I hope everyone here is doing well. 


I had been hearing about this book series about Anastasia called the Ringing Cedar Series.  I have read just over halfway through the first book and am very excited.  I was just wondering if anyone else has touched on this or tried any of the suggestions she has mentioned in the book.


If you haven't heard about it, you should check it out.  The series is written by Vladimir Megre.  It is really some good information on how we can consciously change the planet.  I am looking forward to completing the series.  


Peace and love,


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I've read the first book and found it quite fascinating. I know that a significant movement grew up around these books when they first came out over 10 years ago. I don't know where it's at now. Enjoy the beautiful reading!

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Hey Nick - good to see you in the forums!

I hadn't heard of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series, but did a search on my Kindle which came up with "The Game: Nothing is as it seems" by Heather Macauley Noel. Doesn't look like the Ringing Cedars series is on Kindle yet, so I'm going to have to look elsewhere for that. In the meantime, "The Game" seems to be like an easy reader which weaves in some ideas passed down by Anastasia, framing them in a fictional story to make them more accessible - I've got no problem with things being made more accessible, it's always useful to have a context! I'm about 1/3 of the way through and so far it all seems to resonate with the way I see things. It'll be interesting to take a look at the books where it's drawn from. Let us know what you think once you've finished the first book.

I noticed in earlier posts that you were 'dropping out' for a few months at the end of last year - how did that go?

With much love to fellow seekers (and Finders!) ;-)

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Hey Julie,

If you look up Anastasia by Vladamir Megre, you should be able to find the first book of the series. Here is is on amazon:

Much love!

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Thanks for the link, Fred. These books seem to be quite expensive, even the second hand copies - so possibly quite an investment for the full series. However, I've been given an opportunity to get the whole series at a reasonable cost - so perhaps this is something that my Higher Self would like me to look at? Let's see if it pans out!


It went really well last year, but not really what I was expecting. I went to kind of cut loose and find myself. I found a shaman in Peru and worked with him using Ayahuasca. It was a great experience, but in the end I realized it wasn't my time to cut out.

I still have a lot of to with society and being apart of the system for a while longer. I am hoping my time to break free is coming soon, but who knows.

I will let you know how the book turns out. It seems to be very practical and optimistic so far.

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Hi Julie, I notice you can find a used copy of the first book on amazon for under $20. You might want to start with that to see if you want the whole series. I very much enjoyed the first book, but was not inspired to continue on. That said, many do rave about the whole series. And I'm curious as to what breaking free means to you. Enjoy!

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I've been searching for salvia divinorum sources. Few and far between. Won't ship to CO.
Have a small bottle of ayahuasca sitting in fridge for about four years now...
Goin St Francis on us? Talking to trees?
I haven't read, but I'm familiar with it.
Good travels to you

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Just finished reading “The Game – nothing is as it seems” – although I have to admit I did skim read some of it (patience is an ongoing lesson!) Basically a very convoluted fairytale-like story which is claiming to put some of the ideas from the Ring Cedars series into context – but I’ve yet to get started on this, so that's somewhere down the road.

Some of the key ideas I picked out:

• Do you understand that Earth is a virtual reality?
• As above, so below.
• The program is designed to give you more experiences that confirm what you believe.
• If you feel afraid or worried, you’re not in the moment – you’re either focused on the past or the future.
• You’ll realise every moment has its own unique perfection, whether you like it at the time or not.
• The binary code also responds to the feeling of yes or no, or you could think of it as love or fear.
• When you worry ... you are actually causing the program to create more of what you don’t want.
• You carry everything you will ever need to know within yourself.
• You just have to learn how to wake up.
• All you do in response to any problem is say to yourself “All is well”.
• The more you believe in the existence of love, the more you see a loving world.
• Sometimes you just have to rely on the kindness of strangers.
• Reality is flexible ... that it moves according to your focus and beliefs.
• You can have anything you can imagine if you can wish without worrying.
• Even if there is unavoidable pain ... suffering isn’t necessary, it’s always a choice (I think this concept had a recent airing on your FB pages, Fred).
• You don’t need to fix the Game. The program isn’t broken – it works exactly as it was intended to work.
• Sometimes not knowing is part of the bigger plan ... it gets us where we need to go – trust the process.

So this is what I’ve pulled out of the book, I suppose because it’s what resonates with me. I suspect it actually says more about me and my life view than it actually says about the book!

BTW Fred, it was Nick who was talking about breaking free, so perhaps he might like to expand on this a bit?

With much love

On breaking free, I wanted to escape from society. I take medication daily to keep me from becoming what society calls manic. I feel like it is a spiritual emergence of some sort that has been trapped inside of me waiting to be released.

