Broken world?

“You don’t need to fix the Game.  The program isn’t broken – it works exactly as it was intended to work.”  ~~ The Game – nothing is as it seems

 I don’t believe the world is broken – it’s exactly what it needs to be at any moment to serve the purposes we’ve all requested of it.  There is, without doubt, a cruel and shocking shadow side but this is an intrinsic part of the Game that we’ve all come here to play.  This is a world of duality where we need to be able to experience both polarities.  If everything were always comfortable, sweetness and light, where would we find our challenges and our opportunities for growth?

We’re all choosing to be here in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.  We end up in situations we wouldn’t consciously choose on a human ego level, but at some level it’s exactly what we’ve chosen for ourselves.  Equally none of us dies before we’re ready – death is merely an exit strategy from this lifetime.  Even the stigma associated with suicide is a totally man-made taboo which has served society’s purposes through the ages.  The threat of hellfire and eternal damnation is powerful but entirely bogus.  If we all have free will – which we do – this includes the freedom to take a quick ticket back to our natural state of unconditional love if the challenge of the Game proves too great.

In a recent item which Fred highlighted on, Robert F Kennedy Jnr, a prominent vaccine skeptic, has found a challenge in making a stand against the greed and corruption of Big Pharma and its so-called ‘regulation’.  Even with the attitudes and beliefs I have, my heart was pounding reading about how lives are being put at risk in this way on a massive scale to line the pockets of others, totally at odds with the very basic tenet in healthcare ‘first do no harm’!  Talk about the foxes guarding the chicken house!  Anyway, this sort of stuff needs to happen, not least to make an interesting world, but to give us our challenges and lessons.  It takes on a completely different character if we can change our perception by reminding ourselves that we’re all playing the roles we’ve chosen – no exceptions!

I’m sure a lot of people would find the above views quite shocking, but I feel this does reflect the light and shadow sides which Fred has presented to us in the Transformation course – but I may be wrong!  What do you think?

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As you might guess, I'm very much in agreement, Julie. The Earth for me is part of a much greater cosmic unfoldment designed to challenge us and help us to grow and learn through the dance of shadow and light. Thanks for your very well elucidated thoughts on this.

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No growth without resistance. Takes pressure to turn coal into diamonds!

Sometimes I get so caught up in what the world needs that I forget all it has to offer. I get trapped in this mentality that the Earth is broken and needs my help to fix it. It's true we can all work to make this a better place, but the resistance is what makes it fun.

The Earth is wonderfully fantastic the way it is. It is all unfolding as it should. How do I know that? Because it is happening!!

That's all the proof I need. Let's not get so caught up in the shadow side that we can't bask in the light.

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Book post gone... Comments all over the place anyway... Frayed thread...
Toward the end of OPoC PDF book I've constantly mentioned a relevance.
Asking the Nine about broken leylines. Said the Serpent line had been broken in GB. Like the beams in the DT.
Then they co-opt that energy, in this case SEXUALITY. Which mirrors our psychic centers and provides the energies for "higher powers".
Glad the WingMakers straighten all that out. What's what...
And some of the more daring and less confused schools of Tantra and magick...

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I saw your post on FB and thought of this thread as well ;-)

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Quite the unique (and Monique) situation we're in here! ODD to think most of the rest of the beings not in human form can't even fathom what it is we're experiencing, since only we can sense it! The matrix within the matrix. The hologram of separation.
Now we just need to convince "8 billion" "other" "people".
EASY. How about a REAL challenge!!
Most profound words ever out of my mouth during my '98 mushroom trip...
"If we all get together, we can bring the LIGHT."
Well, it's already here, always has been. Just takes some REFOCUSING.

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I've been watching many videos on WWI and WWII. The unimaginable loss of life by horrifying experience has hit me once or twice. The "shadow" or polarity wasn't fun for people getting gassed in German death camps where you can still see their fingernail scratches in the concrete walls. The sensless suffering makes me worry that thinking it's a game is a disservice. I can still hold that thought but I understand people not finding it exceptable.

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