Very good article and the video is even better. The most comprehensive, understanding of the Archons yet!

Bob07's picture

Very interesting.  But this is a different narrative than the one of intentional and well-planned interference by sociopathic humans and/or other (David Icke says reptilian) entities via the NWO program to rule the planet -- the one that seems to make the most sense to most of us around here.  Archons supposedly have no such aim.  Can we reconcile the two?

Noa's picture

I just watched this video interview on the subject.  As I peal back the onion, I'm discovering how many people know about this stuff and are actively working to liberate humanity from the Archon's grip.  Fascinating!

P.S.> Oops, sorry.  This vid is in the above post, too.

Noa's picture

In this interview, David Icke refers to the Archon agenda of world domination and control.  Bear in mind, humans are creators while Archons are destroyers, so their parasitic agenda which is in direct opposition to ours, must include manipulation, control, and ultimate annihilation of life on Earth.

Another note about Robert Stanley... while I admire his conviction that bringing this issue to people's awareness will stop the Archons cold, I think it's a bit naive.  Look at how many people still believe that 19 muslims with box cutters brought down the Twin Towers, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.   How then can we expect the majority of people to accept the concept that invisible amoeba-like creatures from another dimension have infiltrated our minds with the object of destroying humanity?

Wendy's picture

I think it's important not to get caught up in the blame game too much here. It's my understanding that although these are parasites have violated our rights in many ways, it is still our personal responsibility to listen to the inner voice that is not based on fear but love, and that our souls probably chose this difficult world because we wanted a big challenge to learn from. We do have choices here and in so much as we choose to listen to the voice of the archons we have responsibility. "The devil made me do it" is no excuse!

Noa's picture

I think a major message in the information about the amoebic Archons is that they mimic our "inner voice" in such a way that it is difficult or impossible to discern their voice (putting thoughts into our heads) from our own.

Starmonkey's picture

That's what the heart is for.  Quality control of emotional energies.  I, for one, would know which voice should be heeded and which voice[s] should not.  Actually, at this point in my life there is no voice inside my head anymore except my own reverberating thoughts.  And all of these beings are reflections of MIND and are obviously not in total control of everything, so what is there to be afraid of?  Sort of like the absurdity of needing to perfect time travel to get some hostile aliens to go somewhere else and terrorize somebody else...  Hopefully "15" has seen Green Lantern by now.  Or Tron: Legacy.  Or about 18,000 other movies like those.  You can only do so much using only half of your brain.  And we can't just cut off that arm and throw it away.  There's nowhere to throw it.  And then we might miss it later when it's needed.

It is hard to have faith in humanity, though, as we are all so programmable (gullible) by our environments.  Still individual choice in what you choose to believe or perpetuate!  And still so much choice in what's worthy of attention or not.

Mutts of the galaxy, unite!  Being a hybrid has it's drawbacks in attempting balance.  But we have the potential to clear up so much baggage from our collective past.  It also makes it hard to have total control of others (or oneself, I suppose).  Too many programs running to get the vehicle back online.  Diversions and confusions only go so far.  Archons, Arcturians, Arthurians, Archangels... whatever!  Good thing we've spent so much time developing our sense of humor!

Carri's picture

We all need to be held accountable for our decisions. Even if little negative monsters bait us. It is ultimately our decision how we choose to be. The real issue is sometimes it feels good to be bad.

ChrisBowers's picture

seems to me all they can really get to, approach, entertain is our ego monkey minds.  seems that would be an excellent boot camp for clarification it one were serious about evolving.  for those out there just in it for ego drama (whether they are aware of it or not), they are choice cuts for such interdimensional parasites.

reminds me of the psyche/spiritual dis-ease referred to as "wetiko" by Native Americans.

