Run Ron Run! The brushfires of Freedom are burning!

Ron Paul is back and he's HOT!

There nothing like hearing a large crowd cheering "End the Fed!"

Here's some great quotes from his latest speech:

"Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country"

"This country is waking up and we want to protect our civil liberties as well as our economic liberties"

"The military is not equated to defense. Defense spending is one thing, military spending is what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex and we have to go after that."

"Freedom does work and we ought to try it but we can't force it on other people"

"The purpose of all political activity from my viewpoint is to promote liberty"

"Government should never be able to do something you can't do"

"We should all assume personal responsibility for spreading the ideals of liberty."


Peace, justice, liberty for all...


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Personally, the last bandwagon I jumped on was Obama's, and the next one I jump on will have to be a completely new and equitable political paradigm...  For now I look to those grass roots movements flying under the radar because I truly believe lasting change will ultimately come from the bottom up, not the top down from a broke down political ruse/sham...

Until then I am ignoring the current very old and tired sham, unless of course I am eavesdropping for the entertainment value of the trivial political nonsense ad nauseum....

We have to stop looking toward another inspiring political name outside ourselves....

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Ron Paul is a courageous leader and he doesn't mince words in this speech.  His message is clear and simple... liberty is our right.  It's inspiring to hear one ethical voice rise out from a sea of corruption.

Likewise, the 2nd video echoes Paul's message:

Problems in the world that arise from the initiation of force by government have a solution. The solution is for the people of the earth to stop asking government officials to initiate force on their behalf. 

Evil does not arise only from evil people, but also from good people who tolerate the initiation of force as a means to their own ends.  In this manner, good people have empowered evil people throughout history.

Most of us turn a blind eye when it suits us.  We don't want to think about the sweatshop labor when we buy our Walmart bargains.  We ignore so many violations to our basic human rights -- the right to clean air and water, healthy food and living conditions, privacy -- the list goes on and on.  The PTB couldn't have implemented their pervasive control without our silent consent.

Like the people of Egypt, Americans must reclaim the alienable rights granted by the Constitution, now so secretly undermined by the controllers.  The Egyptians ate crap for 30 years before they finally rebelled.  What's our excuse?


I envision a True Democracy.  This would effectively end the middle man and respresentative government.  I think Sen Gravel had it right... and was spot on although prematurely.  We, The People, were not quite ready for True Democracy.  There are many that are still seeking to escape freedom.  This is where the focus must be.  Beaming Love to those who are terrified of freedom.

I like Ron Paul but without true change behind the curtain--- he will fair no better than President Barack Obama.   I Bless Barack Obama and his Family and all Good Earthers with Love.  Let their light shine through and let We The People assist them and us in letting our Light Shine Through.  Let us all be full of Light loving ourSelves Free.


Hi all,

I tend to think we get what we deserve with politicians.....

They do not listen to us but people keep voting for them..?...they cannot exist without our votes...don't vote and they have no justification to be there.....none of them can be trusted...none of them respect our wishes but then why should they...people will still vote for them anyway....


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There in lies most of our political problems. People don't even know that the Founding Fathers had NO INTENTION of leaving us with a "democracy." We were given a REPUBLIC of states - if we could keep it. We lost it long ago - and there will be NO going back to the constitution without first going back to a republican form of government - and no I am not talking about the political party. 

Not even Ron Paul is looking to do that. We need to scrap everything that's been put into place as an overlay to the original constitution since the civil war. Anything short of that is just lip service. When someone suggests getting real about "change" - then I might consider voting again - and not until. 

Democracy is a code word for "Corporation." We are under corporate rule - and the US is a business structure with the Constitution as a corporate charter. Like any company - profit and expansion is the goal - and when the money gets tight, downsizing is the rule. We're in the process of being "downsized."




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I know that Ron Paul has little chance of winning, and I think he does as well. My point in posting this is not about us all following another leader but the ideas that Ron Paul teaches about liberty and peace. Until I heard this speech I was reluctant to get involved in his campaign again. But it's not about a new leader, it's not about winning but a vehicle for spreading the truth about the importance of peace, eliminating the Federal Reserve system, how governments should be constrained by their people, the importance of individual liberty, and the destructiveness of the use of force by government.

Unless you were involved in it, you wouldn't know that the 2008 Ron Paul campaign was not run by the top down at all but was truely a grass roots movement.  Most of the campaign slogans, ideas and pamphlets- the R3VOLUTION signs, etc. were from the people and not born at some campaign headquarters. So my point here is that it was a good example of people moving beyond the leader/follower thing....

Democracy is 2 wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner. The American ideal, even if it never was a reality, was the protection of individual rights, not majority rule.

Jeff- I agree with you about the constitution. The 14th amendment (or was it the 13th?) just made us all slaves, rather than freeing the blacks.  We should go back to state sovereignty. When Ron Paul talks about small government, I think he's mostly focusing on the spending. I wish he would talk more about smaller governmental structures, giving more power to the voice of the people. There's a reason countries like Sweden functure so much better than the U.S. - they are physically smaller.  A person ought to be able to travel to their nation's capital to complain about something and return home all in one day. Once a nation gets physically bigger than that, power tends to corrupt.

Unfortuneately, as we are still in this leader/follower system I prefer to back a leader that has a long voting and speaking record of backing mostly my values, than anyone who promises change with little record behind them. The PTB give us these manchurian candidates all the time, I don't believe people like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinnich or Cynthia McKinney fall into that catagory. Ron Paul really has been consistently speaking and voting the same message since 1976 - the record is there to prove it.




