First off, let me give a warm welcome to all the newcomers to this forum, it's great to see some new faces here!  This is a great place to share and work out concerns about the many troubling - and exciting - issues facing us today.  So please feel free to share both the frivolous and those deep core issues.

With that said, I was reading an old article about the UFO phenomenon and came across something that struck me.  When describing where they possibly came from the writer wrote "from out of space" instead of outer space.  Upon reflection this began making more and more sense.  In one stroke it wiped out the geographical/distance element and ushered in something else entirely, something bordering on the fantastic and other worldly.  Is it possible that it was never intended to be "outer space" at all but that that phrase was conveniently latched onto by the disinfo agents?  Honestly, I guess both work and have their uses, but I really like the idea that they come from "out of space" and not from far away.  And no, I'm not a big UFO guy, but that was one of those "ah-ha" moments for me that opened up new possibilities. 

Another one was in reading and listening to Mark Passio's work.  I began perusing his sight What On Earth Is Happening - Podcasts and listening to his podcasts.  Included with each podcast are some images which relate to his talk.  All of these images are pretty spot on but one in particular having to do with the word anarchy caught my attention.  First off, I like the way he uses his background in Latin and Greek to break down the meanings of the words.  Once I finally took an interest in learning I'd always wished I'd had a formal understanding of Greek and Latin since they make up the roots of most of our words, which make no sense to those who don't have a background in these languages.  Here's his breakdown of anarchy:  ANARCHY:  From the Greek prefix an- :  without; the absence of & the Greek noun archon :  master; ruler.  Anarchy does NOT mean "without rules."  It literally means "without rulers."  No Rulers.  No Masters.  Passio's full of such great insights, can't recommend him enough.

Alright, sorry if this is one of my more frivilous posts but I would love to hear other insights that people have had, sort of a "things that make you go 'huh . . .'" post, you could say.

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Years ago, Guru Maharaji described the place to perceive God's presense as "within inside" of you.  That makes perfect sense to me.


Don't forget that Mark Passio also breaks the word government down to the Latin verb gubernare: "to control," and the Latin noun mens: "mind." 

Thank you, Sir, may I have another?

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When I was deep into Christianity in high school, these passages stuck out for me as having a deeper transformative meaning. Even now, when I take in the deeper meaning, I feel a shiver and a warmth run through me.

  • The kingdom of heaven is within you.
  • Be still and know that I am God.
  • I am in the Father and the Father is in me.
  • You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.
  • Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.
  • Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat; or about your body, what you will wear.
  • Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.


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Those words do have the real beauty and power to send shivers and if we truly contemplate them we can discover some real truth as well.  "Seek first" speaks volumes as to where we put out attention each day.  It's funny, I tried to read through the whole Bible soon after high school using one of those student versions that had me skip back and forth, first reading some passages from the Old Testament and then some from the New.  I must say I enjoyed some of the New Testament, but after getting about two-thirds of the way through both I got so intensely turned off by what I was reading in the Old Testament that I could go no further and never picked it up again.  I thought, "Disgusting, no wonder the world's such a mess.  This God is a menace; this is what people are praising every Sunday?" 

If the Bible had been full of more passages like the one above I would have finished reading it.  I'm guessing that's a passage from the New Testament.  It reminds me of words attributed to Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas, a book full of nothing but passages that speak of heaven being within and not some pie in the sky afterlife, that put the power of attaining God consciousness squarely on our own shoulders attained by our own efforts.  Thanks for sharing such a great passage.

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Yes, most of the passages are from the New Testament, but "Be still and know that I am God" is from Psalms. I couldn't get through most of the Old Testament either, although there are many gems there as well.

I only read the gospel of Thomas once, it does seem to have a lot of passages that hint at non-duality. Maybe I'll read it again tonight; I always found with the Bible that sometimes I might skim over a certain passage and find it incomprehensible, and the next time I read it I am pierced down to my soul.

There was something you said that caught my eye:

"...that put the power of attaining God consciousness squarely on our own shoulders attained by our own efforts"

While I agree that there is no need to look outside ourselves for wisdom, truth, acceptance, or approval, I also put forward the possibility that God consciousness, Nirvana, enlightenment, etc. cannot be attained through personal effort.

Why? Because you cannot hope to find or attain that which you already are.



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I don't agree that it is yet true in practice.  Let me explain myself.  If reincarnation is true, and there are many, many studies and books out there now which show that this is the case, then what is the point of returning again and again if not to learn and grow from each successive life.  And what I think this growing boils down to is decisions or choices.  Mark Passio did a nice job in his Natural Law seminar by boiling the major sins down to one - THEFT.  Examples are:  killing is stealing someone else's life; rape is stealing someone else's privacy or consent; bearing false witness or lying is stealing someone else's honor or integrity; etc., you get the idea.  And in this life we are continually faced with tough choices brought about by lack of money, food, shelter, health, etc.  One could almost look at this life in particular as having been manipulated to bring about such situations of lack in order to truly test our character and see what we're made of, to bring about such situations when we are defined by our decisions:  will we stand up for the weak when they are being bullied, when we would be the only voice of reason in an angry mob set on "justice"; will we be honest and avoid lying even when it seems trivial or when the implications are just too severe; will we avoid stealing that loaf of bread when we are broke and starving; will we give selflessly when someone else is in need, and without that subtle ego gratification of spiritual superiority; when temptation presents itself, will we refrain from acting on it or lusting after another, even in thought?  You could go on and on with such scenarios and the subtleties and degrees of difficulty are so many shades of gray, it's rarely, if ever, black and white as we've all come to discover.  And I still come up short in many of these areas, still have much room for improvement. 

Listen, I'm not trying to change anyone's religious beliefs here, but I hold the view that Jesus went through years and years of overcoming and refining himself and his abilities until he reached that state of consciousness where healings came instantly.  The Bible conveniently (or strategically) leaves the majority of his life out.  We see him as a baby and then suddenly he's an adult embodiment of God performing so-called miracles.  But if he's God then who does he incessantly pray to in the early part of his mission.  I hold the belief that he became an embodiment of God, as we all can, as he alluded to many times, because of his unceasing efforts.  It seems the Bible, or those who chose which books would make up the Bible and which wouldn't make the cut, left out that portion of his life and teachings because they would show the masses how he achieved that state of consciousness and how we all can as well.  Back then there were what are called the Mystery Traditions and many different branches of Mystery Schools that taught those who were ready to sheer themselves of ego or the base desires and truly become one with spirit in thought, word and deed.  From the books I've read this was not an easy feat and involved many difficult initiations which helped them overcome their fears.  Drunvalo Melchizedek's Flower of Life book shows one such initiation involving a difficult submersion in water, past large winding rocks until the initiate reached a small hole letting him/her out into the bottom of a pool where when coming out and finally seeing some light far above s/he would see many massive crocodiles swimming about.  Now the novice would be desperately out of breath by this point and with the added fear overtaking them, either turn around or rush to the top in a helpless panic for air only to find s/he had failed the test.  Those that passed the test remained calm enough to discover another small hole at the bottom of the other side of the pool that entered another dark winding passageway which eventually let them out the other side free from harm.  I've read other books that showed there were initiations for whatever were your areas of weakness, vanity, lust, fear, anger, dishonesty, envy, lack of love or compassion, etc., and some were severe, where failure meant death.  Now why would these mystery schools go to such lengths?  And why were they "mystery" schools at all, that most people knew nothing about? 

