results, but the Wash DC work of a group of Transcendental meditators that lowered the crime rate (was it 25%?) THAT got my attention!!  I think it was a couple of thousand meditators focusing on just DC for a week. I read there have been about 40 studies similar to this that also proved positive. The efficacy of having meditators lower the crime rate of a city is no longer disputed.

The stated purpose for this new gathering is "For World Peace, Unity, Love, Compassion  For ALL HUMANITY and LIFE"

 I would humbly suggest that a concrete result be affirmed instead of this. Reducing world crime rate or the weekly number of war-caused deaths would be my suggestion. Then you know what you're aiming for. This would be in keeping with all results-based previous work that produced meaningful outcomes.

I heard a woman speaking about how one poor yet extremely successful U.S. school district's mission statement was "To have (I forget the exact #'s)their high schools produce a 95% graduation rate resulting in 95% acceptance to and graduation from college to follow".  But the woman's own school district's mission statement was like "To achieve the highest degree of educational excellence possible in a caring and positive learning environment in service to a multi-cutural population" or something like that.

There ain't a danged thing wrong with getting thousands of people together to pray or meditate for World Peace and it would no doubt help. Results matter and if you can focus on and then quantify the results beyond the unity and good feelings of the participants IMO it would be a huge opportunity for the participants to show themselves, science, and the world's people that this sacred work IS useful and effective.

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I apologize for the errant rant. I stand corrected.


I am not connected in any way to the Imagine Gathering.  I simply brought the movement forth so those who wish to join from where they are located in the world would be able to do so. 

In retrospect I will refrain from bringing anything to this group again.  This has completely defeated the purpose of the original post. 

Once again the type of White is being debated.

I wish you all well as you debate the true nature of peace.


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Hi Brian, The figures were mixed, but always lowered the violence and crime rate in every experiment worldwide.  They do not focus on any one thing, other than to be fully present in the moment of no mind chatter calm collective coherence on behalf of the targeted population.  Studies revealed that it required only 1% of any population (of whatever town or city an coherence initiative experiment was being conducted in), and then they found that when only flying yogis were used for experiments of this sort, it only required the square root of 1% of any given population being targeted...

Maharishi Effect

Maharishi Effect

Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment

Maharishi University of Management: Consciousness-Based Education

Research on the Maharishi Effect - Maharishi University of Management

and then there is the study of morphogenic fields by Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake Site

Also, the book I have made available in PDF form to those who would like a copy (John Peniel's The Children of the Law of One and The Lost Teachings of Atlantis) contains a wealth of ancient meditation, breathing and vibrational methodology information in later chapters...  if interested, email me at [email protected] or [email protected] and I will attach a copy of the book to a return email....

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You did nothing that needs correcting beloved and energized brotha of mine!!!  As for my part, I loved what you brought up about the Maharishi coherence initiative practicing that is going on all around the world in many forms now, and relates well to the initial heartfelt intent of Elizabeth's forum post.

I am very excited about how all of these different initiatives are becoming a kind of synchronistic movement taking on a life of its own.  I fully anticipate some form of "100th Monkey Effect" after reading many things like what the Maharishi TM experiments reveal, as well as the excellent science of people like Gregg Braden and Rupert Sheldrake.  The beauty of how science and spirituality is coming together on the dance floor is a joy/pleasure to witness.

Don't you dare feel bad about anything, for your energy is a joy to have with this group...  As Fred would say, "You Rock!", so throw that gag order feeling in the garbage of ego devices where it belongs, LOL

Holding us all in the very coherent Love and Light of One, for there is no "other"...  May we find rest in knowing and returning to Universal Consciousness, our Home...  Chris

P.S.  Brian, I just realized I should have written "Elaboration", not "Clarification", so I went and changed the title of that other post...  Sorry for the confusion...

Dearest Elizabeth, I truly felt that Brian and I were relating well to what this forum post was and is essentially about.  Was actually quite excited that Brian had brought up the TM experiments, a subject that really has something wonderful going concerning just how we may be able to find the way to coherently transcend darker forces who would much rather we don't believe such things and disband...  I'm so excited about how many ways I see this type of grass roots up coherence initiative coming alive in the world today in such profound and powerful ways.  I really thought you would be quite pleased about this too....

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Beloved Sacred Fellow travellers forgive me if I have offended any for my vision of Earth is one of a joy to be lived not a battle to be won. A struggle to overcome ignorance (my own) but not a battle. I see each flower bringing its own glorious colour, vibrance and essence to the Divine table, whilst  knowing that each,  has roots entwined with the other, deep in the darkness of the One Blessed Earth has its own struggle to reach and become one with the light that seeded it.

I see Passion as the force that feeds the flame and inspires each towards its own Becoming within "The Light", I see non-acceptance as separation. The choice of this Being is not to see the Light But be the Living Light. My struggle each moment is to recognise the Beauty and light in all  which is seen before me, making an effort  not to judge or feel threatened by anothers path which would draw me away from my own, and into an internal battle. Your path at times will inspire me, encourage me, bring me to question and offer choices not previously recognised, but  never threaten for I see each as guided by the One Light of Divine Love.

