"the refugee profile in Europe"

 I have been completely puzzled and shocked by the EU's taking in of thousands of people from Africa and Arab countries. The best I can tell from watching dozens of videos about the situation is:

-the current influx by vast majority are arab and african men in their 20's and 30's
-they are desperate and determined to reach the most prosperous countries with the deepest pockets in terms of social programs to pay for them staying. They are well aware of which countries have the best services.
-there is also some much smaller influx of families and others escaping wars who are real refugees seeking asylum
-the political class and media seem to be arranging these people coming in and suppressing these facts.
-from just recent policies the EU is also now packed with intolerant and aggressive muslims who live in enclaves where police fire and ambulance people are attacked for simply entering these areas to help people. The muslims in particular are determined to change the country rather than assimilate.
-these now entrenched muslims when interviewed say they intend to force sharia law on Europe, the US and the entire world- and everyday europeans are being attacked and accused of intolerance for even saying there is a problem and yet the problems of these "refugees" are everywhere
-these african and arab men are lawless and feel entitled to attack and rape 'uncovered' EU women as they wish because the koran encourages them to among other despicable acts. Many young women in Sweden for instance are dying their hair black to avoid being attacked. The koran tells them to lie, cheat, steal from 'non-believers' and that it is their duty to oppress the world with islam.
-Western native europeans are beginning to see they are being attacked by these incoming people and are only just starting to resist the organized importing of these muslim and african people. There is beginning to be a common consensus that these people need to be expelled from their countries or they will lose their way of life.
-the math of all of these muslims having children and the EU's low birthrate make this a certainty they will lose their countries to these muslims in only a few years.
-there is a consistently estimated range of around 15 to 25 percent of muslims support terrorism without reservation!

Until I watched numerous videos on YouTube about the crisis I had ZERO idea what was happening from the media and I was SURE the problems I did hear about were overblown by anti-immigration types and bigots. Educate your self and be prepared to be shocked as I was to learn about these people, their behaviour and their goals.

One example of this crisis for the westerners:

Germans protest over wave of sexual assaults on women in Cologne


BBC gentle but revealing documentary on muslim intolerance:

garydgreer's picture

Thanks Brian ... you kind of surprised me with this post. It's a good surprise.

I think you're right in being concerned and there may be many alarmed and shocked individuals before long. This whole issue could be a major problem, arising on and from so many fronts. So many, that most just couldn't/can't see it coming, which only increases the momentum.

It also epitomizes, what I believe to be, a struggle that is word-wide. Check out our politics, economics, here and abroad, Syria, Putin, summer of unrest, etc, etc.

I'll step out here and say it looks like humanity's culminated resistance, upon arrival at the next evolutionary "mutation" or rewriting of the DNA, into the collective-conscious entity

I better go and hmmmmm on this one.  :\ Thanks again Brian

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Hi Brian: There appears to be a world wide shift of millions of refugees to Europe and the United States due to all kinds of poliltical upheavals. Germany and the United States have been more generous in sharing resources through their welfare systems than other countries. In England, being homeless and a refugee is a crime and in some counties of America the same is true. People are fined for feeding the homeless. Anyway in light of your post, whenever I read about these specific populations that breed so much contempt and through it alter the entire concept of an established stable society into one of chaos, I tend to think behind it all it is a conspired plan to create social and economical strife so to shift the power and divide the minds of people in the so called free world.  More surveillance and intolerant rules to manage the masses come into play. 911 and the resulting home security measures fuel fear and restlessness. Divide and conquer and bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator appears to be the goal. Whose goal I can't specifically name. Whenever I see starving people in foreign lands I have to ask myself why is this happening? Their leaders always live in temple structures with manicured lawns? How can they not devise a plan to feed their population. The answer is simple....They don't choose to. Or they have been duped by Monsanto like corporations who have stolen all their seeds, top soil and poisoned their lands with fertilizers that prevent the earth from producing without more toxic chemicals. These specific populations you are mentioning serve the same toxic purpose--The Transformation course presented many historical examples of engineered manipulations that caused great harm to societies for the benefit of a few. It also gives us the option of developing new core strengths. False Flag Terrorism Lesson 8:

The problem isn't that we're powerless. The problem is that we have allowed those with agendas in government and the media to convince us that we're powerless. They've confused us, distracted us and made us feel like we barely have the power to get out of bed in the morning. The truth is that every one of us has tremendous untapped strength, intelligence and resources hard-wired into us. The truth is that people can thrive in the worst imaginable circumstances. We can succeed against overwhelming odds if we are committed.

I'm not saying the solution(s) are easy...we all have to look within to find those parts of us that  individually bought into the chaos and take the responsibility to shift the focus and intent in a positive way. These people may be in my neighbohood one day and I'll have to come to some terms of sanity. This post makes me aware of what the Peers Group is trying to teach us about personal responsibility and the connectiveness of all. Thank you for your post, it invites me to move deeper into what connectiveness is really all about in every day life. As said in Star Wars May the Force be with you (us)!

Brian's picture

I also believe there is a plot to bringing in these people to the West and I agree with your reasons. I debated internally for some time if I should post this whole thing. I thought people would be offended by what might sound racist. Racists ALWAYS say they are not racist but I'm not certain about myself so I won't proclaim that-LOL but I have always been instinctively repelled by islam (which isn't a race). Fascinated too but repelled.

We haven't yet allowed them en mass to the US so let's not and say we did. I think we have enough problems without swallowing the time bomb Europe is swallowing. Good luck to them and the hard-won freedoms and deep civility there- I hope they can survive this onslaught of Bronze Age barbarianism.

Muslims Interogate EU Comedian: Perfect illustration of western/muslim divide and why I don't have any muslim friends...

Wendy's picture

I think the lack of tolerance of Muslims for homosexuality may be creating an atmosphere which attracts intolerance for Muslims but this all needs to end some where - there's no point in getting more upset about it. This just seems to be part of a downward spiral of intolerance. There are plenty of other religions that are intolerant as well.

