The Story of your Enslavement

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I think it's a valid analogy and I agree with all points, but one.  The film claims that the "farmers" must control the cattle's freedom otherwise the cows would rebel against authority.  If Americans were so inclined to rebel, the majority of people would have protested against billion dollar bailouts, austerity measures, and TSA pat downs.  I'm afraid the masses have come to accept the cage without question.

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The "cattle" are now rebelling on Wall Street.

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As long as the cage has a big screen TV in it, beer and food in the fridge, video games, etc.

Bread and Circuses, just like days of Rome, bread and circuses...

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Aaaahhhhh, but the point is, many people are waking up.

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I was relating to your post which you ended with

"I'm afraid the masses have come to accept the cage without question"

Yes, their waking up.  Their waking up to The Morning Show and Morning Joe, LOL

we would have one hell of a revolution if all TV reception went away.  it is for this reason that I would love to see a massive EMP burst from a CME.  reminds me of the very end of Cable Guy when he falls on the reception dish and breaks it and all TV's go to snow...

come on Sun, bring us a big one!!!

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Look at the dates of my posts, Chris.  I updated my thoughts after Occupy Wall Street.  I guess you thought the first was a recent post and didn't notice the title of my second post.   Maybe I should've been more clear.

Things change and so do our thoughts about them.  That's how we grow.

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