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Hi Wendy - I agree - Ron Paul is a "real" candidate in that he understands the PTB system and is aware of what needs to be done to gut it (that's why he speaks of the money so much - it's the crux of the issue). So I am all for him. I think it would be great to see him get as close a Ross Perot did - and then see what happens...

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If you ran for office, Jeff, you'd have my vote!

Laughing  Noa

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A lot of what Ron Paul says is wonderful stuff. Why do we waste our tax dollars sending them to guys like Mubarak? Why do we spend more on the military than all other nations combined? Why do we allow private reserve banks to run our financial system and manage our currency? Why do we have a "Patriot Act" that directly violates the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. These things are crazy and need to be corrected. 

What people who support Ron, the Tea Party, and other conservatives don't seem to think about is what old age will be like if the conservative movement succeeds in dismantling Social Security and Medicare. These programs were not dreamed up by socialist wackos. They solved a very severe problem in the 1930s and 1960s, respectively. Very few people are able to save enough to live on in old age, as we saw in the 30s, so Social Security gave them the minimal sustenance they needed when they were too old to work. Similarly, in the 60s there were stories about the elderly eating cat food because they couldn't afford both medicine and food. Medicare solved that problem and the prescription drug benefit made it better. Now conservative groups want to gut those plans and leave us with nothing. The ironic thing is, most of those who support abolishing these programs are not rich and are unwittingly destroying their own hopes of a decent and well-deserved retirement in their old age.

I support ideas that rid us of government waste and laws like the Patriot Act or the recent TSA rules that  take away our freedoms. However, there are legitimate functions government does for us that we cannot do for ourselves, including providing for the decent retirement of workers who have given a lifetime of labor to build their nation and who deserve to retire to a decent life in old age.


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I agree with you Wendy, the Ron Paul movement has been a bottom up ground roots campaign for a long time.  It has taken years for him to be known across the country.  I have followed him for a long time and have been on board with him ever since I started listening.  I really dont think he will win either and if he did, sorry to think about what may happen!  Either way, I plan to get involved with this campaign as much as I can.  Never have been in a political campaign before, but if I'm ever gonna, this is the one! 

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Good points Chuck,

I've thought about this all and you are right but because we want to try something old in a new world it is hard to say how it will all work out. I know that Ron Paul has stated many times that he recognizes that people have become dependant on the system and the last portions of his plan will be to cut social security and medicaid. He also mentions that he is the only politician with a realistic plan to save social security and medicade as everyone else wants to just print the money even though it's not there, creating inflation - the worse tax on the poor there ever was and mostly meaning the federal government will go bankrupt, leaving nothing for these people anyhow. I can only offer hope that with the elimination of billions of dollars spent on war, foreign aid and debt payments to the Fed the money will be there as young people are phased out of the system and left to save for retirement on their own. The real test of whether it all works or not will come far down the pipeline when those young people grow old.

There are other concerns as well. How much would he deregulate, defund or eliminate the EPA? Ron Paul's solution to pollution is to just handle it all in court. I have to wonder how well the courts are structured these days to really support the po' folks that live in the neighborhood downwind of the coal plant.

I used to be liberal and I suppose I still am as when Ron Paul didn't get the republican nomination I voted for Cynthia McKinney. I found Ron Paul attractive because I've always been a peace activist and there's no one out there with a longer and more steadily pro-peace voting record. At first campaigning with John Birchers and traditional republicans was difficult. Being that I'm from Massachusetts there was always a few of us ex-democrats that were fuming at them for still funding the wars even when they had majorities in both houses of congress during the Bush years so that made it easier.

Over the years I've come to realize / recognize the importance of economic freedom. At first I thought these people are just selfish, then I started to realize the importance of never using or promoting the use of force, even when it's for a good cause. That's what taxes are all about.


By José Luis Stevens

Many of you have written requesting an explanation of the recent and ongoing events in Egypt. As of this writing Mubarek, the long term dictator of Egypt has been deposed and Egypt is under the temporary control of the military. Egyptians are ecstatic at their success in ousting the oppressive Mubarek regime that many have blamed for their poverty and oppression. While the Egyptians have been successful so far, no one knows what the final outcome will be because many similar revolutions in the past have failed to produce the freedoms that people sought. However, these are new times with probable new outcomes and results. Let us examine these stirring and world changing events in light of the trends forecast for 2011 and seek to understand it’s meaning for the entire world. I will begin by briefly listing the main characteristics for this year and then reviewing some of the year’s main themes.

Main Characteristics

Role: Server + service – bondage
Casting: Warrior + persuasion - coercion
Goal: Growth  + evolution – confusion
Attitude: Idealist moving to pragmatism as the year wears on. + coalescence – naiveté
Mode: Aggression +dynamism  - belligerence
Obstacle: Self-Deprecation
Center: Emotional + perception – sentimentality
Needs: 1. Freedom 2. Communion 3. Expression

The role of Server indicates that events this year will not be headed by exalted leaders but rather by ordinary people who seek to serve the higher good by simply showing up and making their voice heard. Servers do whatever is necessary to take care of the business at hand with little thought for their own comfort or wellbeing. This year does not belong to big names and charismatic leaders but rather to the populace, ordinary citizens who take responsibility. Mostly their names are not known, just their messages on social networking sites. Sick of their bondage the masses seek to serve by standing together with courage and solidarity. This server orientation has been showcased in a big way during the recent weeks events in Egypt and will be seen throughout the world in the weeks and months to come as servers everywhere get into the action. Remember they are 25% of the total population.