a quote from the article linked below,

"In the book Columbus and other Cannibals, indigenous author Jack D. Forbes lucidly explores a psychological disease that has been informing human self-destructive behavior that Native American people have known about for years. After reading his book, it was clear to me that he was describing the same psycho-spiritual disease of the soul that I wrote about in my book, The Madness of George W. Bush: A Reflection of our Collective Psychosis. I introduce the idea that from the dawn of human history our species has fallen prey to a collective psychosis which I call malignant egophrenia. Speaking about this very same psychic epidemic, Forbes writes, "For several thousands of years human beings have suffered from a plague, a disease worse than leprosy, a sickness worse than malaria, a malady much more terrible than smallpox."[i] Indigenous people have been tracking the same "psychic"[ii] virus that I call malignant egophrenia for many centuries and calling it "wetiko," a Cree term which refers to a diabolically wicked person or spirit who terrorizes others."

The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity - Reality Sandwich

The Wetiko Virus - A Malignant Egophrenia

ChrisBowers's picture

The Archons are mentioned in the article I posted in post above (Greatest Epidemic Known to Humanity).  Noticed it as I was reading it today,

"Speaking of the predator's scheme, Don Juan says, "it proposes something, it agrees with its own proposition, and it makes you believe that you've done something of worth."[xix] It is as if there is an alien "other," an extraterrestrial, metaphysical entity which is subliminally intruding its mind into ours in such a way that we identify with its point of view and dis-connect from our own. Don Juan refers to this situation as a "foreign installation," as if some alien race has set up a space station inside of our minds. This is exactly what the Gnostics — the ones who "know" — are pointing at when they talk about alien predators called "Archons" who infiltrate and subvert the workings of our mind.[xx] To the extent that we are not conscious of this alien take over of our psyche, we become drafted into the predator's sinister agenda, unwittingly becoming its slaves. This state of inner, psychological warfare is mirrored by the sinister psy-ops (psychological operations) being instituted by the powers-that-be in the outside world. The disease feeds on our unawareness of it."

Was also very interesting to find that Don Juan in the Carlos Castaneda books is referring to the Wetiko Virus or Archons that infects the human mind...

tscout's picture

        I had completely forgot about Don Juan's references to such things. The alien parasites are intriguing, much like the ones we live with biologically here on Earth. They alter our metabolism, which affects our minds,and desires for the foods they like. It is now known that microbes at the center of tumors are probably why they hoard the sugar 10 to 1 over normal cells,, which kind of validates Hulda Clark's work,which she was professionally persecuted for...    But these archons sound much more sinister! Still,,,,a good zapper works great on parasites,,,would it work on archons? Tongue out

Noa's picture

Good question, Todd.  Just how physical are archons?  Aren't they stuck between the 3rd and 4th dimension or something?   I once saw a picture that was supposedly drawn by an intuitive person who was  infected by them.  It resembled a spider with a human-looking face, really creepy.

I first heard of Wetiko Psychosis from Paul Levy. Oddly, I can't find any trace of the article that he wrote anywhere on the internet.  Paul does, however, have a few youtube videos on the subject.

Interesting topic.

Noa's picture

Now I get an error message when I click on the link you posted, Gary.

garydgreer's picture
Carri's picture

I read those articles you posted Chris Bowers. I understand now and do believe the framework of Archons to be very accurate. I don't know if I fully buy into them being flying fish from another dimension tho. Shadow spirits from another dimension. Maybe they are the sibling spirit to our collective human spirit. The yin to our yang. U know that type of thing. And how does this all relate back to mining for gold? I know gold and Precious metals and stuff like that also plays a role in this scenario. But what is the connection?

