Are You Legally Required to Pay Income Tax?


Seriously considering never filing my return again.

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     to ask for proof of the law requiring me to pay income tax. I haven't filed in 5 years, and won't file again. But, they have sent many people to prison for refusing to pay. So, will that response really protect me? I guess I will find out, sooner or later.....

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Did you know that 100% of your federal income taxes go to pay the interest on the debt that the government owes to the Federal Reserve Bank?  It's a debt than can never be repaid.  Money to pay for public services, like roads, are all borrowed from the Fed.  (Actually, every dollar printed is borrowed from the Fed.) 

Somehow we've been taught that it's honorable to pay taxes -- that we're patriots or humanitarians for supporting the greater good.  Humbug!  Have you noticed how many big wigs at the top have been exposed for dodging their share of taxes?  Paying income tax is essentially only for us poor, enslaved peons.

It would be great if the public got wise and stopped paying taxes en masse, but as noted above, there are risks involved.  So I don't know what the solution is.  Maybe as the dirty dealings become more and more exposed to the public eye, we'll see more and more people refusing to play the game.

Thanks for refreshing this post.  It's a timely issue with tax day just weeks away.


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Here's another prediction that the dollar will soon collapse.  This one, by Max Keiser, coincides with April 15th.  Since the value of the dollar is being manipulated, it kinda makes sense to me that the PTW would squeeze what little currency remains in the coffers of the middle class before completing their deliberate devaluation of the USD.

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This clip at the top come from the full length film America: From Freedom to Fascism and can easily be found anywhere on the internet.

Sorry to kind of be a voice of fear here but almost eveyone in the film clip at top has done some time in prison. I know for sure that Shirley Jackson and Joe Bannister did. (The film is not untruthful but both got sent to prison after this film was released) Unfortunately, frequently the judges simply disreguard the law (or lack of it) and send people to prison in spite of the truthfulness of the claims here. So if you have family members dependant on your time and/or ability to support them I would definitely caution against not paying taxes.

One of the best educational devices you can use in learning about the best way to remove yourself from the system was a book by Pete Hendrickson. He also spent a few years in jail but many of his follows were sucessful, some weren't. It's all just kind of a crap shoot so you are really taking your chances....

I'm actually hoping people will drop this subject as I'm a bit worried about possible consequences for the g-spot.



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