Intriguing speculation on what happened with the WingMakers

Hey beautiful Gathering Spot friends,
Not long ago some pieces of the puzzle on what may have happened with the WingMakers fell into place for me. As a result, I sent James and Mark of the website the email below. I welcome your comments on it. I love this stuff!!! Have a great one!
With lots of love and warm hugs to you all,
Subject: James and Mark, an apology, deep gratitude, an invitation, and heartfelt love

Dear James and Mark, 
I so appreciate the work both of you are doing to help transform our world. I have an unwavering commitment to what's best for all beings, and I sense a resonance with you in this. I also am deeply committed to seeing the divine in all, nurturance of all things, and to unending gratitude for All That Is. I sense that we are all part of the team here helping to transform our beautiful planet. Mark, as I'm not sure I have a correct email address for James, could you please forward this to him? Thank you. 
I owe you an apology. You may remember that back in February of 2008, both of you were gracious enough in emails to spend considerable time and energy in addressing some questions I had about changes to the original WingMakers website. Though I did my best to be supportive and non-judgmental in those communications with you, I realize now that my words definitely carried an energy of I'm right and you're wrong that you likely noticed. 
Arrogance is my core challenge in this life. This most often shows up for me as judgment and a desire to be right. And for all I've worked to transform it, that arrogant part of me at times still slips out in ever more subtle ways. I went back and read what I wrote to you nearly two years ago and can see that, especially in my final email, I was more interested in proving you wrong than in opening to heart connection with you. For this, I sincerely apologize to you both. Please forgive me. 
Deep Gratitude 
I've gone through some wonderful changes in the past two years which have allowed me to open much more to the wisdom and heart knowledge you have to share. In fact, on reading your interview, James, with Regina Meredith of the Conscious Media Network, I was deeply moved. You helped me to become clearer on some key pieces of the puzzle of life here on planet Earth. I particularly love what you said about blessing being an antidote to judgment. I will definitely be using that.  
Thank you so much in this interview and in your other writings for sharing your deep, heartfelt wisdom with me and with all who are open to it. And thank you Mark, for your support of James' brilliant work. I will definitely be spreading the word about that profound interview to my many friends who are interested in mysticism and the WingMakers material. 
One of the things I've realized in the last two years is that you are both WingMakers. And so am I. I've seen that all who deeply connect with their own pure divine essence and open to recognizing the divine essence in every being are naturally WingMakers. 

