Galactic History and the Future of Humanity

As this forum has recently become focused upon the phenomena of Archons, I'd like to add this interview with Andrew Bartzis.  In this one, he defines the 15 beings who created the Archons and explains their agenda. 

If you go to Bartzis's website, he offers a list of soul contract removal documents to help eliminate their control.

To someone just learning about multi-dimensional beings, this stuff probably sounds way out there but for those who are ready to move to the next level, this information could prove to be very useful.


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Hey Noa,

In my post, "More on Archons and Our Part in the story. Avatar Energy Mastery. - See more at:, the interviews linked there are with Bartzis. He has also hooked up with a couple of guys (Michael Monk and Peter Shelton) who have this website dealing with these Archons by teaching the mastery of energy.

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