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This British lad was 15 years old when he made this speech.  (I'm still trying to find out his name.) Talk about Indigos... ~ Noa



Here's another one:

Join thousands of people in Trafalgar Square to protest on the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan.

Saturday 8th October, Trafalgar Square

The last ten years of war have been catastrophic. Tens of thousands killed in Afghanistan. A million killed in Iraq. Pakistan is on the brink of collapse. More than 550 British soldiers dead and now civilian casualities daily in Libya, the third western war on a Muslim country.

The killing goes on. Britain is spending £4.5 Billion on the wars in Libya and Afghanistan, as politicians insist on deep cuts to essential public services.

Veterans, school students, musicians, trade unionists, writers, academics, politicians, campaigners, and military families, will be occupying Trafalgar Square on Saturday 8 October, to show our opposition to war, representing the vast majorty of people in Britain who have opposed Britain's involvement in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Join us there.

Called by Stop the War

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One of the things I've been hearing about the people gathering on Wall Street is that it is a self-organizing group without an agenda. Some have decried this as a lack. I see it differently. Complex systems evolve new patterns of structure when the the fluctuations within the old structure exceed the capacity of the old structure to contain them. This is called the system's instability threshold. As any complex system exceeds its instability threshold, the old pattern constraining its organization dissipate.


At this point the system moves through a transitional phase which can appear chaotic because the old is disintegrating and the new structure/processes have not yet emerged. But because complex systems are in ongoing exchange of energy and information with their environment and because the morphogenetic seed of the new structures exist within the old structures, they self-organize into a higher order of complexity which can incorporate the dynamics which caused the old structure to break apart.


This is a description of the dynamic mechanism that is taking place in human consciousness within us individually and among us as clustered subsystems of human beings. What is taking place in New York is drawing more and more people and groups; it is spreading through out the nation and around the world. It is an upswelling wave of the inclusive and compassionate human spirit which builds on the Arab Spring, what happened in Madison Wisconsin and all the movements of the 60s & 70s, etc.


We are learning a new language of our common unity and our mutuality together and, we will get much better at being open hearted, integritous, inclusive and wise. Now is the time. Individually and together, we wake up!

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