Well if such places existed one could only guess that Jesus certainly learned much from these, life's, mysteries and passed through such initiations on his way to true oneness with Source or God or All That Is.  I would go one further and say that all of us here today are going through similar tests and trials in our everyday lives, some minor and some more severe, and our decisions and choices are the actions, the efforts, that direct our lives and hone our character.  How much we are prepared to handle will be demonstrated by our actions.

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Francis, I just started listening to Passio, and went through the New Age bullshit seven hour seminar, and the Natural Law which was just under nine.  Those 16 hours really cut deep, and probably more than any other presentation really forced me to look soberly at some of the choices I am making in what I pay attention to, and what I put time into. 

I loved your bit about Jesus' life, and your speculation that his education was purposefully edited out of the Bible; sounds plausible to me.  Your example of the Mystery School swimming test reminded me of some of the demanding trials that the mystic philosopher and author Gurdjieff used to put his acolytes through; breaking the ego down can be very challenging to be sure (I guess this is what basic training the military does to some extent).  The ego does NOT want to give up the "captain's chair," and is a formidible adversary (as the movie "Revolver" deftly illustrates) in that it tricks you into believing that it IS you (or some variant of your "best friend").

Your idea about this life being a series of "tests" is really what a lot of mythological narratives and fairy tales are all about -- to give us a "head's up" so we'll be more likely to make the moral choice when the particular test comes up.  We used to have rituals to prepare us for these developmental tests, too, but alas, about the only rite of passage an adolescent goes through these days is getting a driver's license. 

A lot of these tests  (for which you gave many splendid examples) have an archetypal character that changes subtly on the surface over time with, for example, the arrival of new technologies, but are really at their core about what Passio is getting at when he boils every unnatural act down to some kind of theft.  It's the equivalent of trying to get the gold ring without slaying the dragon, and pushing the hardship or "payment" on to someone else, or forsaking the responsibility to take the test at all, and accepting a mediocre life (which is where I place myself at the present moment and, coincidentally, I wrote a blog piece about recently if anyone is interested).

You mention that you think that the moral choices we are presented with are "rarely black and white," but I'm not so sure after absorbing Passio's natural law seminar.  One of the best things about that presentation was that it gave me a useful barometer for assessing what is "right" and what is "wrong," and having an appreciable degree of certainty about it.  Relieving myself of the moral relativism I picked up from being around a lot of New Age type people when I was trying to get a psychic business online running was like having a huge P.C. millstone taken from around my neck.

Anyway, I really loved what you posted and many thanks for a great read.

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there is more in heaven and earth...  it's the illusions of time and space that so confound us.  the choices remain regardless of the circumstance.  sometimes people have to be shocked out of the reference of their preconceived notions.  real life and death type stuff.  but the unreality and madness of a world at war has driven most of us crazy, and hollywood doesn't usually help with that.  but i loved revolver and i loved tron:legacy in that they showed that interrelation of creator and creation and how ultimately we are responsible for EVERY PART of this thing...  if we'd just stop trying to define it all, freedom would inherently follow.  and not all of us can be as wise as solomon.

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thanks for the insightful feedback.  You sound like someone who's been on the path for quite a while.  The subject of Gurdjieff continues to present itself, he enters into the most unlikely places.  I've been interested in reading some of his stuff but honestly, there's just too much of it to take it seriously or to know where to begin.  Would you have a particular book or writing to recommend as a starting point?  He sounds like a fascinating human being, akin to those in the Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East books by Baird Spalding. 

As far as your reference to the military, I would definitely agree accept to say that the purpose is altogether different which you already know if you're familiar with Passio's work.  And the bit about black and white was more a reference to how tangled up we can get in our own creations, the whole what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive scenario, it can get muddy and complicated to a Shakespearean or Dostoyevskian degree so that what once was a clear and easy decision as to what was right or wrong no longer presents itself that way, and now your "right" decision may have dire consequences for either yourself or someone you love (because of maybe how long you've avoided making the right decision) making the choice that much more difficult and trying. 

Btw, I know what you mean by wanting to hit the reset button.  I was there most of my life and it's only recently I feel I've really started pulling myself out.  But don't get me wrong, I still have my accompanying shadow crouching there waiting for the sun to go down.  Don't know what else to say except that I know how you feel.  The majority of the time I'm amazed I made it this far and I'm happy I didn't do anything to change that, while a small minority of the time I wonder why and what for?  Hang in there brother and thanks for the nice feedback.

(btw, i tried to edit these Gurdjieff's out to no avail)

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I was in the Gurdjieff work for about 12 years (left in 1996) and my wife is still in it, so I/we can probably help you get acquained if that's what you want.

As for an intoduction to his teachings, we'd recommend not a book by Gurdjieff himself, but one by a man named Jean Vaysse titled Toward Awakening: And approach to the teachings brought by Gurdjieff.  It's well written and relatively short, but it's packed with the essence and practical applicaton of G's teaching.

But if you want something by Gurdjieff himself, with much more autobiographical material, you might consider Life is Real Only Then, when I AM and/or Meetings with Remarkable Men (almost entirely autobiographical, fascinating)You could watch a full-length feature film of Meetings..., which has the "genuineness" of having been made by the Gurdjieff Foundation, which officially carries G 's Work today. I recommend that you check out their website at .  There's a number of self-styled Gurdjieff leaders or teachers out there, so beware.  It's easy to get lost in the the structure and content of this very rich tradition and lose sight of the essence, and I think most of the self-styled presenters of the Work are in that category.

But before you acquire or spend time with any of these books/film, check out their content online or at the book store first to be sure it's what you want. 

As I said, I'm happy to help you out as best I can, if you like.  Happy hunting.

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I was the one who asked about G.  Thanks for the pointers where books are concerned.  I watched that movie not too long ago and thought it was very good, a nice slow mover that gets to the heart of the matter.  As you point out, not sure if I want to tackle such a massive subject, it seems they've pretty much made a new religion of this man's work. 

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Sorry, Francis.  "Greg" (in your subject line) just stuck in my mind...

Well, it's certainly not a religion, but it's easy to get way involved in it.  It tends to be a bit of an ingrown community in some places.  But that's not unusual in "spiritual" communities.  One mistake that the Work does not make is making itself out to be the best way.  It is, in fact, the new kid on the block.  Gurdjieff supposedly said that his Work/teaching would last two generations.  But who knows?

In any case, anyone who gets into the full-fledged Work has to learn a whole new language, description, and cosmology, which is a bit daunting in itself.  Still, it's a valid path to waking up and works well for some folks.

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I really appreciate your heartfelt perspectives. I have not yet heard of Mark Passio and the Natural Law, it sounds very interesting. I recently found for myself that one of my core focuses has been on lack and scarcity, and like you say, from that perspective, one tends to see things in more of a 'dog eat dog' mentality and make choices that ultimately boil down to theft.