Also, like I said before. Ultimately it is a personal choice. When I'm accessing my dark side I realize it is very much apart of me. Not something else. I have made friends with it. And at times that side of me does come in handy. But other times on a personal level there is this feeling of righteousness in punishing someone I personally feel has done wrong and DESERVES my negative reaction. I think we are all like that. And that is the main problem. Finding a way to deal with our negative vibrations and energies in a way to transform them into something beautiful. Or to just let things go and accept the bad things that happen to us without blaming and punishing another. Because in the end we all make up justifications for our crappy behavior to make it seem right and okay. But it's not okay. If it were we wouldn't have to justify what we do to ourselves or others. So what if someone loves Satan and is a satanist? Is it impacting my life? Are they bringing me down or hurting me in some way? If not I say live and let live. However, if someone is hurting me or their beliefs or way of life is infringing on me in a way that I feel in danger or oppressed then I want my dark side to come out. In order to protect myself and the life I want. And my dark side is very dark. But needed to protect me. And I'll do whatever I need to do to protect myself and those I cherish and love. So I think having a shadow side is a necessary part of life in order to be able to defend and protect ourselves. I think it's more a matter of getting to know our dark side and learning how to work with it and make friends with it. We need to touch the personal depths of our own darkness. And own it as apart of us. Love and cherish it for it is not a bad thing. Channel it. Maybe the Achrons use this part of who we are to control and manipulate us because it is easy for them to do so with most people. Seeing as how most of us do not explore this part of ourselves. Terror is overwhelming, intimidating, and manipulative. But at the end of the day we are the gatekeepers to our own mind and body. It is always our choice. They try to convince us otherwise and are quite successful in their tactics of complex negativity. But in the end. It is always our choice. We just need to be brave in the face of it.


Noa's picture

You bring up some interesting perspectives.  I like where this thread is going.

"Flyers" is another name for archons, psychic parasites/vampires, wetiko, and the like.  They're called flyers because people used to be able to see them in the sky.  I once saw a youtube video that showed these strange squiggly things floating in the sky.   The Nasa Tether Incident is another example of such things caught on tape.



I would like to hear more about exploring the shadow side.  You said it "comes in handy," how?  I also think that people can often overlook the importance of looking at all of life -- the bad along with the good. 

Like it or not, 3D earth is a dualistic world.  Apathy is what got us into this mess and caring is what is going to get us out of it.  Denying anything negative does not manifest more of the positive, rather it creates more of what we are pushing away.  Without darkness, there is no light.  Duality is here to teach us, and since we have incarnated on to a physical world, it is our duty, especially in these times, to physically engage with life. The world is in imbalance because we are not balanced.  Focusing only the positive is a trap.  It all sounds nice and wonderful (and we do attract things through our thoughts on one level), but in another way we allow darkness free reign by ignoring its existence.

Everyday, I look at the plastic pollution all around me -- in the city and in the country, clogging up the streams and rivers -- and people turn a blind eye to it.  Is it stopping the pollution?  Are all our happy thoughts manifesting a solution?   We must be willing to see the problems before we can solve them.  No one in government is going to come along and save us.  (Quite the opposite is true.)  The solutions will come from us.   We literally have to change our thinking as a people, get back in sync with nature and ourselves, and realize how we're all interconnected.

As for your comment about Satanism, Carri, "Is it impacting my life?" I would say, yes, it's impacting all of our lives.  Our leaders, and the obscenely weathy families behind them, routinely engage in satanic ituals meant to manipulate us.  They use dates, numerology, astrology, black magic, blood rituals and sacrifice to control us.  That's why it's important for us to act physically and also spritually.  We can do our visualizations and altruistic rituals individually, but it's much more powerful in groups. 

I agree that, in the end, we all have a choice, though sometimes the choices are between a rock and a hard place.  We are, as you said, gatekeepers of our minds and bodies, however, when infected with the wetiko virus, you are taken over without knowing it... that's the point, which is why it's important to connect with the heart.  The heart knows more than the mind.

One last comment, Carri.  It's important to be strong and to protect ourselves, but we must also be careful that we're not being motivated from a place of fear and defensiveness.  Balance is the key.