It Takes seven colours to make One Rainbow.

Peace, Peace, Peace Joy, Love and Laughter.

I choose the joy of raising consciousness through focused attention to intent to raise consciousness.  Raising Consciousness I do not see any morters being fired on anyone--- what I see is a group of very Loving humans who are responding to the fact that the Earth is on a Path toward a New Earth--- a more harmonious place in which to live. 

Putting aside differences indicates a move toward creating consensus.  This is vastly different from blowing each other up. 

I wish you all well. 

Time is short.  So short that many will be surprised where the wake up since they have not been able to wake up here.  This is an act of service to assist those who are entrenched in being asleep to ever so gently and joyously move them forward assisting them in awakening if they so choose. 

I find it interesting that so many here on this forum say they are committed to change and yet choose to debate change instead of actively creating the change.  The time for talking is over.  The time for debate has come to a close.  The time for actually being the doing is here now.

I wish you all well.


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In the LIGHT of TRUTH all will be revealed I have no problem with that.


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You have never been offensive, and have been nothing but inspiring and refreshing spiritual strength to this community of fellow travelers.  In this life there will be things we read or hear that tempt us to think otherwise, will tempt our illusory separate self egos that we are all in the process of sweetly & thoroughly transcending.  As always, blissfully ignore them and stay ever true to your Higher Self, which in an amazing way is One with All, even those myriad of stimuli that seem at the time to be a distraction from instead of a signpost to...  Holding you in the Love and Light of One, in Universal Consciousness, Chris

P.S.  I spoke with Brian a day ago because he was very hurt by some harsh words spoken in this forum post, and was and is taking it harder than maybe he should be.  But being new to this community, we who have been here longer can sometimes forget how that is when we first join a community, and somebody we have come to dearly regard says something hurtful & dismissive.

I would ask all tender Hearts to send their thoughts and prayers toward this dear beloved one who I sincerely hope returns to us, for he is a very inspiring, giving and graciously uplifting presence, and it would be more than a shame to lose that presence...  We can know much from our travels, but if that knowing does not translate to tender loving, caring and nurturing, to simple acts of kindness, then what good has become of it?  May the simple Golden Rule be at the core of our seeking and doing....

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Blessings, Thank You Dear Chris, Message understood, Lesson acknowledged. Still working on bringing into reality. In the Light of the One Love there is nothing to defend.

Peace, Love, and Laughter.

Hi everyone,

I have actually found this post really interesting. I resonated strongly with the words of Mary, wanted to type but was reluctant and while I didn't so much agree with what Brian was saying his words connected deeply with me and invited me to explore my own beliefs. Thanks to all who have participated in this thread...

Something I struggled with most when I got here was that caring to much was not a good could caring less mean caring more?....I liked to get upset and passionate, I liked to care and fight for what "I" believed....I wanted to heal others and help to awaken them, I thought they "needed" help.......but I found that all my caring did was blind me, limit me, it controlled me! was actually an attempt to control things outside me and to remove me of responsibility to these things I did not like or feared...things I did not understand.......

I have since come to understand that I am not surrounded by horrors at all, that there is nothing to be scared of.......that a "victim" is not only a choice but also nothing more than a perception....and I don't believe this reality is what I percieve it to be.....I have learned that I should respect all to make their own choices, to be their own people and that I don't need to understand it/them.......I have learned that when I better myself I am only playing a game with my own ego.....I am not better now than I was before, I am no better than anyone else......I like to work hard on myself, on awakening myself but these days I can accept that I do it because I like to do it....not because it is necessary or important believe that is to believe that if I didn't do it I am less, or that if someone else hasn't done it that they are is victim mentality itself.......

I can see now that it is just my thing.....not THE thing...some people like to get pissed at the pub every friday night, they watch mainstream media, they can't wait to hear the gossip on the latest scandal.....they are judgmental and ignorant, maybe even violent......and I know that they are my equal......they come from the same place I do....their choice of expression may not be what I seek to surround myself with but I know it has it's place just like mine is just as valid....

Love is freedom...attachment is bondage.....I want to walk in love free to be myself......I want to appreciate all that surrounds me for what it is now and not what I would like it to be.....

Thanks again for this thread, while it is unfortunate that some have gotten upset "shit happens". To any who feel they may have done something "improper"...I hope you know that if you feel you need forgiveness.... we will forgive you faster than you can forgive yourself......Chris and I, Fairy as well, have caused much bigger shit in here than this...Lol....sad but true!...laugh and learn! is tricky, I want to say to Brian not to worry about it but dude do what you want...if you want to feel bad, I support that, if you want to ?????....well I support that to.......I just hope that you know that we all love you, and appreciate you.....not that I see this was one......but we'll be here for you even on your worst days!.......Lol..... 



ps just to add.... maybe some would consider this and some of the posts in this thread "off topic"...I don't acknowledge that rule and have always ignored it,....Lol.... I would like all here to feel free and supported in speaking whenever they want about whatever they want.......:)....our posts should have no set purpose, that implies an expectation, that is a form of control, censorship.....and it leads to sepperation......