I agree that over lifetimes, there seems to be a growing, learning, and refining happening on some levels; and an idea I have is that paradoxically, on another level, everything is already fulfilled. Maybe that could be characterized as one's connection with God or higher self.

Or perhaps, as Greg suggested, I'm just fooling myself and self-justifying over accepting a mediocre life. As the flashlight shines in the dark corners of the attic, a lot of dust and cobwebs can be found. Yet conviction has been such a double-edged sword, immobilizing me in self-judgement and despair over how far I've missed the mark. I feel that my life's path has been leading me through the immobilization to help me see the deeper level of connection and fulfillment, and so shift from victim to creator; lack to abundance; complaint to gratitude. 

I'm struggling to find a way to describe how the shift in perspective helps; it's the difference between trying to force myself to work towards a fixed image in my mind by sheer willpower and ignoring what else is important in the process, versus taking conviction as an invitation for growth and healing in an intuitive, dynamic process that shifts in each moment to include everything around me.

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try reading beelzebub's tales to his grandson.  it provides background concepts/parameters behind/wrapped up in a story where he made up a lot of his own language.  supposed to break your mind of its habitual way of processing according to this paradigm/UNreality and get you to see what's at work behind the veil...  if you don't LOSE your mind in the process! ;)

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btw, it's available in free pdf format...  i never could get through the whole thing, but a friend did and he only went minorly crazy (according to this world's standards).  i decided to take on the schwaller de lubicz's instead.  i'm still trapped under the WEIGHT of the temple of man...  help!  someone get this enormous book off of me!

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heartfelt response Trish.  I understand the core focus on lack and scarcity.  It seems hard to avoid in this life since it's all been so cleverly manipulated to appear that way - "use less water," "oil's almost out," "we need a carbone tax," "not enough food for so many people," "only one child in China," "not enough money for teachers or schools," "not enough energy, the grid's going down," it's all a bunch of B.S!  All we need is a true understanding of the laws of life and then to learn to work together and cooperate instead of compete and kill each other, then this world will truly be the world of abundance it was always meant to be.  I completely concur with the "shift from victim to creator; lack to abundance; complaint to gratitude;" it's all a state of mind and a change in perspective, not to mention a deeper understanding of the game being played.  Appreciated your thoughtful response and look forward to hearing more from you. 

p.s. i did not write anything below this line and when I go to the edit page to edit it out it's not even there.

shift from victim to creator; lack to abundance; complaint to gratitude.  - See more at:
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Beautiful chain of responses you guys. I have no such depth to my own reading and study toward bettering meself...but Trish, you might enjoy the lighthearted book I'm reading now called The Trance of Scarcity. I have also struggled with lack and/or fear around it. The author took a big weight off my shoulders and I feel better about the world and the future. She put her finger on happiness in a way that I could understand and remember. Cool that it cost me maybe $3 used on Amazon. BTW remember to use Amazon via the Gathering Spots or PEERS special deal. (Ask Fred for the link) to support the sites.

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I still struggle with a scarcity mentality from time to time; just this morning it was hitting me hard - woke up with the "I'm not good enough" feeling and mental guilt tapes playing full force. Today at least I could recognize it as something that was just happening, like a wave passing over. I had a good cry, invited the feeling in a little deeper than before, and it passed over just in time to take my daughter to a birthday party. :-)

Starmonkey, thanks for the Beelzebub's Tales book idea; I think I'll pass for now because I'm not sure if I want to up the ante on my crazy levels ;-P

Brian, thanks for the Trance of Scarcity book recommendation, it sounds interesting and I'll be sure to check it out.


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It probably deserves it's own thread but because it follows up on a point I was trying to make with Greg about doing the right thing I thought I'd put it here.  I've been fascinated with Tom Bearden ever since seeing Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point, which you can see here:   In the YouTube video below he goes into depth about what's keeping free energy from making it to use for the population in mass.  The whole video is excellent but at the 20 minute mark he really nails it, elaborating on what's really at work and at stake here.  He touches upon a subject that's probably been around since the Fall, one where the wolves play upon our human weaknesses to their own advantage, one where our deepest buried secrets and human frailties are masterfully weighed and used against us in a game that's crafted to keep us in the box.  It rings of Jesus' trials of forty days and forty nights and I can't help but think that his years of training helped him to defeat and overcome such baiting.  In bringing up this point, Bearden also elucidates what the NSA's real purpose is.  I can't help but think how they masterfully use this massive information gathering in their covert campaign to keep the truth from making it to the mainstream and listening to Bearden one can only imagine how long it's actually been in use.

While this was taped around the time of Steven Greer's 2001 National Press Conference, the fact that his dire predictions didn't come true is a hopeful sign that all is not lost.  While this whole video is excellent, if you're short for time, please start at 20 minutes and then again at the 37 minute mark where he goes into manipulation and shortcomings of the scientific community as well.



▶ Pulling Energy from the Vacuum - Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden - YouTube

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Don't know why your link isn't working, Francis, but here it is again...

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Many thoughts arising from all the responses.  First some basic stuff.

I read Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson in the late 80s when I first started upon the spiritual seeker's path (with the help of a lot of coffee).  The only part I remember well was how it convinced me that there was once a technologically advanced civilization on Mars at one time, and that they had actively interacted with us here on Earth after Mars was decimated by the planet that exploded and became our asteroid belt.

As far as what Gurdjieff book I would recommend, I always thought P. D. Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous gave a good flavor of what the man and his metaphysical views encompassed.  Haven't really been interested him in years, though.

During this time period, I was also reading a lot of Jung and the I Ching, got my first natal chart done (kind of funny you can get them for free now, while I had to pay $150 in 1987 dollars), and took a look at numerology.  So yeah, Francis, I guess you can say I've been on the "path" for awhile.  I've always thought this planet was fucked up and the people running it were crazy, and that the whole idea of forced labor for bodily survival was just to keep us busy so we didn't ever have time to discover our genuine spiritual value (the Free Energy documentary tends to back this premise up).  This keeps me locked into a kind of perpetually pissed off/despairing victim role most of the time unfortunately, so naturally I haven't gotten very far with this searching.

I like David Wilcock's idea that this whole archetypal idea of the hero's quest that Campbell syntesized in his classic Hero With a Thousand Faces is like an endlessly replicating feedback loop we are all stuck in until we figure out that we can actually evolve to something higher.  Those in control know this, and having this knowledge they manipulate this reality with a zillion distractions and blind alleys for searchers like us, and throw in a lot of mind control (Trance of Scarcity; nice) to make us hate ourselves so we don't have the persistence and commitment to unify with others and finally throw them out on their collective psychopathic asses.

Trish's comment is kind of a counterpoint to this attitude:

"I feel that my life's path has been leading me through the immobilization to help me see the deeper level of connection and fulfillment, and so shift from victim to creator; lack to abundance; complaint to gratitude."

