Do you resonate with this?

I get tired of people talking about resonating with something. Shouldn't we be fact checking?

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It's a good point, Wendy, but I don't think one approach is necessarily better than another.  For me, a balance between feeling and reason is optimal.

Intuition has been suppressed and given a bad rap by modern society, but it is a valid sense that can be honed.  Some people's gut feelings are very accurate, while others do better using rational thought.

What I observe most often are people who ignore their inner voice in favor of the scientific method.  They can't entertain the idea of UFOs, ghosts, or pyschic abilities because they don't have any formal proof. 

I think using any one sense exclusively over another is short-changing yourself.  I tend to use my feelings in conjunction with the facts.  Whatever works, I say.

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Good point Noa,

I've just personally had my feelings steer me so wrong, especially because slick propaganda is so good at using emotion to control people.

It's kind of funny that they call it mind control because when we fact check (use our minds) the propaganda doesn't work but when we use our emotions we tend to fall victim to it.

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