I have attended a mosque and found the message of Islam - to submit to the will of God to be quite inspiring and uplifting. The physical act of bowing before God in the east to be a humbling experience that I continue from time to time to this day, even though I do not consider myself a Muslim.

I pray for a healing. Let us all be tolerant of any and all attitudes and religions,etc. as long as there is no violence involved. An when violent acts occur, let us all question an be slow to judge, especially in this time of so many false flag events that appear to be designed to whip op fear.

onesong's picture

I read this the day you posted and have taken a few days to assimilate the info you've presented. I have to say it makes me uneasy.  Not the things you've brought up regarding who's immigrating, where or for what reasons.  What makes me uneasy is that we discuss a collective consciousness, our being 'One', the need for transformation on a global scale, and yet we're still seeing people as 'us and them'.

I hail from an area with the largest population in the U.S. of various 'Arabic' peoples. I've attended conferences with women that engage Muslim and non Muslim women to share our commonality, our problems, challenges and victories.  I attend an annual conference where leaders from several faiths dialogue regarding beliefs and problems and this creates some common ground.

I realize there is a percent of fanatic Islamic radicals, but look around and you can find other groups of many religions and ideologies that are both fanatic and radical. I feel it more important to engage with others even when we are afraid. When we are afraid we need to immediately find a way to act out of love not fear.  Often in so doing we see how much more we are alike than different. 

I know I won't necessarily convince anyone else, but I refuse to live in fear.  That's what we do when we think ourselves 'separate' from any part of Creation.  We are all One.  What we do, think, and how we act all effect the world we are creating.

I try to live in such a way as to see Divinity in every person I meet, by that I mean, that somewhere deep down, we were all created from a spark of the Divine and it's in there.  It may be buried really deep-but it's in there.  Maybe the influx of immigrants (regardless of where they are from) is serving a purpose we cannot yet see.

For example, when I spend time in the kindergarten classroom, I am amazed at how open hearted and open minded children are. Our schools are now filled with children from all walks of life, and they don't see each other as anything but other children.  It takes alot more living and negative conditioning before they 'fear' each other.  If we aren't careful we teach them that and I can't honestly say I think that's a good thing. Maybe we're all being made to realize no religion is more important than any other and all people on this planet must turn away from war and learn to 'make peace'. 

I'm not hiding my head in the sand, nor am I denying that there are bad people in this world we live in. But there's the potential for hate or the potential for love within each of us.  I choose love.

So when I meet a family swaddled in black and all I can see are the women's eyes, I look deeply into them and if they avert they're own, I do not fear.  I try to understand as much as I can and I extend common courtesy.  We do not know what others live each day, we can only live in a way that raises us up.  When we do, we raise the vibration of every situation. In Peace and with Love,  kristyne

Wendy's picture

Funny I just got this link in my e-mail today. It seems like just the right post for here.


garydgreer's picture

My take is this. What is manifesting today, through Islam's practitioners, doesn't seem to align with the Islam described in this video. And not just a little bit.

I have to wonder why and how this is. It's because, IMO, the Muslims are just as flawed as the rest of us. There is a contributing factor however, and that is that Muslims don't believe it.

It's easy to see why they don't. Their religion, and maybe even more so, their culture, has in some ways, a very narrow point of view. It doesn't much allow for any other point of view to be seriously considered. You can't know what you can't or won't allow yourself to know.

That is, until critical mass. Then you just kind of get drug along, while you finally wise up.

ChrisBowers's picture

I agree with MysticCrow in that I believe their is a specific agenda to foment a clash of civilizations that benefits the few and harms the many in many ways, physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

It is up to all of us around the world to not be caught in the psyche trap offered by those conspiring to spur on separation and contempt for one another - to parse & fade the BS and carry on with an agenda of inner and outer peace.  And to patiently hold one's ideal of peace regardless of what we see and hear.

And then be very patient because this could take what might seem like forever to us in the context of one's lifetime.

This again reminds me of those Maharishi meditation experiments that were able to calm whole towns and cities by a certain number of people getting together and being unspecific peace, just being calm and quiet with no specific thought or prayer.  To be calm in the midst of the storm and hold the calm no matter what.

When I think about it, we all have the power to do this already.  That said, we all know all too well how strong the temptation is to fall prey to the turbulent winds of the storm.  But it's so obviously a choice every time.

To entertain the blame game is like pouring gasoline in one's mouth and then lighting it on fire.  I sense so strongly our collective inherent sovereign power every time I think of the cliche,

"what if there was a war and no one came"

Brian's picture

I'm lucky to have people around me who endeavor to stay calm in the midst of such a turbulent world. Not many people out there make it a practice. The Internet can act like gas on the fire. And in my mouth. I was very moved by your words Chris about patience and wanting to stay calm.

Each day I've been reading each of your posts (all you guys) and it has gradually slowed me down enough to chill out a bit. It's hard to articulate how and why I get caught in these coyote traps. It's a bit embarrassing. It brings me in with a whiff of meat so I get unguarded and slip my paw into the noose. Then-PRANG!-I'm snared hard and fast. Only relaxing reduces the snares hold. With me, meditating while staying in my breath can help me regain my intuition and the ability to steer clear of traps.

Gary, I agree with what you said and that some Muslims exhibit this complete insulation from other thinking which makes me really angry but no one is completely blind and deaf to someone else who is living a good path. It will create cracks in their armour.

Brian's picture

This short interview was uniqually refreshing to me from the lips of an arab

A Wise & Honest Arab Muslim Man Tells Muslims The Truth About Themselves - A Must See

garydgreer's picture

Brian, that dude is a smart cookie.

onesong's picture

First statement that jumps out at me in the video above is exactly what caused me to be uneasy with the initial post.  "The spirit of the herd"-when I meet regularly with my meditation group each time there has been a world event in the Middle East or a terrorist attempt anywhere the conversation turns to 'those people' or 'the Muslims' and how they are all evil.  None of us are 'all evil'-no group of people anywhere on the planet can be lumped into one big bunch.  We aren't bananas-though some of us occasionally 'go bananas'. 

