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Hey Fred

I was just having a general look around the forums and can see there's a lot of history and stories in there.  I was amazed that there were hundreds of comments on the most commented post, going back 10 years or so - obviously a lot more activity at that time.

I was interested that there seemed to be a lot of posts 'removed at author's request' - what's that all about?

Nice to see that active members have recently expanded to the 4 of us ;-)

I've definitely been guilty of getting caught up with the worldly life that I forget to check the Gathering Spot for months at a time. For some reason though, when I begin to wake up to the "realities" of life, I get on here and contribute.

I am hoping that other people are still reading this and paying attention. Maybe they haven't had anything to write about in a while or maybe they're busy with too many things to even get the time to write.

Either way, it would be cool if more people got back on here. There used to be a lot more interaction between members and such. Hopefully we are getting back on trend because the world needs our help now more than ever.

I don't buy into the myth that the world is being destroyed. I can't and won't. I am a realist, but above that an optimist. I think we are being born again. I want to be a part of that in as big a way as possible. Let's get this community going again.

I could definitely use some ideas on how to combat this blatant ignorance and hate going rampant through our world today. I'd like to say it's just the US with our problems, but it seems to be everywhere.

It's getting out of control. At the same time however, I can't buy into it. The point is to look at the world NOW and it has never been better. There are a lot of pitfalls, but they are easy to fix. We have access to clean energy, enough food for the population, free healthcare, less working hours, more automation, more time with nature, and much much more.

We only need people to stand up and change the system. The world is exactly where is should be right and and always will be. We are the ones hurting ourselves and the precious environment, but the Earth will be around long after human I suppose under the best of terms.

The world is and always will be perfect depending on how you look at it. For some reason or another, if you are having a hard time, it is because you chose this challenge to overcome. This could be poverty, greed, sex, drugs, or rock and roll. You name it. You chose this and this is your opportunity to overcome it.

Let do this. It would be great to see some old members join in the conversation.

Sorry about the rant. I'll get off my soapbox now.

Peace and love,

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Amen to all that, Nick. Perhaps our activity, combined energies and intentions will attract other members back to the site! Let's wait and see!
Much love and blessings to all

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Used to be a way to see who's on or when peeps last visited. I snooped around a little to check...
That's "Orion stuff" there about DOOM and GLOOM. Of course it's not. Remade every day...
Law of One info says if you're more on the LIGHT side and they can't tempt you with POWER, they feed you vibes about DOOM and destruction. Don't buy into it! I'm finally pulling myself out of that hole, as well. Luckily, some scenarios via Hollywood, Disney and THE MEDIA are getting boring and played out. Repetitive and redundant. BORING.
New stories time!

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CRITICAL MASS, baby, CRITICAL MASS. I have like, NO ONE round here to talk about this stuff with. Had one friend, but she moved. Cashier at NGVC is into it. We chat the few minutes I'm checking out.
I generally don't talk much with "the salt". Almost any topic would be challenging to not smack them up with cognitive dissonance. And hey, when you've sold your happiness and soul to slavery and a lie, you can't accept the alternative. Too much staked. Too much lost. Sad, really.
And too much FIGHT OR FLIGHT mentality.
Well, the BLACK PANTHER is in the room, so whatcha gonna do?...

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It's nice to come onto the site and see someone else is there, logged in, in real time. My pleasures are simple haha ...

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Regarding the question of what's up with "removed at author's request," this forum started in late 2007. It was private back then, meaning only members could see what was written. But there was so much good, useful, and fascinating info that we decided to make the forum public. We sent a message out to all members, so that any who did not want their information public could opt out. Those who did opt out had all of their information and posts removed and replaced with that message. As I recall there were less than 10 who opted out.

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For some great ideas on why we are so polarized right now, check out https://www.wanttoknow.info/g/donald-trump-polarizer

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And for the history of the course and this forum, see:


It was a very happening place the first year or so, but then some big controversies caused me and others to lose a lot of hope and interest. You can get an idea of what happened at the link below:


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Hey Fred, thanks for taking the time to make comment on what appears to have been very challenging and uncomfortable times very close to the start of your dream of a loving and supportive community coming into being. Reading the expressions of love, gratitude and support at that time it's clear how much and how deeply you were appreciated in your efforts to do the best for all concerned irrespective of the discord in the background.