The warrior casting assists with helping people to fight for their rights and their values. Out of loyalty to their cause and to one another the warrior also surrenders personal comfort to advocate and defend their principles. There are warriors on all sides of the equation however in Egypt they mostly have banded together for a common purpose.

The Goal of Growth seeks evolution and development, no longer willing to put up with the status quo. Growth is serious and hard working, never giving up the motivation to seek something fresh, something new, and when coupled with idealism, something better. This idealism helped the Egyptians stay their course for a better deal and the pragmatism that is coming will help them put together a state that hopefully works for everyone.

Aggression Mode has made it possible for the Egyptians to finally stand forth and confront the dictatorship. Why did this revolution not take place earlier? Because it needed the dynamism of aggression to shove the inertia out of the way and convert the people to action. They also needed the example of the revolution in Tunisia to help them see that it was finally possible. Things happen when they need to happen and the time has come for this and similar revolutions to take place all over the planet. It is to the Egyptian’s and the military’s credit that the revolution has had a minimum of violence thus far. The aggression has helped the citizens to overcome their fear of authority and reprisals to good advantage.

The obstacle this year is Self-Deprecation so you might wonder how this revolution has been successful in light of such lack of self worth. Let us say that the theme is Self-Deprecation and in this case the people looked at their self worth and decided, “enough of the old low self esteem. We are tired of that. No more!” So in this case the revolution was a kind of healing for a populace who long struggled with low self worth and feelings of inadequacy. We might also say that this healing was brought about by the young people who had not yet accepted their fate to be oppressed. As the young people led with vision, their elders, finding inspiration joined them forcefully. This was a best-case scenario for the theme of Self-Deprecation. Hopefully this too will spread throughout the world at this time rather than result in an exacerbation of low self-esteem.

This has not been an intellectual revolution but an emotional one. The Egyptian people perceived that the timing was right and that they could be successful if they simply held together and outlasted the administration. As the days went by their crowds grew and grew. Their cause was spread by pure emotion, less by ideas. This same dynamic will be present throughout the year. Dictators and oppressors beware.

Now let us look at the three needs for 2011 and you can readily see their powerful relevance and influence. This was a revolution of Communion, people being together and seeking each other’s company in a common cause. Children and young people took part as well as the elderly. Add to this the need for Expression and you have the people’s voice expressed together loud and clear. Flags, flowers, fireworks, banners, signs, chants, and songs all were in great evidence throughout the tense weeks of communing. Finally the need for Freedom speaks for itself. Freedom they sought and freedom they got from Mubarek so far. These needs are not going away. The need for freedom means that the Egyptians will not accept a similar dictatorship. They want real freedom and in combination with the other overleaves, only a fool would try to deny them this. These three needs will remain in effect throughout the year and influence all peoples everywhere. Together they compose a dynamite chemistry that is almost unstoppable.

Remember that the change coming about on this planet during this time is the shift in paradigm from Success orientation to Relationship orientation, or from young soul to mature soul. This makes a big difference in relation to revolutions of the past. In the past most revolutions were quickly co-opted by younger souls who once again took over control to oppress the people. This happened during the revolution in France and then in Iran. That was then and this is now. Although still possible this is less likely as a result of the current changes taking place in Egypt.

Now let’s put all these overleaves together for a moment: Aggressively and emotionally growth oriented and idealistic with an attempt to serve the greater good depending on which sides’ philosophy of service we use. For the protestors the greater good has been regime change. For the regime the greater good was maintaining control but they were overruled. The needs for Communion, Expression, and Freedom have been uniting to support the revolution. Remember that all the needs are handled aggressively and emotionally as well. These are the ingredients you have been watching fueling the mass social unrest in North Africa.

Now add to this intense mix similar astrology to the American and French revolutions in the late 1700’s and the 1960’s era of protesting the Vietnam war and race relations conflicts and you get the picture. Clearly it is a revolutionary atmosphere with people at the grassroots level fed up and the oppressive powers refusing to give up their stranglehold on control. This is the situation in many parts of the world at this time. These are the ingredients that make for tense standoffs likely to result in powerful aggression, more likely from the side of the controllers when the people rise in protest. The real question is, “How could there not be revolution this year?”.

Pertinent Themes

Finally let us look at some of the main themes for 2011 and see how they contribute to recent events.

1. Grassroots activism, giving up on administration and officials to fix problems.

Obviously this is what is happening in Egypt as we speak. The people tired of the Mubarak regime’s status quo. If there is to be change then they have to implement it themselves or they will be stuck with poverty and disenfranchisement forever. They know that new solutions don’t come from old leadership and old forms of governance but rather from younger leadership armed with new communications technology.

2. Radical responsibility for self and planet

The Egyptians have taken responsibility for their country, laid their lives on the line, and demanded change in the face of serious danger. Responsibility for the planet will be coming in how they handle the Suez and Israel peace treaty questions.

3. Creativity and destruction: Moving toward creating a new world. What has to go? What is no longer viable?

Much of the creativity lies ahead of the Egyptians. What will they create? The destruction has to do with getting rid of Mubarak and his cronies.

4. Self-worth, deservedness, ability to have, looking at anything in the way of self worth, self love.

I have already spoken about this theme.

5. Realignment to new values.

The new values have to do with the move from Success oriented to Relationship oriented values. The Egyptians seek freedoms of press, mobility, and the ability to raise their standard of living.