It is the 'spirit of the herd' mentality that we have to stop.  We have to see every individual we meet as just that-another individual soul.  Regardless of our 'conditioning' religious or otherwise, we must look at one another with eyes and hearts bent on understanding. We may not be met with the same-but it is my belief we must hold ourselves to the highest standard.  Something I don't think as a country we're doing anymore (and I still believe we live in the greatest country on this planet)...but that's an entirely other HUGE topic.  

So my purpose today is to look deeply within ourselves.  Where we suffer from the 'herd' mentality we are required to work diligently and overcome that conditioning.  Where we are triggered, where we feel closed minded to challenges and change, what closes our hearts, where we are fearful-all are opportunities for deep introspection. When we rise above it, we change the world right now one thoughtform at a time.

Embrace with gratitude what we DO have within us that is beautiful, loving and good.  In every culture, on every continent there are people just like us that want a better world. We can't do it with weapons, wars or oppression and suppression of ideas and ideologies but we can change it.  Maybe it won't be this year, this generation, this lifetime...but maybe it will. 

Have you ever been so deeply in love, so committed to another that you would give your life for theirs? (Think of your children, your parents, whomever has most deeply affected you positively.)  If so, then you already know.

Love changes everything.                          kristyne



ChrisBowers's picture

Couldn't agree more Kristyne.  Here is an excellent example of such an individual that was kicked out of a Trump rally for her silent protest (her son owns a t-shirt print shop and made her a t-shirt to wear to the rally).  Listen to her speak of the ironic position she is put in at times when she finds herself having to defend Americans when some are saying to her that ALL Americans are prejudiced Muslim haters.

Muslim Woman & Jewish Man Booted from Trump Rally for Silent Protest Against Islamophobia | Democracy Now!

It's never all or none, and never will be (I hope)

onesong's picture

Chris, thanks for posting about Rose and the incident at the Trump rally-it speaks to exactly the point I was trying to make. Please take the time to read the post found below that video-about people whom had previously been speaking to these two folks amicably and how they were treated as Trump's talk went on. To me it's always disconcerting to see a group of people devolve (is that a word!) into little more than a gang mentality.  

Any 'leader' whose main goal seems to be to incite hatred and separate us by race, nationality, education, financial status, political party or otherwise is not fit to wear the title of leader, presidential or otherwise imo. 

May all of Creation assist us all in making decisions both electorate and otherwise, that bring transparency, Peace and prosperity to not only our country but to All. What we do to others, in actuality we also do to ourselves.             

garydgreer's picture


The Truth About the Regressive Left                                                         

Why have liberals abandoned liberal principles by refusing to criticize Islam - the most illiberal doctrine on the planet?

esrw02's picture

    Power Shift .

     It is about time . Soon it will be great for everyone on Gaia.  They deserve freedom, clean water , food ,and shelter as well  .

Their world has been stolen and they want it back .


  We must all take care of each other !!!!!!!!!!  Tolerance is compassion .


     love all , E

Brian's picture

Onesong-I agree with your view after watching the Amy Goodman interviews. Gary, I am afraid to watch the videos you posted because I'm afraid to get myself all riled up again into the world of fear and loathing. To be honest, I really don't respect islamic beliefs but I see love and light in many muslims eyes and so I take my default view of decent religious people as being Gods children and people I'm lucky to share the planet with......That being said, I use my formerly atheistic analysis of all religion and declare it a sort of embarrassing thing we'll just have to tolerate for now while we figure out how to love each other without it. I love the faithful but not the man-made faith. To me divinity isn't going to fit into such a tiny box. Gary, I also see a title there that calls the left 'regressive'. I understand the criticisms of left held ideas and leanings but watch out for labeling-it's usually an indication of prejudice of point of view. For instance many conservatives see leftist compassion as weak. They usually say "sure, we can all agree feeling compassion is a noble thing, but you have to take a pragmatic view of these violent people and ..." you finish that sentence. Conservatives and progressives each think they have "a pretty good bead on things" and somewhat innocently, believe they have a monopoly on the truth. Unfortunately we all suffer confirmation bias pretty much 24/7 so it's hard to feel like giving ground to anothers POV.

garydgreer's picture

I really do. The title you refer to was taken from the title of the video, but your point is taken. I've tried to quit taking sides, however a little truthful examination wouldn't hurt anyone. The videos are very revealing.

tscout's picture

  and have been enjoying this thread. I saw the idea that Islam is collapsing intellectually as an interesting way to put it,,,but it reminded me more of the fact that, all major religions seem to be collapsing. I have to admit that, I rarely think about Islam. But haven't the Christian and Muslim"Crusades" been a big part of the history over the last few thousand years? Now it seems they are coming head to head again. Or, they are being used to separate people once again...."You're either with us,or you're against us",,,that kind of crap!

   I guess what I'm trying to say is, while we have watched organized religion deteriorate here in the west, it has been going on in the rest of the world as well. No offense to anyone,,,as Brian said so well,,I love the faithful but not man made faith. In China, millions have left Buddism as well. It seems that all they are good for is to turn people against each other.

 As for the influx of refugees into Europe, an obvious planned stage of events...But, My friends from France have complained for the last 10 years about the influx of muslims into France. They have quoted many studies that predict the collapse of France's health care and social services system asa result of the influx of migrants there,as there is no work for them, so become a drain on the fine balance France has had in their system for some time. So,it seems like they just stepped it up with all the bombing and turrmoil over there.

  America and Nato seem to be playing all their cards now,trying to push something or someone over the edge.If the announcement by the Royal Bank of Scotland to "sell everything you have" was justified, then maybe the economic collapse is finally upon us......Oh,,I don't  know how many of you keep up with Putin's speeches,,,but he has done several press conferences with US reporters that are never aired here, and if you watch them ,you will see why....Go back a couple of months, right before he started to bomb ISIS, and see why he did it. I find his speeches quite cool headed and open, quite the opposite of how he is portrayed in the media here. He talks quite frankly about the position Russia is in, and Obama's role in it,which I find refreshing,as, as much as I have never really  warmed up to Russia(except for Anastasia,ha,and the movement she created there),,,at least Putin talks openly about the issues which are always talked around on mainstream media here....


garydgreer's picture

 A big nod Tod.