By interacting with others from a place of knowing our deeper magnificence, we invite those who are not already aware of this like a butterfly in a chrysalis to unfold their dormant wings and fly. In this way, all of us who impart the awareness of the pure divine essence at the core of all beings are in a way makers of wings or WingMakers. How awesome! 
I have had the feeling that I am deeply aligned with the WingMakers ever since first reading the materials nearly 10 years ago. Because of this, I developed a certain attachment to the materials early on and was disturbed with changes on the website, which I perceived as diluting and even distorting the materials beginning in 2001. I actually felt quite alarmed and even afraid of the power of the ACIO and Labyrinth Group, who I perceived to be behind these changes.
Much has changed for me since then. I have come to understand on ever deeper levels how everything that happens supports the grand unfolding of life and the multiverse. There really is no good and bad in the more expanded realities. And any judgment I feel is somehow reflecting back a part of myself to me that I am not yet fully comfortable with. As a result, I continue to experience powerful healings and integration as I open ever deeper into these mysteries. 
I've also come to see that all people who are fully aligned with what's best for all beings are naturally given access to what many call the Akashic records -- the information of All That Is, which is encoded within every being and in every place in the multiverse. As you mentioned in the interview with Regina, James, when a person is ready, truth will find them. 
As I am deeply committed to what's best for all beings, when I put out a pure request for information, it almost always comes to me sooner or later. This does not mean that I can completely trust what I receive, as my own filters can and do alter whatever information I may receive from the multiverse. Yet I am often deeply amazed at how the information I receive as a result of my requests deepens my own understanding of myself and life in most profound ways.
An Invitation 
With that said, I have an invitation for both of you. I once was puzzled over why I was so profoundly impacted by the original WingMakers material, and then why I was so concerned about the changes. As I have had an open prayer to understand the deeper layers of all of this, the pieces of the puzzle have been slowly falling into place for me. I don't know how accurate the picture that has come together for me is, but I would love to share it with you and ask your thoughts. 
I invite you to consider what I'm about to share first as a myth or an allegory. Consider using fluid intelligence to withhold any thoughts about the reality of what I'm sharing until you've completed the story. I also invite you to open to your own spiritual guidance as you read this. I invite you for a moment to step into this brief myth of the WingMakers as I currently see it. So here we go! Welcome to my story of the WingMakers. 
Planet Earth had reached a crisis point. With all of the rapid developments in technology, and particularly with the advent of sophisticated weapons which could destroy the planet, the collective consciousness of humanity on planet Earth became understandably concerned. The collective was also aware of the potential for major transformation on the planet, but only if they managed to avoid the destruction of our world and species. As a result, for the first time in the planet's history, the collective consciousness of humankind sent out a collective prayer for help. 
As the multiverse always responds to sincere prayer, this call for help was soon answered. A transformation team made up of millions of beings from many stars, galaxies, and even other dimensions who were committed to helping species in crisis came together to focus on Earth. 
One subgroup of this transformation team, some of whose members had spent lifetimes on Earth, both past and future, called themselves the WingMakers. Among other transformational activities, the WingMakers used their deep understanding of and fluidity with the time/space dimensions to plant time capsules, which would be discovered and eventually controlled by one of the most powerful groups of brilliant thinkers on the planet, the Labyrinth Group. 
The leadership of the Labyrinth Group, as a result of all of its explorations into the foundations of existence and threats facing mankind, had become obsessed with the ability to manipulate time. Through research of ancient texts, they had come to believe that an impending cataclysm would engulf the entire planet unless they gained the ability to manipulate time. The very best minds of the Labyrinth Group were all focused on using time travel and BST technology to stop a feared off-world species from colonizing the Earth and eventually controlling all humankind. 
Upon discovery of an amazing, but very difficult to penetrate time capsule left by the WingMakers, a brilliant member of the Labyrinth Group fluent in many languages was tasked with unlocking the secrets of the WingMakers time capsule. Lets call him Dr. James Anderson.
James was not initially aware that he was part of the WingMakers team, as he had chosen to forget this connection in order to better play his role. The WingMakers code was finally cracked by James only after he opened to energetic connection with the WingMakers, who then were thrilled to reconnect with him and guide him in the process of unraveling the WingMakers encoded wisdom stream. 
As James succeeded in translating the intriguing WingMakers materials, he was profoundly impacted by the spiritual depth of these materials. He realized that all of humankind would benefit if they were made public. Yet aware that fifteen, the powerful leader of the Labyrinth Group would never allow this, he became the first person ever to defect. At great risk to himself, he released these materials to a reporter who was deeply impressed with both James and the mind-boggling material. She then engaged a wonderful and capable man named Mark to make these materials available over the newly developed Internet. 
James had hoped that he would be able to block the remote viewing and memory replacement technology of the Labyrinth Group in his defection. But in the end, they found and gained control of him. Yet by that time, the WingMakers website posted by Mark had already created a sensation among many key humans with a deep awareness of the power and control agendas taking place in their world. After numerous intense meetings, the Labyrinth Group leadership agreed it was best not to disappear the website, as that could easily backfire and help those who had downloaded to material to give it even more influence.  
What they decided instead was to subject James to their sophisticated memory altering process. They erased all memory in James of his involvement with the WingMakers material and caused him to believe that he himself was actually the originator of all the materials. The Labyrinth Group leadership created an alter personality in James over which they had control in order to effectively manage future developments. They also took control of Mark and the reporter, though much less memory manipulation was necessary, as they could largely control the thoughts and beliefs of these two through the magnetic personality of James. 
As a result, James came to believe that the WingMakers story was a modern day myth which he had created to help the human species and planet Earth ascend to higher levels of being. The Labyrinth Group caused him to believe that he was connected with a highly advanced spiritual group called the Lyricus Teaching Order or LTO. In actuality, the LTO was an advanced group with which fifteen was secretly connected through the Corteum. 
Besides adding new materials to the WingMakers website, James was programmed to make numerous subtle changes to what he believed was his original creation, the meaning of which he himself was not fully aware. Through their control over James, the Labyrinth Group inserted the idea of a central universe and a central race from which the WingMakers originated. The fact that the WingMakers were actually an advanced form of humans was effectively erased.
Furthering their objectives, the Labyrinth Group programmed James to make changes to the key interviews on the WingMakers website. All mention of James' previous energetic and spiritual interactions with the WingMakers was removed. And rather than a being a portal to cultural and spiritual awakening, the description of the WingMakers time capsules was changed so that they appeared to serve a military function, which was never even mentioned in the original interviews.
In order to shift the original WingMakers intention of inviting people to look inside of themselves for transformation in the sacred here and now, the Labyrinth Group leadership implanted the idea of a future Grand Portal, which through scientific proof of the soul would save all mankind through helping them to achieve a higher level of spirituality. James had no idea that before his memories were altered, he looked at all of these things quite differently. 
Yet the WingMakers had already known that all of this would happen. They also knew that as a result of James defection and the sensation created by the WingMakers website, the Labyrinth Group leadership would take the original WingMakers material much more seriously. 

