The Epidemic of Apathy

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The information that this video provides is so very true. Thankfully this forum doesn't fit the description. But people who surround you every day do.  Share this video with your other networks and forums.


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This film is well-done and the narrator's voice is very moving.  What he describes is just the tip of the iceberg.  The end goal of humanity's demise is being carefully orchestrated.  Maximizing feelings of fear, panic, and overwhelm figure prominently into the plan.  Most people our unaware.  Many turn a blind eye, pretending that the country and world are in recovery.  A few folks know what is happening and are unsure what to do.

It has been a hard realization for me to accept that some people don't want to wake up.  I've come to terms with the fact that not everyone is supposed to be awoken and not everyone can be saved.  We all have our roles to play in this game, which seems to be unfolding in a perverse way, as is necessary in for humanity's evolution.  This too, is a hard concept to swallow.

The narrator's call to action is twofold.  Prepare and speak out.  Preparing for disaster is essential for survival.  In my opinion, rebelling, revolting, and protesting may win some battles, but is not enough to win the war.

This is as much a battle within each of us as it a physical conflict.  Winning begins by making a choice not to support ideals which conflict with natural law -- that which we know in our hearts is loving and life-sustaining.  Our thoughts mold, form, and create our physical reality.  Joining with others to visualize the world as we wish it to be initiates its co-creation.  If that sounds simplistic, it's because you haven't yet realized how powerful you are.

You can also help by praying.  There are many multidimentional beings watching and waiting to help us, but they must first be asked to intervene.

Lastly, have faith and courage.  Things could get unimaginably worse, but don't lose heart.  The creative force of life is much more powerful than the darkness of destruction.

Have faith, for together, we are awakening as one.


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Thanks so much for that link Chris. It does go right along with the video above.  Long time since I connected with you. Be well.

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Noa, if you are at all familiar with the Law Of One material, you will remember that Ra stated that at the end of the last major cycle there were very few who were "harvestable".  Meaning "awake, aware and filled with the knowledge of Light/love" and able to "ascend" to a higher density.  No doubt Bill Elkins has talked about this concept.  Anyway, here we are again at the end of another great cycle and again there are not a great number of people who are "harvestable".  But, good new, the numbers this time are still  very greatly higher percentage wise than the last time, if for no other reason than, there are many more people in the world today than 26000 years ago.  There has in the last 25 years been a great increase in global consciousness which moves the world to a much higher level of harvest than before. 


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Good to feel your presence here again too dear brother...

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I am aligned with what you are saying. It is my felt-sense that there are millions of us who are in various stages of awakening and recognizing our fundamental, common unity. And, simultaneously, those who appear to be choosing to evolve along the track of service-to-self are providing us with plenty of catalyst to open our hearts and minds to successively larger spheres of acknowlegement, acceptance, compassion and understanding...what a ride!

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I feel there are many more people 'awakening' than we are aware of.  I have learned who and how and when to approach the subject and when not to at all.  You can't 'make' people see what they aren't ready to, but there are instances all the time of people I run across that just don't let on to others what experiences they have had or are having now.  So many have been indoctrinated by others who have convinced them they are 'crazy' or will be thought that way if they divulge what they've seen or know that can't be explained in the rational scheme of things.  Small groups, like my Sunday morning meditation group are meeting all over the world all the time.  In these groups, we grow and plant seeds that take root in ways we don't even know yet.

I am one who believes none of us get 'there' if any of us are left behind. We are ONE. Remember.

So I believe that is what we are doing. Re-Membering. All of these 'catastrophic' events etc, are serving to sensitize many that haven't been in their 'heart space' for some time. Getting into your heart space is imperative for the coming age. My philosophy seems more and more to be 'Love everything-even what I don't currently understand'.  There is a reason and a season for it all.

Off to the sauna and then off into the day.....Love you.              kristyne 

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People are starting to get a clue - because others are showing the results of having a different paradigm. The most difficult thing we can do for both ourselves and others is to live that new paradigm and to do everything in our power to show others "in real time" what is possible. Whether it is bartering instead of using money, or growing a garden instead of going to the grocery store - or fabricating a solar system that gets the house off of the grid - examples are needed. Maybe it's using the law of attraction to get what is needed or some other technique.

My neighbor has a 25 year lease agreement with farmers in Costa Rica to grow a bunch of these special nuts that are the size of a coconut - and 80% pure oil. His plan is to build a biodiesel facility in Costa Rica and use the oil locally - and the farmers will reap the benefits in their own communities. We need to start thinking outside of the box and implement the ideas! There are things we can do - but people have to be willing to get out of the system and take some risks.

Walk beside me

Namaste, Brother and Sister: new friend--

We are One... I know it seems as if it is not so

We are One this I know

I am walking this way, my brother, my sister: will you be my new friend

Come and take my hand

The road looks like it is not built

Let me show you this way I walk in namaste

Walking together let's build this new road as we take one 1st one step and then the next one 1st at again and again it is only one 1st step...

Will you walk with me 

I will walk with you as I am going this way 

Come hold my hand and stay with me

I will show you the way... it is as easy--

See I take a step and then you:

Together we can

Won't you walk beside me

creating and moving into this new land

building a road to travel with each step from where I stand

Come, my new friend:

Walk beside me...


I bless you all with Love



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Thank you, thank you, thank you for confirming that which resonates so clearly in my heart -- what is done to or by any of us, happens to all of us. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Meade


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