I happen to feel the way Brian expressed earlier. Religion is embarrassing. That's coming from a former Missouri Baptist turned Seventh Day Adventist. I get the most embarrassed when I contemplate higher forms of existence observing earth and it's human inhabitants.

ChrisBowers's picture

Bill Maher has been calling it (presumed) Political Correctness. I appreciate all the posts and comments on this forum thread.  For me though, I have to be careful to not get too caught up in the hatred spewing opining, as this is far too common these days with all the political gas that is being poured on the proverbial fire of this projected clash of civilizations.

And it is most commonly used, this type of heated rhetoric, to run cover for some other issue or issues that those in presumed power want us to overlook.  They've become pretty damn good at guiding the sheep into the pen they want us in.

One of the things that really bothered me lately is when Obama was speech-weeping for all to see concerning those who have died by gun violence in this country, but I don't recall seeing him cry for those dying in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria while we sell billions in weapons to Saudi Arabia, and provide Israel with weapons that kill Palestinian women and children.

I can't help but think that the collective we in the United States deserve to end up with Donald Trump for President of these insane clown posse divided states of mmmerica, duh....

but i digress..........

code blue!




pour US of A, we knew her well...........

ChrisBowers's picture

and in sympathy with Eric's comment (to quote Midnight Oil)

The time has come

to say fairs fair

to pay the rent

to pay our share

the time has come

a facts a fact

it belongs to them

lets give it baaaack

tscout's picture

   I had to go listen to midnight oil,,,real loud!!  Timeless song, as the song is applicable to all indigenous cultures,or at least,to all indigenous cultures in this incarnation of "us" this time around. I phone interviewed them once and they were so proud to have penned this one...

   I heard about the Obama weeping,,,glad I didn't see it, I really have a distaste for him these days. I think it comes from watching how he is portayed overseas. In China, people think he is so great , when my friends there talk about him I get nauseous. They did the same with the Bushes. When Obama ran for office, my son's mom worked on his campaign (she was a former Ralph nader campaigner). She bugged me to get involved,and I said to her,"He is either the catalyst needed to change the world,orrrr, the ultimate slap in the face to the American people,put there to counter 8 years of Bush"......Unfortunately it was the latter of the two,  I had no idea, but the bandwagon he was riding was too suspicious to jump on. I ignored all the ethnic talk about him, and the birth certificate issue, trying to see what he was about.But a few weeks ago,I saw a short documentary about the man who is supposedly his mentor, and it definitely feeds the fire in regards to this issue that keeps popping up about Islam's plan to destroy the west from the inside out. It was mentioned again in one of the vids Gary posted above. Even if it is all true, the fact remains, He was put in office by those in control, so if that was his motive, they knew it and are using it to their advantage. I guess it sounds like I'm spending too much time trying to figure them out, but really, it's just my latest "update"to myself,after seeing that show about him and his mentor. I guess all the confusion about his real background was the perfect diversion, as they are still making shows about it 7 years later,ha! In the meantime.......

     So here we are, 8 years later, everyone's mad at Obama, and the sleeper puppets in congress and the senate,,,so is Trump the pissed off American's answer? He seems to piss off a lot of people too, but the extremes of both parties like him. If he really pays for his own campaign,will it make a difference? Ha! Maybe we do deserve him! It would be fun to see him shake some things up, but I wonder where he gets his orders from. How about a crack team of Jedi warriors who only answer to the force? I would like that better, I would even vote for that!

onesong's picture

I'm thinking the crack team of Jedi would have better hair or no hair! lol...but agree with your post Todd.  I'd like to suggest again though, that we need to vision something much better for all of us.  Like we the people quit being sheeple.  My dad when he was alive was so into Constitutional Law and the like, and so politically outspoken that I talked neither with him.  If he was alive, he'd probably be on the wildlife preserve in Oregon right now.  I personally can't imagine Trump sitting amongst a group of world leaders having an intelligent discourse...bullying might work for his business dealings, but really?

I wonder too where the hell we are headed in this country...God bless America and everywhere else too. We (ordinary people everywhere) need HELP now!

Oriole's picture
Oriole's picture

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I live in Britain.  I cannot speak for rest of the EU.  In this country we welcome these refugees because they are prepared to work for the minimum wage.  Brits find it very hard to survive on that.  The immigrants are prepared to live in more crowded conditions than those that have lived here longer, many sharing bedrooms when necessary.  They are also prepared to work longer and anti-social hours.  It’s possibly true that our economy depends on them.  It is a fact that many are getting into the country illegally, but they are finding jobs and helping our economy anyway.  Britain has long welcomed people from other countries.  This goes back to colonial times.

            I don’t believe being homeless or a refugee is criminal, although it is considered undesirable for those suffering it.  Certainly providing food or shelter for the homeless is NOT a crime here.  I hope I didn't post this twice, had some trouble

Wendy's picture

Chris, Thanks so much for the post with the Trump video. I'm very glad I saw that.

Isalm is a very diverse religion, like Christianity. You have the gambit from people who believe simply because it is the tradition they grew up with, without questioning why (fundamentalism) to people who have thoroughly studied the scriptures and found symbolic meaning that has helped them to transcend their everyday lives. These people are usually the ones who bring great works into the world, like Martin Luther King, Gandi. This is why I, as a liberal, defend Islam. I have to wonder if those who are bashing the religion have met many Muslims.

As far as religion as a whole, I continue to enjoy and find huge value in my religious community. It has spurred me to do more volunteer work and generally have more compassion for for those around me. It has encouraged me to think in new ways. Not all religions are fundamentalist in nature. The Sufis are muslims too - talk about some of the most enlightened people I have ever known.

Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.

onesong's picture

I wrote this a few days ago, then deleted as the topic wasn't really about religion or is it? Decided to go ahead and put it out there since Wendy's comments about her faith.  This is how I feel.  Wish I could have said it in fewer words. 

A mentor of mine said  "all religions were intended to be re-legion"- a way to bring people together. All religions began with inherent need and value in the time that they sprung up in our history.  At that point, there was a need for people to have something to believe in beyond themselves.

At the core of many/possibly all religions are very similar tenets. But over centuries all religions were also subject to the imperfect opinions of man, altered and interpreted thusly.  Tell a friend a story, have them pass it on and see what the story has become when it finally gets back to you-like that game we played as kids.

The Bible, the Koran, the Talmud...the beginning is very similiar, descendants of Abraham and their story.  Where we went from there, has brought us to where we are now. Many religious leaders have led their people into separation from each other through not only dogma, but war, crusades, you name it. Many religions have not served us well.

When asked what religion I am, it's difficult because I believe in a more holistic theology and most closely to that of Gnosis. In that respect, more like a Muslim, I believe God is in everything. And though I find the teachings attributed to Jesus Christ to be of utmost importance and profoundly different than teachings before, I have difficulty with the religions created by men in his name. They have too often been corrupted (as is also true of the Muslim). The Muslim doesn't disregard Christ, he is considered a prophet of God-but not God.  That's the primary difference.  A simplification I know. I'm not speaking to radical Islamic belief, but remember what some Christians have historically believed and done to others as well.  It isn't pretty. 

Just like a conversation with your significant other, there is not one of us on this planet that interprets things just like another. (look around at what happens here sometimes in just one post ;o) YEAH!
So why wouldn't religion be a challenge for us?  For me, the challenge is how to honor our Soul's desire for greater lessons and wisdom while also honoring the Souls we meet along the way and All life.     We think we're separate, but to believe we are separate from the Power that has created everything...not possible imo. 

So whether seeded by aliens, left here from another planet, created as a 'slave race', or in a garden of Eden has little importance to me in the grand scheme of things.  It doesn't change the fact that We are Here.  We have to live together or die together.  Is that a choice?!                                                                
Daily, I ask the Highest Power, the One that surpasses All understanding, to guide my hands, my thoughts, my words.  I ask that my eyes be open to those in need around me.  I ask to know the right thing to do in the moments that both joys and trials arise. I give thanks for every lesson I encounter, for each stranger that becomes a friend, for each child whose life I touch in a positive way and for every gift I have been given and may share. I  sincerely ask Peace in.          

If enough common people everywhere want peace in their lives, there can be nothing less than a great shift in how we live together on this planet.  For me, the faith that we can help create it, and the actions taken everyday in small ways to achieve it will have to be enough for now. But I'm awake and I'm cognizant of where and when I may need to 'check myself'.                                                                                   
What concerns me the most when faced with hatred toward any individual or group is that we not 'regress' ourselves.  That we don't travel backward in our Spiritual evolution and in doing irreparably destroy this beautiful planet and all the life we have NOT had a hand in creating here. We should be in stewardship as we evolve upon her not in servitude. We teach by example. What are we teaching?     My two cents, so I'll shut up now.  

May our day be blessed and our darkness brought to Light so we may see it for what it is.                   Peace be (everywhere permeating our very existence!).                               kristyne

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When we stop killing in the name of something we can't even prove.

When we rejoice in something very personal to ourselves without feeling the ego need to change someone else's mind with it.

When we become truly and enduringly peaceful at the same time we have collectively discovered no need for the "babysitting kindergarten" of saviorship model religions. (the Apostle Paul in the 13th chapter of Corinthians made me think on this subject of saviorship model religions, "When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things")


The Human race experiencing growing pains strains hope at times for sure...

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Kristine, what a beautiful expressive post. I also liked that emoticon-looks like a pretty girl-LOL...I wonder if people see me here as a loudmouth or griper or something but inside my head and body is a person who spends some of his time at least trying to ask god for help and to relieve me of my fears and pain. I was raised Catholic and have noticed I am a type. A type of former Catholic, with dreamy ideas of faith, a mystical bent, a soft side. I keep seeing celebrities who say they are former Catholics and I go " I KNEW IT!" every time. Many of them are softies.

So when I read my latest positive self-help books and eat a bagel on Saturday mornings I get this huge rush of endorphins (apparently bread does this to people;-) and become profoundly grateful to god for my life. I usually get a little weepy. So there's this very positive side of me I'm trying to expand and expand so I can leave my slightly troubled version of me behind me. God seems so much more profound to me now-so much larger(even saying larger is hilariouly inadequate) than religion that it makes me irritated with religion for being so weak by comparison. But that's OK. I actually don't hate religions and welcome the way they can focus some people into great charity and giving to others. Russell Brand has been saying religion in England has been getting a bad rap and fallen on hard times. I think religion cannot stand the raw power of facts derived by scientific empirical evidence and pure logic. It can put up a fight through obfuscation and other tactics but for many truth seekers science seems more "true". I have made room for religion by seeing it as a stopgap measure towards a better world we are evolving to.

I feel like I am lucky to have had an experience of god happen to me. I was just sitting and thinking and had a moments vision of a point of great energy and light, almost in the form of a tiny spiral of energy (?) embedded in nature and somehow I felt it was the presence of God-isn't that odd? That's it. God. WTF? It was so odd. So this is how I perceived you-how I could see you or wanted to see you?...It gradually began to change me and led me to find compassion for religious people and religion. I think people have an experience and then have no way to process it-to put into use or perspective. How do I share my perception of God? I guess I depend partly on my religious upbringing for a framework...so that's OK. I wish like hell everyone could have this or a similarly profound experience of god so they can also find comfort in divinity's presence. I don't think I can ever express how much better I feel about stuff since this experience but it effects how my life unfolds everyday. My 3 atheistic 20 something kids think my believing there' s god is, at best, funny or at worst alarmingly illogical and off-putting. They gotta do some living I think.

