I'm teed off about this. I hope the BRICS block does hurry up and figure a way around these people. The judge should be in jail, not Von Nothaus.

Look what a paper liberty dollar (no longer backed by anything because of the court decision) is worth in federal reserve notes.

Even with government declarations that his money is not to be used and can no longer be backed by gold, it's still worth 39x the US "dollar"!



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Although this verdict represents yet another mechanism to snuff out our freedom, I wonder what took the government so long to shut down the Liberty Dollar. The fact that Von Nothaus is still awaiting sentencing after three years also suggests that the establishment is walking on eggshells about this issue.  Wonder what they're afraid of.

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BVNH Sentenced to Three Years of Probation

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

Bernard von NotHaus was sentenced to three years of probation by Judge Voorhees today. This is in stark contrast to the DOJ's demands that he be sentenced to 22 years in federal prison. More news to follow.

And today, Seth Lipsky, editor of the New York Sun published an article: A Monetary Gadfly in an Age of Fiat Money in support of BVNH in the New York Sun and the Wall Street Journal.

More news to follow in a couple days.

Many thanks for all your support.

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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Update: "Liberty Dollar Founder avoids prison in sentencing" and Feds ordered to return Liberty Dollars to owners:


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Yes, I think I have a few Ron Paul copper dollars that never got delivered!

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Good trumps evil.  We're winning!

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