Crop Circles: The DNA Connection

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 This is the website referred to at the end of the video:


Japan was hit with a HAARP attack resulting in a radiation release equalling one million atomic bombs. The radiation from the Japanese reactors will be able to cover the entire planet and everything in or on it and have  a destructive consequence upon our DNA and the human genome that is presently evolving from two stranded to 12 stranded DNA, and the result from that will configure a new human with enourmous powers of thought creation. We are in the midst of a nuclear war being thrust upon humanity to destroy and restructure our DNA before it mutates again to 12 strands. They are poisoning our food, our air, our water, our minds, our atmosphere, our thoughts and our DNA with radiation and HAARP frequencies to wipe out our human bloodline. They want to kill all of us and replace us with  a slave race with more compliant DNA. It is a blood fued between the Hatfields and the McCoys. I believe that Christ had children to introduce a new blood line to combat the reptilians who are now in political and military power. The reptilians are on the vertge of losing the war and are acting out of desperation. This is their last chance. We are being treated like cockroaches by them. The crop circles are a reminder of who we really are and where we are headed. The lizzies are stuck in place by their hate.

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Thanks Noa-

Great music, quite a nice meditative experience to just listen to the music and watch the crop circles. All creation (even that which is produced with the help of machines) begins with thought, DNA being the blueprints of life represent the transition from thought to creation. I like to think of it this way, at least, being a drafter by profession.


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