Quantum Entanglement and PSI Abilities

This book looks really cool, might invest in it:


Talks about PSI abilities as a result of quantum entanglement - i.e. physics = psychics?

Cool concept, if nothing else. Check er out.


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First time I heard Dean Radin was on the Down the Rabbit Hole Quantum Addition in interviews on the other side of the DVD's.  Great stuff.  He is from IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)

Institute of Noetic Sciences: Home Page

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 Dean is a rare hero for me.  Ever since I saw him give a college lecture where he defended scientific evidence of psi, I began appreciating how bright he really is. He is generally unwilling to make extravagant claims about his work (I love that he got into it reluctantly). It was so much more comfy for me when I could dismiss it as bunk...

 When I saw how vigorously even exceptionally smart people attack psi research, I began wondering about these claims I've read of world-wide suppression of freeing knowledge. "The military, industrial, laboratory, university complex".

Thanks for posting this Josh

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Here's a link I just found of Dean being interviewed if anyones interested. I wish I was so mentally organised. Very down to earth-very grounded person.


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