After several top thinkers assigned to work with the materials experienced spiritual conversions not unlike what James had once experienced, even fifteen eventually opened to connecting with the WingMakers. The Labyrinth Group finally realized that the WingMakers were, in fact, a future version of their group trying to help them. 

Once this was finally understood, the Labyrinth Group went through radical change. They even allowed James to open more fully to his own heart and share in the transformations they were experiencing, while still keeping him under the illusion that he created most of the original materials. James went on to write powerfully moving essays which opened thousands and thousands of readers to the ways and wisdom of the heart.  
Welcome Your Thoughts and Heartfelt Love 
I could go on, but I don't want to take too much of your time. What do you think of that myth? It is actually my best guess of what really happened with the WingMakers material. Yet at the same time, this story is somehow a myth of my own creation, just as each of us creates a mythical life story in our sojourn on this planet. I don't at all proclaim to know the truth and with heartfelt love welcome your thoughts.
James, do you think it is at all possible that you were the Dr. Anderson of the original WingMakers website? Dr. Anderson himself expressed his fear in a couple places that he would be captured by the Labyrinth Group and memories of his direct connection with the WingMakers would be erased and replaced. In the interviews, he even mentioned the Labyrinth Group already had contingency plans along these lines. Do you think it is at all conceivable that this might have actually happened?  

Please understand that I am not interested in convincing you of this. Yet I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you think this might be a possibility. Again, I invite you to open to your spiritual guidance in this, as I have even while writing this message. 

And no matter what really happened, thank you so much for deepening my spiritual understanding in most profound ways that only grow deeper and richer with time. I am sending both of you lots of heartfelt love and warmest wishes for a beautiful year and decade ahead. Thanks for being who you are and for all that you are doing for all of us.

With sacred love flowing from my heart to yours,

P.S. If you are interested in some intriguing evidence suggesting my myth might have some validity to it, I invite you to look at a detailed comparison of the WingMakers interviews before and after changes at the link below:


Awesome Fred!

How did it feel when you sent this?......

I hope and am sure that it will lead you ever deeper.....

I look forward to seeing the response.....




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This is quite a huge and fascinating undertaking... Your possible revelation about what happened with Wingmakers feels like a flash of light.  The pieces that you've arranged do fit together very well. And I would like to spend more time with it than I can tonight.

First, I think that Wingmakers is packed with profound wisdom, and I loved reading it.  But I want to repeat a concern that I had when I first read Wingmakers -- a concern about what you identify as the Original Wingmakers website.  (I mean to question this assumption.)  And that is, that it may well have begun being changed before the changest that you identify were made -- before Anne became Sarah and Anderson became Neruda.  And to indicate what I mean, I'm going to be lazy and just repeat from memory one thing that I read in one of the two big essays.  At one point the text says that in 2008 (between one and two years ago now) there will be a worldwide digital currency (monetary system), and that "this is not to be feared." Call it flimsy evidence or my own hair-trigger sensibility about the NWO elite's plan, but this sounds very much like, well, the NWO elite's plan -- to create a global government essentially in the control of the international banking elite group (add to that the corporate and royal elite who have melded with these banking families), using a common global digital currency to control human life on the planet -- just as they have for centuries.  "Not to be feared"?  Fiat money issued by central banks is money issued as debt, so all who receive it are ipso-fact in debt.  And we know the adage that the the borrower is slave to the lender.  And no money is more "fiat" than digital money, which can be created (and even disappeared) at the keyboard of a computer.  As London banker Nathan Rosthschild, in the 18th century, was quoted as having said, "Give me the power to issue currency and control credit, and I care not who rules."  (I think that quote is reasonably accurate.) But no need to be afraid, he might have added.