However, I've never found a safe way to release it as the previous six times have resulted in psych wards. I was hoping that Peru, nature, a good shaman, and the universe would guide me. After some major hiccups in my plan, I actually received a verbatim message from the universe during an ayahuasca ceremony.

The stars opened up for me and I heard a voice say, "Nick. You need to be a business man right now." After that, I decided to come back to society for a while and make some money and regroup. I am currently doing that and researching the best way to safely fulfill my plan of breaking free.

To try to make this long story shorter, breaking free for me would be a place/community surrounded by nature where I could get off my medication, experience the mania to its highest and see where it goes. I think there is a crazy amount of untapped potential inside of me and it kills me to waste it.

I take medication to be normal, but I was never born to be normal.

Peace and love,

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Hi Nick, thanks for sharing and being so open about your aspirations. We all have to be able to function in this world in our own way and for many it means conforming (at least to some degree) to society's expectations of normality - but few of us want a boring life. Sounds like there's little danger of that with the challenges you've been having! Hope you find your community soon, but enjoy the journey in the meantime!
Much love.

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Wow, Nick! Thank for sharing so beautifully and vulnerably. And how great that you got such a clear message from the universe on your ayahuasca journey. May your path guide you beautifully to that place of breaking free.

And Julie, thank so much for sharing the gems you got from "The Game." I resonate strongly with everything you wrote. Therein lie the keys to mastery. Take care and enjoy!

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The first book in the Ringing Cedars series is a relatively short read. Described by reviewers as Mills & Boon meets Carlos Castenada or The Bible meets Star Trek ;-)

The ideas put forward by Anastasia largely resonated with me, living in total balance and harmony with nature, effortlessly relying on nature for a complete life support system - quite an appealing idea. I like the idea about growing food that’s ideally suited to our own DNA make up, about the importance of honouring the bees who even in our own societies are critical for our food production – Einstein said something about humanity only being able to survive 4 years without the activity of bees! (I’ve come across the quote 3 times in different places over the last few weeks!)

Interesting idea of no ritual being made of mealtimes, grazing on what comes to hand as it’s required. Such a big contrast with the way things are in our society where food and drink have such immense cultural and social ramifications. And that’s without touching on the issue of all the pervasive psychological issues we have relating to food.

The timing of the story in 1994/95 is only around 25 years ago, yet I had the sense of it being a lot further back in time whilst reading it. The author and narrator, Vladimir, is not an attractive character – abrasive, aggressive, impatient, critical, selfish – a stark contrast with Anastasia’s way of being, and possibly chosen for that reason, so that we’ll perhaps be able to see more clearly his development as things progress.

Apparently some readers have felt an emotional connection to the book straight away and been inspired to all sorts of poetic writings – that’s not me – although I am interested enough to want to see how this develops!

Just thought I’d get this posted while things were still fresh in my mind – looking forward to what Nick has to say! And also Fred and Chris, if this sparks off any ideas?

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I had a similar reaction, Julie. Cool stuff. A little unbelievable for me, but still a very entertaining story with a great message. I haven't read any further than the first book.

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Yes. I feel it MORE important to get deeper in touch with nature. Not give in to fear and DOOM scenarios. Remember the language. The SILVER key...
Those wanting to survive the shiftings need to have a strong connection with Earth. Virtually, there's nowhere else. Respect, honor, cherish.
And PEOPLE aren't good to follow in that regard. The sheep are running and stumbling blindly toward whatever. The tension, the pressure, the absurdity make it easier to wake up, if you're paying attention.
I also resonate with all of those bits you extracted.
And with the birds and the bees. The bears and the trees. Always have liked animals and nature more than people. Simple. Easy. HONEST.
Just finished Song of Susannah. Onward! To the Tower!

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Also, the non-interference with free will policy...
Both the WingMakers and the beings from WB Yeats' The Vision are trying to inspire creativity...
Most systems or magnum opus practically destroy the creator in the process.
Steve somehow made it through the DT.
I have other examples I could dredge up.
Jose Arguelles, Ian Xel Lungold, Falco, Philip K Dick, John Steinbeck, Ra Uru Hu...
There's more.
52 seems a magic number for those going early but with more of a full life.
Hang in there.

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Funny. Was inspired to above by reading journal excerpts about Steve's process with the DT at the end of SoS. Just finished and last one was a faux article about him getting hit by a car and killed on my birthday in 1999 (6/20/99). He was 52.
I'm fairly certain TIME will die before I hit that age. Six years and one month from now. 8/12/23 comes before that. Woo

For those who want to read the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series, I am sharing the first English edition translated by John Woodsworth for free:

Please enjoy our new article where we reveal the difference between dreams and real life and share our personal experience in creating a Space of Love: I hope you will find it entertaining and useful

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Thanks for sharing that. As one who has followed the intentional communities movement for over 30 years, I'm not surprised by all you learned. I wish you all the best in finding your way forward.

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