Some Different Theories

I am going to talk about eternity briefly in a different way than you are probably used to.  Most people usually think of eternity as a large amount of time. Usually it consists of many, many years.  My idea of eternity is a little different than most.

    My version of eternity does not consist of lots of years or minutes or even seconds.  In fast in my eternity, there is no such thing as time. I know this concept may be difficult to wrap your head around.  I call this No-Time.

    With No-Time, there is no beginning, middle or end.  There is no waiting, wishing, wanting, etc. It all happens in the NOW.  This concept actually can’t be fully envisioned while living in this current time/space reality.  However, it does exist.

    In this No-Time, we can accomplish anything and everything we ever wanted.  We can meet with our soul groups and our guides. We can go over our previous lives and decide what kind of challenges we want for our next ones.

    We can also sign soul contracts with other souls or soul groups to help create the catalysts we need in order to fulfil our next missions in life.  We can do all of this and much, much more all in the blink of an eye in this time space reality.

    In this way, we are able to spend eternity in heaven or hell, whichever way you look at it without taking any time in this realm.  We could pass away, go to eternity and back, followed by a new birth all in less time than it would take lightning to strike.

    That is why I think that eternity is not at all a large quantity of time.  Rather it would appear to be the opposite, the absence of time altogether. If you can wrap your head around this concept, then you have more insight than me.

    This concept also touched on the idea of multiple dimensions or universes, such as a multiverse.  Along those lines, I do want to comment that there are probably being on this planet currently living in these multiple realities.

    Some of these beings may be referred to as angels, bodhisattvas, Gods, gods, demons, and even some realities with the likes of dragons, fairies, and mermaids.  This theory or a multiverse doesn’t really leave out any possibility.  

    There could be multiple universes overlapping this one currently with a different outcome to every decision you’ve ever made.  There could be one reality where you decided to go to trade school instead of your current path. There could be even one where you chose grilled cheese instead of a ham sandwich today.

    The possibilities of these different realities, or timelines, could be minute while others could be vast depending on the decisions at hand.  Sometimes I like to think of the possibility of Nikola Tesla getting the credit he deserved and creating a utopian future that we can live in today.

    Other times, I lay in bed thinking of what could be going on now in the dimension where Hitler actually won the war.  These could be daydreams or maybe it’s my imagination tapping into another reality somewhere out there.

    Then there is the thought of supernatural beings.  This is a little different than timeline jumping. This includes beings that exist on Earth simultaneously as us now, but because of the overlapping dimensions, there is no way to see, hear, or detect them.

    There is also a chance that some people in this time/space reality could a special connection with those of other realms.  Maybe they can see, hear, or sense them through some sort of gift.  

    Who really knows?  These are just some possible questions and ideas to get you thinking.  I hope it worked.


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I've reached a place where I'm comfortable with the concept of the infinite nature of ALL THAT IS.  I don't pretend to understand it, of course.  I still find it mind boggling when I try to get my head around the implications.  This includes the idea that no possible scenario goes undeveloped or unexplored on some level.  The alternative options of every decision that anyone could ever make exist as probabilities on different levels. 

We each have as many probable selves as there are infinite forks and branching at each decision point.  I've no doubt that a world exists where Hitler wasn't defeated and another where we all enjoy the benefits of Tesla's 'free' energy - and in those worlds there are probable versions of ourselves - we, however, decided to focus our consciousness in this particular version of reality.

This ties in with idea that there are no 'wrong' decisions because every decision is viable and valuable for the experience it leads to, whatever that may be.

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Thanks for those intriguing thoughts. There is only here and now always. So in a way, eternity is nothing but a concept. Hmmmm...

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