Sometimes I feel like that.  My brother is selling his house, and he lives nearby, so last week his daughter was bringing his three small dogs over when the realtor was showing the house.  It is hard to be stuck in shitsville when you have three excited and enthusiastic dogs hopping around you.  Yesterday, however, he signed the contract for the new house, so no more doggie antidepressants for now.

But that just goes to illustrate how shallow this disaffecting, dark and lugubrious feeling of "what's the use?" really is.

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and the determination of monks in achieving nothing shows that you can't WILL it to happen.  our worlds have to break down and fall apart in order to create space for something else.  all great existential dilemmas stem from this.  revisiting pkd's exegesis and it helps to remind me that when we come up to the edge, we can't hang out there for too long.  although i've been in a holding pattern for about fifteen years now.  i'm still pessimistically optimistic!  but i definitely hear you on the "what's the use" thing.  you can't help people who can't help themselves.  no one's going to save us.

and the repeating pattern/replicating loop thing continues until we break it or...  y'know.  thank you sir, may i have another!  until we say "yes" instead of "no".  stop pretending to be other than ourselves (if you know who you are) and embrace and embody it.  i just showed up to the party too early and it's not ready for me yet, so i'll wait and see if it reaches some point of mutual acceptance...

p.s. greg, you should check out the basic premises of philip k dick's exegesis, because some of your musings up there fit right in with his concepts of an insane god and "the empire never ended".  peeps like christ and buddha were sent into the system as viruses from within to break its hold.  if you attack it from without, well, they have WAY more guns and shit than any of us, so that's a mistake.

Starmonkey's picture

oh, and we won't be throwing any one out on their collective asses.  that's what happened to us!  we'll just take all their toys (i.e. power) away and put them in time-out.  they need to spend some time by/with themselves for AWHILE.  so, while we all kick it in the golden age, they can watch from the nursery.

GregH3000's picture

OK, I'll look into Exegesis, the premise sounds fascinating.  I have never read him, but have enjoyed the movies based on his writings.

When you say "that's what happened to us," I don't quite get what you're saying there.  My point with that comment was my feeling that the only real resistance to removing the negatively polarized from power was the rest of us learning how to deal with the stresses they impose upon us systemically, and prioritizing our time and attention towards creating viable alternatives that can thrive outside of their control grid. Like Buckminster Fuller said (paraphrasing here), don't fight to bring down the old system, just create a better one.

Here is one example of some wayshowers that are moving in this direction that will hopefully illustrate what I'm talking about.  Key to the long term success of this kind of alternative community is being as "off the grid" as possible, and that means cheap energy, and this is one example that looks to be coming online soon.

I'm sympathetic to your notion that "our worlds have to break down and fall apart in order to create space for something else," but I think we can be proactive about hastening that falling apart process. Just withdrawing our energy and value as much as possible from this corrupt and psychopathic system, as many more are doing now through escalating deeds of noncompliance, can be tremendously effective in inspiring others to have the courage to break away from "business as usual" and normalcy bias type thinking.



GregH3000's picture

Just a side note here....

I was doing some research on Philip K Dick and his work, and came across this quote reminded of Robert Monroe's "rote" term (defined as a "thought bundle") in his Far Journeys book that I've been reading (due to someone posting a link to a free pdf. in a thread that Fred started):

"It did not think in the sense that we think.  We think in digital, syntactical, verbal, integers... it did not think in verbal terms.... it thought in pure concepts,  without words.  But it knew without rationcination.  It transferred to my mind concepts, that in seven years of trying to articultate them in works, I've only now been able to reduce them..."

[This quote was included in a Robert Crumb graphic illustration story based on Dick's interviews and writings regarding his visionary experience in February/March 1974. ]

Thanks for giving me a trailhead to delve into, Starmonkey.  This should keep me busy for a few days and thus much less existentially distraught.  Going to view a PKD documentary now.

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I'm intrigued by how many people believe the world has to fall apart in order to reach a newer, more expanded level. I love my life here and feel I am already living pretty fully in the new paradigm.

What I am coming to beleive is that many of the people who feel the world needs to fall apart are not very happy with their lives. Maybe their world needs to fall apart (let go of everything), so that something new can be born. I personally don't need my world to fall apart, as already love it, and I'm getting to love it more every day.

I suspect one of the reasons my life becomes ever richer is that I have fully embraced the dark side as an ally. The dark side is just as divine as the light side for me. Two sides of the same coin. Fear is a powerful teacher for me. And yes, I have known deep fear and even terror - even in this last year - and I came out grateful for the experience. What if literally everything can be our teacher if we allow it to?

When I recognize that everything that presents itself to me in its core comes from the same divine source as I do, then I am in an eternal dance with the divine. And I'm finding life to be amazing rich and fun. I wish all of you all the best in finding more love and meaning in everything you encounter in life.

With heart and soulfelt love and warmest wishes,

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   Or,,,at least,,,I have been at times....Personally, I think there are a lot of reasons we fall into that mindset. In this time of transformation, we are taught to stand back and look at the bigger picture. Told to liken the world transformation to that of a worm morphing into a butterfly. Or, as an organism built of billions  of cells,where so many,(no longer needed) have to die off as part of the transformation. These aren't excuses,,,just observations, things that can easily lead us down that road.

   When we are exposed to the history(up to this point) of the constant and ruthless oppression of newI technologies, the poisoning and control of the food supply,things on this scale, I think it is easy for one to think there is no other way than the collapse of the system as we know it. Like I said,,,just observations...

  So, even well meaning people who are trying to educate us by showing us the big picture can set us on this path, or mindset. They have helped many awaken , but,,at the same time, if you fall into that belief, you can be just as trapped as you were before "waking up". I guess that's where playing with the dark side comes in,,,as, if you just scorn,,or blame those who are pointed at as you learn about those in control,,you get nowhere. And how many of us here have voiced our concern about all those who seem to still be asleep? Haha!

  The answer? You won't get it from me! I like your answer though fred,,,,by exploring your own dark side, you are able to see both sides of the picture, and acknowledge that we are all doing our part,,,,or,,,playing our part.  A simple example would be,,,If I sit out on the street,,,here in China,and just watch what's going on,,sooner or later, I will notice someone throw, or drop a bottle on the ground. I may shake my head at them, calling them a litterbug,,,but,,,if I just sit still for a few more minutes,,,another person will be along  and snatch it up!, so happy to have found another 5 cents without having to dig through a pile of garbage! Yeah,,it's a simple example of the balance of in the anthill, butit works for me at this point. It doesn't convince me to throw my empties on the ground,,,just to understand the nature of things a little better. 

    Oh, one more thought! About the letting go.....I agree 100 percent! I believe that the trap lies between the "stages" of transformation. It takes a lot of "letting go" for many just to get through the transformation course. But, I think it is easy to get "stuck" there,,,as it is easy to take the information as yet another set of "beliefs", you know,,,letting go of one set by embracing another. There lies the trap! What is the next step? Letting go of all it took to free us from the other stuff ! haha! Once again, I agree that by embracing all aspects of ourselves, and realizing that, no matter what we may think consciously, we are all capable of all the atrocities we see on a daily basis.....

