The Importance of Being Ourselves

Neil's views have changed my perspective on life and our place within it.  Brilliant man. ~ Noa


Neil Kramer is a British philosopher and esotericist. His work focuses principally on spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics.

Neil explores the relationship between inner development and the many social and cultural factors that influence our everyday lives. Attention is drawn to embracing truth, confronting the negative, and transforming self.

Neil shares his ideas in writings, recordings, interviews, lectures, private consulting, and workshops. He is a popular guest on leading alternative radio and internet shows, and has been broadcast on television networks in the US, Canada, Britain, and Europe. Neil has spoken at numerous international conferences, including Beyond Knowledge, The ARC Convention, Transitional Alchemy, Awakening Conference, New Living Expo, and The Transformation Conference.

Neil lives in the USA, dividing his time between Oregon, Washington, and New York. He spends much of his time learning, teaching, and traveling.


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Pearls of wisdom eloquently spoke.  Each time I listen to it, I hear something more.



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This is the reason I've felt for a long time that horror films are damaging to the soul / consciousness. I'll dig into the most horrifying truths, but I avoid horror and violent films like the plague. I even feel a bit the same about dissonant, scarry sounding music - I could do without it.

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It sounds like in the second video he is saying that by fixing our insides, it will fix the outer world. I'm not convinced. I've been living in a gift economy for a while and it seems like I'm mostly doing the gifting, kind of because I'm only comfortable in a world where I know the people around me are not severely suffering but I also know this only extends to my little world. It would be nice to think that there is a whole army of people willing and able to help those around them but I don't see much evidence of that yet and I'm not sure how that will make the corrupt system fall.

When I first got involved in the 9/11 truth movement, there were a lot of us wondering what we were doing as well. Kind of wondering what the point of it was. Maybe this will somehow bring about a world that thrives much more but from this vantage point it's kind of hard to see how things will get better.

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A key facet in fixing ourselves is choosing what we put into our consciousness.  It's easy to take for granted how much we are being influenced by cultural norms and media dictations of what we should be, do, and have.  A shift in individual consciousness can seem quite subtle, but it can affect the entire way we relate to the world and how the world relates to us.  For example, we all know people that we naturally gravitate towards (or are repelled by) though the reasons why often escape us.  Animals are naturally attuned to this type of intuition.  Not understanding this phenomenon doesn't make it any less real.  I think things like intuition and consciousness (both individual and collective) are very powerful resources for reclaiming humanity's sovereignty within the natural order.

I'm feeling quite positive (after listening to several speakers on this subject) that humanity as a whole has reached a point where it's no longer necessary for us to learn some of the big lessons the hard way.  It's my understanding that because enough of us have "woken up" and now realize our relationship with the earth, the sun, and the rest of the universe; and understand why we are here, that humans can now avoid some of the larger wakeup calls - like pandemics, wwwiii, totalitarianism, and destruction of our ecosystem.

At the same time, there is a growing rift between the people who are becoming attuned to natural law and those that are distracted by TV, facebook, video games, smartphones, and the hussle and bussle of modern life.

Lately, I don't do so much sounding the alarm and trying to save the world.  Not everyone is meant to graduate to 4D.  There's no judgment in that.  Each of us is on our own journey, evolving at different rates along our individual paths.


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Update on the gift economy

Hi Noa,

I just wanted to let you know that my friend who I've been helping by feeding her dinner every night (her husband just died and the poor thing can barely function) just let me know about all the people besides me who are really helping her out big- time. So maybe there is an army of gifters out there, and the group consciousness is changing!

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I think that the natural human tendency, during tragedy and adversity, is to be compassionate and generous rather than competitive.  Having lived through several major hurricanes, I've seen it first hand. 

Of course, there may always be some who loot or vandalize in times of trouble, but I don't think it's as often as the media would like us to believe.  Afterall, when we trust ourselves and our neighbors to make good choices, we don't need government.

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Yes the media encourages competition and discourages gifting. Goog reason to stay away!

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