Contending with unknown forces

Now of course Egypt is the home of the Suez Canal, of huge international economic importance. All the oil from the Middle East flows through the Suez and you better believe that countries throughout the world have been watching events with great concern because they do not want any interruption in the flow of oil to their countries. The alternative route of course is around the Horn of Africa, a dangerous and lengthy trip for oil tankers. For this reason and the desire for stability in the Mid East, the United States and others have helped to prop up the Mubarak dictatorship for so long. Yet oil is a dictatorship of a different kind and even this powerful concern cannot stop change from taking place. The Egyptians are not stupid. They know this and know that to disrupt oil would be internationally economically catastrophic. Egypt is also not very interested in going to war with Israel at this time because when all is said and done, Egypt is a mature soul country with relationship-oriented values. As a people they are peaceful. Their younger soul leaders have been more conflict oriented in the past. Nor are they interested in giving up their cause of freedom for the oppression of fundamentalist Islamic rule.

These events are in keeping with the main theme of “out with the old paradigm and in with the new.” I would not like to be a dictator, despot, or strongman in the world at this time. That is an old idea that is going away one way or the other sooner or later. People want a voice and they are demanding one. Sooner or later they will get it. Dictators come in all stripes and appearances. Some of them are the old fashioned kind like Egypt’s Mubarak and some appear in the clothing of a corporation or a way of doing business that is corrupt. Some even look like democracies actually masking dictatorships by the wealthy or corrupt few. These conditions too are up for review and will topple. Therefore the spotlight is not on governments or leaders but more on the people in the streets who want a change. All these changes will be driven at the grass roots levels and not by revolutionary leaders or by established governments. Don’t expect any Che Guevaras. The leaders are mostly faceless typed messages on twitter and social networking sites.

Now you might wonder why Egypt is involved.  First of all it is the lynchpin of the Arab World, an area that is in great need of change. Secondly the Egyptian landscape is incredibly energized with pyramids, monuments, and temples of ancient powerful civilizations. It is a place where historically there has been great power and spiritual transformation. These places are becoming activated at this time so it is impossible to be in Egypt and not be powerfully affected by forces beyond our understanding. There have been prophecies regarding the discovery of a room under the Sphinx during these times, a room that holds great knowledge and information about not only Earth’s past but its future. Some say this space has already been discovered but is being kept secret. Egypt is full of such lore and this points to its locus of importance in the world in a spiritual sense, the alignment of the Nile with the milky way, the ancient temples on the Nile in alignment with the human spine and the chakra system and so on. There is ancient wisdom there. Whether these beliefs are true of not will be revealed soon enough. Whatever the case, it is most interesting that a revolution that has captured the world’s attention for much of February, 2011 has been in Egypt. Does it hold a key to the world future? We shall see.

What is probable for the immediate future

Think shocking and sudden change and this will give you a sense of what is coming. Shocking and sudden does not have to be negative but it does mean resistance to change is futile and you will have to learn to adapt quickly. The revolutionary spirit is alive and well and never before have we seen such fertile ground for its success. Therefore it is probable that not only will the Middle East erupt this or next year, many other parts of the world are ripe for radical change as well. South America still has potential for major upheaval, especially Venezuela, and much of Africa is up for grabs. The United States may see attempts to dismantle the Union and break up the nation state. Certainly there are factions that would like to radically change the constitution along the lines of their own ideology. These factions are deadly serious and could pose a serious threat to the status quo. When a black man became president many decided that the country they once knew was finished and they hold no loyalty to the nation anymore.

At the same time there are those who are tired of seeing the nations politicians sold to the highest bidder, in essence owned by the corporations. Expect serious pushback coming from those wishing to fight corruption on every level. Yes, the United States will not simply be an observer on the world stage but may very well experience its own difficult upheavals, threatening its sovereignty. In a way it is 1776 all over again but this time with different themes.

The world will be a construction zone complete with swirling dust, noise, debris, hard hats, and heavy equipment. At times it will look chaotic and ugly with little hope of redemption.  The old buildings will be falling to the wrecking ball and gradually new edifices will rise revealing a new presentation for all to see.  In the process perhaps many will sacrifice their lives and many others will fall victim to drought, flooding, food disruption, lack of clean water, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Remember nature always mirrors what is going on for humans on an emotional level. In a way, change has always been part of human history and the longer you have been on this planet the better you will be at riding out the turbulence while contributing to a new vision of what can be. Spend your precious moments enjoying your essence and focusing on a world that you would love to manifest. Be grateful for all that is and for the very good fortune of having been created to create.

NOTE:  for more information concerning The Michaels terms go to

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Hi Wendy,

From experience I can tell you that saving for your own retirement does not work unless you are *extremely* lucky in your investments. I was 27 and earning a very good wage when my company started a 401k plan to which I contributed aggressively. I had about 15 good years in which I contributed. After that, employment became more dicey and my wages were never again as good. I still saved but the expenses of life (children :-) increased and I saved less. On some jobs I just didn't have enough extra to save very much. Now bear in mind that my wage is much higher than the national average, so most people would not be able to save as well as I did.

Long story short, it's now 30 years later, and I have a pretty decent retirement nest egg, but it is no way big enough to fund a retirement as good as I can have on Social Security and Medicare. It is only a supplement to those programs. Additionally, one catastrophic illness, such as a heart attack or a stroke with a long hospital stay and rehab could totally wipe out those savings or at least take a big chunk, leaving me destitute. Then where would I be without Social Security and Medicare?

