New subscribe feature

Hey beautiful peoples!

We finally added a "subscribe" button so that you will be notified if someone comments on a post you are interested in. You'll find the button immediately below every post and above the comments to that post. Take care and I hope you are finding meaningful ways to surf the waves of these intense times.

With much love and warm wishes,

Starmonkey's picture

Cool, Fred.

Probably not important, but I have a hard time using the five star rating system, so I don't. Other website had a little "thumbs up" choice that I used mainly to show I read stuff or followed it. It had thumbs up, thumbs down, laughing, wow, sad and angry choices of emojis. Definitely not important, but following I guess takes care of that and our responses as well.

Thanks for still hosting! 

fredburks's picture

Thanks for that note, Chris. I'm super busy right now, but if you remind me in a couple weeks or so, we could probably install a thumbs up feature. Much love!

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