What are your reactions when something, a thought/activity or action hits such resonance deep inside you

What are your reactions when something, a thought, activity or action hits such resonance deep inside you that you get an energy surge (its tough to describe)... iv given such occurrences some nick names exp's (enlightening chills, soul gasum, resonance feed back...) anyway i get moments that are so powerfully clear that i sliver, as if a sudden cold hit me but im not cold and vibrant energy permeates around me sometimes they will come in succession, iv had a few stay with me that the shiver response stops but am very aware of the presence. its always a powerful moment or realization, or deep presence that brings it about (for me) the feeling i get from it i guess is like being charged, in tuned, and extremely vibrant (i like it). Does anyone have a smiler occurrence or occurrences?  and what are your thoughts?

with peace and love your brother.


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I get these with some frequency. (I like your nicknames). When they happen, I pay attention.

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I've had the chills on rare moments.  When something beautiful touches me deeply, I usually stand breathlessly in awe and gratitude.  Other times, I tear up and sometimes cry. 

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I used to get a lot of these when I was your age-hehe. Never knew what was up but it felt OK...

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Awesome <3, im glad you all have/are experiencing these, iv noticed there now coming a lot when im planning out an activity that is really connected with my being, which is what im working on today, they kept me up last night to process some thing yet i feel very lively and rested, im starting to feel its like my compass pointing me on my path that most resonates with being me :), with much love all i find this very empowering with much much love your brother

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I've been getting those a lot lately.  I try to keep an anchor-point in my center near my heart, so that the energy rushes have a place to stick around and help me out throughout the day, if they can.  It seems to be helping!

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I've been seeing the "energy soup" that radiates from everything with more frequency lately.  I'll try to describe it for those that don't know what I mean.

I usually have to defocus or look out of the corner of my eye to see it.  The energy moves off of plants and even inanimate objects -- like carpet.  It moves in wispy tendrils and shifts to and fro like the water you see when snorkeling or diving.

Anyone else see this stuff?

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First off awesomeness all :)

I Had A Large Talk with a friend last night we were talking about all encumbering things :), anyway yeah we starting sharing our personal experiences with phenomena(which i can point to, not only it happen but i believe i understand the science behind some of them quite well) and other phenomena we personally have not been a party to, anyway Noa iv had a few times in my life a very similar occurrence, and have been having this happen with more and more frequency, im becoming sensitive to it, really cool, i believe message school helped me with this too, you become in tune to energies when working at that field (at least for me and a large number of class mates) with love your brother

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is usually spontaneous weeping, tears of joy

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a lot of tingling sensations around my head the last year or so, especially at the very top of each side of the top back of my head, like right at the point where my horns would be, lol!  But seriously, I get these intense tingles quite often most intensely in those two places which then cascade down the rest of my body when I have extremely positive or lucid moments.  I keep wondering what's going to happen when it finally strikes my heart, not sure I'll be able to withstand such a momentous jolt of energy!  So so far mainly in my head.

And I've seen what you're talking about Noa.  I remember a couple times lying in the grass on a sunny day and seeing through my sort of blurred out vision a slanting shower of what I could only call electrons or atomic particles raining down from above.  I became acutely aware that what we're breathing is very alive, like water to a fish.  Looking forward to learning how to swim!

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I don't know if this is a related topic or not, but under the heading of strange, natural phenomena here's something interesting that happened to me one day.

I was standing on my front porch (in the States) when, suddenly, it began to rain in a 15 foot stream in front of me and nowhere else.  It was like the heavens opened up and beamed down a shaft of raindrops especially for me.  The rain shaft slowly moved diagonally across my line of sight and gradually towards me, then it vanished as mysteriously as it appeared.  The entire event lasted only about 5-8 seconds.

I asked myself if that was a message from someone and I kept alert for the next few weeks for anything meaningful, but I never figured it out.

Weird, huh?

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Noa, this event certainly shows that things aren't quite the way we have been conditioned to see them.

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Hi Thomas and friends,

Those energy shivers that run up the spine when you are in a deep place of love or touch a place of resonant connection with your soul purpose are commonly called kriyas in India and among my friends and others who do energy work. It is likely a small burst of the kundalini energy which resides in the base of the spine that is activated by connection to something much bigger than our egoic selves.

I've been experiencing kriyas, which I also call energetic orgasms, on a regular basis for over 10 years now. They run really strong when I am connecting with certain people with whom I have a soul connection or in groups where we are doing powerfully transformative work together. I love it!

Thanks to all here for sharing your experiences along these lines. And thanks particularly to you, Thomas, for bringing your sweet heart energy to this place. I love how both you and Nynia have added a lot of rich heart energy and caring to the Gathering Spot. Have a great one!

With shimmering love, joy, and gratitude,

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