ChrisBowers's picture

you make some really good points about not running from or denying our darker shadow side.  Fred has shared much on the subject from his own personal experiences.  your comments reminded me of two things.  one is I remembered that my acid trips were always better when I was at peace with and accepting of all of me, not just the parts my ego thinks it likes more.  hard to get scared when you are accepting of your shadow side.

the other thing your comments made me think of is that these alleged parasites, it would seem, have better more free access to those denying their darker part of themselves.  if one is busy rationalizing their behavior to make themselves feel like they never do anything "wrong", that would be fertile ground for entry from such parasites, to continue to feed the personally created and accepted self delusion. 

given enough time you could end up like George Bush, praising god and condemning the "evil doers" while he himself has unknowinngly become the evil doer...  money surely is a great facilitator tool of these parasites with devious destructive agendas...

much like the stories of vampires, you have to invite the parasite in... free will and personal response-ability....

tscout's picture

   If these critters attach to you biologically,,or to your neuro network,,,then a zapper should work...I just recently landed in California,,,working on an organic ranch, a private one,fora few months. The owner here bought a zapper several years ago after trying mine,,but the one they got was really powerful. I measured it against mine(it was the same make,but had a different ac adapter) and it was 30 percent more powerful than mine. Last week, when I arrived,,they brought it out in a bag and gave it to me...I started on it yesterday.

    I agree with the whole take on the dark side,,except that I don't believe that defending yourself has to come from your dark side. To me,,that opens a whole new can of worms. Self defense is a human right, but I think that if you keep it impersonal, the dark side isn't necessary, and would actually lessen your chances of success...

    I love that video Noa,,,but have seen it explained two different ways....years ago as ufo's up to 3miles across(measurable by the tether),,,then later as archons. To me it looks just like a blood sample under an electron microscope! so I lean toward the archons explanation... it looks just like a parasite swarm in the bloodstream

Carri's picture

For Noa- what I am trying to say is that everyone has the right to live the life they want. Even if it is to devote themselevs to a Satanic figure. What people don't have a right to do is force their lifestyle on another, oppress another, control another. And that is the issue. That everyone identified themselves with a specific group opposing another group and perpetually fighting over who is right. When no one is right or wrong. Ultimately everyone has to live life how it feels right to them in their heart and we all need to respect each other's differences. Especially those we oppose the most. What IS NOT okay is using your way of life to control others, to manipulate and be superior. We are all equals. We all deserve to live a life of our choosing free from control and manipulation despite what we all define as "evil" and "good". 


As as for accessing our dark side to defend ourselves. Yes, at times it is absolutely needed. Take for example the show The Walking Dead on AMC. One of the main things going on in that show is how normal termed "good" people have to adapt and access their dark side in order to survive a brutal world. In order to survive they need to access their most savage beast but yet learn a balance to maintain true integrity. I think it's more about finding a balance between the forces because there we will discover our true self. 

Given a situation where someone was trying to hurt you. For whatever reason. Would you defend yourself? If so, in my opinion that is accessing our darker shadow side. The whole fight or flight response. I suppose a person can run. but running is the same as avoiding is the same as ignoring. And like Noa said. Ignoring gives darkness free reign to fester and grow. 

If chaos came to your door in the flesh. Telling you to bow down or face death what would you do? Would you stand and fight for your right to live? Would you run away and fear the moment you were found? I would like to think I would fight with every part of my being because I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

Carri's picture

I'm not saying we need to be forceful and aggressive to combat The Wetiko virus. But a darker side exists in all of us individually and collectively. If we cannot accept it, understand it, and find a way to channel it in a way that best serves us we will continue to be manipulated through it.

onesong's picture

As I read through these last posts in the thread, my only comments are personal ones regarding darkness and light.  For me, working with my shadow side allows me to understand the potential for darkness that is within me.  From the point of examination I can then move to respond differently rather than simply react.  From the point of response I can then choose to act from a higher point/vibration, and move closer to the Light body/being that I truly believe we all are as we get to an understanding of all that is within/without and around us. 

When I have had to respond to a fearful or even potentially life threatening situation, and could choose to see love and light in there somewhere, each time, the energy has changed exponentially and for the good of all involved.  (Just my experience.)  With Love and Light.   onesong/kristyne

Noa's picture

Today I had my first Ayahuasca ceremony.  I saw the normal psychedelic images, of course, but I didn't receive answers to my questions about life.  The reason why is that I became fearful and defensive when one of the "spirits"  tried to enter me, so the image would disappear.   I am planning to do another Ayahuasca journey in the near future and then I'll post my experience.