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I love hanging around with all of you!   I think this thread was a grand opportunity to walk our walk.   Why are we gathered here?   I was curious to see how others would step through times when there are those “difficult” emotions that rise up and become part of our experience.   No right or wrong about things…. Just how the heck do we deal with it?    Thank you for showing me how love works.   


One of the things that I am hungry for, is more communication with those who are out here.  And to quote Jez, “I realize that this is MY thing…. Not THE thing.”   I may be off base here, but I think ffg posted this much with the same kind of action that one would place a notice on a bulletin board – No discussion needed…. Just as a notice.   And in my attempt to connect and communicate with others…. I jumped in and talked about me.  I think that is what we all do best…. Talk about ourselves, trying to gain meaning and understanding.     My most humble apologies to FFG for any upset that I brought to you with any of my words.   I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.


Brian – Being fairly new to this forum myself, I understand how easily it is to get hurt.  Please know from this one - that your contributions out here touch my life and add value to it.  Take the time you need – for integration and understanding of your feelings,…. But please return when you can.  What you learn, think, feel and bring to the group is uniquely yours and no one else can do it.  


I am truly grateful for all the wonderful beings gathered here.  I love the combined strength and love of this group.


With Irrefutable Love, Joy, and Gratitude,



Brian's picture

Well I see why I got Jez as my guide when I did the Transformation course! I haven't had anything approaching this level of acceptance in my mind in a long time. My life has completely fallen apart and I'm sick with depression and worry and I'm not 'myself'. Sorry to FFG for the tone of my words-I thought the entire post was written by you because I didn't read the email address near the bottom. I thought you were one of the gatherings creators and thought I'd quick throw in my 2 cents worth.(dumb) The earlier your ideas are considered in the unfolding of a 'project', the more of a positive influence they can have... Recently I was asked for my input in the design of a psi experiment that could have a wonderful impact on the world (technically it's related to the gatherings purpose) and I think I just shifted into my "design" and "experimental" thinking mode. When you feel desperate you lose perspective and humor so sorry to Chris too for being so touchy.


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I am presently seeing something in you you must not be seeing in yourself, due to one of those depression down cycles that so suck.  My brother committed suicide when he was 40, some 16 years ago.  I knew he had been struggling with depression, but did not fully understand the extent of the pain that can be associated with it, mental and physical, and tenaciously constant, and exhausting mentally and physically.

I went through much of what he was going through after he put a bullet in his mouth in a park in San Antonio at 4 in the morning.  For years I imagined myself jumping off a building to have that relieving "splat" or "bounce" finally relieve me of the exhausting symptoms of depression.  I began to read A Course in Miracles, and that was the beginning of seeing past a very illusory separate self ego that will do anything for drama's sake, as long as it is the director of the soap opera drama, whether the part played be of a hero or villain, rich man or poor man image, whatever, so long as it is being fed by that tenacious illusory drama.

I say these things so you know that you are not alone in these feelings of depression that can weigh so damn heavy.  The mind is a brilliant and amazing computer, but we can still take back the reins, because nobody else really had them in the first place.  It was just an elaborate concoction of thought layered upon thought layer upon....  Until the onion seems so big that we fail to see how it would even be possible to get back to "clear" through all of those layers.

Again, to be emphatic, you did absolutely nothing wrong with all that you felt led to post.  Your intention reads very well, and you, to me anyway, are a slice of honest humility that I sense you are not aware of at present, and maybe that is better that way for a while, but stop torturing yourself.  I know you love your kids.  Now see that pure honest love you have for them, and see yourself as one of them (your children) and extend that same love to you.  Your kids will appreciate it, and it will become much more difficult for your separate self illusion to make you think or feel otherwise.

In the end, it just plain boils down to changing habits by sheer force of will and desire.  I have not felt feelings or thought thoughts of depression in a very long time now, and it is in part because of wonderful people like you Brian who don't even know how much they are helping people like me at the time they are helping, because they are just plain Being themselves.

Begin to own up to the wonderful person you are - it is not arrogance or delusion to do so when it is true.  In fact, to deny that truth is a very hideous and deceptive arrogance.  It is a way the ego has many religious people thinking they are getting closer to "god" by championing their ill feelings about themselves, as if that would pass for humility.  Humility is a balance, first and foremost.  It is equilibrium that keeps us sane and present in the Now, instead of manic or depressed.

Stay here with your extended human family if you would.  In part I say this somewhat selfishly.  What we are moving toward in human evolution is a much greater sense and expression of being One, and communities like this seem to be a wonderful part of the process that I truly believe is leading to a major 100th Monkey Effect that has much to do with how DNA works, as hardware, programable software, and antenna....  Stick around.  Its getting too interesting to be lost in personal separate self induced comas at this point.  Or as family would say to me from the midwest, "snap out of it!" LOL...