   I have really grown weary of trying to explain things to myself,,,,I love reading all the points of view in this post,,,yet,,it can all be summed up by thos famous words,,,,,Go within! L,,,,T


Starmonkey's picture

mixed up "the world" with "individual worlds".  babylon.  of course it doesn't have to fall apart.  that's the challenge to us "light-bringers"...  and the rampant selfishness of the major world religions who think it's their right as representatives of "god" to dictate over life and death.  and the new paradigm is already there in the midst of the old one breaking down.  being built on higher levels, so to speak.  and then trickling down into form...  and, i suppose since we can't agree on a conceptual program, it may take a bit for us to agree and for it to fully manifest.  like belief systems breaking down OR expanding to encompass "new" things which before were seemingly "outside" those accepted parameters.  in or out, up or down, it's all relative.

Starmonkey's picture

just referring to us being WAY out in relation to the rest of the universe.  the whole fall into matter thing.  and cut off from our source (seemingly).  the drama/comedy of the illusion of being a separate being!  and all of our plays which revolve around that one issue.  even our biggest and most evident one.  servitude and/or slavery!  what else but a big example of being cut-off, disempowered and disrespected/not valued.  so, as the age of kali comes to a "close" and the energies of destruction and disillusion run their course, the "apocalypse" commences.   other energies of creation will come to the fore.

GregH3000's picture

Fred, your last post left me a little cold, frankly.  It sounded like, in short form, "Lighten up, losers!" and a bit smug, solipsistic and insensitive.

In the world I'm concerned about, and feel a moral obligation to try to improve, two million plus are stuffed into a corrupt penal system/police state here in USA LLC., millions more are living on the street, 27,000 die everyday from malnutrition unnecessarily, chemtrails fill the skies, GMOs fill the food, poisons and radioactivity fill the water, we're tracked and traced 24/7, we're ripped off everyday by inflation, income inequality is at feudalistic levels, etc., etc.

This world is  'falling apart' whether you want to ally yourself with that truth or not.  You sow what you reap.  Collectively speaking, we're reaping a whirlwind because we are not allied with truth and Natural Law.  So this slide towards totalitarianism will continue until we get it together and demand our sovereignty which is our birthright, and has been pilfered from us through legal shenanigans.  IMHO, that won't happen until enough people feel that the pain of doing nothing is worse than the fear of removing those who are hell bent on harvesting our energy and value to keep this corrupt system afloat.

Now I'm probably going to get some lecture about how I'm projecting, etc.  Please spare me the New Age homilies.


Starmonkey's picture

we all have our own chinks in our own suits of armor that we are trying to peer through and assess the situation from.  they are ALL different.  so, no matter what ANYONE tries to do to convince another person of their way of seeing things, those individuals will still walk away from the encounter with their own programs still running and the same bag of tools that they started with...

MAYBE, that other world is and always has been there.  waiting.  maybe if you look hard enough and slightly alter your perception...  despite the world of seemings which will pass with the first big wind, tsunami or volcanic eruption, that other world is always there.  and it is still mostly accessible through nature or art.  lose yourself to find yourself!  look at it simply in this way.  nature is a program working toward harmony and balance.  we are the only species on the planet not subscribing to THAT program.  BUT, we have also created forms of artistic expression far more complex and convoluted than nature could ever imagine (unless you take the obvious p.o.v. that we are STILL nature in some fashion and in that sense EVERYTHING is organic as well ;) sorry, it's true!).  so what is the purpose of that, i wonder?  and it does have a purpose, because humanity wouldn't have been so enamored with it for so long. 

the "best" art has something of a person's soul in it.  or else it's just playing, which is fine as well.  not everyone expresses through the same mediums or themes.  but they are all vehicles for the soul and spirit.  what if, perhaps, those wingmaker paintings and poems contain a bit of some being[s] spirit-essence?  in order to give them life and power to touch others with life and power...  transmit some message or information...  ourselves to ourselves.

and another cool thing you wouldn't have seen sixty years ago.  the arch-villains in our stories having redemptive qualities.  or turning out to be powerful allies or mirror images of our own hurts and failings.  we all have a purpose, whether we know it or not.  we just would feel so much more DIRECTED if someone would tell us.  that's why it's easy to want to be a superhero battling terrible and undeniable evil or wrong.  seems so cut and dry/black and white.  too bad reality is such a bunch of grays...  and blues and reds and pinks and purples and indigos and perriwinkles and golds and greens and even some puces out there...

look BETWEEN the cracks in the facade for the magic and the promise of other worlds and other adventures.  not on the billboards or the news and maybe not even in the same places that used to hold that wonder and amazement that the world IS that fairyland from our childhoods.  the adventure awaits...

go out there and believe something NEW today, whatever that is and see how it feels.  believe in angels or fairies or aliens or superheroes, and see what it's like to live in a world where ALL is possible.

Noa's picture

I echo your sentiments, Greg.  The word solipsism is one that describes a perception of reality that is shared by several people on this forum. This "I create everything in my reality" and "everything is an illusion" mentality is misguided, egocentric, and dangerous IMO.  It's a paradigm promoted by the New Age movement, and the danger lies in denial.

As you said, Greg, the world is in crisis and needs people to make better choices.  If we deny the existence of what is physically happening, then what is the point of incarnating here?  We might as well crawl into a hole with a stockpile of hallucinagenics.  If we don't do something to stop the destructive course humanity is on, who will?

It's time to take responsibility for the shape this world is in, become a participant, and actively do our part to help turn the ship around.

fredburks's picture

Thanks for your honesty, Greg. I have no desire to convince you of my way of viewing things. It is not my world. It is our world. And I suspect we get to co-create this world together. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to enjoy my life as much as I do, even as I know some of the darkest things happening in our universe. And I very much support you in doing what you believe is right and best.

With much love and warm wishes,

fredburks's picture

Thanks, Noa. I fully resonate with your desire to encourage all of us to take responsibility for how we shape our world. I have even seen how I played a role in creating all of the dark forces and all of the torture and murder on this planet. I'm doing my best to help change all that, even through things like this forum.

And I agree it can be dangerous to take the "I create my own reality" too far. I wrote a post on this at For me, I choose to focus on the thought that "We all co-create our realities." Thanks so much for this stimulating conversation, and I wish you all a beautiful and meaningful day.

With sacred love and warm wishes,

GregH3000's picture

Thank you for hearing me out, Fred, when I my last comment was less than polite. I am grateful for your listening and being tolerant and respectful despite my coarseness.

A sychronistic moment occured a little later that day when I was cooking dinner and had my iPod on shuffle mode for some music. I also have some Echhart Tolle on there, and the chapter on "Surrender" from The Power of Now  came on unexpectedly which was quite apropos.  It gave me a lot to consider as to walking this tightrope between being conscious of what is going on with the planet and feeling powerless and angry, or surrendering to whatever comes up and living consciously in the direction of finding purpose and integrity in generating a more positive frequency. 

