UFO's... what's a poor boy to do?

What should I do? I think Steven Greer is right, ET's don't want to hurt people and we need to do something to get the facts out and help de-stigmatize the fact of their presence in our skies. If anyone else is curious, I have personally witnessed a UFO twice: read 1 and 2 . Each time it changed me-my world COULDN'T be the same after I saw one-even with my own internal doubts or baggage about it...

At this point, I feel we have to get the facts out there. The witnesses who were there after WWII when the UFO's were new and the secrecy was less perfected are getting old and won't be around much longer. I doubt the machinery of secrecy will allow for such a cast of witnesses as the 2001 Disclosure Project News Conference to be assembled in future years. The same goes for researchers who dug up the invaluable paper trail-tenacious and clear-minded people like Stanton Friedman are getting on in years too (Steven Greer needs to hand off his work someday too). Am I too pessimistic?

I feel like the whole subject needs a big validation to be accepted by a greater number of people.

 Regardless, I need to be doing more. I will find something I can do locally. Maybe post flyers to show people the web link to the Disclosure News Conference video. I don't really know what else I can do. For me, this is the biggest news story of my lifetime and of the history of our species and bizarrely, it is covered up!

Deepest peace to you-Brian

P.S. If anyone else has seen a strange flying thingamabob please share!! I've only discussed sightings a couple of times and would LOVE to hear about it

I have found the best way to broach the subject of ET life around us... is to simply point to the beauty of the night sky in its infinite wonder... And through just sheer curiousity many will infer the beauty of other life that is on other planets in galaxies far far away.

I love to use storytelling-- Star Trek and Star Wars and now Avatar... all great venues through which our Friends in the Sky and Around us utilize to encourage joy and love toward all beings.

One of my favorite references are K-Pax, Starman, and ET...

Further, 8 out of 10 people world wide have seen the Pleiadians, Sirians, and others and have had overwhelmingly positive expereinces... World wide 9 out of 10 people have interacted with the Archangels and the Emissaries of Light... they are here and many see them.



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  I love your thoughts on storytelling. Tell me a great story and you can steal my heart every time. You get to the heart of things quick.

Seeing a starlit sky is one of the most stirring and calming experiences for me. When I was living inside  the worst feelings of my life, it was literally the only thing I could just look at and feel better. It's like it's full of love or something. I can't explain it. Thank you for reminding me-BTW- it's odd that you mention the sky because I just got back an email from my local planetarium edumacation person answering a whole bunch of head scratchers I had been accumalating.

Like...are you ready for this? The earth is actually part of a formation called the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy; an entity so small -- in the larger scheme of the cosmos -- that it got swallowed up by the Milky Way.
A link

So we're not from around here either!!  I just KNEW it! LOL         Peace!

  Brian I would like very much to share my encounter with you and the other members. I have not spoken of this to many folks, ever, in all these years but here, I may not be relegated to the wing nut file. 

 There may be those who will say, Aha! A genuine loose wing nut has slipped into our midst, others will say, Oh, he's just looking for attention. I assure you. Neither is accurate, I am a retired Chef, a former Marine, I owned, with a friend a Piper Vagabond Air Plane and flew same, I was an Air Force Brat and a certified commercial Diver. I am not subject to flights of fancy nor do I seek notoriety.

  When my illness first began to manifest its nasty lil sef, I was forced to leave my happy family at the restaurant and seek other employment. As much to keep my mind occupied as to pay bills. I took a job driving Taxi. It was easier on my old legs & back and as my town was the first major party stop along the haul road from Prudo Bay to Anchorage I was kept busy running returning oil patch workers on their two week off rotation, from bar to bar and to Anchor town, at a very good chunk of cash each. Good fun and the money was good too.

   One night in mid October during a lull in oil patch kids I got a fare from a small out laying town, to take a woman I know, to a friends home in Wasilla for their weekly Harts card game. Like most old time Alaskans, this lady is some what of a charecter and just chock full of tales of the winter of 59 and living through the Good Friday Earth Quake or the bear that strolled into the kitchen while she was canning Salmon, always a great person to be around, I sort of felt like " Driving Miss Daisy." The road follows an old glacial moraine and we had reached the point where it levels off for a few miles. On the right, the land continues to rise into the mountains and on the left it drops gently away down to the flats, It was while glancing to the left that I noticed it.


