Tesla v.s. Edison: epic rap battles of history

Tesla is so seriously my hero that I send healing thoughts to him in the past when he was an old man sitting around his hotel room...(if anybody could receive them it would be him)

And I just saw some stupid magazine cover praising Edison like he was a saint or something...I grudgingly admire his accomplishments but Nicola was the Man... and a hero

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    I didn't know that this "series" existed. They really said it well too! I have been downloading things like this to play for my students in china, I run them as the students are coming in, between classes, then, if they seem interested, we try to discuss them. Ha! This one wtll be too fast for them, but I will print the lyrics for them if they are interested...Thanks alot,,,I'm going to watch a few of the others as well,,,,,,,T

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There are so many amazing people in history that have been cut down too early - simply because their potential was a threat to the "way things are".  


Brian, I've been looking for the info you provided on the man who was working on home sized generators based on free energy.  Any updates on that lately?  I'm quite uncomfortable using natural gas in my home for heat and hot water, knowing that it is extracted using hydrofracking.  I've got to do something about it, and really need it to be a sustainable approach.


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Thanks for turning me on to the Epic Rap Battles of History series.  So clever and funny!

Here's a link to more battles:  https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=epic+rap+battles+of+history&oq=epic+r&gs_l=youtube-reduced.1.0.0l4.255.4324.0.6362.

It's a long link, so if it doesn't work, search Youtube for "Epic Rap Battles of History"

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The guy with the cold fusion home heat generators stuff seems to be languishing. Some people think he is a fake (a friend just sent me a cold email saying "I told you so") and others think he is just taking a long time to get things done. He made claims about progress creating a factory in the US for the small home heating units but told a regulator "he has no factory in the US and the device emits no radiation" both contrary to claims he has made publicly.(even tiny amounts of radiation you can shield must be declared)

I don't know if he's a fake or if it's all explainable. I DO know there are genuine energy conservation and free energy technologies that have been suppressed so...
 Solar works NOW and is available NOW. Some states have amazing discounts to offset installation costs.

good luck

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   I believe in cold fusion,,,regardless of whether this guy is the one to get it on the market or not. It fits right in with the new physics. Black Elk, the famous lakota man, spoke of nuclear power more than once.He said that man had made a big mistake by splitting the atom,,,but,,,,there was another way to harness nuclear power that would eventually manifest, and would be safe and clean. It was funny, hearing this old native American man speak about nuclear power so matter of factly. I didn't know this guy was trying to open a factory in America, it doesn't make any sense! Here lies the heart of the problem, so I thought he might try to manufacture overseas somewhere. Regulations in america are made to prevent things like this from happening. 

   I love solar power, and wrote a letter to Obama when his website was open(before he got elected,,haha!), suggesting he take the closed down factories, and coal workers, and train them to build solar panels and systems,and hydrogen converters for cars in america. Do like Brazil did, and convert autos in a one year program, and cut emissions by more than half,,,he would be a hero! Brazil did it, but not with hydrogen,they converted to that biofuel,made from corn I think. Unfortunately, the average price to solarize a home is about 35,000 dollars, especially in states with high incentives. The contractors justify the high price by saying you will get it back in tax incentives. All these things could be much more affordable if they were mass produced, and more research was done to improve the efficiency. There is a man who started a company several years ago,,,Namaste solar. He was out of Colorado. Everyone in his company made the same wage, and shared in the profit. He advertised that he would do most homes for 10,000 dollars, and small commercial businesses. In a month, he was booked for the next 5 years.I am wondering how he is doing now,,,I'm gonna look him up.....

    I have often wondered what the government/military does to power all their secret bases,,,,I doubt they are running a hotwire to the local grid,ha! I suspect they are already using some of the techniques that have mysteriously disappeared from the public eye

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" I have often wondered what the government/military does to power all their secret bases,,,," allegedly Rossi sold his first "eCat" generator to the US military, but through a non disclosure thing. A large number of witnesses were present at various runnings of his equipment and found no fault, fakery.

 I usually want to know the "truth" about things, yes/no, true/false but since I put a lot of intentional work into his progress I thought I should keep my mind open to all possible ways this could come out positively. I have seen some miracles recently where things turned out well when there wasn't any realistic hope for it so I figure it's best not to attach to how it looks until the fat lady sings (or even afterward).

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Or Project Camelot interviewees say the black ops are 10,000 years ahead of us...

Hey here's the Making Of version of the tesla edison thingy

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