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This one's directly to you Brian...first...I AM a pretty girl lol, just a pretty girl all grown up whose now become a 'Grandma' so the message on my frig is "I'm still hot but now it comes in flashes".  But that's not what my reply is about. 

On Sunday's I spend time leading a meditation group that is primarily women though for some years a few men have been brave enough ;) to attend.  I'm the youngest-and many of them are what I call 'reformed' Catholics.  From my experience, that faith seems to have turned away so many wonderful people by making them question the doctrine of a punishing Godhead, sin and hell.  So you are by far not alone in that. 

I have witnessed your posts for sometime now, and I'm never put off by them or judgemental of you personally.  My reasons for posting everything above, are from my own experiences of discord every time Muslims are mentioned within those same Sunday groups.  Immediately such fear arises. (In another time it might have been Asians, Blacks, Germans)...when will we see each other as just people?!)

That's what my responses are to.  We can't stay in a fearful place without it affecting us and those around us in so many ways that I am always moved to try to raise the vibration of it. 

I think we all have a slightly troubled version somewhere inside us as well Brian.  It's why our greatest challenge here on this planet is self mastery.  We can't change any but ourselves when you get right down to it, so that's my plan.  Work on myself, understand myself, strive for my Highest self...sometimes my feet are stuck in the mud and sometimes I'm walking on air. Don't punish yourself whichever it is, it's all part of your experience. 

As for self help books, take what resonates with you and throw the rest out, they are all ideas from individuals having the same life experiences as all of us.  Some of it's great and some of it's crap. You don't need a guru to tell you what you need in your life, it's already in you.

As for kids, mine are 27 and 31 and they watch me move through the world doing what I do, they think alot of it's wooohoooo, and they tell me "mom...you're too old to act like a hippie" hrrrmmmmpphhhh I say.  But they notice, and they know what I've taught them and in times of trouble they remember.  It isn't lost on our kids.  They, like you've said have some living to do. 

I feel like I turn some folks off here when I do speak of God or ask for prayer, but I'm gonna do it when I feel it anyway.  It's an act of purpose and faith to me.  

You're great, don't doubt yourself.  Look how many thought provoking comments your posts bring about.                         In love and Light.                kristyne  

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   Kristyne said it so well, I am not that eloquent. But really,,,Brian,, I know I like when you ask those questions out loud,,,it's a sign of life, a pulse, a heartbeat...And when you question the answers,,that"s even better! because it means it lead to something else, it didn't end with the "answer". Have you noticed that, when someone asks you a question that you were asked before, maybe it was a year ago, maybe it was 20 years ago, you give a different answer than last time? Haha! To me, that's a great sign,,it means that your perspective has changed! And if we are part of this ever changing world,universe,,whatever, we can't set anything in concrete. That to me is the weak point in religions, they can trap you into a world view, limiting the possibilities, and the truths that we are just starting to uncover, remember, wake up to......    Maybe that "rooting" that religions offer is a way to keep us from going crazy, or just completely letting go and turning back into space dust! Maybe they remind us that we are Earthbound for now. If we all raise our vibrational levels high enough,, we would just dematerialize, right? Then who would mind the ship?

    So I would say,,, Don't change a thing brother! Change everything!  Woah, that sounded weird!

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Thank you for the vote of confidence brotha...Kristyne-I feel like everyone here is open enough to be not threatened by your above mentioned god stuff haha. That's one thing I've appreciated about the Gspot is the overall tolerance for people who feel there's more than meets the eye in life....

But on a possibly conflicting note...I have also been going over some same and additional videos by various sources about the apparent emergency in the EU and I have to say I am still very alarmed. I am also now more aware of the fear-mongering intended or otherwise. Those people were dragging me down and it helps to see them as a separate issue but I still think the politicians have made a terrible mistake allowing all these people to enter. In the US, if they start allowing these huge numbers of muslims in I will KNOW it is a conspiracy to attack our way of life and our ability to make a living. As one muslim migrant admitted, "Why did they bring so many Arabs and Africans in? They didn't have enough jobs or housing for the people already here. Why are they doing this?" The extreme carelessness of it all is evidence of a plot. I saw a middle aged Swedish man and his young daughter interviewed on the street. He was homeless and was aghast that these immigrants were being given housing, food and money to live while he was living on the street and couldn't get the same. There are also numerous videos of the immigrants refusing food and bottled water (claiming it's of terrible quality-I saw some of it-it was perfectly decent wholesome food a European could eat) and demanding cash instead to spend as they wanted. They admitted they wanted cash for other foods and cigarettes etc. Does that sound like a desperate person fleeing death and torture? Not to me. Some immigrants refused to get off buses because they didn't like the apartments they were given and demanded "better apartments with good schools and closer grocery stores". What?

If there is a conspiracy to damage Europe it is a brilliantly planned one because the recent Western European bliss and democratic ideal is vulnerable to an infiltration of people who want nothing to do with openness and democracy and self reliance and fairness. Why are muslims leaving muslim countries and then demanding sharia law? Does that make sense?

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All really valid questions and probably not at all easy answers.  I agree, with many many homeless Americans (of all decents) and much inequity and inequality in benefits, pay, housing etc. with the question of how and where do we set limits and boundaries.  I also agree with Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany when she said any immigrant breaking the law should be immediately deported.  That's one way to deal with folks not truly interested in coming to any other country without a true desire for a better way of life.  My husband is always on a rant when he sees people here that have not attempted to learn the english language, teach and speak it with their children, etc.  and yet, many of us might not be Americans had our forefathers not migrated here from situations unsafe or undesirable long ago.  I also have to acknowledge Oriole's comments above though, it is much the same way here with different groups of immigrants.  It's long been the case with migrant farm workers for example.

I don't have answers either so maybe we all need to look to Todd's comment-which might become one of my newest mantras...Don't change a thing, change everything!   Have a blessedly wonderful morning.

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Mass rape of women on New Years eve was false flag - under cover police were involved.

This makes sense when you hear than many of these "refugees" have cell phones.


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 Reporter Lara Logan was attacked by a mob in Egypt during a mass protest/celebration and then others were too.