Being an idealist, I tend to have this expectation that human beings can do a much better job than driving themselves off a cliff just because they can't rein in a tiny percentage of control freaks and psychopaths.  It's like a mind virus that I can't unroot, and it definitely wreaks havoc in the form of self sabotage and living a kind of "maintanance" existence with low self-esteem and a lot of isolation.


Which brings me to Starmonkey's interpreting my comments as my wanting to be a "superhero," which my ego-mind may be guilty of fantasizing about, but which my authentic Self certainly doesn't see as anything remotely feasible or desireable.  Regarding your moral philosophy in general, we are going to have to agree to disagree, as I don't believe, as you seem to, that there isn't a genuine right and wrong, and that there is no truth, only shades of gray. 

This is moral relativism, and I reject it as bullshit.  These psychopaths running this planet are violating Natural Law, and are playing God, and they need to be taken down and brought to justice for the millions they have committed acts of violence against.  Harming another person is wrong behavior, period, unless it is done in self defense, and the State claiming it has moral authority to do so is also bullshit.  Geoengineering is the perfect example of this arrogant hubris, or setting off 2000 nuclear bomb tests in the '50s and '60s, and filling all our bones with strontium 90, all without asking permission.  That IS "cut and dry, black and white" WRONG.  Nothing personal, but I have to be clear here.

Noa, I am very grateful for what you wrote, and made me wish I knew how to do astral projection so I could fly over to France and give you a hug.  Deep thanks and respect.


fredburks's picture

Thanks for your thoughtful response, Greg. I very much understand your desire to bring those who consciously create violence, suffering, and death on our planet to justice. And maybe there is an ultimate right and wrong. Maybe there is a heaven and hell where everyone meets their just reward.

If this is the case, I have some questions. What happens when everybody on the planet has made some choices that were right and some that were wrong? Do we get rewarded for what we did right and punished for what we did wrong? If we did 55% right and 45% wrong, do we go to heaven or hell. How do we get our just rewards?

I don't know if you believe in reincarnation, but I have a very clear and full memory of a past life where I was the chief of a torture chamber during the times of the inquistion. I was pretty much as evil as they come. I took great delight in torturing people right to the point of death where they were screaming in pain and begging me just to let them die, so that I could steal their soul energy for my own use. I absolutely was one of "them" that you feel should be brought to justice.

So my question is, what about people like me? Should I be brought to justice now for my evil deeds from that past life? And what about the lives I've lived since then trying to make up for my evil behavior? These are deep questions to which I have no easy answer. Thanks for engaging in the conversation.

With much love and warm wishes,

P.S. An even bigger question is why did God or the universe create evil in the first place?

ChrisBowers's picture

the dualistic notion of an us and them or us vs. them (I suspect IMO) makes for an illusion that would have us frustrated in search for answers about the questions posed in this forum for as long as we cling to notions of separation and dualism.

There simply is no "them" without the compliant and participating "us" in any such scenario.  I think it is very possible that the supposed evil "them" may very well be the symptom of the sick "us" that has given its sovereign divine inviolate power away for so long that it, "us", has almost completely forgotten that it had the power in the first place.  We have never lost this power.

When we give up our power it leaves a vacuum of sorts I imagine.  We are living in the imbalance of surrendering our power.  Example:  we might think it is wrong for the NSA to spy on us, but we make it so damn easy for them because we are very compliant, happy to accept the age of technology and all its toys we have come to love.  Are we willing to give up these things so that we could learn to function under the radar?

Can you imagine how quickly the power shift would happen if everyone boycotted cell phones, computers, fast food, all or most of the conveniences we have come to enjoy, have come to believe we need to function, to survive?

One good coronal mass ejection and the resulting EMP and we will have the decision made for us.  Anyway, there just plain is no us and them.  "them" is an illusory form of projection and punishment is a shortcut that never works, never will.  Whatever the answer is, it must involve the majority of us taking their power back in personal and unique ways that totally fades the illusory construct we like to believe we are hopelessly subject to and subjects of.

We are NOT.  Its just easier to tell ourselves that so we can get back to our own personal comfort zones.  Don't get me wrong.  I FUCKING HATE THESE PSYCHOPATHS that run things with the motive of creating scarcity, planned obsolescence, and the primary directive of monetizing EVERYTHING including medicine/big pharma, prisons, etc.  Just makes me sick and angry!

Simply said, we are the compliant batteries (like in the Matrix movie) that power up "their" game.  They are proving age after age that all they need to do to keep the en mass "us" compliant is provide "bread and circuses".  For my own part, I am kinda powering down and staying under the radar as much as possible.  I've never owned a cell phone so the NSA working on behalf of big corporate interests has no entry there in my life.  The only computer I use is at work - have stopped using a computer at home.

I don't want to feel a huge psyche shock when and if it all comes tumbling down and am tired of complying while complaining.....

GregH3000's picture

Fred, are you really serious? You may as well argue that truth doesn't exist.  How fortunate and convenient for you that it relieves you of the moral obligation to take action.  I won't even address your absurd question about your alleged past lives, or your conflating my moral philosophy with a belief in heaven and hell -- when did I ever say anything about receiving punishment after death?  Why does a rejection of moral relativism imply belief in a childish medieval fairy tale?

I'm talking about here and now.  That's it.  That's all that matters. I don't have any say or power over anything I have done in the past.  No one does.  We get to act here in the Now, with the free will to make the wrong choice.  Without this freedom, morality couldn't exist.  Your question about percentages is like scholastics arguing about how many angels can fit on the head of a pin. 

Like Chris is rightly pointing out in his response, there is a grand paradox here in that we are all part of the One, but all experiencing this in a state of duality, so comparing ourselves to others, and trying to construct some sort of pie graph as to how many times we were right and how many times we were wrong is, I suspect, really just a veiled attempt to make me look ridiculous.  If so, Fred, I really could care less what you think about me because frankly, I don't respect you or your philosophy.

The difference between you and me, Fred, is that you think it is possible to be happy and live a wonderful life in this open air concentration camp.  The Samuel Adams quote about "may your chains set lightly upon you" comes to mind; if you are not engaged in this spiritual battle for freedom, then leave me be and enjoy your life in peace.

Since you asked, I do believe in reincarnation, and that we are here to evolve toward unconditional love.  My view is simple; if you align with truth and Natural Law, you are bound to be on the path towards that ultimate goal; if not, you will be dragged to it in chains throughout many lifetimes and many permutations of suffering -- and not all suffering is at all like torture at the Inquisition.

I have to get ready for my job now, so my apologies for being curt.  I'm sorry Chris that I didn't get to your response today; perhaps tomorrow.

fredburks's picture

Hey Chris,

I'm sorry to hear you are sick and angry. I know that's not a fun place to be. And there are certainly many reasons to feel that way.

For me, I actually very much enjoy and benefit from all the new technology. I am thrilled that this technology has allowed me to help educate literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world to the deeper realities of which they were unaware through the websites I manage, including the Transformation Team website. And many of those people I've reached are now using this same technology to make a difference and help change the course of this ship.

I personally have always welcomed the powers that be to monitor anything I do. I have no extra protection on my computer and I hope my phones are being listened to. I suspect that anyone who listens in will be quite inspired by the conversations I have with people around the world and with all the awesome things I get to do in my life. I actually suspect that those who have listened in have been inspired. It's kind of fun.

