Planetary drama

Been watching Steven Greer on YouTube a bunch. Things are picking up inertia in the hierarchical realm...

Wish there was a way to converse with him regarding WingMakers materials. Seems it might help him streamline his agenda.

And he doesn't seem to realize (yet) that, not only does technology and belief systems and the war regime face the threat of proper disclosure, but MONEY in and of itself would become unnecessary.

The WHOLE pack of cards will crumble.

I'm SO excited if we can gently pull the rug out from under the global control agenda.

Anyone else?

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And I ALSO agree with you, Fred, that it's all a big play and dance and there's nothing to WORRY about. I'm just interested in being effective in shifting the dominant paradigm to something more peaceful.
Brotherly love and all that. Away with clubs and cliques. Let's GET DOWN!

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Yes, Christopher. Things seem to be accelerating. And I'm finding as they do, it's the personal work that each of us are doing that is becoming even more important. Take care and enjoy the ride! With much love and joy, Fred

I'm so ready for this. It's been a long time coming. I feel like I'm on the front line sometimes, but I'm loving it. Pass me a beer and a joint and I'll watch it go down with you.

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I feel like if we're going to partake, we need to be Drunken Fist style. Still capable. And the super powers I want to have are FLYING (obviously) and the ability to transform and shift energies as well as transmute elements (like breaking down trash, garbage and other pollution to readily usable and beneficial substances). Able to halt war and purposeless fighting. Alter the milieu...

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