Further women reporters attacked, raped by mobs:


I believe this is in keeping with the indoctrination of women as property and then seeing beautiful Western women in particular. The variety of hair and eye colors in Western European women is unique in the world and must feel frustratingly unattainable to many Eastern men.

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Right on Chris !   Midnight Oil yeah . That song is great .


     Its so true take the blinders off .               MSM is very dangerous ! Poisoning minds everywhere.




If you remember, midnight oil was led by the big bald guy, Peter Garrett.....he became a politician and left in disgrace after a program he put in place burned down homes and killed a few people....the guy turned out to be a total wanker......I can't even listen to his music anymore.....such a shame.....

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Each comment I've made regarding these posts has been my attempt to make sure we don't fall into the 'mob mentality' - any of us. We can't view anyone as 'less than'.  We are all equals as created.  I've witnessed the disintegration of moral codes of conduct when groups of people get out of control. There should be no excusing this and quick and decisive action taken against those that perpetrate.

As a woman who was raped at a very early age, my response now to these last few posts isn't one I'm proud of.  Since often the authorities seem only minimally concerned or find ways to place blame on the women, were it me or mine experiencing one of these attacks I'd be looking for other very strong women (and the men who love and respect them) to band together and 'violate' the perpetrators in such a way that they would not think of EVER harming any woman like that again. A strong reaction I know-and also a mob response of sorts.  Like I said, I'm not proud of my strong sentiment here, but it dwells there deeply encoded in my memory banks. 

I've done my own work, many years of it, and am stronger for each experience I've lived, so no need for sympathy here...but shame on us that we have allowed this sort of behavior for so long and blamed innocents for acts they have no control over for so long as well.

So forgive me, but also respect me. I am a peaceful, compassionate person but some injustices should simply not be acceptable anywhere, anytime regardless of the situation.  Otherwise, we are no less than animals.  I cannot help but wonder where were the good men, the ones that respect their mothers, sisters, lovers, daughters... when this was happening?  A prayer is necessary here as well.


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Tonite, reviewing my feelings of last night after reading more about Lara Logan (her attack was in 2011-not recently) and reading that she has had at least four hospitalizations resulting from her attack...I'd like to say a few more things. 

It's not easy being open hearted in a world that offers up a full plate of experiences (for any of us).  It brings us joy, love, light but also shows us a fair amount of pain, sadness and suffering.  When hearts are open we take everything in and are deeply affected by what we see.  Sometimes we can hold ourselves separate from the pain of others and sometimes we cannot. (Reading last night, I could not. At times we all continue to be challenged by things we thought were long healed.)

I have vowed to live my life with my heart open wide, not to close down no matter what it is I feel.  I'd like to suggest that instead of feeling the kind of overwhelm I temporarily felt as I read last night, that we vow to turn every situation around.  Sharing an awareness of the power of empathy we can turn our thoughts and hearts to a revolutionary act that has energetic implications.  Meditation can reach far beyond the boundaries of ourselves and heal others when our hearts are open.  I challenge each of us, me included, to awaken this power and heal each other and the world with that empathy. 

Next time you hear or see something painful, instead of shutting down emotions, feeling only fear, feel them until you can resolve to hold them in your heart.  Like you would for a small hurting child, tap into the divine energy of universal love that resides in your heart.  That's power and it makes you powerful, for it is your protection and transmutation of the pain felt by you and others. Breathe deeply knowing your heart is big and strong enough to hold it. (I know I am so strong.) Visualize healing light emanating and touching all that are suffering.  When we can do this for others, we heal our own hearts in the process.

Darkness disappears with just one tiny ray of Light.          

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   I watched the Lara Logan vid this morning before work,,,and all day long,all I could think about was,,,water! It has to do with the mob mentality. We are all made of water,,and electricity, and water becomes what it is surrounded by. Any bottle of water in a room is effected by anything else in the room, pure water,tainted water, EMF, the TV Show that's on,,or,,,our thoughts. The huge riots that break out at soccer games,  or opening day at Yankee stadium, were the best examples I had ever seen,,,,until now. I think that ,why it became a sexual assault is obvious, referring to Brian's comment earlier about some foreign types of men being so in awe of these women that are so different looking than practically every woman in their home countries. It is by no means any form of excuse on their behalf,,,but it is obvious what thoughts were permeating the mostly male crowd, and, unfortunately, once unleashed, turned into a monster. I don't know about other men on this site,,but I have heard men talk about foreign women in this manner throughout my life. I most recently saw this in China, Chinese men stumbling over themselves in  the presence of any woman that doesn't have black hair and black eyes. How men get  to the point of the thoughts that manifested that night in Egypt is beyond me, but I expect that there is a kind of resentment that dwells inside some men who see someone or something as untouchable. It is man at his worst, totally blinded by a petty emotion. The thoughts, whatever they may be, floating amidst all that electricity and water, are all communicating on some level in a high energy group situation. We are so weak, and out of touch with things on this level, it can just explode into the mess that unfolded there... I don't mean to sound impersonal or insensitive in any way, it is just my way of understanding what happened there,,,,there sure isn't any other excuse for it. Although this case might not seem related to the more recent events, I think it is directly related, as , the way I understand it, America was paying people to throw rocks over in Egypt, which started the events leading up to that night. That whole process of instigating those revolutions to knock someone out of power feeds on the "group mentality" weakness that we are so vulnerable to

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I'm so sorry K for the rape you endured. I can't imagine...I wish the man dead. Nearly every woman who has been important to me was raped. Lara Logan's horrific account sounds more like she was dragged around by a herd of wild boars than men. It made me cry. The savagery made me wish I had been there with a machine gun-I would have shot them down until they released her.. The helplessness of her male companions to save her was very...terrible, moving and sad. \

