Little Ball of Light

Collins Andrews video of a group watching a ball of light at a crop circle. It so convinces me of their validity I don't even know why I was critical before-hilarious! I have watched it so many times for the thrill of it (I don't want to admit how many).

YOU HAVE TO LOOK CAREFULLY to see the ball of light but it's there-it's a really tiny thing AND so far away from the camera: you may have to use a lazy focus or gaze and not try to hard. If you are frustrated to see it then get passionate (like I did)and keep rewinding until you get the sense of where it is and you WILL see it flashing and that it moves etc: You may want to watch it on the original Google Video page and blow it up-or not...your call. I just absolutely love this danged video! Enjoy


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Anyone think it might be a worth while project to trace some of the more geometric crop circle paterns in AutoCad? This is the drafting program I use at work, and if there were hidden messages in the mathematics of the geometry, it might reveal something. I'd just need a good jpg file that is taken exactly overhead to minimize the distortion. Tracing would reveal what radii that were used in the circles and ellipses, length of lines, etc. I could get the aerial photos scaled correctly by stretching them to the correct size compared to a google earth image. We would have to assume that our visitors know about meters or feet - I would assume that if they were going to give us a message using distances it would be based on the metric system. (or messages may be in the ratios of some of the shapes to others - in which case the measuring system and scale would not matter). Perhaps someone has already done this to all of them - I know the Pi circle has already been analyzed but what about the others? By corolating the numbers revealed in the math with the dates of their occurence might also reveal messages. Let me know if anyone comes across a picture of a crop circle that's taken dead over head, high enough so that there's some of the surrounding landmarks such as roads and large trees so that I can scale the photo appropriately.



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