There is a time to be defensive and a time to lower your defences.  As with all things, balance between extremes is the key to peaceful living.

Trish's picture

Noa that's awesome! I don't have access to Ayahuasca ceremonies where I am, but it's on my bucket list.

I agree with you about defences. I have a lot of automatic defences, and I envy the people I see who are open, caring, and freely express love and gratitude to those around them. I know that I am that too, but it feels so difficult to do that in person when the body automatically clamps down. 

For me it has been a slow process to open and allow vulnerability to soften my hard edges. A key component in that has been learning to be honest with what is happening with my emotions in the moment, and stop pretending or wishing they were different. More difficult still is learning when and how to speak my truth when the need arises in a way that is best for all, because I've conditioned myself to hold my tongue or compromise to try and please everybody.

Just as an idea going through my mind, what if archons are yeast? Yeast overgrowth in the body affects many systems in various ways, including mood and behaviour. It feeds on sugar and causes the body to go through withdrawal symptoms when you don't get enough sugar. Anyways, just a thought - I've known for a while now that I'm having a tough time quitting sugar, and I recognize the 'external' effect it has on me physically and psychologically. I know how much better I would feel if I stayed clear of it, but I continue to injest it. Which is why yeast is such a great metaphor for destructive and infectious ways of thinking. "Beware the yeast of the Pharisees." 

Peace, Trish

Carri's picture

Noa it is seriously the biggest coincidence you mention this. But I think you definitely need to be careful if stuff like that is happening. Letting some things enter you is bad juju. But you can probably tell from the feelings you get. 


Noa's picture

One thing I learned from my Ayahuasca experience is that nothing happens during the ceremony without my permisson.  I had some fear going into it because I'd heard stories of bad entities taking hold and driving some people into schizophrenia.   If anyone wants to do Ayahuasca, I highly recommend my shaman; he's the real deal.   But beware of the the tourist trap Ayahuasca retreats because there are many charlatans posing as shamans.  It's very important that you put yourself in trusted hands.

As for the sugar, Trish, I'll share my experience.  I used to be hypoglycemic until I did an intestinal cleanse with an asian tea.  It was pretty harsh, giving way to diarrhea, but it stopped my sugar cravings.  Now when I feel like I'm storing too much fat or craving carbohydrates excessively, I do a vegetable juice fast for a few days.  This resets my body so I don't want junk food.

ChrisBowers's picture

Awesome advice Noa!  What specifically was the Asian tea??

Noa's picture

I don't remember the name of the tea.  I bought it at Amazing Savings.  It was pretty harsh, so I wouldn't recommend it for longterm use.

A google search brought me to this page about Pu’er tea.  I don't know if it's the same one or not.

Trish's picture

I should try the vegetable juice fast sometime. 

I've heard of Pu'erh tea, it has very high caffeine levels and I tried it at David's tea once, it tasted pretty good. 

onesong's picture

I feel great when I juice, my favorite is simple, kale, apple and lemon but the combinations can be endless. I found when I began juicing, that I was able to totally bypass the only 'monkey on my back'-my morning cuppa (which for me is English Breakfast Tea). 

As to the pu-erh, my one caution would be that if you have mold/fungus or many allergies/asthma, it can be a problem since it is fermented-sometimes for many years.  I cannot tolerate Pu-erh myself.

For cleansing purposes, there is an ayurvedic- Triphala- that balances digestion and promotes cleansing, if you tend to have any lower GI issues whether they be 'can or can't go' it will normalize those things.  It is a combination of 3 bitter herbs, taken in a little warm water, but is very helpful to the body.  It is also one of the most 'prescribed' ayurvedics.  Oh and foraged green black walnuts for tincture today...I love natures freebies!        To your health, kristyne

Noa's picture

The asian tea I tried was very harsh.  I did it for a month and had diarrhea the whole time.   I was trying to lose excess fat, which didn't happen.  However, it was after this cleanse that my hypoglycemia disappeared. 