The attacking men in this crowd situation found themselves in the dark, anonymous, and accountable to no one with the police out of sight. Once someone else attacked her, the others felt emboldened and their normal inhibitions failed them for the oppurtunity to "have sex with" or at the very least brutalize and torture her for NOT having sex with them. I want to blame their backwards society for it's obstinate resistance to treating women decently but when I think about how many americans resisted racial integration of our schools only a few decades ago...I realise we're not so far ahead of them. Ugh. I did see a report on Norway trying classes for incoming muslims and immigrants to educate them on how to treat women. I hope that becomes widespread. And Wendy-cell phones are used by people around the world now to organize THEMSELVES into groups like the legit Arab Spring crowds did. Sometimes these APPS are used to organise criminal mobs. There are some flashmobs attacking people and robbing stores in American cities. BTW I've watched enough videos of the young male immigrants to see they bring cell phones with them along with their Nikes . Many dress better than I can afford to. I've also seen a series of interviews by an aid worker in one muslim country who wanted to know how the familes felt being left behind by these young men, They were pissed! The women were like " Now who will fight to protect us?" What the hell are they thinking? They don't even care about their own country". The women and children were left behind and these well fed, well dressed young men were deserting their families who depended on them, to go and 'improve their fortunes'. That's the demographic. If it had been a handfull we would say they were "plucky" but this has got to be stopped.

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Years later, I've never wished them dead because I believe what they did on any level to me or any other women will also be done to them.  The karmic wheel brings it back around in some way or another and I have forgiven them their ignorance as best I can.  I've witnessed in life how things come back around-often it takes years but something happens. That old 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'.  

Stories like Lara's bring the anger and pain back temporarily, that part is the challenge. Like I said above, i'm not proud of the feelings these kinds of stories incite in me.  One of the reasons I posted is for us all to understand our actions-if we dialogue we can bring things into the light.

I've had a wonderful life filled with good and loving relationships.  I am fortunate to have the love of a man that has spent his whole life with me (41 years) through all of my healing and all of my learning.  One of the best and most obvious gifts he has given me was in his teaching our daughters how to protect themselves.  They went to karate class until all of them had black belts.  I have never worried about the men they have chosen because of the kind of father they have had.  At one point, one of them knocked her boyfriend off his feet when he was really just goofing around getting a little rougher than he should.  He was surprised, but also glad she could hold her own.

Teaching men to develop their own internal controls, healthy respect for women and all life, seems the important part of the message.  I find it hard to understand how men that have had good women in their lives can ever choose to hurt us. Look at some jocks here and their attitudes about women and sex, we aren't doing that much better in some aspects.  But you are right, it's the entire culture that must develop a different attitude about women and our worth.  

If you come here (or even if you've been here all along) for a better life, we must live up to a certain standard where our freedom is no less important than the freedom of another.  It's the system I get angry with, that men 'in power' often make the victim somehow the 'cause' of the abuse. We need to put a stop to that.  That is what makes women afraid to even speak of being raped in the first place. I have the utmost empathy and respect for Ms. Logan, she is a champion for other women.


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Very well said Kristine.

I have to say I agree and also I get a very clear idea of how you have, are, and will, deal with the abuse you speak of. And have learned substantially from that. Thank you for that.

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 I'm afraid even after all the thought and review of this subject of the "threat" of mass immigration, I confess I still feel threatened by it. One thing that has been helping a little to calm my worst fears has been reviewing articles about past fearful times in the US. Some people say the conservative portion of us have a habit of drifting into paranoia starting with early religions fearing an imminent Apocalypse and periods like the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism (the Red Menace-where people actually said Pres. Eisenhower was a "Tool of the Commies"!), now it's terrorism/radical Islam. Clearly Donald Trump's wide appeal is based on plain talk(however misguided) addressing and 'authenticating' peoples fears. Americans are really afraid again and I feel it. It's not confined to conservatives or one group.

I watched the first episode of 'Portlandia" today a funny spoofing of this liberal town in the US. A lead character (who is then living in LA) tells his friend he has found a place (Portland) where time is suspended in the late 90's, "...like we went from Clinton straight to Gore...and Bush was never elected!"

And it hit me like a ton of bricks-how frightening I have found the world ever since that election was stolen. (no I don't want to discuss that). It wasn't long after that 9/11 happened and people actually died from Anthrax in the mail. I remember that part vividly because a postal worker in the little town my family lived in was one of them and it could have been my mom or dad or siblings. My brother Tom had his personal mailbox in that tiny Post Office. 9/11 eventually led me to the Gathering Spot. The last 15 years have been frequently filled with dread and fear. Quite unlike the rest of my lifetime. No wonder I'm so paranoid! PSYCHE! What color is the threat index today Dick?

Love, Brian

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Hi guys,

I'm sorry I've been more of a lurker than a participant lately. I just wanted to let you all know that I really appreciate how this conversation has evolved and everyone's viewpoints on this. It's so hard to know what to believe when the information received can be second or third hand or manipulated. That can be true of all experience in a way. Something happens, and my brain translates the sensory input into meaning before it reaches my conscious attention.

My personal opinion into this is that every person is different, and their motives and attitudes will reflect that. If thousands of Americans or Canadians immigrated somewhere else, there would be some that would be humble and grateful, some would be entitled, some would try to exploit the situation to their benefit. Some would try to blend in with the surrounding culture, some would fiercly defend their right to practice their own.

A good example in my life of how perception can sometimes be stronger than reality is my workplace. Like many workplaces, a culture can develop around certain individuals where the culturally appropriate thing to do is be frustrated, stressed out, and angry with these people and have certain beliefs about them. The dense energy around this is palpable. Some of these people I had never even met, but I already had a strongly painted picture of what to expect and how I should react. Talk about manifestation!

Now I am in a position where I am working with these people every day, and I go through a regular ritual where I try to wash my mind and heart clean of the culture, attitude, and beliefs, and approach every meeting fresh and open to being surprised. I'm still struggling with stress and frustration, but I come back to resolving to live day by day and let my direct experience tell the real story.

I strongly believe that a large part of my purpose in my position is to bring light to this karmic cycle, and to help heal the root cause of this feedback loop.

Love, Trish

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A pic is worth a thousands words

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