Whenever I'm talking with someone on the phone about deep cover-ups and they tell me we're probably being listened to, I respond with something like "awesome! Let's stop a moment and send some love to their heart." Imagine if you were the one listening in how that might feel.

Transformation can actually be quite fun. I invite you to explore deep into your anger and see if you might find it's origin so that you can possibly design ways for your life to be more fun and inspired. And if this doesn't resonate, please just ignore this, and thanks for the engaging thoughts. Take care.

With much love and warm wishes,

fredburks's picture

Hey Greg,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts so honestly. And I apologize if my words came across as putting you down in any way. That was not in the least my intention. My desire is to find meaningful ways to connect with you that inspire us both to live ever more meaningful, joyful, and fuller lives.

I'm surprised that you implied that I'm not doing anything to take action. Do you think founding the and Insight Course websites is not taking action? I take many actions every day to build a better world, yet I don't feel a moral obligation to do this. I do this because of my unwavering commitment to live in service to all beings.

Consider that MLK and Gandhi did some of their best work from jail. Could it be that prison is simply a state of mind? Could it be that all of life is simply a state of mind, and we have choice in how we respond to everything that happens? I would love for you and all of us to experience more love and joy as we work together for the good of all of us.

Take care and again my apologies if you feel I'm not honoring you in any way. Thank you for caring.

With sacred love and warm wishes,


Starmonkey's picture

hang in there, fireman fred!  i appreciate your devotion and sacrifice to such an unpredictable (or is it?) and sometimes unwieldy medium.  and for being able to play the field with everyone's mood swings and temper tantrums.  more power to you, and since I don't have that gift, i'm glad there is you in OUR world.  and yes, shit happens, but what do you do with that?  i guess, like in the case with the lemonade, you make shit sandwiches.  ;)

seriously, thanks for your unwavering loyalty to follow through on that which you helped create, and for keeping a positive outlook amidst all this craziness.  i try to do the same, but in a less conventional (or is it?) way and i would love to be part of your expanded community supporting global change for the betterment of all (i guess i sort of am, virtually here).  i respect you and what you are doing, because from where i'm sitting, not many seem to be lifting a finger to stop the coming wave.  or they just want to rant and complain in the face of it.

i know that not many on this site take me seriously, and that's fine because i don't need their approval for how i sit this ride.  i guess i've seen how BLACK i can be and how RED, and it scares me to continue that line of thought, so i choose a lighter approach.  i really don't have much to add in the political or news sphere, and i can do my own internet surfing, should i choose to, so i am mainly on this site to share ideas and personal experiences instead of constantly draw attention to and reflect upon what others (not part of this community) are doing.  i'm more interested in people i can have a dialogue with.

i've stopped myself from reactive response a few times when some posts seem like they came from angry elementary children who wanted to point fingers in the wrong directions instead of going to take a look in the mirror.  this emotional imbalance sharing before processing information more fully is sort of a drag on progress...

so, i love you fred, and what you are doing. 

your dance partner in colorado,


fredburks's picture

Thanks for your kind words, Christopher. I have noticed that sometimes people can get upset and blaming with each other here. But that is only natural. We are, after all, humans with all our weaknesses. And we've all got our own shit we're dealing with from challenging childhoods, past traumas, and more.

Yet what I love is that I know that everyone here has a beautiful heart that just wants to love and be loved. When I continually remind myself to come back to this, I find it much easier then to write from a place of love and support. Thanks to all of you for wanting to spread more love and transformation in our world, and I apologize again if I have offended anyone in any way.

With much love and gratitude to all,

Trish's picture

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and comments on this thread; I appreciate how everyone's different perspectives paint a broader picture.

I read this post from Jeff Foster today and found it to be very relevant; when I hear about violence and injustice in the news, I tend to shut down in despair, numb myself with escapism, and otherwise avoid it. I've actually found that a shifted viewpoint of co-creation has helped me feel more empowered to make a difference, both directly and by transforming the darkness within that I see mirrored outward.



How Can We 'Accept' The World's Suffering?

by Jeff Foster


A man hacks another man to death in broad daylight on a London street. In Miami, a man chews another man's face off while he is still alive. In Paris, a man blows his brains out in front of a dozen wide-eyed schoolchildren. 


Is it now time to sing more loudly our songs of bitterness, defeat and unbridled rage? Is now the time to give up? Was the philosophy of nihilism correct in the end? Is the world a meaningless mistake, an aberration of consciousness, a waste of everyone's time?


When confronted with 'news' like the above we can often feel so powerless, so unstable, like we are living in a world that's gone mad and out of control. It all seems like a nightmare, like some evil or dark force must be taking over. Some start talking about the nearing of the Apocalypse. Certainly it can feel like the end of the fairytale world we once believed in. Out of our powerlessness and disappointment, rage may arise, the final attempt of the ego to control things.


In the midst of the devastation we seek answers, causes, someone or something to blame, an outlet for all this confusion, this unprocessed life energy. Do we blame the killers? Their parents? Society as a whole? The human brain? The food we ingest? Chemicals? The stars? Our governments? Religions? Do we objectify the killers as sick, twisted, deluded, evil madmen? Do we go to war with them as they have gone to war with us, wishing more death upon them and their kin? Do we enter into the age-old story of good versus evil, us versus them? Do we further solidify our identification with a mind-made sense of self?


Do we curse the universe and wish we hadn't been born? Do we try to numb ourselves, distract ourselves from the realities of this world, with alcohol, with sex, with work, with material comforts? Do we simply dismiss the horror, detach ourselves from others and turn our backs on their plight, muttering and complaining about how "awful" and "terrible" things are but doing nothing to help bring about change and healing?


Do we turn to spiritual teachers who comfort us with talk about the illusory nature of life and the unreality of all we witness? Do we regurgitate words like 'nothing matters', 'it's all just an innocent play of maya', and 'nobody has any choice anyway'? Do we call what we see an 'illusion', sparing ourselves from the pain of having to confront the messiness and seeming uncontrollability of this relative and impermanent manifestation? Do we pretend that world events have nothing to do with us, that everything is disconnected and we are islands unto ourselves? Do we descend into solipsism? Anarchy? Do we close our hearts even more tightly than they are already closed, build our walls even higher and live in a protected state of fear? Do we give up on this world and dream of a perfect afterlife?


Do we come to conclusions about how good or bad the universe is, fixate on an optimistic or pessimistic view? Do we use the 'reality' of the news as an excuse to give up, to shut down, to forget who we truly are? Do we let the 'terrorists' win by living in terror ourselves, and terrorising others who we label as 'evil'? Do we add to the problems that we see? Or do we use the appearance of problems to look deeply at ourselves and the way we live and treat others? Do we see the madness as a call to clarity? The violence as a call to love? The pain as a call to compassion? The terror as a call to remember and express more deeply and with more conviction that infinite intelligence that we are?