For my part, I am so grateful that you and your team managed to weather the storm and move through this so that new and future members can continue to have the benefit of this community, and the opportunity to grow it into something approaching your dreams, reflecting the loving principles you're sharing with the world.

Thank you again, Fred, for being there, walking your talk and providing a safe haven for like-minded souls to make a connection.

With much love and gratitude.

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Thanks for your kind words, Julie. It was a challenging time and I was particularly sad to lose the warm, loving field we had created before all that. And thank you for helping to enliven this forum again. Much love to you and to all.

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HEY - 3 members online at the same time - we're getting busy here - now we just need Fred to join us (haha).

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I used to think that Airbnb was a funny name for a company, - and difficult to pronounce - and then I heard someone say Air bee and bee and the scales fell from my eyes (metaphorically speaking, of course!). Anyone had any similar experiences? ...... or is it just me ;-)

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Talking of leylines, which I think we were on some other thread, just been talking to a fellow dog-walker in the park who mentioned that there was a leyline which ran right through the middle of their village shop - said it was so strong and palpable that sometimes she struggled to remember what she was there for - perhaps I won't have to go very far to trek some leylines! I'll let you know ;-)

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I'm going to walk around here more now that there's no CAT to hold me back. Lots of minerals and mining and TELLURIDE who's name sounds pretty cool but the town's mostly just expensive. Somebody needs to map this continent more.

Nicholas R Mann from your bottleneck of the proverbial woods wrote Sedona- Sacred Earth which is amazing. Maybe I could be trained in geomancy and do the landscape over here...

Otherwise further southwest has a major nexus. I'll have to look it up.

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TEENAGER KILLED BY CHICKEN BURGER - what a ludicrous headline I read in the paper today (and this wasn't a tabloid) - a tragic situation for all those involved - but nobody transitions before they are ready - so much blame flying around - so many lessons - perhaps one of these might be something to do with personal accountability and being responsible for ourselves and what happens around us.

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I've just been thinking - as we do in quiet moments - and I've just consciously realised that everything in our lives, even our life itself, is a gift and not a right - EVERYTHING, irrespective of whether we judge it as good or bad in the moment. I know it's an old cliche  but all too often we only appreciate something when we lose it  from our lives - even the unpleasant stuff has value - sometimes we need it for a lesson, but we also need to become aware that we don't always need to SUFFER to learn our lessons - in theory, anyhow ;-)

APPRECIATION is an important key - living in gratitude for what we have, not stressing and obsessing about what we lack.

Seemed like a bit of an insight for me .... just thought I'd share ;-)


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Yes, Julie. I fully embrace seeing everything as a gift, even the super challenging stuff. I find that the more I embrace the hard times, the easier it is for me to grow and expand. Take care and enjoy these wild times!

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"A soul does have the ability to create their own reality, but that is limited by the choices they have made for their life."
I've just come across this idea from 'mastersofthespiritworld' which totally resonates with Seth's message, but I feel is not fully addressed by some current 'teachers' in our dimension (Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton spring to mind who, despite this, are still doing amazing work in bringing the mind/heart/body connection to the fore).  It seems to me that they bang the drum that if we all do the necessary/appropriate meditational and visualisation work, we are all capable of  manifesting everything we desire in this life, be it perfect health or abundant wealth.  This has the danger of leaving those of us who, despite our best efforts, have fallen short of our goals feeling that we've done something wrong or not done enough, when it's a case of our ego goals not being aligned with our life lessons.
On a good day (haha), I've now come to the acceptance that my health challenges are still serving me and whilst that is the case, the best thing I can do is ask for guidance that I may understand the associated lessons and be able to move on!
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I very much agree, Julie. Though I know that in our most expanded Self each of us is all powerful, I believe we came to Earth to learn and grow, and many souls set up limitations before incarnating that would give us the lessons we desire to do that. So many here have set limitations that are not meant to be removed. It would be great if people like Dispenza and Lipton would touch on this, too. Thanks for your thoughts, and much love to your and yours.

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