I don't know if the asian tea I drank was Pu'erh tea or not.  Hmmmn, now that I think of it, I think it was called,  "Emperor's Secret."   I couldn't find it online, but here are some related products:

tscout's picture

   I can't remember which plant the asians use,,,but every continent has it's blood cleanser,,,sage,,,red clover, oh,,I'm drawing a blank here....Jason winters was famous for his blood cleansing tea,,,,it was a mix of 4 or 5 teas from different continents. He had that awful giant tumor in his neck,,,was sent home to die,,,and had a dream about mixing all the blood cleansing teas together. The chinese used to invite him to speak there about herbs,ha.I used his tea, but it took steady use for about 6 weeks before my pores opened up good.

   I met an apache man in Taos once,,,,he did a kind of native american astological chart on me. One of the things he told me was that,,,for me,,,yarrow tea would be very effective....A year later,,,,I got really sick,,,like,,,hantavirus got so bad, I didn't even remember what had happened that went on for almost two weeks! I suddenly remembered what he told me,,went to the herb store and got some yarrow buds,,,,harsh tea,,,yuck,,but I was myself in less than 48 hours. you have to try them all,,and see which one makes you sweat through every pore,,,then stick with that one,,,,when all those pores open,,,your epidermis will purge anything that's causing trouble.....clean the blood, and your body will take care of the rest. Just search blood cleansing teas,,and find the one that works for you. Most are very affordable in the herb stores,,,by the ounce

onesong's picture

If I can't forage and wildcraft a particular herb, a good sources of herbs are Mountain Rose, Frontier Co-op and Starwest from my experience.  I surf them all for the best price and have never had an issue with a shipment or product from any of them. (disclaimer:not employed by any of them, nor am I a certified herbalist.)

I am a kitchen herbalist, and lover of all things green and culinary crafter aka kitchen 'witch'.  According to my grandson a super-hero whose cape hangs in the closet- a Christmas red chef's apron-and when I asked what super hero I was, he said "why Yaya dontcha know? You're which I replied then "you know what my super power really is...Love."  His reply..."oh yeah, I remember you put that in everything" he licked the oatmeal/banana/sugar free yummy cookie crumbs from his cheeks)...ahhh the kiddo is LEARNING!        but sorry I digress...back to the point...

Blood cleansing herbs that are alterative, gradually promote proper function of the body and increase health over time. Ones I have used include Burdock root (you can also eat the stalk in spring like asparagus) and it's generally pretty easy to forage and has a lovely mild taste, Red Clover, Yellow Dock.  Then there are others like Oregon grape, Calendula, goldenseal, Milk Thistle (excellent Liver cleanser as well) that have a laxative effect and stimulate release of secretions and bile from the gallbladder among other benefits. For any health issue you may encounter, there's a plant that can assist. Just read well and start slow, herbs can still have strong actions and some can be downright dangerous if used in too large amounts or for too long a time while others can be of dialy assistance without causing any harm.

Good monograph on Oregon grape (and lots of other info) can be found here:  Rosalee does a good job of explaining, offers recipes and how to's free as well. 

I believe wholeheartedly in the magic and miracles of Plant Medicine and utilize herbs whenever possible as part of our cooking and medicinal practices.  I have been assisted greatly in healing physical issues by natures beautiful 'weeds'. 

Some authorities on the topic are David Winston, David Hoffman, Dr. Michael and Leslie Tierra from East West Planetary School of Herbology.  Herbalists whose blogs I follow include Rosalee (above), Jim McDonald (from my neck of the woods whom I've consulted with in the past-a great guy I recommend),  Susun Weed for women's issues...the list goes on.  IF you haven't yet experienced what the Plant Kingdom an assist you all means check it out.  love...witchy kitchy kristy  ;)


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