So, not to belabor the point:  It seems as if this sentence from the "original" Wingmakers website could have been (and maybe was) written by an NWO propagandist.  And, as a prediction, it is off its timeline -- not an inaccuracy that you would expect from someone from the future.  Soooo -- It may not be entirely accurate that the version of Wingmakers that your rescued in 1998 had not already been messed with, and so we might be wise to subject what we read of even that early material to an inner-wisdom test of some kind, rather than just accept it all as authentic.

I hope you'll let us know when/if you receive a reply from James and/or Mark.  Your letter to them was very humble and skillful. 

And thanks for your great dedication and work.




The Truth is the Truth and it will rise again... as all Truth does.  What matters is the matter of the HEART.  If the HEART opens then it is TRUTH.  That which closes the HEART and is felt in the 3rd Chakra is NOT TRUTH.  Discernment is key.

Your intution and Keen observations, Fred, very much resonate with my HEART. Your skill at that which you do is evident.  Thank you for being here now.




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It felt really good to send it, Jez. I think I did a pretty good job of not trying to convince anyone of what I've come to suspect, yet I also wanted to share it and see what response I might get. I love this stuff!!! You take care.

With much love and joy,

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It is entirely possible that the material was in some way manipulated before it ever hit the Internet. Anything is possible with this material, as there is so little solid to verify anything that is said. I mostly use my spiritual guidance, intuition, and many little clues I've found along the way.

I know this may come as a shock to some here, but I've always assumed that eventually we will have a one world government and one world currency. I don't have the fear of this that most people do. I actually trust that deep down we are all good people that eventually it only makes sense that we would all come together under one benevolent government which empowers the people. I know that many will disagree with me on this, and that's fine. I fully trust the divine unfolding of the cosmos, never knowing how it might show up. 

You take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

With much love and joy,

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A big yes to the heart energy of each one of us and to the heart of the universe, Elizabeth! Thanks for that reminder.

With much heartfelt love,

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It makes sense, as you say Fred, that the eventual unity on the planet (a unity with diversity, I hope) is necessary and inevitable.  I say "unity" rather than "one world government" solely because of my negative conditioning around that term.  Even a dictatorship would work if the dictator were enlightened and compassionate.  Of course, there's the rub.  Yes, it seems inevitable that in the course of the evolution of earth humans, we will all be developed enough that the kinds of abuses that are what we call "normal" in our social-economic-political system just won't happen, and a one-world government and currency will work just fine.  But at that point, I also think anarchism (individual sovereignty) would work fine, too, as long as worldwide communication was very good, because the good of all would be at the heart of everyone, and everyone would just need the correct information so that they could effectively live/work for the good of all.  But until that point of development, I think we need to be wary and wise about how a one-world government and currency are put together and for whose benefit, and about who is in charge.  (I think of Jesus's counsel to be as gentle as lambs but as wary as serpents.)  The habits of greed and manipulation are deeply ingrained in our collective psyche and system, and it seems unlikely that they will be leached out overnight (figuratively speaking).  But... even that might be possible, who knows?  The coming times will surely surpise and astonish us all.

Take care,



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Hi All,

      I have always envisioned a future that has no currency at all, I host a web group on C2 called "busting the money meme" Just a bit thoughts on this subject from lots of brilliant people.

Much Love Carol Anne

The Igarians have no money--- as most of the Galactic Federation... It is the way the world is to go... no money and resources shared and all doing that which they love...for Life, Libery, and the Pursuit of Happiness.   This is for all people... not just the Western World...The Whole World.  The Classism that permeates each of us is evident when we indulge in us vs them or refer to our brothers and sisters of the as of the third world--- Then, we secretely whisper to ourselves... Thank Goodness we don't have to live that way. 