  It was about 5% of arc above line of sight so it was just a bit above where you would normally look to drive, about 2,000 yards away in the horizontal and less than 600 yards vertically. The night was cool by Alaskan standards, around 16 degrees F. and clear/high fast moving thin ice clouds scudding along at about 30,000 feet with an ice halo around the moon. I noticed three things immediately, 1, it was not moving. 2, it was huge. 3, it was a triangle shape. I gulped and said Ah, Miss Patty look out your left window and tell me what you see please. Now this Lady is one of the few still living Homesteaders that came to Alaska in the late 40's and early 50's and where and are made of the same stuff as the Homesteaders that settled the great plains in the lower 48 a hundred years earlier. To call them " Stoic " is an understatement. So her response gave me a chuckle. She said, Oh my, the Aliens are beaming up the Palmer dump! It took a second or two to grasp that indeed the vessel was hanging right over the Palmer landfill, which just happens, to be located just across the inlet from the main north/south runway for Fort Richardson, where an Awacks Aircraft had crashed on take off just a few days before. from our position we could have, with a good set of field glasses, looked down the runway at the hangers.



  I had slowed down and pulled over onto the shoulder, going so slow an over weight snail with Emphysema could have passed us. I had on the seat next to me a 1,000,000 candle power spot light, to locate homes back off the roadway and hidden by foliage and a 35 mm Nikon with a 50mm zoom lens for the occasional Moose or bear shot and was thinking about shining the light at it and seeing what happened and then snapping a few shots, that is as far as that got, I kept hearing a soft voice in my head saying, Now Rusty, that wouldn't be a good idea. It wasn't loud, it wasn't insistent, but I was unable to act on my desires. I never came to a complete stop, I never did shine the light and I never took that shot. But, I took in the whole majesty of the damn thing and its indelibly imprinted on my brain. It was huge, a good half mile long on a side, large enough to put our WalMart store and its 360 degree parking lot on and leave room for the hi school football stadium and parking lot.


  It had three lights showing one on the apex [ tip ] of each triangle point, one red, one green, one white. It appeared that the lights were coming form the material it was made of and not a bulb inside a lens, in other words each tip glowed of its self. There was no way to determine which color was the lead or point, as it was completely motionless. The most awesome thing was its singular beauty, it was as if it was being cast as we watched and it flowed and curved upon its self. It had no extreme angles, even the tips were slightly curved. It looked like a well done sports car, the kind that appears to be streaking by even though motionless. A world class sculpture with the illusion of a life of its own.


  I can not, of course, in certainty claim it to be extraterrestrial in origin, but to my knowledge our technology has no devise that could lift something of that mass off the ground, much less make it hoover in place 2,000 yards above the ground with no sound or visible propulsion. Using Occam's Razor as my ruler, which states that the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one I believe its safe to say It ain't ours kiddo.


  I made a Mufon report and deep in my heart I hope to one night have the pleasure of seeing it again, I believe that if I do, they will remember me. I never go out at night with out looking up. If these folks wanted to do us harm it would have already been long ago done and there would be nada we could do to prevent it. Talk about Love.....What if the shoe was on the other foot? Would we be as benevolent? It wasn't a shock, I always thought we had neighbors.

  If, we agree on the principles of this course, we must agree as well that life teems in our vast sea of creation, all kinds of life. Scientists have just reworked an equation that was used 50 years ago that gave a factor for how many Suns supported a planet that could hold life, the sum then was in the millions. After its new rework, using updated data from the Hubble and other sources including the Cosmic background micro wave glow, the new sum was in the 100's of millions. Yep, thats 100,000,000 plus change. That is a lot of neighbors.

  Stunning no? But does any one else see a problem with this figure?


  Its all about Suns harboring Planets capable of sustaining life, Life as we know it. What about Life as we do not know it. Did any one happen to catch the video of the snapped umbilical NASA filmed? The one swarming with what appears to be some very large critters that just popped out of nothing. When asked by mission control to describe what they were seeing, the Astronauts were puzzled. With out being able to see through the camera mission control was viewing, that saw, in infrared as well as ultraviolet, they could not see the critters. Just the umbilical and satellite. They were invisible in our spectrum of light.