Do we condone the killings? Absolutely not. Do we feel the pain of the victims, and the victims' loved ones? Of course, for we are not separate. Would we do everything we can to prevent this kind of thing happening again? Certainly. Do we work for justice? Yes. Do we sit back and simply 'accept'? If acceptance means detachment and passivity, no. If it means coming into profound alignment with life, knowing that intelligent change and healing always emerges from a fearless plunge into the mystery of the moment, then yes. True acceptance and creative change are lovers.


In the Middle East, a Jew donates a kidney to a sick Palestinian, saving her precious life. In India, a woman feeds and washes those with leprosy, because she sees that we are all expressions of the very same consciousness and it brings her joy to live in this way, despite the names that others call her. In San Francisco, a gay son holds his elderly father's hand, and suddenly forgiveness happens as if by magic, unexpectedly, the weight and violence and resentment of a lifetime falling away, as if it never happened at all. 


What 'news' are we teaching our children? Are we teaching them that they have been born into an essentially scary and bad and sick world, and they should live in fear and hate? Do we teach them that violence is inevitable, and 'built into' to their nature? Or do we teach them that the murder and torture we see in the news every day stems from a deep forgetting of who we are, a false and misguided belief in separation? 


Are we teaching them to give up on their dreams because there are bad people out there intent on stopping them? Are we teaching them to give up on love, and give up on compassion, and give up on change, and give up on humanity, and give up on joy, because of all the 'news'? Are we teaching them to focus on what is wrong with the world, to cling to the 'negative', to sing songs of defeat and disillusionment? Are we blinding them to the 'negative' by focussing only on the 'positive'? Or are we teaching them to acknowledge the violence of the world, the pain of it, but to see that all this sorrow is part of an infinitely vaster picture, a picture where everything is interconnected and everything makes a difference and everything is in balance and nothing is set in stone?


Don't use the 'news' as an excuse to stop living your truth, even for a moment. Don't believe for a second that there is a force called 'evil' in the world with any power whatsoever to win over Life. Terror cannot win, for it emerges from a gross misunderstanding of our nature. We are only hurting ourselves, stabbing ourselves, blowing ourselves up, and deep down, we know this and have always known. A wave can never be separated from the ocean, or from any other wave, and beyond our differences in opinion and belief, we are all movements of the One Life, the true Power, beyond the worldly 'power' of guns and meat cleavers dripping with blood. Teach your children the realities of the world, yes, but, more importantly, teach them the realities of their hearts and the hearts of those they call 'others'. Let the current play of violence actually serve to deepen your conviction in that timeless and unshakeable gift of Presence that you have always known, and reconfirm your intention to end all violence in yourself, to live as you know you can live. Don't allow the 'news', or at least the stories selectively presented to you as the 'news', to distract you from Truth.


Keep your eyes on the prize.

esrw02's picture

   The way I deal with it ...... is I got rid of T.V. long ago . I can tell you my life has been  beautiful ever since then . People always ask me hey did you hear about that and my response is no and I would rather not if you don't mind . Usally that works , sometimes it does not then I change to subject to something they are interested in that is positive .  A lot of people ask me how I stay informed (funny huh) because you know Television is the knowledge of the informed world and if that is the case all who want it can have it . My family and I walk to the beach almost everynight and what do you think we see gleaming in all  the windows not some, all you guessed it T.V. like brain washed zombies . I started thinking about it and I really do believe that it is brainwashing Earthlings far beyond average folks comprehension .  Now when you visit places or people with out T.V. you see a big difference in the way people carry themselves that is no accident . My theory is no news is good news !

    I love you all, Eric



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yeah, it's funny but i started trying to cull my 700+ movie collection a couple months ago and i'd been thinking more about the dominant paradigm and how it's infected everyone's thinking and our world...  i didn't know where to begin or end.  there were some obvious losers, but even most of my favorite movies unless pure fantasy (and even some of those) were culprits in supporting all of our sterotyped illusionary definitions.  good/bad, love/hate, drama, drama, drama...  even the racial or sexual stereotypes are old news.  we as humans have the ability to identify with whatever we choose and to affirm or deny...  very few of us live with empirical or universal values.

so, what we need to transform is our way of thinking.  we were taught WHAT to think, not how to think.  had an insight last night that "the garden" is still here but we can't see it because of the illusion of the permanent (ha, ha) reality of the technosphere.  if we all (or mostly) changed what we WANTED to see from this ugliness, it would reveal itself to us again.  and the simplicity of a child (tempered with responsibility and respect) to regain that.  too bad we are centuries away from such understanding.  more trying in the fire and the crucible before that comes for all...  and winter is coming

it's good you have your little shangi-la, though! ;)

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      Chris >   That insight is beautiful my brother .




    Love all> Eric

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Yes, Chris! The garden of Eden has been here all along and is here now, but as you said, we've become blinded to it by the programmed beliefs we bought into. Getting rid of the television and spending more time diving within both alone and with others is a great way to recover the garden. Another great way is find allies in this who can become close friends. I am very blessed to have many of these. May we all find our way back to the garden.

With much love and gratitude,

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We can't and we must not.

Evil does exist.  We see it in the unfettered greed of those who wipe out rainforests and indigenous people.  We see it in the debt enslavement of entire nations at the expense of the increasing millions of its impoverished victims.  Many of us even know their agenda as they march us towards a Project for the New American Century and a New World Order.

Everything is not in balance, and it is this terrible imbalance that we must recognize and do our best to bring back into balance with the Divine Laws of Nature's Creation.

The problem is not some violence within ourselves.  We are not the perpetrators of the violence, but the unwilling or unwitted victims.  The violence is played out in the lies and propaganda of despotism of which we support with our quiet compliance.

Acceptance is not the solution. Acceptance is giving up; it's apathy.  In its silent inertia, acceptance is permission.


Change requires action. Its forms may range from noncompliance to revolution, but its message stays the same.  We do not approve; we do not permit; we will not obey.

What happens to one of us, happens to all of us -- whether it's across the street or across the world.  All the world's people want peace and an end to poverty and hunger, yet we feed the oligarchy daily with our actions, or the lack of them.

Only WE can stop the suffering... by refusing to participate in it.  Stop enlisting in armies and law enforcement; stop complying with illegal, unconstitutional laws; stop funding the corruption with our hard-earned dollars in the form of wasteful consumerism and unlawful taxes.

What we do individually on a daily basis is what matters.  Individually, each of us creates an atmosphere, a trend within the greater whole.  And just as drops of water join together to form oceans and waterfalls, collectively, we become powerful, unbeatable, unstoppable.

But first, we must care enough to make the choice.


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    It is ones perception that indicates this . I do all kinds of stuff to help mankind . I was wondering what you were referring to when you say accept the worlds suffering , so by not watching the news means I or we accept it . I am confused can you enlighten me  on this please and help me understand where you are coming from thank you Noa .  I would like  to hear more if that is okay , not quite sure I understand your point here .


         I love you all <> Eric

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Chris, the title of my post comes from Trish's post above it.  My comments were in response to her post.  Please read both posts again.  I don't know how I could make my position any clearer.

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   Point well taken . Thank you for sharing .




   LOVE all <> Eric

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