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The "Zeitheist Movement" is already promoting a system of no money usage, and it is a rapidly growing movement worlwide:

Fred, I love your myth about the Wingmakers.  I hope you get an answer from them.

With much love and light.



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Wonderful work Fred, your Myth rings so true. 

And I love the Wingmakers material, we are all free to use what resonates for us personally at any particular time

     what did they answer ?? ....

love and deep gratitude for all you do -- Oriole


I came across an email sent by Mark of the Wingmakers that said that he knew that the entire site was a hoax but did not care so long as he continued to get paid! That struck me as being out of context with everything concerning the site that I knew about. Sounded more like the attitude of an intelligence operative. I came across another email sent by James stating that the entire concept of the Ancient Arrow site was a fabrication and that he knew that it would be found out sooner or later. To my mind, there is a difference between complete fabrication (a lie) and a mythology that leaves light and hope at the end of the tunnel rather than a dead end street with no exit. If it is true that the entire story of the AA site was a lie, then all bets are off concerning the interviews, regardless of the names of those involved, the book, the manuscripts, the artifacts, the paintings, the music and the poetry, unless it is all in code and meant to be unlocked by a select few. I suspect that that is the case. I think there is a difference between 15 and the word fifteen and how and when it is used in the context of the book and the interviews. I think it is all cryptic. Why? Because James also indicated in his email that he did it the way that he did not only to protect people but also that he was trying to find a select few through his process. Meaning that only a select few could break his code! How do you capture the attention of a person long enough to allow him or her to break the code? Operant conditioning! The entire password process is an operant paradigm: once a few are discovered, you are hooked and keep on going to get your reward (whatever it might be). That has to mean that he knew what he was doing every step of the way and fully conscious of it. You just do not capture the leader of the Corteum and brain wash him without dire consequences. The key to the codes involved are secreted in the mythology of the Hopi  indians and their migrations across this nation. There is a photo of Mark sitting next to a statue of Kokopeli, a Hopi diety and with one of the Wingmakers paintings on the wall behind him. The book of the Hopi points to the markings/drawings on some of the paintings  and how it all leads to the unfolding or our 2 stranded DNA back to our original 12 strands through the vibration of sound and also the energy of the sun now being manifested. The signature of our 2- stranded DNA runs out in 2012. The code is there to be broken. It is also dangerous to rush it. Starr         

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Yes, Starr, there are many unanswered questions here. And I suspect there is lots of intentional disinformation mixed in with valuable information. I find it best to always open to divine guidance and trust my instinct when I do this, yet always know I might be wrong. You take care.

With much love and warm wishes,

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I very much agree with you on this, Bob. I suspect that as humanity matures, who governs us will come to be increasingly insignificant, and how each of us governs ourselves will become a much stronger center of focus for us, both individually and collectively. And as you say, who knows what's going to happen? It's an exciting time to be alive!

With much love and gratitude,

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Hi Oriole,

I never heard back from them on this matter. I'm fairly certain they received my message, so I suspect they are choosing not to respond for whatever reason. You take care.

With much love and joy,

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Most of the world already operates without money - people just haven't woken up to that fact yet. We already operate in a "prepaid" system, all we need to do now is eliminate the debt based fiat currency that masquerades as something of value. I think it's a great litmus test as to "where we are" as a society in the future. If we DO end up under a one world government - and they force a debt based currency upon us - then that should tell us something. Likewise - a central controlling body operating with no money would be another idea entirely.

Let's hope for the latter...

