www3 warnings from Simon Parks

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I only got halfway through this this morning, but it sounds like things are really coming to a head. I hope Putin keeps his head, no matter what he has done in the past, I really admire him in the last year.I watch as many of the press conferences he does as I can find, and find it refreshing that he is the only one that will even talk about the subjects our mainstream media won't touch. So they black him out in the US, then beat us with soundbites to make him look like the instigator.
Simon mentioned the re-activation of Haarp. I found his mention of California interesting, as there have been earthquakes of 3.0 or greater for 10 days in a row,,,as of Tuesday or Wednesday.The 10th day was a 4.5 northwest of here, a shallow quake. I didn't feel it here,but this giant dead tree snapped in the middle the same afternoon, I found it about 2hours after the quake, which was at about 2:30 pm. He also mentioned the recent quake in Italy, insinuating that might have been them too..I am looking forward to watching the rest of it tonight,,thanks for the post Wendy...L,,,,T

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I've heard, and I tend to believe, that Putin has kept us out of WW3 on more than one occasion. I think he's shown great restraint in not taking the bait from US/Israeli-backed agitators.

Speaking of HAARP, this one caught my interest...


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