There is a movie by Oliver Stone on Netflix now called Thintrace about powerful software that would have prevented 9/11 but was cancelled a month before. I hadn't heard about this before. It's chilling thinking about how it really was a conspiracy within the highest levels of our government to bring mass murder by terror attacks against us. I'm sure this movie won't be available for very long...

I've said it so many times-I just can't believe what I know is true-that my government and top public officals are evil, vicious murderers from hell. It's easier to believe in aliens from other worlds than that these 'Americans' exist and have actually fooled almost everyone into believing they are normal people.

Love to you all from me.


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OOPS! It's actually called "A Good American" and it's extremely interesting and revealing not to mention infuriating. It has the power to bring people to the truth about 9/11 who have previously not been willing or able to go there. I imagine Stone takes a real risk in creating this and it took guts for the former NSA people involved to come forward to tell the story.

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Thanks so much for that great info, Brian! Exciting news that Oliver Stone is revealing this!!! I'll certainly be spreading the news on this one. I highly encourage everyone to at least watch the trailer at The truth is coming out more all the time!!!

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