The reality is that Social Security and Medicare are an insurance plan for all of us that enables all of us to have a quality retirement that we cannot afford individually. It is an investment in people that is well worth the cost. More importantly, Social Security is totally solvent and expected to remain so for more than 20 years. Medicare is in more trouble, but that is because we have not solved the problem of outrageously rising health care costs. The point is that both programs are solvent if we solve two problems: (1) stop robbing social security to put its proceeds into the general fund where Congress can spend it on everything except social security, and (2) stop the outrageous pace of increasing medical costs. I'll add a third (3), as you suggested, Wendy, that slashing the military budget would provide plenty of funding for more important things like Social Security and Medicare. In fact, even modest savings on the military budget could easily fund universal healthcare.

We surely need to take steps to preserve and restore our freedom, but dismantling social programs that were put in place for a reason is not part of the process we need to pursue. We've already been there. We didn't have Social Security and Medicare before 1937, and we already know what that looks like--you get to retire to dog food, a tar-paper shack, and an early death because you can't afford the medicine you need. Let's not do something foolish just because we don't remember what it was like before we had the good things we have now.


Amen, Chuck.  Social Security and Medicare is a step toward universally meeting everyone's needs.  These programs can be vastly improved to include everyone... and all begins with 1 step leading to the next 1 step.

Ron Paul and Kucinch would make an amazing team.  Where one would be harsh and judgmental the other would be universally aligned with Higher Ethical Principles.  Both are required to create the New Earth--- working in Consensus.


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Hi Chuck, Ffg,

I was going to leave your comments about Social Security unanswered as I'd like to believe this is a good program too but I just ran across this article about SS. I think with a functional government it could be a good program but unfortunately we don't have that.


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That article really says it all! Thanks, Wendy.


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thank you for posting Jose's article. I've found Michael's map of human consciousness and its evolution very helpful over the years. (As a side note, my stepson Geave went to grade school with Jose & Lena's daughter when they lived in Berkeley.)


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What a pair!  Wouldn't it be great if those who governed used common sense?  (Maybe should be called 'uncommon' sense.)

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Hi Noa-

Yes, it's a very fun one for me as I'm continually trying to educate those stuck in either the right or left political wings (friends I have here in Massachusetts) to understand that the real divide is top/bottom not left/right. I hope America can start a new party based on the commonground these guys share.


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Wendy, great video! Though I didn't support him for president, I am a Nader fan and do support his views. This video helped me see the common ground between the two, the main area of common interest being elimination of corporate control of government and restoration of genuine democracy.



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There is a growing population in America that has detached from the paradigm.  Some live in sides of foothills in caves.  Some in the desert.  I often wonder if there is something amazing happening right "there" and "there" and "there" in so many places around the world.

No religion, no politics, nothing "outside" of you "manufactured" tempting one to cling to...  I just don't think the answer will finally be in the affecting and "fixing" of a current unbalanced paradigm, but the moving quite naturally (after some birth pangs) and spontaneously to a new one that naturally suits how the majority all those growing communities that have in essence already moved past the current paradigm.

It failed them, they surrendered allegiance to "it"...  Had it served them, maybe they would have stayed in the game.... nahhhhhh

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I share your vision Chris, can we just turn those caves into hobbit holes? We women prefer a slightly higher level of creature comforts...



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yes, Hobbit homes with those wonderful round front doors, and eco-hamlet is the cultural order of the day with the spontaneous and hearty blessing of the whole shire, everyone happily and most contently doing whatever it is they do the best to bless the whole with their own share of unique...

anyone having a moment of insanity are effortlessly and naturally loved back into the sense of belonging their momentary insanity had them straying from...

whether together or alone, the sense of One ever present, the constant Joy of Knowing without trying to know anything...

put me down for one of those....

p.s. I'll be up top trimming my roof if you need me...

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Could it be that Congressman Paul makes too much sense to get elected?

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Cute, George Stephanopolus must have seen this video, check out how warm and friendly he is to Ron Paul.

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5 Reasons Progressives Should Join the Ron Paul Revolution

Image source

Eric Blair
Activist Post

There aren't many people still calling Ron Paul's ideas radical.  In fact, his credibility in the eyes of many has only been fortified since his 2008 candidacy due to his consistently accurate analysis. His 2012 presidential campaign is in full swing, armed with a formidable war chest, impressive straw poll victories, and the same resonating message of peace and liberty. Yet, he has been completely ignored by the progressive media.

It almost seems as though the progressive media chooses the Republican challenger by simply reporting on the people they love to hate. They exhaustively write about Romney and Bachmann, clearly casting them as the prime targets. They use their precious news space to endlessly speculate about Sarah Palin and Rick Perry who aren't even in the race yet. And, once again, they seem to be distracting their readers with mundane mind-numbing drivel and typical wedge issues instead of real issues. But they don't have enough ink to cover Ron Paul?

Perhaps the reason they avoid discussing Ron Paul is that many progressives may find his message appealing, and you can't have that from a guy with an "R" after his name.  If progressives were principled enough to cast aside labels, they would likely find Paul to be the candidate most suited to fulfill their concerns.

Here are five reasons progressives should support Ron Paul for president in 2012:

1. Peace: If you're a progressive whose main issue is ending our imperial wars, there is simply only one candidate to support, and that's Ron Paul. Indeed, Paul has gained much respect from anti-war liberals for his consistent stance against preemptive wars, permanent occupations, and torture. Certainly no other Republican candidate can claim credibility should they come out against foreign military action. And if progressives can't tell by now that the Nobel Peace-wielding president with a "D" after his name is a fraud in terms of ending the illegal and immoral wars, detention, and torture, then the audacity of hypocrisy will surely win the day.