Hi, Fred

Here is something that you might find of interest: on the "original" Wingmakers site that we are all so aware of by this time, there was a photo posted of an arial view of the Wingmakers site supposedly placed there by "Anne". Now, that photo has absolutely nothing to do with Chaco Cyn. That photo posted is of a location about 80 miles NE of Chaco named Frijoles Canyon in Bandelier National Park in New Mexico. It is definitely the sort of location that archaelolgy students might frequent on a class outing over the weekend and stumble across an ancient artifact of some sort. It is close to the University and certainly within friendly driving distance. They would not be on an outing 80 miles NW of Chaco in the middle of nowhere on a class outing. So, it seems, that, if that photo is of the actual site of the location in question, then it was taken down rather quickly and never to be seen again. If it is not  of the actual site, then we are dealing with disinformation from the onset. I believe that something occured after the original site was placed on line! There were no passwords in the original site, nor was there any need for them to be there. Why does Mark Hempel hold  the copyrights to All of the Wingmakes materials? Why did the original paintings have signatures on them and which now have all been removed? Why was Mark going to make a movie of the materials right from the beginning? Why was Mark given a secret set of CDs by a woman scientist named Anne Tander from Norway to introduce a new learning paradigm on line, and along with that a great deal of money to accomplish it? Why are the dialogue and speach characteristics and patterns in the interviews identical between Anne and Naruda? I have many more questions, but from what I have said, you can understand that I am not convinced that the emails I mentioned from james and Mark are disinformation, and that you might have been very close to being correct when you questioned James about who was really behind the Wingmakers site! I have asked Mark to answer me, but I have not heard in response. 

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Hi Starr,

Thanks for that. What are you using as your source for the original website? I've never seen any aerial photo of the WingMakers website on the versions of the original website that I've seen. I also never saw any signatures on the paingtings. If you have any links to those, I'd definitely like to take a look. And where did you hear about Anne Tander giving Mark the CDs? I've never heard that before. You take care, and enjoy the day.

With sacred love and warm wishes,


Go to the "original" site that you have a link to and look under "Project Briefing and Background". The photo is right there. I just checked it again (1:20 P.M. Monday).


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It seems that every time I go back to that original site - there is more there to find. Something about how the site is laid out - seems hard to get to all of the info. Sure enough - I had missed that page entirely - and there is surely more to discover!



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Thanks much for your help with this, Starr. I found the photo. And does it say anywhere on the website that this is Chaco Canyon?

With much love and warm wishes,

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The aerial photo from the website doesn't look like anywhere near Chaco Canyon. And it doesn't resemble the Chuska mountains as visible from a distance on the highway we drove up through Navajo country. Maybe from the other northerly direction as stated above, ihni. We went south toward CC and not into Bandelier NP. Chuska does contain similar phonics as Chakobsa, though, so there may be a connection there...

Regarding the topic above about the original info. I do find it a disadvantage when attempting to meditate on or resonate with the WM art to not have the original music or any notes or notations of it. The only stuff available now is new-agey junk, and I'm PRETTY sure "Soulfoo [d]" is not it. Way too repetitive and uninteresting when compared to the poetry and paintings. Like preschool compared to graduate school. 

Just my opinion, but wish we could dig up more somewhere. Not related to .com

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Yes, Chris. I so wish I had access to the original music. I did not even know how to download music back in 2001 when I was exploring all of this. I've had many people email saying they have the original music, but none of what was sent to me grabbed me. Here's what Mark Hempel, who hosts the WM website, had to say about the music:

"The original files were not very commercial-sounding, though the fidelity was outstanding. I heard the files in their original state and could sense the melodies, but it wasn't until after their production that they became least by my ear's standards."

More on this is available on the link at, which I believe has some legitimate and intriguing stuff. Thanks again for bringing this all up.

Much love and warm wishes,

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Hey all! I just wanted to bring this topic back up as a reminder of the intriguing exchanges we've had on this most fascinating topic. Much love to all!

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I'm still SO CURIOUS about where the original site came from... AND where the original music is... AND how it ties into our current experience with alien invasions/takeovers, humanity on the edge of SOMETHING HUGE, and what IS time, anyway?...

Starmonkey's picture

From what I've gathered, our time/space experience (relativity/ly) is unique to our in body as humans. Robert Monroe said OOB they become much more fluid and not fixed. WingMakers are supposedly future us. Some "aliens" as well. What's the interest in NOW?

fredburks's picture

Yes, Chris. Time is such an intriguing thing. Now is the only time that ever exists, yet somehow we experience time mostly as linear in this physical reality. One thing I know, time has become much more fluid for me since being exposed to Monroe and the WingMakers. Cool and very intriguing stuff!

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