And I agree so whole heartedly with what Jez said about not having to totally adhere to the original projected intent of the forum post.  There have been many times that some of our best conversations were conversations that "got off track" (as if that were really possible in an inviolate One-ness construct) from the original intent of the post...

See ya in da movies!!!!

I apologize for the hurt I have caused you all.  I wish you well.   I should have handled this better than I did.  This has been a week of catalyst for me.  I once again apologize for my mistep and mistakes. 



ChrisBowers's picture

I am floored by your sincerity in such a wonderful and inspiring way!!  Thank you so much for what felt to me like a huge hug to the whole world of our human family, and a special one for this, your extend family of brothers and sisters, fellow travs.  That must have felt wonderful to you to!!!!  All I could think initially was,

A Sincere and very HeartFelt

Namaste Beloved

p.s. holding you in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator, greeting all who come toward you and yours with that same Love and Light of the Infinite One.  May you and yours be safe and rested from here on....

the changes will be increasing and our heads swimming with new information, so I would like to publically confess that I am going to concentrate all the more on that simple golden rule concept that fulfills the whole law, so to speak from a Hebrew-ish "Hoova" perspective...  Again, thank you for that Elizabeth...  You could not have given me a greater gift this night...  I hope and pray you are beaming with the Love and Light you just let flow again with those words of release....

Berry's picture

Oh, how I love this unique and varied gathering of spirits which we are here.  Is this not what coming together in Oneness is all about...opening our hearts and sharing our uniqueness and differences and at the same time affirming the reality that in each of our journeys we are moving steadfastly toward the same goal of becoming aware of our Oneness.  Our Creator is so excited in these  experiences of our various expressions of Its Self. Can you not feel the excitement that eminates from the Heart of Creation when we can come together and express our uniqueness and then join in a group hug of Unconditional Love of Self and other Self.  How boring and drab would be this experience if all of us were manifesting the same exact reality. What would be the value of it and Creator would be a very bored Entity.

I love all of you for your open and honestly loving responses in this thread.  We have indeed been at this place before, those of who were here before, especially. I see a new response to the old issue and that is a more loving and open sharing which was missing in the past.  We are indeed evolving into a new and more enlightened people.  May it continue and may we become the Hundredth Monkey.

In the love and light of our One Infinite Creator,



Hey Sis,

All is always you again have just demonstrated how responsable and trustworthy you are,  your such a joy to know!......I'm gonna have to come and knock on your door one of these days, meet you for myself!...there is actually a few doors I plan on visiting from this community.....the coolest people!.....

Checked out your site! have sure put some time into's really good and I hope it serves you well...I'm sure you will get to share and touch the lives of many people through it.....

I also play with depression Brian....know it very well, 20 years experience!...I am such a slow learner.....Lol.......but I can now admit that there are aspects of it I enjoy very sort of has a security blanket feeling for me.....I try not to fight it anymore and the more I am able to just observe myself through those times the better I understand what I am getting from it, the purpose of it and the less I then seem to require it.....I think I have often used it to allow me to do things I did not want to admit I could do......I think if I am going to do something I shouldn't hide behind anything and should be honest enough to do them willingly...consciously.....

I can see these days that it has become a part of who I brings forward a side of me that for the longest time I did not want to admit was me...I didn't want to take responsibility for it.....but it was and is me and I'm cool with who I am, I am on a journey that has no map and no chance of failure as there is no final is the journey I am here for and as long as it continues, for as long as the clock is ticking........So Hum.......Me I am.........

I look forward to many conversations with you Mary......I think you may have found a like minded individual....your words reminded me of a saying I came away from this place with......that we are all just talking to ourselves....I think the purpose of this gathering place is to allow us to drop our exterior shells that we have and just be knowing that we can do it safely here....that we will be supported to "go our own way"....I think it is the path to transformation.......and I love the way you go your own way.....thank you!

Much love to all!



This is a cool thread but can I just say that while I do let Chris get away with it because I have tried this before with him and he won't listen...hehehehe........Berry.....the hundredth monkey was a sham!....false science! never happened!... and if anyone knows of any real science to that effect please share it!...I want to believe........Lol.....Arhhhhhh!....Lol...

I like the meditation studies.....the 1% and the square root of 1% thing..thats science.....but the monkeys is bull!...sorry all!


ChrisBowers's picture

Or should I say, "I did not know that" (Johnny Carson reference alert)

Gawd I'm so gullible sometimes, but I do believe there is something evolving in our DNA that would resemble (re-assemble?) the myth, possibly....  Thanks for catching that me brotha from anotha mum..  Here is a link that sorta spells it out for those (like me) who were sucked in by the tall tale mis-representation of the facts....

Hundredth-monkey effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Are you responding to my apology, Chris?