Obama's unconstitutional, preemptive resource war in Libya is no different (and maybe worse) than Bush's conquests.  It causes a principled observer to vomit at the sight of progressives supporting Obama's Libya assault, not to mention the five other sovereign nations where he continues to murder and displace civilians.  The consequences of the perpetual war state that Paul warned about over a decade ago are just beginning to surface and will eventually be obvious to all. Ron Paul is the only candidate who has properly assessed the wars from the beginning and who is committed to ending them, as well as foreign military aid. Therefore, he is the only logical choice for anti-war voters.

2. Civil Liberties: Despite Obama's intoxicating rhetoric during the 2008 campaign about curbing the war on drugs, he not only continues to crack down on lawful medical marijuana patients, but even secretly arms Mexican drug gangs -- as if to feed an immortal monster that must continuously be slayed.  Additionally, Obama's regime, in a direct assault to health-conscious citizens, has expanded the drug war to other natural products like raw milk and vitamins and supplements. In fact, armed federal agents and SWAT teams have been used in tyrannical raids of peaceful farmers and private food cooperatives.

Furthermore, Obama's administration has unabashedly expanded the unconstitutional surveillance state that he railed against in his first presidential campaign.  The Fourth Amendment right to privacy is all but dead and many progressives readily admit that America is becoming a police state. Yet, the PATRIOT Act, once deplored by the left, was extended for four more years via Obama's virtual signature with no new privacy protections or meaningful debate.  All while most progressives and all establishment Democrats remained silent. Ron Paul has introduced legislation to end federal prohibition of marijuana, to end the abuses of the TSA, and to decriminalize raw milk. It couldn't be more clear which candidate will fight for your liberties.

3. Economy: The real political debate about the economy is not about unions, taxes, or the budget cuts; it's about a living wage. When progressives support unions, they support them because workers are paid a living wage with humane benefits. And opponents of public unions are typically bitter because taxes are extracted from their modest living wages to pay for public workers benefits, while they are now forced by law to purchase impossibly-expensive private health insurance. If the debate was focused on what the primary threat to a living wage is, then Ron Paul would be the clear choice for economy voters. Inflation, which Paul has been warning about for decades, is the biggest enemy to the middle class and the poor.  It's also the main reason companies can't afford to give raises or hire new people.

It was reported this week that food is up 39% this year, while gas prices are up nearly 20%. Whose middle-class income has increased by that much this year? Crucially, every single dollar of deficit spending, even if to help the poor, affects each and every person directly through cost-of-living increases across the board. That is vital to understand for progressives that care about the poor, who are clearly hit the hardest when the price of essentials rise. And deficit spending has a limit, eventually.  When the day of reckoning comes, we'll likely pine for the days of food increasing by only forty-percent every six months. Monetary policy is the culprit to economic imbalance; everything else is a distraction.  In other words, the economy will never be fixed until monetary policy is addressed no matter how many adjustments are made.  Ron Paul, Chairman of the House Committee on Domestic Monetary Policy, is by far the most qualified candidate to transition to a new, sound monetary system.

4. Healthcare:  This is probably the biggest hurdle for Ron Paul to win over progressives.  Liberals who support single-payer government healthcare were brazenly betrayed by Obama during healthcare reform.  The massive new bill did absolutely nothing to expand affordable coverage and only served to bolster the private insurance-big pharma cartel that progressives love to hate. Admittedly, Ron Paul doesn't support a single-payer healthcare, mainly because he believes that would just swap out a private cartel for a public monopoly -- both of which will naturally limit patients' options for medications, treatments and costs. Significantly, Dr. Paul does have some direct experience in the medical field, and Paul does not necessarily oppose public health programs at the state or local level, as the Constitution permits them to make those decisions.

Dr. Paul believes that by increasing genuine competition by reducing the barriers to entry for private clinics or natural health practitioners, more than enough affordable options will be made available. Imagine if a naturopathic physician was permitted to open a free clinic without cumbersome restrictions dictated by central planners (i.e. large insurance companies and the government).  If they were effective, patients would likely flood them with gratitude and sufficient donations to operate. Now imagine millions of those types of clinics competing to service communities. How can anyone oppose competitive health options? Apparently, those who now run the entire health system are the only ones opposed to such competition -- especially from natural health professionals. The point is, there are options outside the private insurers-vs-universal care debate that can be very beneficial.  The healthcare system will not be fixed overnight, but it starts with opening competition, which Ron Paul desires to usher in.

5. Wedge Issues: Since wedge issues seem to be the only thing the progressive media wants to discuss about mainstream candidates, we'd be remiss not to mention Ron Paul's stance on them. In regards to abortion and gay marriage, Paul's first response is that it's none of the federal government's business to dictate those decisions. Although Paul opposes abortion philosophically, he is adamantly against forcing his personal beliefs on others. He supports the states' right to determine their own laws. Pro-choice progressives who demand a federal abortion policy seem no better than zealot pro-lifers who wish to forcefully impose their beliefs. Ron Paul doesn't solve this divide, but proposes the only sensible middle ground.

Same-sex marriage is slightly more complex. Ron Paul said he supports the right of gay couples to marry because he supports all voluntary associations. However, in terms of tax benefits, since he opposes the income tax from the outset, he tends to oppose all the special credits granted for certain behavior, like marriage. That said, he supports decisions to be made at the state level and not by federal decree. Again, it's the only fair and Constitutional compromise any candidate has proposed.