  I say Critters because their actions were like curious fish responding to something tossed in the water. Not the response of a hi-tech culture that would have sent only one drone ship, thus exposing no one to danger and less expenditure of resources to do a recce. Having evolved on Earth, our sensory organs are limited to the visible spectrum of the EMF that permeates the cosmos thus we are blind to ultra violet, infra red and other frequency's of the EMF. There is a lot we don't see even when we are staring right at it. The first Astronauts also called them critters and since they had a closer and better look, I defer to them and it beats the hell out of " Entity's ". There may well be others that reflect only micro waves, others we could only see in X-rays, but they're all gods people. I think we better set another palate or two at the table, the neighborhood is getting crowded.


Love on ya Y'all


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I have to imagine it is we who are just now beginning to wake up and smell the coffee, while the Cosmos has been teeming with Life on myriad levels for eons....  Wonderful story Rusty, thanks for sharing.  You will find you are in good company here.  My mind raced with all of the things I have learned about the last few years, from sightings, to all things discussed in the Law of One Ra sessions concerning all the different densities and octaves of densities of near infinite number of life forms, as this very coherent and very self aware Cosmos continues to experience Itself while simultaneously expanding and contracting back in upon Itself, like some unimaginably huge angular torsion spun donut-shaped organism.

I am thoroughly convinced we should be surprised at nothing, and should remain prepared to appreciate everything as our eyes and the eyes of humankind continue to open and awaken.  If we truly are on the parabolic curve of learning and experience that human history tends to indicate, we are closing in on the apex of some kind of moment of singularity that blows my mind when I try to wrap my limited linear-oriented understanding around it.

Also, after reading what Ra said in Book 5 of the Law of One (fragments), I would not at all be surprised if some of these amazing sightings were actually ours.  Ra spoke of underground facilities harboring over 500 advanced craft that were capable of reaching half the speed of light, and that was back in circa 1981.  I don't go in for much of this kind of channeled information, but the Law of One data got a hold of me and never let go....

Welcome aboard Brother!!!  We do wait in excited anticipation together, as we are surely at one hell of an exciting time in earth and human history, uuuuraahhhh....  LLP, Chris

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I have to say that was a great story Rusty!

I am so glad someone finally told me an experience. I was feeling a little lonely to have had this experience and not truly be able to share it with someone who can DIRECTLY relate. It's too weird. Too much doubt and concern and fear around the subject.

I would have LOVED to see what you two saw and so I'm glad you saw it with someone else to validate what your senses were telling you. That thing was freaking HUGE!! Though my first sighting was with my wife-now ex, she decided it was military and immediately forgot about it. Without going on board myself to check I couldn't prove she was wrong. I used to defer to her judgment a lot. It's like she threw sleeping powder over the both of us.  Later I began to reclaim myself and that first experience just popped out while reading Steve Greer's book.

I'm extremely lucky to have had another sighting. It was only two seconds but it was right there plain as day.  A huge silvery(it looked like mercury) cylinder with no wings or tail. It was flying slow and really low. I had to glance away because I was driving and it vanished. I reported it on the web and told one person I trust but that was it. So I was stuck with my internal doubts: did I imagine it? Do I have brief epileptic seizures? Did I imagine it out of something normal-like a jetliner?

 More recently, I decide on a whim to use the search tool on the reporting sight I'd used. I searched for similars and was amazed to find that around the time of my sighting a bunch of others from different states, posted eerily similar experiences with silvery cylinders that vanished right before their eyes!!!  Validation! I'm smiling right now thinking of how happy this made me.

Incidentally, my first sighting was of a triangle also. Mine glowed a beautiful red exactly like a hot charcoal briquette and it just cruised on over like it was nothing. Ballsy aliens. Seemed like they wanted to be seen and that suggests an agenda to me. It suggests to me they're getting us to accept them-and their lack of direct contact suggests we have to clean up our act before they will trust us. Then again they may all be retired tourists and are just gawking at us for entertainment...

 Peace friend-Brian

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If you are familiar with the work of Nikola Tesla then you know that he had envisioned a sort of anti-gravity craft powered by the free energy source that he was working with. When he died in the thirties, the government confiscated all of his research materials and labeled them top secret. If we are to believe that they just left all of this research to gather dust for the last 80 or so years, then the military does not have the technology to produce such craft. I think it more likely that the government has pursued the work of Tesla and have perfected the technologies that he was working with. That is not to say that most of the sightings are not extra terrestrial in origin, but only that we do have some very advanced technology that is kept secret. I like to think about what a different world it would be if Tesla's free wireless energy had not been suppressed.



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