HA!  LOL--100th Monkey Theory (or a little truth is the truth until it is not the truth anymore).    But I do know this, my dog sugar loved butter so much so she would eat it if left out in the butter dish.  It was so easy just push the top of the glass butter dish to the side and all the butter a butter loving fairy dog could want.  My mother (as this was my dog in childhood) was beside herself as butter is expensive and feeding the dog butter was not in the budget... So My Mother bought a tupperware (the old school tupperware for those of the 3rd wave median age of 19) and put the butter in the tupperware snap top lid container.

Well, Sugar would stare at us when ever we opened the butter.  Then one moonlit night Sugar left my side in the middle of the night, padded softly into the kitchen and with her mouth gingerly took that butter in the tupperware snaplid dish down from the counter and placed it on the floor.  Then, she laid down with her paws on either side of the container and proceeded to use her left bottom canine tooth to lift the top of the tupperware container off.  With that typical tupperware container being opened sound, she then put the top down beside her upside down and proceeded to eat the butter.  When she was done, she put the lid back on the butter. 

This is a true story!  I watched her do it.  And in the morning when my Mother went to butter our toast there was no butter and the dish was on the counter closed.  LOL!

So as to the 100th Monkey Theory... perhaps it is 1 Dog? 




ChrisBowers's picture

I am touched, thank you....

ksaulino's picture

Hi, all.  

I was just reading through this whole line of posts again, and just wanted to express my love for each of you.  We're a damn fine team of people!  Thank you, thank you for being part of my life!  :)

Brian, add me to the list of those that dance with depression from time to time.  It started for me at about the age of 12, and has ushered me close to suicide on more than a handful of occasions.  I know that I would not have woken up even a little without it, so I have to be thankful for that blessing.  I think it makes me more empathetic and more gentle with people.  It helps me appreciate and savor a good laugh, or a good day, or a friend's smile (real or virtual).  Be well, we're here for you and more people than you can imagine understand that place.




Call me Mary's picture

Jez – Thank you.  In your second post in here…. You referenced me and said, “I think you may have found a like minded individual.”  That reverberated in my mind for the next few hours.  I was contemplating it from my normal (separate) point of view.   Your posts feel good on many levels… they are easy to read, easy to understand, cut to the issues with no bullshit and are profound to me.   Finding others of like mind to me meant that I liked what someone said, because it was how I believe/think too.   

I was playing with and pondering the ideas from this and other threads…. (ideas such as “talking to ourselves”….. “being flipped off by God” - love that one Chris!! ).   Then, like some sort of optical illusion which suddenly shifts and reveals another image to the eyes, my understanding shifted.   Suddenly I saw YOUR mind… and all that I resonate so well with…. As MY mind….. reflected back to me.    Whoa…..what a trip.   Could that be?   It sure fits in with this concept of oneness.    

One of the things I struggle with is how my posts are received.  I wonder what I sound like to another.  I know what I mean …. But can anyone understand how I have tried to communicate it?  This is my personal struggle with self esteem.    

Within this new thought….. I imagined all of you here at the G-spot…. Being reflections of me….. and found myself in tears…. And truly impressed!   It would have been impossible for me to reach these awesome levels of transformation while traveling alone.   With everything that I am… ever have been......and will become….. I thank you all.

God experiencing herself takes on a deeper, more intimate meaning today.



PS - Brian - I too have lived in the desolate and difficult terrain of depression - most of my life.  I would have liked an easier way to reach the depths of understanding in this life..... but like others....  I have found that depression has been my most powerful motivator in waking up.  I wouldn't have tried it if the life inside my head had been easy.  Waking up isn't the easy path.  But Oh-My-God is it ever worth it!  Wink

Brian's picture

I love that photograph....Y'all are interesting people. I hated hearing it, but thanks for the 100th monkey debunk Jez. I've been learning about what we do know about psi (parapsychological) stuff. Incidentally, I consider that to be just a western-science examination of the tip of the iceberg of what people here utilize in their healing work and what's coming in our future.
Surveys taken show large majorities of the public have sensed someone watching them from behind (they teach private detectives learning how to follow someone not to stare at the back of their head), or know who's calling them on the phone etc. etc. The least commonly reported are phenom like PK-psychokinesis-moving stuff, or telepathic stuff but I've personally experienced all of these once I realised (or began to believe)they are actually real. I swear I have caused paper to hit the wastebasket by sheer force of will...LOL. When I am conflicted about what I order at a drive-thru restaurant, the employees always get my order wrong in just such a way as to conform to my unconcious agenda (I used to get MAD AT THEM!! now I consider this an act of love-and yeah I know it could be subtle vocal stress cues or hints...). My best friend and his sister used to start singing the same song at the same instant across the house from each other. On a complete whim and with a rare moment of no attachment to the outcome, I mentally asked a girl to look at me from 300 feet away and she stopped, turned, and looked right at me with a very confused look on her face. It delighted and startled me.  On 9/11 the random number generators in the Global Conciousness Project started spitting out non-random patterns of ones or zeros. Even more pronounced was during the reading of the verdict in OJ Simpson's murder trial -maybe because like a trillion people watched it live. What the hell it means no one knows.