Some believe that Ron Paul is unelectable, therefore why bother?  Or even if he does become president, he won't be able to move the heavy machinery to make effective changes. Well, don't we have to start somewhere?  Even if Paul doesn't win the nomination, the longer he has the stage to promote the message of peace, liberty, and economic sanity, the better off America will become. The more educated they will be about the Federal Reserve System, the better for when real monetary solutions become necessary.  The more he speaks truth to power, the more he exposes the false political paradigm where there are very few meaningful differences between establishment candidates despite their labels.  Progressives should join Ron Paul's peaceful revolution now if they expect any real change.

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I can't figure out why Ron Paul is running on the Republican ticket.  He's nothing like the other Rs. 

Years ago, I would've said he is more like a Democrat, but I don't know what Dems stand for anymore, does anyone?

In fact, I think we've gone from a 2-party system with definitive lines to a mish-mash of individuals who will promise anything to get themselves elected.  While an end to the 2-party jack-elephant would be an improvement, it makes it harder to vote by simply ticking the R or D chads on the ballot.  I know, we should be using our brains and researching our candidates, but how many Americans have time for that these days?  That's like asking Congress to read every bill before they pass it into law!  (Joke)

I don't mean to infer that Ron Paul is "saying just anything to get elected."  On the contrary, I think he is sincere and makes a lot of sense.  He's about the only politician I can think of who really speaks to my heart.  Now, whether a majority of people share that belief remains to be seen.

There is a phenomenon known as selective reasoning.  It rears its ugly head in the context of sports, religion, politics - virtually in any situation that can divide and label people.  An example of selective reasoning is when people stand behind a certain political candidate or party and are only able to see what supports those beliefs in that candidate or party.  They will disregard any information that contradicts their beliefs, no matter how much evidence to the contrary is produced.  It defies logic and reasoning.

This is why I'll be very surprised if ole Ron makes it all the way.  It would be a fabulous surprise, though!


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Hi Noa-

To answer your question about why he's running as a republican..

He ran as a libertarian candidate before. He found that it was extremely difficult to get himself on the ballot in the 50 states without the kind of political network backing that the Dems and repubs have. Third party candidates are excluded by rules from the debates! After Ross Perot did so well in the 80's the 2 parties got scared and struck a deal to change debate inclusion rules that make it virtually impossible for a third party candidate to be in any televised debates. The mainstream media also runs lock-step with these rules, giving third party candidates very little air time or press coverage.

For Ron it's been a campaign for liberty as he calls it. In other words, winning isn't everything. If you can educate the people about your ideas, you gradually win, even if you never hold the office you're running for.

It really isn't all that hard to research candidates - their voting records are all public. Just look up how they voted the issues you care most about and ignore all the verbage.

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Paul may be the only candidate who recognizes we are now living in a police state. Obviously the ruling elite Politburo doesn't like him and are giving the media their orders: ignore him and he will go away.

Though I am not a Paul supporter because I believe we need a modern government to match the modern power of the corporations and to provide the benefits of a modern society, still I love his message of freedom and restoration of control of the government to the people. The elite have stolen our government from us, and we need to wrest it back from them.

Ron Paul's message needs to be heard. Let's hope Paul wins more contests and starts getting the media attention he deserves. They can't ignore him if he wins.

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he got only 200 less votes than Bachman and Bachman had air conditioning, paid $180,000 dollars for some 8000 tickets for people to listen to Randy Travis and eat BBQ.  If she had not gone all out Paul would have won by a landslide, or close.

if anyone was still on the fence concerning whether or not the media is corporate controlled, they have to know now after that utterly ridiculous lack of coverage of Ron Paul.  I also am not a Ron Paul supporter because I feel the whole thing needs to be overhauled, but I sure love him and Kucinich for their bravery and tenacity...

Interesting times ahead for sure...

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he got only 200 less votes than Bachman and Bachman had air conditioning, paid $180,000 dollars for some 8000 tickets for people to listen to Randy Travis and eat BBQ.  If she had not gone all out Paul would have won by a landslide, or close.

if anyone was still on the fence concerning whether or not the media is corporate controlled, they have to know now after that utterly ridiculous lack of coverage of Ron Paul.  I also am not a Ron Paul supporter because I feel the whole thing needs to be overhauled, but I sure love him and Kucinich for their bravery and tenacity...

Interesting times ahead for sure...

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I'd say the whole thing needs to be eliminated, not overhauled. Big government just creates regulations that support corporate monopolies and big profits - the FDA has been a revolving door with the pharmaceutical corps, the EPA did nothing about the BP oil spill or the toxic dust after 911, the Federal Reserve regulations have created banking monopolies - the list goes on and on.

I recently was reading Handbook for a New Paradigm, one of the small paperbacks distributed by George Green which basically says that there is no need for government or societal structures other than the family. Placing power in the hands of others has become a bad habit that is centered around a lack of trust in others. There is a great need now for us to have faith in the good behavior of others - look how every time there is a big disaster, when everyone knows that the police and governmental emergency relief efforts will be inadequate they make the effort to informally help one another and everyone feels good about it. But when there is a large government there to "take care" of everyone, this produces childish behavior - some irresponsibly take advantage of government gifts while others childishly feel resentful of others advantages.

It's time for us all to grow up and stop reliving our childhoods by creating fake parents (otherwise known as government) in our adulthood. Ron Paul is not just another symbolic parent - he understands the entire concept of personal sovereignty and responsibility and promotes these concepts consistently. As he frequently states, I don't want to run your life, it's not my job to run your life and the constitution doesn't give me the authority to run your life. I want everyone to run their own lives and leave the government out of it.

