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Really digging Joe Martino on Collective Evolution channel on YouTube. He sounds like a GRADUATE of the transformation course... Not sure which video to post. Some are more dated or limited in their scope. Anyway...

Check him out if you want!

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Very much agreed he is doing some great work there. I only wish it was $199/yr to be a subscriber and access most of their content.

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Ideas... Events... People. I'm an IDEAS guy, for sure. But I do get caught up in the circus spectacle! Barely.
Now I'm losing my marbles cause of people that spend too much time on google earth.
JC on a popsicle stick. It's CRAZY. Looks like our long lost sibling Nibiru and our genetic jailors visited a couple hundred years ago and changed things up a bit.
REALLY gets me intrigued as to WHY. Are we really that powerful that ALL of these methods need employed? WOW. We're holding out on the universe. Time to ENGAGE.
I'm going exploring north a few hours this summer. See what happened to this great inland sea that spilled out all over and helped fuel the gold frenzy. Dig up some truth about our situation...

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Wow man, I am all for that let me know what you find ? I am very interested .


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Everything in modern civilization is based on

this concept of time which is not valid.

People think time works like a watch,

but that's another one of their dreadful illusions.


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