  I like to think it all means we're 7 billion monkeys :-) and that we do have a mysterious connection we don't yet conciously utilize.

One day while I was daydreaming and staring out a window about 6 floors up, I created a profound vision of a single moment in the future. This is what I saw: We have conquered our warfare and aggression and live in peace and in cooperation(and BTW, it isn't boring). We are star travelers and visit other people and planets effortlessly. We are dedicated to one another without condition or reservation.

 In words of almost heartbreaking irony, you each remind me this is that moment. And no, I cannot explain


Berry's picture

In the words of Paul Mc Cartney, All you need is Love!  Thank you all for being so filled with unconditional and light filled Love.


Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
It's easy.
There's nothing you can make that can't be made.
No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you
in time - It's easy.

All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
Love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love.
All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
There's nothing you can know that isn't known.
Nothing you can see that isn't shown.
Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.
It's easy.
All you need is love, all you need is love,
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.
All you need is love (all together now)
All you need is love (everybody)
All you need is love, love, love is all you need.

Viveka's picture

Oh Beloved,

take me.

Liberate my soul.

Fill me with your love and

release me from the two worlds.

If I set my Heart on anything but you

let fire burn me from inside.

Oh Beloved take away what I want,

Take away what I do,

Take away what I need,

Take away everything

that takes me from you.

From Hush Don't say anything to God.

And from Viveka

The sustenance that each bring to this Blessed Table fills an empty vessel with the light  of delight

Thank You

Viveka's picture

Dear Berry You are always an inspiration Blessings

Thank You

Brian's picture

 and I forgot to say...thank you all for the deeply felt messages of solidarity. And fairyfarmgirl-you rock! (I'm just jealous that Chris said it first hoho)

I kept re-reading this thread(and kept crying) and tried to rewrite this several times:

1) I can't say what I feel without sounding like a really bad movie script-sorry in advance.

2) I felt the wave of transformation and it may sound ridiculous but I think each transformation is of the entire Universe -the whole enchilada-so that means you all just made an impact on countless beings (Jez-I'm too dramatic probably?). I especially celebrate the willingness of each person to stick out that soft, vulnerable neck and take responsibility. It appears to be at the top of the list for greatest gifts anybody ever gave.

3) Tomorrow-monday-is the full moon but I can already feel the great opening it seems to create for prayer and communication and wildness and connection. Can you see the dancers around Stonehenge? Can you feel the prayers being flung from across the universe to bless you and heal you? Hundreds of billions of galaxies. Trillions and trillions of planets. Earth has 6 or 7 billion human beings alone probably at a very, very early stage of self development and we have many millions of monks and nuns, priests, rabbis, shaman, ministers and assorted unpaid armies praying their hearts out. Can you imagine that across the Universe there are incomprehensibly vast waves of loving beings quietly praying for us and our planet at every moment of our lives?

4) I don't make that more important. It's the acts of gentle courage and surrender that let in the air and light and that created the shockwave I felt today. Talking about how "important" this all is is silly because it's all experiential and only you can know it. I just know that there is nothing more important in the Universe to me. That our physics has it all wrong, wrong, wrong and that the subtle is the shattering power. Ah. More irony.

With love to your heart,

Ohhh Mary,

I would say that I would describe your posts the way you have described mine!...I don't see mine like that because I have some self esteem issue's....Lol....thank you mirror me......with what you described of me being your reflection....I have tried to see all reality like that since doing the course.....close to 2 and a half years ago now and it took a while but it's becoming easier and easier, while I'm on course anyway, I do like to wander every now and then....but I think perceiving reality in that way has helped me greatly to become more peaceful and connected within myself....

and it's so trippy...if all is this is me how amazingly woven is the universe that the same is true for you....and Chris and Brian and Fairy.....etc....Lol..

As for the difficult nature of waking up,....this is my fav may have seen this jung quote in the course but I think the end was left off.....

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The latter procedure, however, is disagreeable and therefore not popular.

but definitely worth it in my opinion!

Thank you Mary....

Much love 


Hey Brian,

A mate of mine just sent me some links, it feels relevant to what we are talking of and I thouhgt it was easy to read, not to technical,....

The Universe as a Hologram 

by Michael Talbot

here is a couple of things I liked from it....

Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn't matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart.

The three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable characteristic of holograms. If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the rose. Indeed, even if the halves are divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

In a holographic universe, even time and space could no longer be viewed as fundamentals. Because concepts such as location break down in a universe in which nothing is truly separate from anything else, time and three-dimensional space, like the images of the fish on the TV monitors, would also have to be viewed as projections of this deeper order. At its deeper level reality is a sort ofsuperhologram in which the past, present, and future all exist simultaneously

But the most mind-boggling aspect of Pribram's holographic model of the brain is what happens when it is put together with Bohm's theory. For if the concreteness of the world is but a secondary reality and what is "there" is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only selects some of the frequencies out of this blur and mathematically transforms them into sensory perceptions, what becomes of objective reality? Put quite simply, it ceases to exist. As the religions of the East have long upheld, the material world is Maya, an illusion, and although we may think we are physical beings moving through a physical world, this too is an illusion. 
We are really "receivers" floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency, and what we extract from this sea and transmogrify into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out of the superhologram. 