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Oops! - duplicate deleted

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Here's a 4-minute video of Jon Stewart dramatizing this fact.  Just hear news commentator after news commentator puking out the exact same formula.  Yep, as with all real independents who manage to get into the scene from somewhere in left field (the last most notable one being Ross Perot), they are ignored or worse (Perot was likely threatened -- remember how he suddenly quit the race).

Here it is, enjoy: (scroll down the page a little)

Thank God for humor, at least.

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well put Wendy!

I saw that last night too Bob, made me so glad that there is someone like Jon Stewart keep it real, and real funny at the same time, what a talent for communication.  he had a show back years ago that died on the vine - so glad it works today, gives me hope that people are awakening!!!

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Yes, I saw the Jon Stewart peice last night as well and wished I had posted that here too. There's several related articles at

Erich Fromme called it "Escape from Freedom." 


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This was in my inbox and I think it's appropriate here:


Having trouble viewing this email? Read it on our website.

Sovereign Man

Notes from the Field

Date: August 17, 2011
Reporting From: Zell am See, Austria


Did you know that the word 'idiot' is actually derived from the origins of democracy in ancient Greece? Thousands of years ago, a Greek citizen who demonstrated disinterest in politics was labeled 'idiotes'; it literally meant 'private person,' which curiously enough was a term of derision at the time.

Fast forward to the pitiful excuse we have for a democratic process in the world today, and the opposite is now true: you have to be a complete idiot to invest yourself in these politics.

Saturday's straw poll in Ames, Iowa is a perfect example.  A few thousand people voted for their preferred republican presidential candidate, and mainstream media outlets have been talking about it nonstop. There are a lot of things wrong with this system--

First, why should anyone care what a few thousand people in a single town think? Do the whims of 17,000 people really have any bearing on a country of 310 million? In modern democracy, they do.

Michelle Bachmann won the poll. Granted, she won by bribing her voters with a free Randy Travis concert, but such things don't matter in modern democracy. In the eyes of the media, she is now the front-runner having garnered a whopping 28.6% of the 17,000 people who voted.   

The same logic, however, does not apply to the guy who came in second... if you can even find his name anywhere in print. You see, there's this lowly fellow from Texas by the name of Ron Paul who scored 4,671 votes, just 152 shy of Bachmann.

Yet while the media is heralding Bachmann's victory as a major success for her campaign, there has hardly been an utterance of Ron Paul's strong finish on Bachmann's heels.

The third place finisher, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, was so dismayed by his results that he withdrew from the race after securing only 13.7% of the votes.

It's incredible that the fickle whims of tiny Iowa mob could be regarded as so influential that the first place finisher would be anointed, and the third place finisher withdraw in disgrace... and yet the exact same results are to be completely ignored when applied to the second place finisher.

Again, such is the nature of modern democracy... and I feel bad for people who live in the United States that have to put up with another 15-months of this crap.

On one side, President Obama is already flying around the country for his reelection campaign, reading teleprompted remarks that are devoid of any credible plan. Meanwhile, US taxpayers are footing the bill for much of his multimillion-dollar travel and entourage costs.

On the other side, the media is colluding to select front-runners and marginalizing the only guy who actually has a clue of how drastic the US economic situation is. 

This system is a complete farce. The ancient Greeks would call you an idiot if you wouldn't participate in their democracy and focused on your own affairs.  Today, you have to be an idiot to set aside your own priorities and put any faith in this system.

As long as this system is in place, the 'leaders' that emerge from it will be cut from the same cloth. They are concerned solely about their own status and  have little interest in the voting populace beyond providing whatever minimum benefits are necessary to buy your vote.

In their efforts to consolidate more power and take greater control, they're hitting the accelerator as they drive the country off the cliff.  Putting any stock in this system is dangerous to your family and your livelihood.

I know we've all been brainwashed that the government exists to help us, but the truth is that you ultimately have only yourself to rely on. This is not something to fear, but to embrace, and thinking people ought to take steps immediately to increase their self-reliance in this Age of Turmoil.

Until tomorrow,

Simon Black
Senior Editor,

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This came in email today, maybe you've seen it already, but worth sharing if not.

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I thought this was a particularly good compilation.

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Ron Paul has more integrity than just about anyone.  I would be more excited about supporting him if I believed democracy reigned in America.  But we know that U.S. elections are rigged (see and people who buck the status quo are often assassinated.

Sorry to sound so defeated, but short of a massive uprising, I don't know what can be done about it.

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Hi Noa-

It still pays to back him and help advertise him, even if he looses or is killed. It's a vehicle to educate people with. As you posted from Alex Jones (I haven't had time to watch the video yet but I was already suspecting that the Wall Street protests could be controlled opposition) many people at these protests still don't understand the connection between the FED and corruption of government, continual war and their own enslavement. They are blaming capitalism (wall street is symbolic of this) but the problem is monopolyism (of the banks). Ron Paul is one of the best vehicles for education we have. It is amazing what a good job the MSM has done to keep the people in the dark about banker controlled corupt government and the constant wars that go with it. Thomas Jefferson understood this 200+ years ago!

"If the American people ever allow private banks
to control the issue of their money,
first by inflation and then by deflation,
the banks and corporations that will
grow up around them (around the banks),
will deprive the people of their property
until their children will wake up homeless
on the continent their fathers conquered." 

Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President
in 1802 in a letter to then Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin
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Max Igan - ECETI Interview - July 5th 2011 - 1/4 - YouTube

and what Max says about "the system" at the 8 minute mark in part 3 is spot on!

Max Igan - ECETI Interview - July 5th 2011 - 3/4 - YouTube

the whole interview is excellent!

New World Order Monetary System Video by Max Igan

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