Brian's picture


That'sWhatI'mTalkinAbout. So. "Hi", me!
........Oh dear-my ego doesn't like this.
(does this sound familiar?) If that's true am I real? Are we all just projections of jez?...or Fred? Am I that petulant child god on that old Star Trek episode? I'm afraid it will all dissolve and I'll be alone. Too late. Shit! Just thinkin it's silly to be mad at my ex wife. Or to love her for that matter. Oh dear. And I always imagined I was so ready for all that enlightenment stuff. I was afraid it might be bad news...But damnit, those Buddha statues always looked so serene (I thought that meant happy). Maybe I could induce vomiting and throw up the red pill? No? ("The Matrix" movie reference alert)
  I heard a recorded conversation between the bros who created the Matrix trilogy and Ken Wilber. I thought it was quite interesting. These people are having entirely too much fun. And here's part two. And  part three. `

Love to all-Brian


ChrisBowers's picture

gets into this really well.  Brian, remember the fractal image of the rose because that is what will keep you from thinking you'll disappear from a better understanding of the noumenal world vs. our 5 senses phenomenal interpretation of this slowed down and very dense arena we know as Earth/Gaia.

What has us thinking we will become non existent when faced with the real truth of our existence is the illusory separate self ego that wants desperately to remain intact and in control..  John Peniel gets in to how we operate 98% of the time via our subconscious and genetic consciousness, and only 2% of the time with our willful consciousness.

He reveals from these ancient teachings how we really need to seek out and find a true teacher who has transcended ego, crucified it so to speak, so that he or she becomes a clear and undistorted mirror for me/you/whoever, revealing that we are in no position to go it alone (giving figures of one in a billion as odds for being able to do so alone).  The illusory separate self ego just plain holds far too much ground, and is more crafty than we can imagine, having the majority of spiritually inclined souls trapped in a belief they have already transcended ego, and stroking them for thinking so...

The simple desire to go it alone is ego 101.  Jon also gets into how thankless a job a true teacher is, for the student will fight the true reflection tooth and nail as the ego begins to see its illusory reign coming to a terrible end, the death throes of a very long and very ancient illusory reign.  What happens during the process is the awakening and re-cognition of our true non separate universal Self that was just drowned out by all the ego noise, noise we stopped questioning at some point, while piling on the layers upon layers of illusion.

Its not a piece of cake by any means, but its not impossible, obviously, but ego trickery has to become cleverly recognized and disregarded during this trip on a return path back toward true Self through all those entrenched layers of established and beloved illusion.  The book definitely does not help us think it will be easy (can even be somewhat discouraging at first), but its the ego attempting to make us believe it would be easy so as to keep us from attempting too much serious work in that direction.  Again, I have the book on my computer so if anyone wishes to brave a copy for their spiritual endeavors library, email me at [email protected] and I will attach a copy to a return email.

And Elizabeth, there is some ancient techniques in the back of the book that may be of interest to you for your new website.  This was and is the primary purpose of the book since so many true teachers have been killed, monasteries burned to the ground, libraries destroyed.  And by the way, what a great collection of material you have growing there too! Brava

The separate self ego would have us think we will disappear (because it sees itself being threatened, and we have come to believe we are "it"), right up to the time of its glorious transformation, and we wake up to realize that it is impossible to make non existent...  Until then, during our trip back to universal consciousness, our home, the ego will have us thinking a lot of things untrue....  so stay frosty. be clever, and stay clear....

Oh, and Peter Russell gets into all of this well (being discussed in the last few posts) in his Primacy of Consciousness lecture The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell

Thank you, Chris.  In Global Edenism I would venture to say your soul ray is that of Yellow.  A Beautiful Embodiment of Yellow!   I will certainly begin reading the Book you so recommend. 


Good Greetings Brian and All:  Awareness ever spirals upward and outward seeking only to expand... The Joy in doing so is indescrible.  When you find yourself at a loss for words this is an authentic place within the Soul of your Personhood... Breathe in Deeply for the nature of the Heart emotes and alludes definition...

Brian:  Our Ego is a necessary processor for living on this Earth it is how we interact with the physical--- not the metaphysical.  Consider this, the Ego is simply an errant child in need of established guidelines and cooperation training.  I shall show how old I am (LOL), when I was growing up I watched Seasame Street on TV and everyday the song was Cooperation Gets the Job Done... Or CGJD.  Consider this when you think you must KIll the Ego...  

 Good Greetings Brian and All:  One of the Best Books I can recommend for understanding the process of Expanding is Peace Pilgrim, Peace Pilgrim you can get the Book for FREE at

The second book I would highly recommend is the Celestine Prophecy, An Adventure, James Redfield.  This is a must read  (this is my opinion based on teaching many about expansion of being) for seeing Expansion illustrated.  The teaching is storytelling and circular ever spiraling outward and inward simultaneously.  This is of the Heart and will be understood by experiencing the beingness of doing.

The Third book I would recommend is a inner process book called the Artist's Way.  Essential for a seeker seeking to expand and to transform those inner baddies (energies that no longer serve you).

I wish you well.  Bless your Hearts.



Jez:  The Beautiful Holgraphic Universe.  I Love IT!  All is One and One for All... Go Team RA RA RA!


So some people I know have emailed Tony ([email protected]) and Tony Emailed them back!


The Imagine Gathering is World Wide with Global Imagine Gatherings being organized by others that feel so inclined to do so.   If in the Southwest and able to attend the planning meetings for the Imagine Gathering to be held in Phoenix all are welcome to attend just email Tony for the particulars.

If on facebook friend Tony and Join the Imagine Gathering Group is so inclined.  All Movements are Challenge by Choice... it is completely up to you to particpate or not...





Berry's picture

After reading all the post since I was last here, I had to insert this quote which presented itself to me this weekend which seems to be a synchronistic Comic wink. It is from Adi Shankara cir. 800 A.D.

"Where there is duality by virtue of ignorance, one sees all things as distinct from Self. When everything is seen as the Self, then there is not even an atom other than the Self..."

Even 1200 years ago someone was promoting non-duality and Oneness and he learned it from even older sources in the Upanishads and Vedas.

Only now in modern times are the scientist begining to get an inkling of what the ancient sages were teaching  and seeing it proved and demonstrated in a way that they cannot deny it.

And.... I keep getting Beatles flashback memories like the first stanza from the Walrus:

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

Sorry about that, but I couldn't help it guys. Love ya all, me, us, we, I am the Walrus. LOL

Brian's picture


I am the egg man

They are the egg men

I am the Walrus!
Goo goo ga joob
g'goo goo ga joob

Now I'm doing it!! I completely forgot how much I LOVE the Beatles!

Thanks for that!

Berry's picture

Brian, your quite welcome,

Just my Higher Self coming through.  I love it.  Left the egg man for you my dear friend.  We could do Beatles all night but I feel we should let John's spirit guide us as we need it.

Thanks , John, Paul, Ringo and George.  Love you all.



Viveka's picture

Hi Dear Chris,

Just read your post on "that book I am reading right now." I have on my shelf  wonderful book called the Disappearance of the Universe. It may be a benefit to all of us who are seeking understanding of Oness. Please bare with me for it relates to the Hologram. 

There are many quotes from Conversations with God. This however is conversations with two Masters (In Form) and Gary R Renard In this section they are speaking of Forgiveness. And it goes to say.

"He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive." Your job is to teach forgiveness. We've said the Course tells you that to teach is to demonstrate. It also says "I do not call for martyrs but for teachers"

Forgiveness will never result in violence, but judgement will always result in some kind of negative effect on the level of form, even if it just affects your own health. Violence is the ultimate and illogical extention of fear, judgment, and anger. The delusional thought system of the ego will always lead to some form of violence and murder eventually, because, it requires that people see their enemy - or the perceived cause of their problem - as being outside of them. So do you, but you have found a way out. By reversing the ego's thinking, your fear will be released, not projected.

With salvation there is no one out there to blame for your one real problem, of which all others are symbolic. The cause, which is the decision to beleive in the separation from God, and the solution which is the princiapl of the Atonement "At One-ment" , are both in your mind - where you now have the power to choose the Holy Spirits Answer.

Let's examine the components of forgiveness. Learn and remember them well dear student, if you can remember them when you are confronted by the ego's temptations to regard yourself as a body, you'll go into the forgiveness hall of fame. These ideas are the way of salvation, and your ticket home - if you get to the point where you apply them regularly.      "A Tranquil Mind is not a little Gift."

With that in mind, a component of practacing forgiveness when your'e confronted by the opportunity would be to "remember that you're dreaming". You authored the dream and made the figures in it act out for you, so you could see your unconscious guilt outside yourself. If you remember you're dreaming, then there's nothing out there but your own projection. Once you believe that - and belief only comes from practice and experience - then there is no need for what your'e seeing and now forgiving to have impact on you.

As the course puts it.

"The miracle establishes you dream a dream, and that its content is not true. This is a crusial step in dealing with illusions. No one is afraid of them when he perceives he made them up. The fear was held in place because he did not see that he was the author of the dream and not a figure in the dream.'

That was a quote from the section of the Course called "Reversing Effect and Cause," which also says.

"The Mirracle is the first step in giving back to cause the function of causation, not effect.

You see the flesh or recognise the spirit. There is no compromise between the two. If one is real the other must be false. For what is real denies its opposite. There is no choice in vision but this one.

Thank You Dear Chris for bringing me here.

Peace Love and Lots of Joy.

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